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                                                                    Table grape
Table grapes aim
to be the preferred fruit
The table grape industry has had a            and this relieves the price suppression       The working group agreed this market
challenging 12 months but for many            that occurs when high volumes of fruit        driven approach, framed around meeting
it ended as a rewarding year as the           need to be cleared. This was the case         consumer needs, is required to place
excellent product quality, lower Australian   during this past season when the high         Australian table grapes at the forefront
dollar and late start to the season for       volume of fruit produced in Sunraysia         of desirability with fruit consumers both
South Africa and Chile positioned our         first hit the market and was slow to clear.   domestically and internationally.
industry to supply the Asian export
                                                                                            The purpose of the strategic plan is to
markets at improved prices, which lifted      This export development focus is set to
                                                                                            document the new knowledge, products,
the return from the domestic market.          be reflected in the new industry strategic
                                                                                            equipment, packaging, supply chain
                                              plan being prepared for the Australian
The strong export demand saw table                                                          efficiencies, services and operating
                                              table grape industry. The Australian          environment required to boost demand
grapes rise to the number one position
                                              Table Grape Association (ATGA) and            for Australian table grapes so that
amongst Australia’s horticultural
                                              Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) are      clearance is achieved by strong inherent
industries in terms of gross value
of exports, slightly ahead of citrus,         working collaboratively in developing the     demand not just reducing prices.
vegetables and almonds.                       plan to guide the investment in R&D and
                                                                                            The new plan will prioritise and provide
                                              promotional activities over the next five
The strengthening export focus is viewed                                                    the rationale behind R&D and marketing
as the key for sustaining viable returns                                                    levy project investment, to ensure a
to growers in future. Export sales at         The overall goal is to have Australian        strong return to improve the financial
strong prices reduces the quantity of fruit   table grapes as the preferred fruit of        wellbeing of participants in the Australian
available to supply the domestic market       world consumers.                                                 …continued on page 2

 Climate Change is increasingly becoming a significant topic for the horticulture
 industry. In 2007/08 the industry began contributing to the horticulture component
 of phase one of the national Climate Change Research Strategy for Primary
 Industries (CCRSPI).

 The aim of CCRSPI Phase One was to develop a comprehensive research strategy
 that will allow industries to be informed by good research and be prepared to
 respond to the opportunities and risks presented by climate change. The scope
 of the strategy will be broad, covering any issue that needs consideration over the
 short (3 years), medium (5+ years) and long term (10+ years). The research strategy
 and Phase One final report is available from the CCRSPI website

 HAL is now contributing to Phase Two of the project in 2008/09 in collaboration
 with other Rural RDCs, CSIRO and Federal, State and Territory Governments.
 This phase aims to develop an implementation plan for the research strategy for
 2009/10 onwards.

   These projects have been funded by HAL using the table grape levy and/or voluntary contributions from industry with
                          matched funding from the Australian Government for all R&D activity.
    table grapeS aim
    to be the preferred fruit
                                              Continuing the development
    …continued from page 1
                                              of young growers
    table grape industry. These outputs
                                              The Young Growers Network                     To address this, the YGN plans to
    and the strategies to be implemented
    will be grouped under four major goals.   (YGN) was established in 2005 to              organise an educational tour to major
                                              offer encouragement and ongoing               Asian export markets including Hong
    These are to:                             development activities to young growers       Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and
    1. Increase demand for Australian         in the table grape industry.                  Vietnam.
       table grapes
                                              The aim has been to develop networking        The study tour will be designed
    2. Increase the return from the           and leadership training to encourage          to enhance young growers’
       marketing of Australian table grapes   potential industry leaders to further their   understanding and knowledge of the
    3. Improve the application of             knowledge and understanding of both           requirements of Asian markets through
       resources used to produce,             the industry and the latest R&D.              personal visits and discussions with
       pack, transport and merchandise                                                      importers and key market figures.
                                              It has proved difficult, however, to
       Australian table grapes by
                                              maintain attendances at YGN meetings          Project TG07007
       increasing efficiency, controlling
                                              and an activity review has been               For more information contact:
       cost and managing risk throughout
                                              undertaken to determine the best way          Jeff Scott, Australian Table Grape
       the supply chain
                                              forward.                                      Association
    4. Develop an environment in which
                                                                                            T 03 5021 5718
       Australian table grape enterprises     With most young growers exporting
       can best operate.                      their produce, the review found the
                                              majority believed they lacked a detailed
    During 2009/10 the wider input of the
                                              understanding of the requirements of key
    industry, research community and
                                              Asian export markets.
    HAL staff will be sought to add to the
    framework prepared to date.

    The 2008/09 Annual Report provides
    progress reports on the projects funded
                                                Sharing information and ideaS
    during the financial year that address
                                                The Australian table grape industry is      The project is designed to transfer
    domestic and export market access,
                                                facing a period of rapid change with        knowledge related to issues such
    phytosanitary developments, quality
                                                challenges coming from technological        as industry R&D, marketing, market
    issues (including berry collapse), new
                                                advances, industry restructuring and        development, access and regional and
    varieties, promotion and funding of the
                                                altered community expectations.             national biosecurity.
    ATGA activities through the Partnership
    Agreement and other projects.                                                           An essential communication tool
                                                Understanding what is happening
                                                                                            for achieving this is the Australian
    The Industry Advisory Committee that        and why – and the likely impact of the
                                                                                            Table Grape Association’s bi-monthly
    advises Horticulture Australia on the       changes on the businesses of industry
                                                                                            magazine, The Vine. It provides a
    annual investment plan has managed          stakeholders – is vital to ensuring the
                                                                                            vehicle for sharing information and
    the R&D and marketing accounts to           sector’s ongoing viability and success.     R&D initiatives and welcomes input
    build the reserves held in both to
                                                The objective of project TG08011 is to      from levy payers.
    $859,469 and $1,096,346. The building
    of the marketing account reserves has       maintain and improve communication          Project TG08011
    been a considered strategy to have          to all segments of the industry through     For more information contact:
    sufficient resources available to make      a variety of effective and efficient        Jeff Scott, Australian Table Grape
    an impact with the new promotional          channels that link industry members         Association
    strategy and creative material that is      and build a sense of unity.                 T 03 5021 5718
    being trialed in 2009/10 for national                                                   E
    implementation next year.                   While the table grape industry is
                                                geographically dispersed, the aim of
    For more information contact:
                                                the project is for every stakeholder to
    Ross Skinner, HAL Industry Services
                                                have similar opportunities to gain or
    T 03 5022 1515                              contribute information for the benefit
    E          of the entire industry.
US tips for producing quality Autumn Royal
Since the Autumn Royal table grape           The US study tour uncovered a number           Canopy management – Canopy
was introduced into Australia only 250       of key criteria for successful Autumn          manipulation, shoot thinning, leaf
hectares have been planted, with the         Royal production. These include:               plucking and bunch hanging increase
results from the various production                                                         fruit quality and harvest efficiency. They
strategies being disappointing.              Nutrition – Correct nutrition (N, P, K, Ca,
                                             Mg and trace element) is crucial, with         also increase light within the canopy,
To assist growers gain a better insight      specific nutrients essential at particular     assisting fruit colouring and increasing
into the best production techniques for      stages to ensure high yields of premium        return fruitfulness the following season.
this variety, a study tour was undertaken    fruit.
                                                                                            The key techniques to plant growth
in July 2008 to the US to meet scientists,
                                             Rootstock – Correct rootstock selection        regulation are:
agronomists, advisers and growers.
                                             is particularly important in Australian        •	 Thinning – (bloom) gibberellic acid
The Autumn Royal has a number of novel       conditions with limited topsoil and high          at one part per million, 80 to 100 per
characteristics (late season, low seed       levels of soil pests and disease, including
                                                                                               cent flowering.
black grape) for the Australian market       nematode and phylloxera.
and it has the potential to develop a                                                       •	 Sizing – non responsive to gibberellic
new market category for late season          Crop manipulation (bunch                          acid for berry sizing.
large seedless black grapes. However,        management) – As fruit quality is
                                             paramount with this variety, bunch             •	 Cincture – at six to eight millimetres
it currently makes up less than one per
                                             manipulation will improve the final               increases berry size by 15 to 20 per
cent of total production.
                                             outcome in terms of fruit quality and             cent.
Development of the variety in Australia      bunch presentation.
has been hampered by growers not                                                            Project TG07013
fully appreciating its exacting growing      Pruning and training – Spur pruning            For more information contact:
requirements and this has led to below       on quadrilateral cordons produces the          Michael Ficarra, Grape Exchange
average quality and a negative market        highest quality fruit and requires the least   T 0437 351 301
response.                                    labour and associated costs.                   E

