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Volume Twelve, Issue 4

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                                                    4     Feature story
                                                          Celtic tiger is dead... long live the IMF

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                                                          test held on 1 dec                            students’ union office
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Mick O’Mahony (

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                                                    Student Fees Protest Update
                                                    ‘Our message was clear, our behaviour immaculate, and our resolve unending’
Advertising Opportunities                           On 1st December, despite the severe weather conditions CIT and UCC students took
CIT has almost 17,000 full and part-time students
                                                    the streets to protest against a rise in the Registration Fee, cuts in payments Mainte-
with over 1,500 staff. Why not use expliCIT to
promote your business to this large audience?       nance Grant and the lack of jobs available for our graduates. CIT students assembled
                                                    in the Student Centre and Courtyard, to hold a rally and then marched from CIT to UCC.
Copy deadlines, advertising rates and technical     From there they gathered with students from all over Munster, and together, marched
specifications are available from our website       in solidarity towards the city centre. This peaceful protest drew media attention from or upon request from the
Publications Office.
                                                    both local and national newspapers and television. The protest was an overwhelming
                                                    success; we had an absolutely massive crowd, estimated at €3000 students.
expliCIT magazine is published monthly by CIT       The protest was completely peaceful, with the Gardai commenting on the professional
Students’ Union. The views expressed in the
magazine are those of their authors and are not
                                                    nature of the protest and the amount of stewards present.
necessarily those of CIT Students’ Union. All       Every single student who attended can be proud, and I would like to take this opportu-
articles and pictures are the property of their     nity to say a hearty thank you to all the lecturing staff who attended and supported our
respective owners and should not be reproduced
without their permission.
                                                    cause as well a surprising amount of secondary school students. Likewise, I would like
                                                    to thank the parents who came on the day. This showed clearly that this was not just a
                                                    student problem and the media picked up on this also.
                                                    Well done!

                                                                                         We need You!
                                                         Send us your thoughts, articles, advice and pictures. If you would like to
                                                           contribute anything to expliCIT Magazine, please contact Keith in the
                                                        Publications Office, 1st Floor, Student Centre or email:

                                                  The Celtic Tiger is dead,
                                                      he last fifteen years resembled      about this for a long time to come.
                                                      an epic party. The nation of
                                                      Ireland was like a playboy, lots     The IMF came into Dublin last month,
                                                drank, did drugs, paid high class call     looked through the public financ-
                                                girls and consumed only the finest         es, and agreed that the Government
                                                beers, wines and champagnes. Many          needed to cut spending, increase tax-
                                                drove fast cars and led the rock and       es and plan for the future. What they
                                                roll lifestyle. Then, we woke up in        didn’t point out is that we needed to
                                                2010 with the mother of all hango-         make long term investments in our
                                                vers. We reached for our wallet (the       future so as we start earning money
                                                banks) and it was empty. We had sold       again. The minimum wage is to be
                                                all our engineering firms and compe-       cut, all social welfare payments bar
                                                tencies for a rock of crack cocaine at     the Old Age Pension. There will be
                                                some stage during our binge. Now we        tax increases and property tax intro-
       What's the difference                    realise we haven’t got much left and       ductions, you name it, they’ll want to
    between a million, a billion,               our recovery will be a slow one. Roll      screw us with it. The European Com-
                                                on 2011 and lets start on the road to      munities now are advising a three-
            a trillion?                         recovery.                                  tower approach over the next few
                                                                                           years, cut spending, increase tax in-

          A million seconds is 12 days.         The last week of November 2010 was
          A billion seconds is 31 years.        a week when Ireland finally lost con-
        A trillion seconds is 31,688 years.     trol. It had been coming for a while,
                                                the property bubble burst three years
     A million minutes ago was – 1 year, 329                                                  the Celtic tiger, much
                                                previous , the Celtic Tiger was assas-
       days, 10 hours and 40 minutes ago.       sinated a few weeks later, car sales
     A billion minutes ago was just after the   dropped, un-employment was rising,
                                                                                               like a unicorn, was a
                   time of Christ.              and finally the banks went bust. The             mythical creature.
        A million hours ago was in 1885.        Celtic Tiger, much like a unicorn, was
      A billion hours ago man had not yet       a mythical creature. Everyone heard           everyone heard of him,
                  walked on earth.              of him, but only a few ever really saw          but only a few ever

