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									                                                                                     Governor Marie A. Gavin
                                                                                     1619 Third Avenue 8G
                                                                                     New York, NY 10128

                                               District Two
                                         Altrusa International, Inc.
                           DISTRICT SERVICE BULLETIN
  Delaware - Maryland - New Jersey - New York - Ontario, Canada - Pennsylvania - Virginia -
                             Washington, DC - West Virginia
                                         Fall, 2001


The events of September 11, 2001, have changed our lives forever. I am truly humbled by the outpouring of prayers
and offers of assistance from Altrusans around the world. Those of us in the communities directly affected are most
appreciative of our fellow Altrusans' concern. Our Foundation was swift to act and contribute $2,000 to the American
Red Cross. Individuals and clubs contributing through the Foundation have more than matched that amount. Many
clubs have made direct contributions to organizations that will help the victims. Altrusans have been so generous in
helping others.

As we recall those tragic events, we try to return to normal. A renewed spirit of volunteerism exists in our world
today. And Altrusans are in the forefront. Make a Difference Day is a prime example. Well over 2000 books were
donated to a wide variety of organizations throughout our District. Parkersburg donated 125 books to McKinley
Elementary, Centre County donated over $500 worth of books to 3 local organizations and hosted a "read-along" with
local Cub Scouts at an assisted-living facility. Martinsville/Henry County gave age-appropriate books to children
visiting the Education Station at Liberty Fair Mall. Rochester donated 60 books to their Ready-Set-Read Program.
Suburban, New Jersey, donated 612 books to the Clayton, New Jersey, School District. New York held a combination
read-in and book distribution program at Inwood House. Fauquier County will be distributing books to children at the
Warrenton Holiday Parade. Richmond planned to purchase 300 books for distribution to local organizations.
Lynchburg donated school supplies and clothing to Amherst, and Reading-Berks delivered over 3,000 books and
magazines to the Berks County Prison. Capital City presented a new e-3400 SE Gateway business-level computer, 15
new books and 4 encyclopedia CDs to Pocahantas Prison for Women in Chesterfield County, Virgina. And that is just
a sampling of what our clubs have done. This is truly impressive, and all of our participating clubs deserve a pat on
the back.

With all that we do for others, let us not lose sight of what we need to do for ourselves as an organization. Two
things come immediately to mind, completing our club strategic plans and membership growth and retention. From
your newsletters, I see that these items are being addressed seriously. While strategic planning may seem like a
drag, taking away from service time, in the end it will give each club a road map upon which to move forward. And
more members will increase our service potential. Membership growth is key in this New Millennium of Growth. So
Toot Your Horns for Altrusa Day on January 16, 2002, a day dedicated for membership events. International has
some great incentives. We’re Marching into the Twenty-First Century with a great leader, Phyllis Corman.
Wouldn’t it be great if we were the District with the greatest net gain!

As many of you know, our conference date and location has changed to May 3-5, 2002, Wyndham City Center Hotel
in Washington, DC. I hope you will all mark your calendars to attend.

Since this is the last issue of the year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Happy and
Joyous Holiday Season.
                              DISTRICT TWO                BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2000 - 2002
Governor                      Governor Elect           First Vice Governor        Second Vice               Immediate Past Governor
Marie A. Gavin                Mildred L. Meder         Berthenia Cromwell         Governor
                                                                                  Silvia D. Silverman       Michele F. Plock
1619 Third Avenue, Apt 8G     1176 Westerly Parkway    2835 Colchester Crescent   13704 Carlisle Court      17 Robin Hood Lane
New York, NY 10128            State College, PA        Norfolk, VA 23504          Silver Spring, MD 20904   Chatham, NJ 07928
H.212.369.7396                16801
                              H.814.238.7779           H.757.627.0585             H.301.384.3105            H.973.635.6355
B.212.350.2470                mildred@csrlink.net      B.757.727.5656             B.301.948.2750 x196       B.973.966.4812
marie.gavin@worldnet.att.ne                            F.757.727.5431             F.301.948.9067            F.973.765.9179
t                                                      CromwellBCROM@aol.com      chatulita1@aol.com        michele.f.plock@verizon.com

Secretary                     Treasurer                Director                   Director                  District Service Bulletin
Clarice Rothenhaus            Sarah Whitmore           Hesta Anderson             Margaret Davis            Shirley B. Houck
531 Main Street, Apt 911      1513 Kenmar Drive        102 Park Court             4601 2nd Street, South    7753 Lakeforest Drive
Roosevelt Island, NY 10044    Martinsville, VA 24112   Martinsville, VA 24112     Arlington, VA 22204       Richmond, VA 23235
H.212.753.7112                H.540.638.1024           H.540.632.4331             H.703.892.6742            H.804.276.2197
claricer@email.msn.com        swhitmor@sitestar.net    handerson@kimbanet.com     F.703.892.0970            B.804.868.1403
                                                                                  mtdavis999@aol.com        F.804.868.1452