                                               Coordinating induStry and r&d agenCieS
                                               in the SunraySia-riverland
                                               Riverlink is a unique tri-state research     In 2008/09, a Riverlink Table Grape
                                               and development (R&D) collaboration          Industry R&D Planning Forum was not
                                               between four government agencies in          held due to the lack of funding for new
                                               the Sunraysia-Riverland region (DPI          R&D projects.
                                               Victoria, NSW DPI [now NSW DII],
                                               SARDI/PIRSA and the CSIRO).                  In March 2009, the R&D agencies and
                                                                                            industry representatives involved in
                                               The Riverlink agencies work together
                                               to improve R&D services provided to          the initiative reviewed Riverlink’s future
                                               various horticultural industries in the      operations and decided to conclude
                                               region, including the table and dried        the project due to funding constraints.
                                               grape industries.
                                                                                            A different approach to R&D
                                               Riverlink’s collaborative network was        collaboration and coordination that
                                               developed to facilitate innovative and       is more aligned with agency and
                                               efficient planning and resourcing of         industry needs will be developed and
                                               R&D in the region.
                                                                                            implemented in 2009/10.
                                               Information on R&D activities is
                                                                                            Project TG06019
                                               communicated through Riverlink’s
                                               annual industry R&D planning forums          For more information contact:
                                               and its website (,      Dr Bob Emmett, VIC DPI
                                               newsletters, annual reports and              T 03 5051 4555
                                               publications.                                E
    Causes and prevention of berry collapse
    Berry collapse is an important issue        which was further exacerbated if vines               acid) used to assess the potential for
    for the table grape industry and to gain    were under water stress.                             reduced berry collapse and the impact
    a better insight into its cause and the                                                          of irrigation treatments, girdling and
                                                Microscopy had been carried out on
    mechanisms involved, the problem                                                                 rootstock type on berry collapse had
    has been investigated by CSIRO Plant        berries collected from the glasshouses
                                                                                                     been collated and are currently being
    Industry, Victoria.                         and field trials to observe the process
                                                throughout the growing season. Extensive
    A key part of the research project          microscopy results have confirmed the                Information about the study had been
    involved setting up glasshouse trials to    previous findings that berry collapse is             communicated to the industry in The
    investigate the link between GA sprays      due to cell death. It also suggested that            Vine and during a field walk presentation
    and heat and water stress. Several trials   brown striations on berries might be a               to growers at Sunnycliffs.
    have also been conducted on properties      good indicator of whether or not a berry
    at Sunnycliffs and Birdwoodton.                                                                  The key research findings were
                                                would succumb to collapse symptoms.
                                                                                                     presented at the Australian Table Grape
    Additional field trials have been           The research found two out of three                  Industry Technical Conference at Mildura
    undertaken to understand the impact,        berries with brown striations showed                 in September 2009, with the final report
    if any, of girdling (cincturing) and        cell death/loss of cells (Figure 1). It is           to be submitted in November 2009.
    rootstock selection.                        possible a berry with brown striations
                                                                                                     Project TG04010
    During the 2008/09 season, a                will collapse, but this will require further
                                                investigation.                                       For more information contact:
    glasshouse trial was conducted to
                                                                                                     Davinder Singh, CSIRO
    confirm the previously observed             Data measuring the chemicals (for                    T 03 5051 3171
    linkage between heat stress and             example, Surround® and salicylic                     E
    GA application and to establish a
    relationship between water stress and                                                    Berry with                         Berry with
                                                        Healthy berry
    berry collapse in heat stressed vines.                                            berry collapse symptoms                brown striations

    This involved physiological
    measurements of leaf water potentials
    pre-dawn and at midday to ascertain
    the link between berry collapse, heat
    stress and water stress.

    Data collected from the trials                           a                                   b                                   c

    confirmed the previous findings that                                                                              Cell death
    GA applications in combination with         Figure 1. Vital staining microscopic images of healthy berry (a), berry with berry collapse
    heat stress caused berry collapse,          symptoms (b), and berry with brown striations (c).