                                                him. The greed of a few led to his de-
       A trillion Euros is so large a number
                                                cline and ultimate death, and that was             really saw him
                                                the beginning of the end. The Celtic
                that only politicians           Tiger, now just a vague memory and
        can use the term in conversation...     utterly pointless for the up and com-
               probably because they            ing young twenty-something’s, is
     seldom think about what they are really    like the Great Elk that lived in Ireland   takes and create more jobs. Very easy
      saying. Here is some perspective on       long ago – a national treasure that we     to say, maybe not so easy to do.
                    TRILLION:                   didn’t appreciate until it was gone.
           Trillion = 1,000,000,000,000.                                                   They do, however, have an invested
                                                What is at the forefront of our minds      interest in us recovering, because the
       Ireland has not existed for a trillion   now is the IMF. No longer are we Irish,    EU and IMF do want their money back.
                       seconds.                 (we are not even European delete). In      They also should be after learning
     Western civilization has not been around   essence, we are German. Outside par-       from the Greece bailout where the IMF
                 a trillion seconds.            ties will now decide how our economy       were asked in, but Greece are far from
     One trillion seconds ago – 31,688 years    is run and who will benefit and who        performing to expectations at pre-
       – Neanderthals stalked the plains of     will suffer. In all fairness though, the   sent. So now they’ll hopefully won’t
       Europe.....and they’re still there on    Germans aren’t too bad… anymore. In        make the same mistakes with us. For
                   Kildare Street.              a nutshell, we are getting about €85       this reason at least, we do have a light
                                                billion – BILLION! From the IMF. For       at the end of the tunnel. The IMF don’t
                                                those of you who can’t picture this,       want us to just pay the loan back, they
                 Million: 1,000,000                                                        need us to succeed as we share a cur-
                                                that is: €85,000,000,000. That is the
               Billion: 1,000,000,000           most sickening figure that I have ever     rency. It is now in everybody’s inter-
            Trillion: 1,000,000,000,000         seen. To make it worse, we have to         est we succeed. But the people of this
     Quintillion: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000     pay it back. We do. The citizens of        country need to get their act together.
    Sextillion: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000   this country. We weren’t this highly       We need to start thinking wisely as to
                                                in debt in the 80’s. Most young peo-       what we buy and who we buy it from.
    Nonillion: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
                                                ple never lived through a recession        I tried explaining this to a (clueless)
                                                or tough times. Well, if you were to       friend of mine not so long ago, that
       Centillion: 1 followed by 303 zeros      live through one, this is the one to go    we now need to start buying Irish. We
                                                through. I think we could be talking       need to keep our money in Ireland. We