                                           DISTRICT TWO CONFERENCE
                                             WYNDHAM CITY CENTER HOTEL
                                                  WASHINGTON DC
                                                   May 3-5, 2002

   District Conference has moved to the Wyndham City Center Hotel in Washington, DC, May 3-5, 2002. And we
   are trying out our new format. We’ll begin with the Presidents/Vice Presidents/Treasurers, Leadership Training
   workshop on Friday afternoon at 1:30 pm. Then move into the first business session followed with dinner.
   Saturday will be a full day of workshops, guest speaker, International Rep presentation, second business session
   and installation dinner. In essence we have moved the Saturday afternoon free time to Friday morning. It is our
   hope that many who have not attended conference, because of the time commitment and expense, will be able
   to attend this year. And we hope all of you who always come to Conference will continue to do so. You're
   invited to come in on Thursday and enjoy DC on Friday. We have a great hotel rate of $109 for single or
   double—hard to beat in a great location in DC.

   The hotel is in a great location, M Street and New Hampshire Avenue. You will be minutes away from:

        Georgetown, where trendsetters shop for fashion and housewares, collectors seek antiques and art in
         galleries and shops
        The Kennedy Center, National arts center houses five theatres with free guided tours
        Phillips Gallery of Art, our country's first museum of modern art, housing works by Monet, Picasso,
         Renoir and Cézanne among others
        Dunbarton Oaks, the site of the United Nations' 1944 beginnings, now a museum and library for
         Byzantine studies and botanical history with 16 acres of formal gardens
        The Textile Museum with antique and important textiles including third world and Native American
        C & O Canal, where you can take a 70-minute mule-drawn barge with a park ranger dressed in 1870 style.

   This is just a sampling of what DC has to offer.

   So mark your calendars for May 3-5, 2002, and come to Washington, the nation’s capital!

                                                STRATEGIC PLANNING
                                                    Sandi Craig, Chairman
                                           District Two Leadership Development

Thank you to District Two clubs that responded to the recent survey. Fifty percent of the clubs in our District are
thinking strategic planning. Clubs with completed plans are: Capital City, Centre County, Charlottesville, and Fauquier
County. Look for these clubs to be recognized for their work in the International Altrusa Accent. Clubs in the process
of completing a plan are: Harrisburg, Martinsville/Henry County, New York, Parkersburg, Richmond, and Tidewater.
Each club indicates a strategic plan will be completed by District Conference 2002.

Area Five’s workshop was focused on strategic planning. Nancy Minter assisted the group in the process of plan
development. Governor Marie will set aside time at District Conference 2002 for sharing each Club's plan—successes
and barriers. For clubs not yet in the strategic planning process, please contact me for ways I can be of assistance.
International's expectation is that every Club has a strategic plan completed and in the implementation phase by the
end of this biennium. Board members making club visits will discuss this priority with each club. Let's jump on board
with International President Phyllis and have her District come through to meet this expectation.

                                   TOOT YOUR HORN FOR MEMBERSHIP!!
                                            Berthenia Cromwell, Chairman
                                              District Two Membership

January 16, 2002, is the day that all Altrusans in District Two will be ―Tooting their Horns‖ for membership. I am
asking all clubs to set aside this day for a worldwide membership promotion day. Plan a membership tea, party or
celebration of some sort—whatever you would like to call it–but let’s make this a special day for Altrusa. We, as
Altrusans, have a beautiful song and a wonderful vision to share. Our communities need us and they need to see an
organization where members are enthusiastic and excited about service and leadership.

When planning your membership tea, target invitations to those individuals you know and those who look like they
will make good Altrusans. ―Show off‖ your club’s service projects by having exhibits for prospective guests to view.
Wear your Altrusa pin and your Altrusa smile!

The District with the largest net gain in membership each year will be awarded $1,000 from International. Please call
or e-mail me if you have questions regarding Altrusa Day.

                                 STRIKE UP THE BAND--BEAT THE DRUMS!