      partiCipating in bioSeCurity deCiSion-making
      Biosecurity is a major issue for all      and participation in the planning and                workshops on exotic disease threats
      horticulture commodity groups and         co-ordination of biosecurity policies and            to help analyse and prioritise future
      vigilant monitoring is essential in       research.                                            risks.
      limiting the impact of pest and disease
                                                The industry also needs to become                    Information on new biosecurity issues
                                                an integral part of the various state
                                                                                                     will be shared with the industry via
      Given the importance of biosecurity to    biosecurity committees, in particular
                                                                                                     workshop presentations, industry
      table grape production, the industry      the Victorian Biosecurity Committee
                                                                                                     publications and the national website.
      needs to become an active participant     and the National Vine Health Steering
      in Plant Health Australia (PHA) to        Committee. Participating in these bodies             Project TG08012
      ensure it has a say in all decisions      will provide joint input and ownership of
                                                                                                     For more information contact:
      relating to vine health.                  policy developments and implementation
                                                                                                     Jeff Scott, Australian Table Grape
                                                of vine health initiatives.
      Achieving membership of PHA is the                                                             Association
      key objective of project TG08012, as      As part of this process, ATGA is                     T 03 5021 5718
      this will improve industry consultation   attending all PHA industry forums and                E
Developing cost-effective                                                                      minor uSe permitS
practices for the subtropics                                                                   for table grapeS
                                                                                               While pesticide usage in the table
Menindee Seedless is the single most               the subtropics, light levels have been      grape industry is being modified
important table grape variety grown in             measured before and during flowering        through increased utilisation of
Queensland, but its unpredictable and              to establish the level of shading within    integrated pest management, the
unreliable level of fruitfulness can have          the canopy.                                 need for strategic pesticide use
a serious impact on market dynamics,                                                           remains.
especially in terms of consistent market           In the coming season (2009/10), bunch
                                                   and shoot counts will be recorded after     This situation is complicated by
supply and price.
                                                   budburst and will be related to the light   the fact the industry does not
There is a lack of knowledge as to the             levels measured.                            have access to sufficient pesticide
key factors controlling floral initiation                                                      registrations for its needs.
and bunch development in subtropical               The research will attempt to determine
                                                                                               To overcome this, Horticulture
environments, as well as an absence of             the relative importance of light exposure
                                                                                               Australia Limited (HAL) is funding
research on vine management practices              on Menindee Seedless floral initiation
                                                                                               an investment program in minor
to improve fruitfulness. Growers                   and the scope for manipulating
                                                                                               use permits.
participating in the GoGrape™ initiative           fruitfulness through canopy
have undertaken small-scale field trials           management practices.                       This process is given direction by
to review the importance of various                                                            a strategic agrochemical review
                                                   Project TG07014
management practices in fruitfulness.                                                          process (SARP) conducted by
                                                   For more information contact:               Peter Dal Santo of AgAware
Light exposure is known to be a                    David Oag, QPIF                             Consulting in conjunction with the
major factor affecting floral initiation in        T 07 4681 6100                              table grape industry.
grapevines. To assess its importance in            E
                                                                                               While Project TG08004 funds
                                                                                               activities necessary for minor
                                                                                               use permit access for the table
                                                                                               grape industry, in 2008/09 the only
                                                                                               payments made from the project
                                                                                               were in relation to SARP meetings
                                                                                               held in Mildura and Western
                                                                                               Australia. The funds not spent in
                                                                                               2008/09 have been rolled over to

                                                                                               Trials with Acramite (bifenazate) for
                                                                                               the control of mites in table grapes
                                                                                               will be tendered in early 2009/10.

                                                                                               Project TG08004
                                                                                               For more information contact:
                                                                                               Brad Wells, HAL Plant Health
                                                                                               T 02 8295 2300

David Oag measuring light levels in grapevine canopies during floral initiation                                                        5
    Tracking consumer buying behaviour
    Understanding consumers is crucial           macadamias, mangoes and pears) to           A key finding from the tracking study
    when it comes to creating effective          ensure cost-effective provision of data.    is that while consumers are not overly
    market development activities.                                                           interested in knowing the nutritional
                                                 It provides a wealth of consumer            content of different fruits and nuts,
    It also plays an important role in           information on areas such as consumer       communication of specific consumption
    identifying and establishing the key         preferences; product selection criteria;    benefits (e.g. health, utility or a particular
    messages to be communicated to               incidence, frequency and volume of          emotional context) helps each fruit and
    consumers to assist them to overcome         purchase; and consumer attitudes and        nut to occupy differentiated territory in
    barriers to purchase and consumption.        reactions to the education materials        consumers’ minds. This can encourage
                                                 produced.                                   consumption of a wider range of fruits
    To provide this information, Horticulture
    Australia Limited (HAL) commissioned                                                     and nuts.
                                                 The survey is now in its second year,
    Brand Story to undertake an ongoing          allowing year-on-year trends to be          Project MT08060
    online survey of consumers.                  tracked.                                    For more information contact:
    This ongoing survey allows behaviours                                                    Steve Sheppard, Brand Story
                                                 Table grapes are a seasonal fruit and
                                                                                             T 02 8399 3850
    and attitudes to be benchmarked and it       are purchased by the vast majority of       E
    tracks the impact of industry activity on    consumers when in season.
    consumers over time.
                                                 They are perceived as a healthy, tasty
    The use of quantitative and qualitative      snack which is good for eating on the
    research methodologies to support            run. While sugar content is a concern for
    market development activities ensures
                                                 a minority of consumers, most survey
    the industry’s levies are invested in the
                                                 respondents stated this did not constrain
    areas of greatest impact.
                                                 their consumption.
    The Fruit and Nut Tracking Survey is
                                                 While table grapes are popular, at
    conducted six times a year and covers
                                                 least one in five consumers claimed
    the key growing seasons. It collects
                                                 in-store quality and transportability
    information from 1,800 main grocery
                                                 issues constrain their purchase and
    buyers over the year.
                                                 consumption out of home. These
    The survey is funded by seven                issues will require further investigation
    participating industries (apples,            to optimise delivery to meet consumer
    avocados, bananas, grapes,                   needs.

      data ColleCtion program
      The Data Collection project provides       Data and Homescan Consumer data             Reports are usually produced
      valuable information to a number           acquired in the project plus individual     quarterly but industries with a peak
      of horticultural industries, including     market reports where applicable.            season usually look to have theirs
      the table grape industry, on trade                                                     tailored to key time periods across the
      and domestic consumer purchasing           Report topics provided to the table
                                                                                             year. Project MT08015 is continuing
      patterns along with consumer               grape industry include: major retailer
                                                                                             to build capacity with improved data
      demographics trends. This data             sales volumes, values and price level
                                                                                             and reporting methods to aid the
      supports knowledge building and            trends; penetration of market; average
                                                                                             table grape industry in the coming
      allows the industry a basis to consider    component of sales; and demographics
      new market strategies and to influence                                                 year.
                                                 on the consumers of table grape
      consumer behaviours via use in             produce from a variety of market outlets.   Project MT08015
      marketing programs and strategy            Domestic sales trends are displayed         For more information contact:
                                                 across retail and independent markets       Roger Bramble, Horticulture Industry
      MT08015 delivers information to the        as well as providing consumer behaviour     Analyst
      table grape industry via reports created   data on purchase frequency, and average     T 02 8295 2300
      from the data platforms of Retail Scan     values spent upon each market visit.        E
Finding export opportunities                                                              partnerShip projeCt
in Asian markets                                                                          deliverS benefitS
                                                                                          Each year the Australian Table Grape
Australian table grape growers are            Both Korea and Japan are importing          Association (ATGA) and Horticulture
currently facing an increased level of        significant amounts of table grapes, with   Australia Limited (HAL) enter an
competition as more and more countries        the main varieties being Red Globe and      agreement under which the process
gain access into Asian markets.               Crimson.                                    undertaken to develop the investment
                                                                                          program for table grape R&D and
Sustaining Australia’s export markets         Australia’s main competitor in these        Marketing is funded.
requires detailed knowledge about the         two markets is Chile. The market niche
                                                                                          This agreement ensures the industry
expectations of Asian buyers, as there        for Australian grapes would need to be
                                                                                          implements a strong plan for the annual
are significant differences between the       based on superior product quality, as
                                                                                          investment of its industry levies and that
requirements of Asian and Australian          local grapes could not compete with
                                                                                          the results are communicated to both
customers. What Chinese, Korean and           Chilean product on price.
                                                                                          levy payers and government through a
Japanese buyers want in terms of varieties
                                              The presence of various pests               variety of communication channels.
maturity, quality, sweetness and colour is
                                              and diseases in Australia means             The activities involve close liaison
very different to what table grape growers
                                              potential Asian markets would require       between HAL, the Table Grape Industry
have been producing for the Australian
market.                                       phytosanitory measures to be undertaken     Advisory Committee (IAC) and the
                                              before market access is granted. While      industry’s representative body, the ATGA.
To find out more about the specific           local fruit could be pre-cleared by AQIS,
requirements of Asian import markets, a       this would add to transportation costs.     The Table Grape IAC plays a key role
research visit was undertaken to Hong                                                     in this consultative process by helping
Kong, China, Japan and Korea.                 The Chinese market appears to represent     to set research priorities, review the
                                              the primary opportunity for Australian      progress of various projects and allocate
The research trip studied each market’s       grape exporters. Currently China imports    the limited funding available to projects
requirements in relation to product           the same varieties grown in Australia       capable of delivering the highest return
quality, variety and type of grape. It also   and there would be a significant window     on investment to levy payers.
sought the views of import agents and         of opportunity where Australian grapes
                                                                                          Keeping the industry informed about
retail supermarkets, and investigated         have no competition, as they could arrive
                                                                                          this process is vital and so significant
warehouse and transport facilities, fruit     before fruit from Chilean and South
                                                                                          effort is made to communicate widely
markets and cool storage.                     African suppliers.                          on how levies are invested and the
Detailed discussions were held with           Phytosanitory measures would also need      outputs of the various projects.
importers and Austrade representatives        to be implemented before                    A number of channels are used by ATGA
to gain a better understanding of both the    Chinese market access is granted.           and HAL to communicate with growers,
local market and the quality of competition                                               not the least of which is the annual levy
                                              Project TG07006
from other nations exporting into Asia.                                                   payers meeting held in Sunraysia.
                                              For more information contact:
The review found there would be strong        Jeff Scott, Australian Table Grape          During 2008/09, development of a new
demand for Australian table grapes in         Association                                 Industry Strategic Plan commenced
the countries visited if market access is     T 03 5021 5718                              and this is continuing in the current
granted.                                      E                   financial year. The plan will document the
                                                                                          knowledge, product, equipment, services
                                                                                          and other outputs required to make the
                                                                                          Australian table grape industry more
                                                                                          competitive and sustainable. This process
                                                                                          is the responsibility of the Table Grape
                                                                                          IAC and the consultation involved is
                                                                                          funded under the Partnership Agreement.