                                                                                               Feature story

long live the IMF
need to borrow all this money because     This is how the Celtic Tiger flourished
we were buying foreign products and       – no one saved. In simple economic
sending all our money abroad; cars        terms this isn’t good either, but at
from Germany, clothes from America        least the flow of cash was there. Peo-
and cocaine from Colombia. To sup-        ple spent borrowed money, that was
port the Irish Economy and the local      in essence, created by the banks, on
farmer we need to start buying Irish      houses, holidays, luxury items and
produces i.e. Irish food and drink        the frills that were never a necessity.
from SUPERVALU and support an Irish
company. And luckily at this time of      Maybe we all need to go out and par-
year, many tried and trusted toy com-     ty? Screw the four year cuts in spend-
panies are Irish, even on the Late Late   ing!
Toy Show, Ryan Tubridy pointed out
all the Irish made toys. We need to       There was a point made only a few
start spending money on Irish prod-       years ago. Ireland had the highest
ucts, made by Irish people. It’s a sim-   number of BMW’s per head of popu-           How the Bailout Works
ple circle.                               lation, than any country in the world.
                                          BMW were making a fortune from
                                                                                      It is a soft day in a small Irish town.
Mary buys a bag of Irish carrots from     us! I remember my nineteen year old         Times are tough, everybody is in debt,
her local Irish shop. The shop uses       friend having a BMW – looking back          and everybody lives on credit.
this money to pay the Irish farmer and    on it that was absolute craziness!          On this particular day, a rich German
the girl in the shop. The Irish farmer                                                tourist is driving through the town,
now has more money and goes to the        In our binge we lost the run of our-        stops at the local hotel and lays a €100
pub and meets the girl from the shop      selves. We didn’t have any value on
                                                                                      note on the desk, telling the hotel own-
who is spending her wages. The pub        the money we spent. The euro came
is now busy enough to employ an ex-       in at the wrong time, we were getting       er he wants to inspect the rooms up-
tra member of staff who spends part       wreckless when this monopoly money          stairs in order to pick one to spend the
of his wages on carrots. The farmer’s     came along. We spent €12 for a drink        night. The owner gives him some keys
carrots are in demand and decides to      in bars, we spent nearly €1 million for     and, as soon as the visitor has walked
plant more but needs help so employs      a semi-d in the middle of nowhere.          upstairs, the hotelier grabs the €100
someone to help him, who spends his       We invested in property abroad. If we       note and runs next door to pay his debt
money in the pub. The publican gets       were declined a mortgage, we were           to the butcher. The butcher takes the
busier and employs more staff. Since      offended.                                   €100 note and runs down the street to
the pub is busy by night, the shop                                                    repay his debt to the pig farmer.
realises that they will need a hango-     Only over the past weekend I have
ver cure so employs someone for the       (briefly) looked into a rent-to-buy         The farmer takes the €100 note and
deli for Sunday morning’s, who spend      scheme in Cork. The concept of this         heads off to pay his bill at the sup-
their wages in the pub….                  is you rent a property, within two          plier of feed and fuel. The guy at the
                                          or three years you are given the op-        Farmers’ Co-op takes the €100 note
A simplified version yes, but it shows    tion to buy it, with the rent you have      and runs to pay his drinks bill at the
the importance of supporting Irish        paid becoming your deposit. If you          pub. The publican slips the money to
jobs, and how the effect spreads          are paying rent anyway it is basically      the prostitute drinking at the bar, who
throughout society. It also shows that    dead money, so at least this gives you      has also been facing hard times and
if money is saved instead of spent,       the option of looking forward to your       has had to offer him “services” on
how no jobs are created. Spending         future.                                     credit. The hooker then rushes to the
money when it’s not there is also a                                                   hotel and pays off her room bill to the
challenge but the idea is simple.         In the long run, the future is bright.
                                                                                      hotel owner with the €100 note. The

                                          We will recover, and we will all have
                                          jobs again. The Irish have always been
                                                                                      hotel owner then places the €100 note
                                          resilient, and have most certainly al-      back on the counter so the rich travel-
                                          ways been positive! Our inherently          ler will not suspect anything. The trav-
                                          positive disposition will be what will      eller comes down the stairs, picks up
        We need to start                                                              the €100 note, states that the rooms
                                          save us – not the IMF, not the EC, but
      spending money on                   ourselves, our ability to laugh, and        are not satisfactory, pockets the mon-
                                          our ability to see the clouds silver lin-   ey, and leaves town. No one produced
     Irish products, made                 ing. Out of the 80’s recession came a       anything. No one earned anything.
     by Irish people. It’s a              fantastic Irish soccer team, so maybe       However, the whole town is now out
                                                                                      of debt and looking to the future with

                                          that’s where we need to start looking.
          simple circle                                                               a lot more optimism. And that, is how
                                          Things always have a way of working         the bailout works.
                                          themselves out!

         PrEsidEnt’s notE
                                                                A very bUSy SeMeSTer...

