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					                                      Environmental Science Journal
                                      Planet X and the Baloney Detection Kit

The Baloney Detection Kit is a set of questions that a famous astronomer named Carl Sagan
suggested be applied to any extraordinary claims. Here is a summary of the questions in the kit:

   1. How reliable is the source of the claim?
   2. Has the source made other, similar claims?
   3. Has the claim been verified by someone else?
   4. Does the claim fit with how the world works?
   5. Has anyone tried to disprove the claim?
   6. Where does all the evidence point?
   7. Does the claim follow the rules of science?
   8. Is there any positive evidence?
   9. Does the new theory account for all phenomena, or just one?
   10. Are personal beliefs driving the claim?

Now consider the prediction that Nibiru, or Planet X, is heading toward an eventual collision with
Earth, resulting in our planet’s complete destruction. This idea largely came from a woman named
Nancy Leider, who claims that extraterrestrials can communicate with her telepathically through an
implant in her brain. Pick any three of the questions from the Baloney Detection Kit and apply them
to this claim.

A summary of the collision scenario can be found here:

Nancy has a website, which can be found here:

Her self-written biography is here:

Alleged photos documenting the existence of Nibiru are here:

                                     Environmental Science Journal
                                            Writing Assignment #4
                                           The More Things Change…

After watching your classmates’ presentations on some of the different time periods of environmental
history, you may have noticed some patterns in the types of issues that humans have dealt with in
each time period.

For example…

      Ancient civilizations developed new farming techniques and built large cities, but struggled with
       the issues of deforestation and human sewage contaminating water.

      The industrial revolution reduced the problem of deforestation with the introduction of coal, but
       this lead to a much higher level of air and water pollution.

      In the 1960s laws such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act were passed in the
       United States. However, many of the polluting industries simply moved to developing
       countries. New technologies, such as nuclear power, lead to even more environmental

What do you believe will be the biggest environmental problems in our future? Global warming?
Garbage and landfills? Pollution? Overpopulation? Food shortages? Electricity and energy
shortages? Give specific reasons why. Will we ever reach a point in our history where there are no
significant environmental issues? Explain your reasoning.

Description: Journal entry assignment given to a science class learning to distinguish science from pseudoscience. The example of the Nibiru (Planet X) collision with Earth is used.
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