Anti-Hijack Anti-Theft Anti-Tow

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					iCar Immobiliser            _________________________________

Anti-Hijack                     Anti-Theft                      Anti-Tow

                               Fast installation
                     Matches nicely with car dashboard
                              Very easy to use
                       Works against vehicle hot-wiring
             Car engine will die after the thief drives it away
                   Ultra reliable with Watchdog Technology
             Optional horn sound to attract further attention
           Uses very little current, will not drain your car battery

                             Uses Made in USA
                         Secure Touch Key (iKey)
                      which CANNOT be duplicated.

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                                 Overview of     iCar Immobiliser
                                    iCar Immobiliser is the most advanced vehicle
                                  security system available today. It can be fitted
                                     onto all types of vehicles, from the high end
                                 to the low end. Unlike some standard immobiliser,
                                 this system not only prevents theft but also prevents
                                                carjacking and towing.
     Should a thief steals your car, the engine will die after the car has been
      driven away for about 1 or 2 minute. Optionally, the horn may sound
     to attract publics' attention. The thief or carjacker will have no choice
                            but to abandon your vehicle.
 The Made in USA secure touch key (iKey) provided has a unique serial number
   for every key. It cannot be duplicated, even by the manufacturer. When
               properly installed, it cannot be easily compromised.
    Its built-in Memory remembers the arm status forever. It also uses very little
   current, therefore will not drain your car battery. It will provide you and your
  family peace of mind for many years to come. You should keep your Secure
                           iKey separate from your car key.

Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage      : 7 – 18 Volts
Current Consumption : 20 mA
Key Housing            : Stainless Steel
Touch Key Response     : 0.5 seconds
Processor Type         : RISC
Processor Speed        : 4Mhz
Memory Type            : Non-Volatile
Sensors                : Vibration and Motion
No of Keys             :2

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