Four out of five clubs attended the Area I Workshop hosted by Centre County on October 13, 2001, at La Bella
Trattoria and the Garman Opera House in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Nineteen Altrusans attended. The building owner
gave a brief history about the founding of this historic site and recent restoration. The program, arranged by Altrusan
Becky Schrope, followed. Susan Rio of Family Health Services gave an informative and entertaining program on
women's health issues. There were many handouts giving details on the many topics she introduced. After a
question-and-answer period, Susan demonstrated an effective and enjoyable relaxation exercise, which could be done
at the office or elsewhere.

The owner and her chef son served a delicious lunch at the restaurant. After a brief business session and
announcements, we gathered outdoors for a walking tour of the historic district of this county seat, guided by Phyllis
Corman and Becky Schrope. It was a sunny, warm afternoon and the tour began at the courthouse and included war
memorials, libraries and historic homes (many of which have become bed and breakfasts). To make it possible for the
District Rep to enjoy the tour, Altrusan Kate Clark drove around to many more historic places than were covered in the
walking tour.

In addition to our International President, Phyllis Corman, also participating were: Governor-Elect, Mildred Meder; Ann
McGlaughlin, President, Centre County; Marsha Mills Davis, President, Harrisburg; and Susan Miller, President Reading-
Berks, as well as Sandy Jablonski, Representative from Centre County to Blair County. Sandy Jablonski was recognized
for her work in the coordination of three rescue units which served the site of the plane crash on September 11 in
which all perished. Bobbi Wertz-Hoy is collecting money to be used by Altrusan JoAnn Bowles to purchase the
Olympics Torch which she will carry for a quarter-mile somewhere in this area--more details later. She was selected
from the handicapped applicants, and this fund will allow her to keep the torch.

                                                                                                     Margaret T. Davis
AREA II Workshop cancelled

AREA III Workshop cancelled


Three out of four clubs attended AREA IV’s workshop, hosted by Northern Virginia on Octoboer 13, 2001. The
workshop began at 8:30am with registration and a continental breakfast at the Holiday Inn at Balston, in Arlington,
Virginia. Twenty-six Altrusans and one guest attended.

After welcome remarks, Virginia Senator Mary Margaret Whippel from the State Assembly was introduced as the guest
speaker. She spoke about the increased role of women in politics as well as the very tight campaign for Virginia
Governor. Her presentation was followed by a lively discussion.

The Washington, DC club then discussed plans for the 2002 District Two Conference. A DC location was found to
replace the previous Maryland hotel and Conference dates were changed from the last weekend in April to the first
weekend in May. The new location is the Wyndham City Center Hotel, a hotel conveniently located within walking
distance of several Metro Stations.

LaVerne Early, Conference Chair, and Jerry Bentley, President of the Washington club, asked for volunteers and
addressed other items related to Conference. DC club members agreed to chair each of the committees needed for a
successful conference. Each Area IV club agreed to participate and assist at the Conference. It is shaping up to be a
great conference, and we hope you all will be able to attend.

The workshop adjourned following lunch.
                                                                                                     Silvia D. Silverman
                                                                                                   Second Vice-Governor


Four out of six clubs attended AREA V’s workshop, hosted by Tidewater on Octoboer 13, 2001. The workshop began
at 8:30am with registration and a continental breakfast [goodies donated by club members and beverages provided by
the College] at the Virginia Wesleyan College. Sixteen Altrusans and one guest attended

Judy Saunders, Tidewater President, gave a brief welcome and introduced those who would participate in the
workshop. After the Altrusa Collect and Pledge of Allegiance, Nancy Minter, District Two Communication Chair and
member of Area V’s Richmond Club was introduced.

The focus of the workshop was Strategic Planning. After an icebreaker [where we learned ―favorites and secrets‖ of
each of the attendees], Nancy separated the members into three groups--each of which was given a club ―case study‖,
sample strategic plans and a blank Strategic Planning form. The assignment was to prepare a strategic plan for each
of the case studies and at the same time learn to differentiate between Goals and Objectives and think about how
Strategies come into play. Nancy was available to answer questions and/or guide the discussion.

Each group described the strategic plan they had developed for their case study. It was a very helpful and informative
workshop. It gave the participants an understanding of what it takes to create a Strategic Plan, and the importance of
making sure that members of the clubs have an input into setting the goals for the plan. Nancy also provided the
participants with a distillation of the steps necessary to develop a Strategic Plan. Things are more achievable and
understandable when broken into smaller tasks.

After the group reports and just before lunch the District Representative (I) was allowed to say a few words. I
expressed the importance of the strategic plan for Altrusa particularly in increasing membership and in working
together to reach the goals set by the International and District Strategic Plans. I also discussed the change of dates,
from the last weekend in April to the first weekend in May (May3-5) and location, The Wyndham City Center Hotel
(Washington DC) for the 2002 District Conference.