                                                                                          Project TG08900
                                                                                          For more information contact:
                                                                                          Ross Skinner, HAL Industry Services
                                                                                          T 03 5022 1515
    Ensuring ongoing domestic market access
    Traditionally, treatment for fruit fly
    infestation has not been required for
    Queensland table grapes being sold
    into interstate domestic markets as the
    product was recognised as a very poor
    host for Queensland fruit fly.

    However, recent changes in interstate
    entry requirements have made treatment
    for table grapes a necessity to ensure
    continued access into interstate markets.

    As the Queensland table grape industry
    has a farm gate value of $60 million
    per annum (with most of the fruit
    sold interstate), access to interstate
    markets is vital to the industry’s ongoing
    economic viability.                                                                                          Researcher conducting trial

    Unfortunately, the currently available        The preharvest field control treatment
    treatments used for exported table            being tested is a bait spray of maldison
                                                  (Hy-Mal®), together with inspection          the systems based approach using
    grapes – cold disinfestation or methyl
                                                  and cleaning of bunches as part of the       preharvest bait sprays with fruit handling
    bromide fumigation – are not viable for
                                                  harvesting and packing procedure.            practices at harvest as a means of
    maintaining domestic market access.
                                                                                               controlling fruit fly.
                                                  In the trial, two fruit samples are
    To help develop an effective solution, a                                                   Research trials will be repeated in season
                                                  collected. One sample is collected
    series of field trials has been established                                                2009/10 to confirm the effectiveness
                                                  immediately prior to the start of harvest,
    to obtain data demonstrating the                                                           of the procedure. Approval will then be
                                                  with the second being from packed fruit
    effectiveness of a systems based                                                           sought for the treatment approach to
                                                  ready for despatch to market.
    approach. This comprises preharvest                                                        be accepted as a new fruit fly control
    field control plus fruit handling practices   In season 2008/09, a total of 21,450         practice under the Interstate Certification
    to manage fruit fly damage in the grapes.     bunches (equating to approximately           Assurance (ICA) protocol.
                                                  11.5 tonne of fruit) were collected,
    Field trials were established in the three                                                 Project TG08001
                                                  with each bunch inspected for fruit fly
    major Queensland production districts                                                      For more information contact:
    (Emerald, Mundubbera, St George) and                                                       David Oag, QPIF
    involve vineyards of Menindee Seedless        The results to date provide great            T 07 4681 6100
    and Red Globe varieties.                      confidence in the effectiveness of           E

      proviSion of dimethoate and fenthion reSidue data
      During a regular review of chemicals        To provide this additional residue data,     The field trials have been completed
      approved for use in horticulture,           the project is conducting 10 residue         and the data is currently being analysed.
      the APVMA found that there                  studies in Northern Victoria, Northern       The project is in the final stages
      was insufficient residue data to            NSW, Southern Queensland and                 involving data analysis and the final
      support their continued use in
                                                  Central Queensland in accordance             report is to be submitted by the end of
      applications in the table grape
                                                  with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)          September 2009.
      industry. Consequently the APVMA
                                                  during one season, substituting
      determined that unless additional                                                        Project TG06028
      supporting residue data for the             geographical diversity for seasonal
                                                                                               For more information contact
      two chemicals could be generated,           diversity. Agronico Research Pty Ltd
                                                                                               Alex Livingstone, Growcom
      the usage registrations would be            is conducting the field phase and            T 07 3620 3844
      cancelled.                                  overseeing the analysis.                     E
Getting into the heads of consumers
Staying in touch with consumer                weight of purchase compared to other          Following the marketing review and
attitudes and buyer behaviour is vital in     market segments. Seniors also remain          consumer research, a new five-year
today’s competitive retail environment.       strong and consistent buyers.                 strategic marketing plan has been
                                                                                            developed for the table grape industry.
To ensure the table grape industry            Surprisingly, most table grape sales are
understands its customers,                    made to those aged over 35 with no            Objectives of the plan include
Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) and      children, or with no children aged less       increasing household penetration and
the Australian Table Grape Association                                                      average weight of purchase, together
                                              than 17.
(ATGA) have undertaken a detailed                                                           with improved retail display quality.
consumer research study and a review          Woolworths remains the key purchase           Achievement of these objectives will
of the industry’s marketing activities.       location for table grapes followed by         result in increased sales of $24.5 million.
                                              greengrocers and Coles a distant third.
The research study found consumers                                                          Implementation of the new marketing
                                              Greengrocers enjoy the highest dollar         campaign for table grapes will be in
view table grapes as a ‘grazing snack’,
                                              sales per purchase occasion.                  three phases. The first involves detailed
‘bite size refreshment’ and ‘good for
socialising and sharing’. There is little                                                   strategy testing to measure program
                                              During the year, a key promotional
use of the product for cooking and                                                          outcomes, followed by a relaunch in
                                              tool for the industry was gained with
minimal interest in cooking ideas.                                                          2011 and ongoing expansion in 2012–14.
                                              the certification of table grapes as low
                                              GI (Glycemic Index). Across the five          Project TG09500
Further insights into the industry’s
customers are provided by the scan            varieties tested (Menindee, Flame,            For more information contact:
data available from Aztec (Woolworths)        Crimson, Thomson and Red Globe), the          Agnes Barnard,
                                              average GI value was 53 (High GI >55).        HAL Marketing Manager
and ACNielsen Homescan.
                                                                                            T 02 8295 2300
The Homescan data shows the industry          This year’s summer marketing campaign         E
has saturated the young family market,        (November to March 2009), reached
with over 90 per cent of this group           9.3 million Australians and achieved an
purchasing product at above average           equivalent editorial value of $1.2 million.

