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The Illini Cloud by wuyunqing


									       The Illini Cloud
State of the art computing resources for K-12

Historical perspective of shared network
computing for Illinois school districts

Status Quo

IlliniCloud Overview

POC Services

Next Steps


  Networking and services for K-12

  Historical issues limiting success

    Network Latency

    Technology of the Time

    Opt ALL-IN
   History Continued
Illinois Century Network / Learning Technology

District IT scramble

  870+ school districts

  Similar services / varying levels of
  implementation and success

  Continuing demand on IT resources to keep
  up with the Joneses
Issues Facing School
      District IT
Lack of funds to provide reliable computing

Keeping up with rapid demand for computing, storage,
and networking infrastructure

Protecting existing district assets for continuity and
disaster recovery

Staff retention and development to keep pace with
training and onsite technologies

Limited bargaining power with vendors
   What can cloud
computing do to help?
Creates a model of computing where districts
do not rely on large capex but small opex

Through economy of scale provides state of
the art computing, storage, and networking
resources to all districts regardless of size

Enables districts the ability to provide existing
resources more efficiently with the ability to
expand resources cost effectively
What is the Illini Cloud?
 Scalable enterprise level computing resources
 spread across 3 data centers in the state

 Vast amounts of high performance and
 capacity optimized storage

 Next generation data center and networking
 infrastructure for school districts who would
 otherwise not be able to afford this level of
 equipment or service
Driving principles of the
       Illini Cloud
 A standards based, vendor neutral resource
 for K-12. Each district decides what is ran
 with their resources allowing complete district

 On-Net resources to save districts precious
 Internet bandwidth for ICN customers

 A safe haven for school districts in need of
 computing resources in times of budgetary
What does this provide to
  A new model for bargaining with hardware and software

  Complete district control of resources and data

  Pay to play model (Walmart)

  Opportunities for large scale backend integration with
  software vendors (Automation)

  Computing and data mobility

  Opt-in/Opt-out anytime
Why should districts get
It is *THE* time

Data center resources managed by specialists

Applications are controlled and developed by YOUR
peers, not companies (Illini Cloud workgroups)

Dramatic cost savings

Changing the way district IT relates to computing
demands, instead of the current situation of scrambling
to provide them
Pilot Services Offered

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Software as a service (SaaS)

Disaster recovery

Self service portal

Training and professional development
   Infrastructure As A
Rather than purchasing servers, CPU, storage, and
data center space school districts instead buy those
resources as a fully outsourced service.

These purchased services allow for an infrastructure
that can scale up/down based on the application
resource needs. This service is provided using
enterprise grade hardware allowing small to large
districts with reliable computing resources.
       IaaS examples
Web server/CMS applications (IIS/Apache/Joomla)

Library services (Alexandria, Destiny, etc)

SIS (Powerschool, Skyward, etc)

IEP Systems (Help, KIDS, etc)

Curriculum Management (Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai,

Self provisioned test environments
Software As A Service

Software as a service (Saas) is a software distribution
model in which applications are hosted and maintained
by the Illini Cloud and made available to school districts
over the ICN or Internet networks.
      SaaS Examples
Discovery Education/Learn 360 content caching

State wide email list serves

Email services

State wide video/audio conferencing


Regionalized data automation/collection

Data warehousing
   Disaster Recovery

With the increasing importance of continuation of
critical school district functions, protecting a
districts data and IT infrastructure in the event of
disruption has become a more visible priority.
  Disaster Recovery

Virtual machine replication to the cloud

Physical server copies hosted in the cloud

Backup (data at rest) storage

Data archival and recovery
Tried and True model for professional

Leverages expertise within K12, Higher Ed
and State

Coincides with growing demands for K12

More info at Summer TechFeasts –
       POC Updates
Southern Datacenter Operational – currently
adding email and disaster recovery services

5:1 Bandwidth Increase for ICN Validation

Northern Datacenter Live – end of June

IlliniCloud Workgroups being formed first week
of June

Vendor Discussions for hosting options

Peering Discussions with other Bandwidth
  Additional Funding
Race to the Top

I3 Grants



IT Asset Buy Back
 Please send to or
  Vicki DeWitt

Please take needs assessment survey @

We will be at TechFeast 2010 for face to
                face time.

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