Following lunch the group toured the Barclay Sheaks Gallery. Mr. Sheaks is not only a renowned artist known for
depicting the Tidewater Area but he is also Chair of the Art Department at Virginia Wesleyan College and a mentor to
many (now well known) artists. His artwork ranged from sharp-edged paintings to impressionist depictions of street
scenes to pre-impressionist pastoral settings and abstract paintings—a very impressive collection.

After touring the Gallery, we were treated to a dessert-making demonstration by the College’s head chef, Daniel
Murphy. We observed the making of pâte-a-chou (puff pastry) and then sampled pudding stuffed puff pastry rolls and
baignes with zambaglione sauce. It was fun and delicious!

Betty Moore, a Tidewater Club member, donated a beautiful Christmas Tree Skirt to raffle. The proceeds from the
raffle are to go to Altrusa International Foundation’s contribution to the Red Cross for the New York City Fire

It was a very successful workshop—well organized and kept on schedule.

                                                                                                           Silvia D. Silverman
                                                                                                         Second Vice-Governor

                                                               

Have you checked out the District Two website lately? We have FIVE clubs linked to both District and
International sites, and we are reading about more coming up. Also check out the International site. It has many new
things on it.

            Who’re you going to call?
                                                                         need help, you have your own personal Altrusa
As I’m sure all of you know, the market is sort of                       tech support (me).
flailing. As a result, there are fewer providers offering
free web sites.                                                          Are there any restrictions?

So what happens?                                                         Well, of course, there are! Our account allows for
                                                                         ―unlimited sites‖ but space is limited. That means
Just as you’re about to set up your club’s free web                      that your sites need to be small, with few
site, it’s not free anymore!                                             graphics. No photo-journalistic historical archive
                                                                         pages. No streaming video.
What’s an Altrusan to do?
                                                                         You want to know more, right?
Call District Two that’s what! District Two has an
account with homestead.com which allows us to have                       Of course, you do!
"unlimited sites.‖                                                       E-mail me at cnminter@aol.com or
                                                                         nancy_minter@wescanric.org to find out how you
What does that mean to you?                                              can get space on the District Two Web.

You can piggyback your site onto the District account.
You have a separate address, but it’s FREE because                                                            Nancy Minter
it’s under the District umbrella. Another plus is that if                                         Communications Chairman
          NOMINATING COMMITTEE                             As of this writing, your District Board is working on
                                                           placing these funds where they will do the most
Members of the Altrusa Clubs of District Two are           immediate good.
requested to submit names of candidates for the
offices of Governor-Elect, First Vice Governor, Second     There have been many funds set up to aid victims in
Vice Governor, Treasurer and Directors. All                New York. But ours is not the only city of District
nominees must be active members in good standing.          Two that has been affected. We would like to
The District Nominating Committee will prepare a           distribute these funds to aid victims of the Pentagon
slate of Candidates, optimally two for each position.      crash site as well as the Pennyslvania crash site.
Officers will be elected at the 2002 District              Ultimately when the appropriate charities have been
Conference.                                                identified, it is our intention to send the funds
                                                           through our Altrusa International Foundation to these
To be elible for election to any District office, other    charities.
than Treasurer, a person must have served a full
term as Club President. To be eligible for District        Thanks again to all, you have all been wonderful in
Treasurer, a person must have served a full term as        this tragic event.
Club President or Club Treasurer and also must have
general accounting knowledge or experience.                                                           Marie Gavin
Your Club Presidents, Past District Governors and
District Board Members have all received a letter                              CLUB NEWS
from the Nominating Committee. Submit your
nominations to the Nominating Committee by                 Fauquier County, Virginia
January 20, 2002, by mailing to Laure Barr, 1213              Books to distribute during holiday parade in
Creekside Trail, Webster, NY 14580, and include            downtown Warrenton
information which will give the Nominating                    Specially-abled dance
Committee some insight into the qualities the                 Initiated interest in Astra organization
nominee would bring to the office.                            Strategic Plan results in new member