  major jump in table grape exportS
  Exports of Australian table grapes          Table grapes were featured on the
  achieved a massive 88 per cent growth       AustrAliA fresh stands managed by
  in value to $189 million during the         HAL at AsiaFruit Logistica (Hong Kong,
  2008/09 season, taking the product to       September 2008), Fruit Logistica (Berlin,
  the top spot for horticultural exports.     February 2009) and Gulfoods (Dubai,
  This was helped by a favourable             February 2009).
  exchange rate and good supply of
  quality fruit.                              Promotional activities undertaken with
                                              several Thai retailers proved to be
  Volumes also rose 71 per cent to 70,156
                                              very successful in building Australia’s
  tonnes, driven mainly by exports to
                                              marketshare in this market.
  Hong Kong and Thailand.

  During 2008/09 several export               Table grapes were also part of the
  promotions were undertaken on behalf        cherries, mangoes and summerfruit
  of the industry to raise its profile with   promotion and in-store sampling
  international buyers and to ensure they     undertaken in Singapore.
  view Australia as a reliable, quality
                                              Project TG08501
  supply alternative.
                                              For more information contact:
  These activities ranged from trade          Wayne Prowse, HAL Export Development
  exhibitions to in-store promotions and      Manager
  several involved collaboration with other   T 02 8295 2300
  Australian fruits for greater impact.       E
     Fumigation of table grapes for export
     To successfully export to overseas              A commercial product containing the             will be revised, if necessary, when the
     markets, it is essential Australian table       laboratory formulation is now being             review is completed.
     grapes are free from any live insects           produced by BOC gases and has been              Project TG04003
     specified by different countries as             registered as Vapormate®.
                                                                                                     For more information contact:
     quarantine issues.                                                                              Francis De Lima,
                                                     The data obtained over several years
                                                     from the research study has been                Department of Agriculture & Food WA
     Exporters to countries such as Canada,
                                                                                                     T 08 9368 3587
     New Zealand, China and Taiwan face              submitted to BOC Gases to allow the
     significant difficulties in delivering          company to obtain Australian Pesticides
     high quality products when quarantine           & Veterinary Medicines Authority
     authorities in importing nations fumigate       (APVMA) approval for use of the
     Australian table grapes on arrival. Using       treatment in low doses with table grapes.
                                                                                                     Amount of ethyl formate remaining in
     methyl bromide as a quarantine measure          The data has also been submitted to             individual cartons of Table Grapes after
     damages the product and reduces its             Biosecurity Australia (BA) and Australian
                                                                                                     fumigation at 20ºC and aeration for 30 minutes
     shelf life to only a few days.                  Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS)                                       ºC
     By investigating alternative fumigation         for review and inclusion into a treatment                                      35

     treatments, the research team on this           schedule.
     project hoped to preserve the good              Final training of AQIS inspectors

                                                                                                 Ethyl formate concentration g/m3
     quality of Australian table grape exports       and commercial fumigators will be                                              25
     while still meeting the requirements of         undertaken once regulatory approval for
     quarantine authorities in other nations.        the treatment is received.                                                     20

     The research into new fumigants has             This training will include technology
     shown light brown apple moth, thrips,           transfer on fumigation methods, the
     aphids, mites and redback spiders are all       correct equipment to use for application
     killed by a treatment consisting of a mixture   of the fumigant and monitoring gas
     of ethyl formate plus carbon dioxide.           concentration, and appropriate safety                                           5
     To provide the efficacy of the treatment
     regime as a quarantine measure,                 The report on the proposed quarantine
                                                                                                                                         0     5     10     15      20    25    30
     laboratory and large scale fumigation           treatment schedule for a range of
     tests were conducted over four years in         pests present in exported table grapes
     both Perth and Mildura.                         submitted to BA and AQIS in March 2009                                                  Aeration time of following treatment

10   David Minnis and Emma Mansfield                 Grape quality                                   Francis De Lima and David Minnis
Building the case for market access
Many potential international markets           Crimson Seedless grape varieties.            research involves incorporating it into
are currently closed to Australian table                                                    the cool chain process immediately after
                                               Testing on the Mediterranean fruit fly
grapes due to quarantine rules relating to                                                  harvest to remove field heat and preserve
                                               was carried out by the Department
fruit fly infestation.                                                                      optimum product quality.
                                               of Agriculture and Food WA, while
To help build the case for access into         the Queensland fruit fly tests were          The final research study also
new markets, detailed scientific research      conducted by the NSW Department of           recommended undertaking future R&D
supporting the effectiveness of a              Primary Industry.                            which combines cold treatment with
disinfection treatment regime is essential.                                                 new fumigants to reduce cold treatment
                                               The key outcomes of the research were:       time and to kill the external insects
Cold treatments provide a commercially         •	 effective quarantine treatment against    that represent secondary quarantine
viable method for disinfestation of               Mediterranean fruit fly is achieved       concerns in some countries.
Queensland fruit fly, Bactrocera tryoni           within 16 days at 1°C, 18 days at 2°C
(Froggatt), and the Mediterranean fruit fly,                                                Project TG04004
                                                  and 20 days at 3°C;
Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann), as they                                                     For more information contact:
                                               •	 effective quarantine treatment against    Francis De Lima,
preserve fruit quality.
                                                  Queensland fruit fly is achieved within   Department of Agriculture & Food WA
This research project was established             12 days at 1°C and 14 days at 2°C or      T 08 9368 3587
to provide the international standard             3°C; and                                  E
scientific data necessary to satisfy           •	 cold disinfestation at 1°, 2° or 3°C
quarantine treatment requirements                 does not cause injury to table grapes.
against fruit fly imposed on Australian
table grapes by other countries.               After completion of the study, a
                                               comprehensive package containing
It involved conducting detailed research       the scientific data was supplied to
experiments to obtain the necessary            Biosecurity Australia and the Department
scientific data on disinfestation using the    of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry for
internationally accepted trial protocols       use in bi-lateral meetings with various
specified by China, Korea and Japan.           countries including China, Korea, Japan,
                                               Taiwan, USA and New Zealand.
Several hundred experiments on all life
stages of fruit flies were conducted for       For the industry, practical application
the Red Globe, Thompson Seedless and           of the treatment regime outlined in the

  learning more about aSian marketS
  The key to successfully exporting is         It also provided growers with an               Kong. Autumn Royal may have
  a deep understanding of the buyer’s          opportunity to attend the Asiafruit            been more popular if Chile was not
  requirements.                                Congress and Asiafruit Logistica.              there with that variety.

  To learn more about their Asian              Discussions with Chinese and                 •	 The bullishness for black grapes
  customers, Australian table grape                                                            was strongest in Taiwan, less so
                                               Taiwanese importers highlighted:
  growers undertook a study tour to                                                            in China with moderate demand in
                                               •	 Timing is vital, particularly in             Hong Kong if Chile was not there
  China, Hong Kong and Taiwan during
                                                  matching delivery to major festival          with some volume of Autumn Royal.
  September 2008.
                                                                                            •	 Red Globe is extremely popular, but
  The delegation comprised growers             •	 Strong demand exists for Crimson             the product must be large and price
  and an exporter from South Australia,           Seedless, but they must be full red          competitiveness is very difficult.
  NSW and Victoria currently exporting            for the Chinese market, with darker
  fresh grapes to Asia.                                                                     Project TG08008
                                                  grapes tolerated in Taiwan.
                                                                                            For more information contact:
  The purpose of the visit was to              •	 The rising opportunities for              David Minnis, Minnis Horticulture
  investigate the table grape markets in          Australian black grapes, with strong      Services
  key Asian countries and learn more              demand in Taiwan, less so in China        T 03 9380 5369
  about their specific requirements.              with moderate demand in Hong              E
     Breeding new Australian                                                                        Sharing the lateSt
     table grape varieties                                                                          learningS
                                                                                                    Climate change and fruit quality
     The ‘Unique Australian Table Grapes for         the CSIRO property at Koorlong. These          were the hot topics when Adelaide
     the 21st Century’ project commenced in          progeny were created from seedless             played host to some of the world’s
     January 2004 and is currently in its final      parents using in-ovulo embryo rescue           top grapevine scientists at the
     year.                                           tissue culture techniques and disease          8th International Symposium
                                                     resistant crosses.                             on Grapevine Physiology and
     The objective of the project is to develop                                                     Biotechnology.
     table grape varieties suited to the             After evaluating the progeny from the
     Australian environment and with specific        2008 season, 200 promising genotypes           Held at The National Wine Centre
     quality traits attractive to consumers.         have been propagated and planted.              (24–28 November 2008), the
                                                                                                    conference attracted 196 delegates,
     Throughout the life of the project, the         During the 2009 season, various
                                                                                                    including 83 overseas attendees.
     R&D has worked towards developing               activities have been undertaken
     new progeny through breeding (with an           including:                                     The goal of the symposium was to
     emphasis on seedless types) and has                                                            encourage discussion about the
                                                     •	 harvesting and evaluating fruit from
                                                                                                    latest biotechnology techniques
     evaluated existing material. For the more          over 500 seedling vines
                                                                                                    for the table grape, dried fruit and
     advanced types, modern management               •	 cool storage of fruit from 200              wine industries and to showcase the
     practices have been applied to optimise            seedlings to assess their potential for     latest research.
     performance and fruit quality in the               long-term storage and transport
     various production regions.                                                                    In particular, the recent sequencing
                                                     •	 collection of cuttings from 350
                                                                                                    of the grapevine genome provided
     As the project is in its final year, no new        promising types for propagation and
                                                                                                    the speakers with a range of topics
     crosses were made in Spring 2008.                  planting in Spring 2009.
                                                                                                    for technical papers.
     However, a total of 1,000 seedling              In addition, fruit from 1,300 Red Globe
                                                                                                    The sessions covered plant and
     progeny from targeted crosses made              types developed by mutation breeding
                                                                                                    fruit growth and development;
     in previous seasons were planted on             to induce seedlessness have been field
                                                                                                    water usage; environment and
                                                     assessed for a range of characteristics
     Figure 1: Promising seedless selections                                                        plant responses to climate change;
                                                     including berry size, seed number and
     identified for further development as part of                                                  pathogens and disease resistance;
     the national evaluation.                                                                       and advances in genomics and plant
                                                     During the project more than 20                physiology.
                                                     selections have been identified for national
                                                                                                    To assist ongoing industry learning,
                                                     evaluation with collaborators in WA,
                                                                                                    a special issue of the Australian
                                                     Queensland and the Northern Territory.
                                                                                                    Journal of Grape and Wine Research
                                                     This has enabled assessment under the
                                                                                                    has been produced containing
                                                     diverse range of climatic conditions.
                                                                                                    reviews from keynote speakers,
                                                     Two white seedless selections have             abstracts and poster presentations.
                                                     been identified as having significant          This issue will be available for
                                                     potential for further development (Figure      purchase from the Australian Society
     A – Promising mid-season crisp selection        1). Mothervine plantings of these have         of Viticulture and Oenology once
     shown under assessment in WA.                   been established to provide sufficient         completed. All conference delegates
                                                     propagation material if either selection is    will receive a copy at no cost. Overall
                                                     released.                                      delegate feedback was very positive
                                                                                                    and the conference also received
                                                     Material from the selections and               significant media coverage of the
                                                     comparator varieties have also been            event.
                                                     propagated, replicated trials established
                                                     and data collected for PBR purposes.           Project TG08006
                                                                                                    For more information contact:
                                                     Project TG03008
                                                                                                    Debra Robinson, Australian Society
                                                     For more information contact:                  of Viticulture and Oenology
                                                     Peter Clingeleffer, CSIRO Plant Industry       T 08 8410 9855
     B – A crisp, mid-season selection with          T 03 5051 3100                                 E
12   elongated berries.                              E
Investing in Australian horticulture
auStralian government prioritieS                                                              relationShipS and
As part of the Australian Government’s                                                        roleS relating to
commitment to rural research and                   Productivity and Adding Value
development, horticulture industries
                                                   Improve the productivity and
                                                                                              hal programS
can access matching Commonwealth                                                              Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) is a
                                                   profitability of existing industries and
funding through HAL for all research and                                                      not-for-profit industry owned company.
                                                   support the development of viable
development activities.                                                                       Its role is to manage the expenditure
                                                   new industries.
The Australian Government’s Rural                                                             of funds collected by the Australian
Research and Development Priorities
                                                   Supply Chain and Markets                   Government on behalf of horticulture
aim to foster innovation and guide R&D             Better understand and respond to           industries.
effort in the face of continuing economic,         domestic and international market          HAL invests $85 million annually in
environmental and social change. HAL’s             and consumer requirements and              projects to benefit horticulture industries.
operations are closely aligned with these          improve the flow of such information
priorities.                                        through the whole supply chain,            An Industry Advisory Committee (IAC)
                                                   including to consumers.                    is established for each industry with
This chart shows the percentage of                                                            a statutory levy and annual income
projects in HAL’s table grape R&D                  Natural Resource Management                exceeding $150,000. The IAC is a
program allocated against each of the                                                         subcommittee of the HAL Board. It
Australian Government priorities for rural         Support effective management
                                                                                              makes recommendations to HAL on the
research and development. Full details             of Australia’s natural resources to
                                                                                              expenditure of funds.
across all industries are available in             ensure primary industries are both
HAL’s annual report at of Table grape 09           economically and environmentally           The Australian Table Grape Association
Percentage by value                            sustainable.                               recommends membership of the IAC
                                                                                              to HAL and ensures the skills required
                                                   Climate Variability and
                                                                                              on an IAC are met by the persons
                                                   Climate Change                             they recommend for appointment to
                                                   Build resilience to climate variability    the committee. The Australian Table
                                                   and adapt to and mitigate the effects      Grape Association is responsible for
                                                   of climate change.                         recommending to HAL the establishment
                                                                                              of, and any changes to, statutory levies.
                                                                                              For more information please visit
                                                   Protect Australia’s community,   
                                                   primary industries and environment
                                                   from biosecurity threats.