Now dont't be shy. There are so many District Two          Capital City, Virginia
Altrusans who would add so much to the Board. So               Baby shower for Crisis Pregnancy Center
step up to the plate and help District Two keep in             The Pocahontas Correctional Unit (prison for
step as we go Marching into the 21st Century.              women) held a banquet to honor their volunteers.
                                                           Dinner was served, the Pocahontas choir sang, and
                                                           the Treatment Program Supervisor spoke about goals
                         9-11                              for the future. Altrusans (and other volunteers) were
Thank you for all your messages of concern over the        presented with Certificates of Appreciation.
events of 9-11. I have received email, cards and               Adopted children from Chalkley Elementary
phone calls from so many far and wide. I am truly          School to provide gifts for Christmas—family with five
humbled by the outpouring of concern from fellow           children.
Altrusans. I should not be surprised, but it never
ceases to amaze me. I know many Clubs and                  Martinsville/Henry County, Virginia
Districts thoughout our regions have made                     "Teachers from Japan" meeting taught Altrusa
contributions to the Altrusa International Foundation      members about traditional Japanese costume,
as well as local organizations that will aid victims of    games, geography, team ceremony and agronomy.
9-11.                                                      Takkaki, Tatsuru and Miyako were featured guests.
                                                              Members have an opportunity to participate as a
I would just like to take this opportunity to let you      Salvation Army bell ringer during December.
know of a couple extaordinary gifts. The members of
Altrusa International, Inc., of Montrose, Colorado, are    Parkersburg, WV
donating a signed numbered print of the Last One               Members have an opportunity to participate as
Out, a work depicting a firefighter carrying out a         Salvation Army bell ringers on December 1.
survivor. The New York Club will be delivering them            Project Gabriel, a baby shower Christmas
to various firehouses in the City. District Seven sent     donation project—a project for mothers in need of
checks totaling $2,028 to District Two to be               baby items—large and small.
distributed to charities serving the needs of victims of
9-11.                                                        Come to Conference—learn more about our
                                Continued Next Column                  clubs' many projects.

        A warm welcome to the following new members, and congratulations to all the
                            sponsors. Keep up the good work.
                              (March 15—October 31, 2001)
 Club               Member              Sponsor             Club              Member               Sponsor

 Capital City      Claudette [Rusty] Hill Joanne Cash       Parkersburg       Jane Alfred          Patsy Flensborg
    of VA          Laura Meade            Reinstated                          Sharon Bopp          Carolyn Loar
                                                                              Amy Eddy             Lana Mohr
 Centre County     Melinda Huffer       Reinstated                            Candace Fiore        Susan Galvin
                   Norma L. Keller      Mildred Meder                         Gwen D. Hall         Carolyn Loar
                                                                              BeBe Kinnett         Sandra Testa
 Fauquier          Jacqueline Schwartz Sherry Einarson                        Sharon L. Plauche    Mary Ellen Manzo
 County                                                                       Sherry M. Richards   Sarah Jalbert
                                                                              Linda Wigal          Mary Ellen Manzo
 New York          Marianna Mather      Reinstated                            Mary Beth Wright     Mary Ellen Manzo

 Reading-Berks     Judith E. Lysczek    Esther Moyer        Rochester         Jill Kelly              Barb Mitacek
                                                                              Cheryl L. Steron        Barb Mitacek
                                                                              Bobby Kenny      Jennifer McDermott
                                                                              Cheryl E. Weber     Mary Montefeldt

NEW CLUB NEWS: Blair County Club

Plans to charter a club in Blair County are moving right along. We now have thirteen members who have paid
dues with commitments from seven to nine others. A service project has been identified. They plan to establish a
library for the Gloria Gates Foundation for underprivileged children.

The club is meeting twice a month with a lunch meeting the first Thursday of the month and an evening meeting
the third Thursday of the month. The commitment is to be charter before May 3—conference time.
                                                                                                 Mildred Meder

                                                     AT DAY'S END

Is anybody happier because you passed his way?                Does the man whose hopes were fading, now with
                                                              courage look ahead?
Does anyone remember that you spoke to him
today?                                                        Did you waste the day, or lose it? Was it well or
                                                              sorely spent?
The day is almost over, and its toiling time is
through;                                                      Did you leave a trail of kindness, or a scar of
Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word of you?
                                                              As you close your eyes in slumber, do you think God
Can you say tonight, in parting with the day that’s           will say,
slipping fast,
                                                              ―You have earned one more tomorrow by the work
That you helped a single brother of the many that             you did today‖?
you passed?

Is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said;

                                                                                                         -- John Hall

                                       Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!
The Holidays are coming and so is the information packet from International with this year’s award forms for
Mamie L. Bass, Letha H. Brown and the ASTRA award among others. As you know we use the International forms
for our District Awards. It is not too early to think about the projects you will enter. Your president will receive the
package in late December or early January. Plan ahead, we want to see all clubs enter their projects.

                                DISTRICT TWO CONFERENCE

                                 WYNDHAM CITY CENTER HOTEL
                                      WASHINGTON DC

                                                May 3-5, 2002


     RICHMOND VA 23235

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