                                                   Innovation Skills
   Productivity and Adding Value (26.4%)           Improve the skills to undertake
   Supply Chain and Markets (30.4%)                research and apply its findings.             In 2008/09 the Australian Table
                                                                                                Grape Association acted as the
   Natural Resources Management (4.3%)             Technology                                   service provider on seven projects.
   Climate Variability and Climate Change (4.0%)
                                                   Promote the development of new               Full details can be found on page 14
   Biosecurity (11.9%)                             and existing technologies.                   and 15 of this report.
   Innovation Skills (15.8%)

   Technology (7.2%)

                                                   ConSultation funding
                                                   Consultation funding is paid by HAL to cover costs for IAC meetings, annual levy
                                                   payers’ meetings and costs within the partnership agreement between HAL and
                                                   the member industry that are specified as consultation, for example R&D program
                                                   consultation. In 2008/09 $135,000 of consultation funding was budgeted to be
                                                   provided to the Australian Table Grape Association.
     Across Industry Program
     The table grape industry contributes funding towards an across industry program that addresses issues affecting all of horticulture.
     Details of the current program are listed below. A full report of the program can be found at

      Project                                                               Project       Project
                 Title                                                                                   Organisation                       Contact
      No                                                                    start         completion
      Outcome 1 Enhance the efficiency, transparency, responsiveness and integrity of the supply chain for the total industry to provide clear
      market signals
      AH04007    Pesticide regulation coordinator                           5 Jul 04      1 Jul 09       AKC Consulting                     Kevin Bodnaruk
                                                                                                                                            02 9499 3833
      AH07033    Incident Response Protocol – development and training      21 Apr 08     30 Sep 09      Control Risks                      Julian Heath
                 for horticulture                                                                                                           02 9279 0099
      AH08011    A baseline survey of knowledge, attitudes, approaches      31 Jul 08     31 Jan 09      Instinct and Reason                David Donnelly
                 and aspirations regarding contamination management                                                                         02 9283 2233
      AH08012    Country of origin labelling research project               1 Oct 08      31 Oct 08      Horticulture Australia Limited     David Chenu
                                                                                                                                            02 8295 2300
      MT07029    Managing pesticide access in horticulture                  1 Jul 07      30 Jun 10      AgAware Consulting Pty Ltd         Peter Dal Santo
                                                                                                                                            03 5439 5916
      Outcome 2 Maximise the benefits of horticultural products in the eyes of consumers, influencers and government
      AH07006    Promoting the health advantage of fruit and vegetable      1 Jul 07      30 Jun 10      Horticulture Australia Limited     Chris Rowley
                 to increase their consumption                                                                                              02 8901 0329
      Outcome 3 Position horticulture to compete in a globalised environment
      AH07002    HAL market access coordination                             1 Jul 07      30 Jun 09      Stephen Winter & Associates        Stephen Winter
                                                                                                         Pty Ltd                            03 9832 0787
      AH07003    Market access support program                              30 Jun 08     30 Jun 09      Horticulture Australia Limited     Kim James
                                                                                                                                            08 6389 1407
      AH08010    Workshop on quantitative methods applied to                16 Jul 08     30 Sep 08      Australia Crop Genetic             Craig Hardner
                 horticultural improvement                                                               Services                           07 3346 9465
      Outcome 4 Achieve long term viability and sustainability for Australian horticulture
      AH07031    Peri-urban horticulture and land use planning:             1 Apr 08      31 Oct 08      GHD                                Luke Jewell
                 Literature Review & ‘Tool-kit’                                                                                             02 9241 5655
      AH08002    Horticulture Water Initiative 2008/09                      1 Jul 08      30 Jun 09      Horticulture Australia Limited     Alison Turnbull
                                                                                                                                            02 8295 2300

      AH08003    Analysis of Horticulture’s carbon footprint                15 Jan 09     31 May 09      Horticulture Australia Limited     Alison Turnbull
                                                                                                                                            02 8295 2300
      AH08014    Horticulture industry consultation on Award                17 Nov 08     30 Apr 09      Horticulture Australia Limited     Ravi Hegde
                 modernisation                                                                                                              02 8295 2300

     Table Grape Program 2008/09
      Project                                                     Levy    Project       Project
                 Project title                                                                         Organisation                       Contact
      No.                                                         or VC   start         completion
      FR97047    Table grapes for the new millennium               VC     31 May 98 15 Dec 08          CSIRO Plant Industry               Peter Clingeleffer
                                                                                                                                          03 5051 3100
      MT06025    Developing female lures for improved market      Levy    1 Feb 07      28 Feb 10      Industry & Investment NSW          Katina Lindhout
                 access                                                                                                                   02 4348 1965
      MT06044    Market access for the Greater Sunraysia          Levy/   1 Jan 07      28 May 10      Victorian Department of            Gary d’Arcy
                 horticultural production areas                    VC                                  Primary Industries                 0409 457 499
      MT07074    Progressing market access in North Asia          Levy/   1 Apr 08      13 Dec 08      Horticulture Australia Limited     Kim James
                                                                   VC                                                                     08 6389 1407
     MT08015     Data Collection Program (continuation from       Levy/   15 Sep 08     31 May 10      Horticulture Australia Limited     Roger Bramble
                 MT07036)                                          VC                                                                     02 8295 2300
     MT08060     Consumer tracking study                          Levy/   1 Dec 08      1 Dec 11       Brand Story Pty Limited            Steve Sheppard
                                                                   VC                                                                     02 8399 3850
     MT08500     BiteSize cooking sponsorship                     Levy    8 Jul 08      5 Aug 09       Horticulture Australia Limited     Michelle Toft
14                                                                                                                                        02 8295 2300
Project                                                    Levy    Project     Project
          Project title                                                                     Organisation                     Contact
No.                                                        or VC   start       completion
TG03008   Unique Australian table grapes for the 21st      Levy    1 Mar 04    30 Aug 09    CSIRO Plant Industry             Peter Clingeleffer
          century                                                                                                            03 5051 3100
TG04003   Fumigation of table grapes for export            Levy    2 Aug 04    2 Mar 10     Department of Agriculture &      Francis De Lima
                                                                                            Food Western Australia           08 9368 3587
TG04004   Data packages for cold disinfestation of table   Levy    1 Sep 04    30 Nov 08    Department of Agriculture &      Francis De Lima
          grapes for export to Korea and China                                              Food Western Australia           08 9368 3587
TG04010   Causes and prevention of table grape berry       Levy    1 Jul 04    30 Nov 09    CSIRO Plant Industry             Davinder Singh
          collapse                                                                                                           03 5051 3171
TG06019   Riverlink – Supporting industry and R&D          Levy    3 Jul 06    31 Oct 09    Victorian Department of          Bob Emmett
          Agency coordination in Australia’s Main                                           Primary Industries               03 5051 4555
          Horticultural Production Region (Sunraysia)
TG06028   Provision of dimethoate and fenthion residue      VC     31 May 07 30 Sep 09      Growcom                          Alex Livingstone
          data to maintain access to the pre-harvest                                                                         07 3620 3844
          use pattern for table grapes
TG07006   Researching export opportunities into China      Levy    4 Sep 07    31 Aug 09    Australian Table Grape           Jeff Scott
          and other Asian countries                                                         Association                      03 5021 5718
TG07007   Continuing development of a national young       Levy    1 Sep 07    31 Jul 09    Australian Table Grape           Jeff Scott
          growers network and leadership program for                                        Association                      03 5021 5718
          the Australian table grape industry
TG07013   Autumn Royal Table Grape study tour to            VC     30 May 08 15 Dec 08      GrapeExchange                    Michael Ficarra
          California, July 2008                                                                                              0437 351 301
TG07014   GoGrape: Cost effective production practices      VC     1 Sep 07    15 Aug 09    Department of Employment,        David Oag
          for tablegrape growing in the subtropics.                                         Economic Development &           07 4681 6100
TG07018   Technical pest risk analysis data packages        VC     10 Jul 07   31 Jul 08    Australian Table Grape           Jeff Scott
          for China access                                                                  Association                      03 5021 5718
TG07019   Management and control options for China          VC     1 Sep 07    14 Nov 09    Australian Table Grape           Jeff Scott
          access                                                                            Association                      03 5021 5718
TG07511   Table grape 2007/08 export marketing             Levy    10 Oct 07   30 Sep 08    Horticulture Australia Limited   Wayne Prowse
          program (parent)                                                                                                   02 8295 2300
TG08000   7th Australian Table Grape Technical              VC     1 Apr 09    30 Aug 09    Australian Table Grape           Jeff Scott
          Conference                                                                        Association                      03 5021 5718
TG08001   Domestic market access for table grapes          Levy/   1 Nov 08    30 Sep 10    Department of Employment,        David Oag
                                                            VC                              Economic Development &           07 4681 6100
TG08002   Development of novel table grape varieties       Levy    25 May 09 1 May 2013     Department of Agriculture &      Colin Gordon
          for commercial release In Australia: A case                                       Food Western Australia           0429 884 746
          study using CSIRO hybrids
TG08004   Minor use permits for the table grapes           Levy    1 Aug 08    31 Dec 09    Horticulture Australia Limited   Brad Wells
          industry                                                                                                           02 8295 2300
TG08005   Table grape industry strategic plan and          Levy    18 May 09 31 Aug 09      Nurture House (NSW) Pty Ltd      Richard de Vos
          industry development needs assessment                                             trading as de Vos Consulting     0413 588 054
TG08006   Eighth International Symposium on                 VC     2 Sep 08    28 Feb 09    Australian Society of            Debra Robinson
          Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology                                            Viticulture and Oenology         08 8410 9855
TG08008   Study tour to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan,        VC     1 Aug 08    31 Oct 08    Minnis Horticulture Services     David Minnis
          incorporating Fruit Logistica Hong Kong                                                                            03 9380 5369
TG08009   Table grape strategic marketing research         Levy    24 Jul 08   6 Oct 08     Horticulture Australia Limited   Agnes Barnard
                                                                                                                             02 8295 2300
TG08010   Study tour to Israel and Spain to investigate     VC     14 Apr 09   21 Aug 09    Sunraysia Table Grape            Pamela Strange
          how to grow quality table grapes with drip                                        Growers Associaton               0437 748 422
          irrigation and limited water
TG08011   Communicating with the Australian table          Levy    1 May 09    30 May 11    Australian Table Grape           Jeff Scott
          grape Industry                                                                    Association                      03 5021 5718
TG08012   Biosecurity establishment for the table grape    Levy    1 Mar 09    30 May 11    Australian Table Grape           Jeff Scott
          industry                                                                          Association                      03 5021 5718
TG08014   Pergola trellis table grape trial                 VC     18 Jun 09   30 May 12    Palms Vineyards                  Michele Melillo
TG08501   Export cooperative for table grapes              Levy    1 Sep 08    30 Sep 08    Horticulture Australia Limited   Wayne Prowse
                                                                                                                             02 8295 2300
TG08900   Table grape 2008–2011 Partnership                Levy    1 Jul 08    30 Jun 11    Horticulture Australia Limited   Ross Skinner
/10       Agreement                                                                                                          03 5022 1515
TG09500   2008/09 table grape domestic marketing           Levy    29 Jul 08   31 May 09    Horticulture Australia Limited   Agnes Barnard
                                                                                                                             02 8295 2300         15
     Financial Report
     table grape inveStment Summary
     Year ended 30 June 2009
                                                                                          Marketing                R&D             Combined
                                                                                           2008/09              2008/09              2008/09

      Funds available 1 July 2008                                                          748,121             624,314             1,372,435


      Levies Received                                                                      597,524             597,526             1,195,050

      Commonwealth Contributions                                                                               374,140               374,140

      Other Income                                                                            9,451             48,210                57,661

      Total Income                                                                         606,975            1,019,876            1,626,851

      Budget                                                                               365,000             796,901             1,161,901

      Variance to Budget                                                                   241,975             222,975               464,950


      Levy Programs                                                                        204,518             658,582               863,100

      Service Delivery Programs by HAL                                                      27,855              89,698               117,553

      Across Industry Contribution                                                                                7,640                7,640

      Levy Collection Costs                                                                 26,377              28,801                55,178

      Total Investment                                                                     258,750             784,721             1,043,471

      Budget                                                                               715,834             868,583             1,584,417

      Variance to Budget                                                                   457,084              83,862               540,946

      Annual Surplus/Deficit                                                               348,225             235,155               583,380

      Funds available 30 June 2009                                                        1,096,346            859,469             1,955,815

                                                                                                      FOR MORE

       table grape                                                                                    INFORMATION CONTACT:

       induStry adviSory
       Committee (iaC)
       Peter MacIntosh (Chair)
       David Agg
       Greg Buchanan
       Matt Katich
                                                                                                      Ross Skinner
       Peter McKeand                                                                                  Industry Services Manager
       David Minnis                                                                                   Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)
       Nick Muraca                                                                                    PO Box 5042
       Barry Pederson                                                                                 Mildura VIC 3502
       Werner Ulrich                                                                                  T 03 5022 1515
       Rob Wheatley                                                                                   E
       Jeff Scott (ex-officio)
       Ross Skinner (ex-officio)

     Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) Level 7, 179 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000
     T 02 8295 2300 F 02 8295 2399

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