            he last month has                                                  A problem of       tIne’S daY. This week is designed to
            been a busy one                                                   its own suc-        raise as much money as we can for char-
            to say the least,                                                 cess is the stu-    ity while also not screwing students for
            and I am more than                                                dent     wireless   money. UCC’s RAG week is the same
    thankful that the Christmas                                              systems in the       week so here’s the heads up, keep a few
    holidays are only around the                                             library and Open     euros for a brilliant week. The line up will
    corner. It has been a month                                              Access. At any       be finalised over the next week or two,
    when a lot of good work has                                              given time, 120      and if anyone wants to nominate a char-
    been done by students.                                                   devices can log      ity, please submit it to the SU office or to
                                                                             onto these sys-      my e-mail.
    The most obvious of these
                                                                            tems. If we were
    has been the Student                                                                          A neW CommunICatIonS oFFICer
                                                                            talking only com-
    ProteSt last week. Months                                                                     was elected at the Students’ Union An-
                                                                            puters it would
    of planning and preparation                                                                   nual General Meeting on December 2nd.
                                                                             be fine but smart
    had gone into it and thank-                                                                   Unfortunately, this went to print before
                                                                             phones also take
    fully I can say that it went off                                                              the result was announced but I would
                                                                             up these slots.
    without a hitch. CIT students                                                                 just like to say congratulations to the
                                                                             Over the next
    let their views heard in no                                                                   successful candidate.
                                                                              few months a re-
    uncertain terms. We can now
                                                                              vamp of the sys-    deCember 9th IS the CItSu ChrISt-
    only hope that our views
                                                                              tem is planned.     maS SnoWball PartY. Aswell as fun,
    are considered. Initially, the
                                                                          It is being clogged     games and prizes that will be given out
    Government was looking at
                                                    up as it was not foreseen the phenom-         in the Student Centre, we are having a
    increasing the Registration Fee to any-
                                                    enal rise in smart phones. Please bear        special Christmas themed event on the
    thing up to €3000 and cutting the grant
                                                    with us while this problem is being tack-     night. Keep an eye out on campus and
    by up to 10%. This is being written pre-
                                                    led.                                          watch your e-mails for further details.
    budget so lets just hope that our efforts
    were not in vain. I can commend every           Last month saw the overwhelming suc-          Overall, Semester one has been tough
    single student who participated for rep-        cess of “PoSItIve mental health               for most students – jobs were in short
    resenting the college in such a positive,       Week”. Over 80 students completed             supply, assessments were due before
    professional light and I’d like to say well     a ‘Safe Talk’ course. This was aimed to       students even had a chance to settle in.
    done. We have done as much as we can            help them identify warning signs if some-     To first years I would like to say I hope
    do for now.                                     one is at risk of suicide or self harm. As    that you are enjoying college, participat-
                                                    well as this, Laughing Yoga was a great       ing in extra-curricular activities and in
    The examS are just around the corner.
                                                    success and a lot of positivity was ex-       general, loving the college life.
    A number of final year groups have had
                                                    pressed in a time of year when it was re-
    exams moved to after Christmas so as                                                          Semester 1 saw a lot of changes in
                                                    ally needed.
    to improve the chances of good grades.                                                        the college and Semester 2 will also. If
                                                    Moving forward, the Students’ Union           anyone ever wants to see something
    the lIbrarY is busy again. We are ask-

                                                    will have two Welfare Weeks next Se-          changed, it can be done,. The college
                                                                                                  is ever evolving and this means that it is
                                                                                                  never fully set. If students have any re-
                                                                                                  quests please come and talk to your Un-
                                                                                                  ion representatives. Semester 2 will allow
              We are asking students to please respect other                                      for a bit more time for your Union officers

             students in the library and by not disturbing them                                   to look forward and make changes so
                                                                                                  feel free to contact us over January – the
                                                                                                  students might be off but by no means
                                                                                                  are we.
                                                                                                  The college balls are also starting up in
    ing students to please respect other stu-                                                     Semester 2 so get your suits and dresses
                                                    mester – SaFetY Week and Well-
    dents in the library and by not disturbing                                                    dry cleaned over Christmas.
                                                    beIng Week. If you would like to help,
    them. We are also asking students to take
                                                    get involved or suggest anything that         Best of luck with the exams, have a safe
    responsibility and if someone is causing
                                                    you would like to see over these weeks,       and happy Christmas, and we are look-
    a distraction to ask them politely to be
                                                    please feel free to contact our Welfare       ing forward to seeing everyone again in
    quiet. If students don’t start enforcing the
                                                    Officer, Vicki, at          the new year.
    rules of the library, the noise will only get
    worse. The SU Officers will be taking a         The January break allows for students to      Is mise le meas,
    walk through over the next few weeks to         relax, recover and where possible work.
    ensure that the place is staying quiet.         In Semester 2, rag Week WIll Start            John
                                                    mondaY 14th FebruarY, valen-

     HAPPy CHrISTMAS everyone!                                                                 welFare oFFICer

  hope all the preparations and study         ted out with incense, candles and relaxa-
  is going well for you and that you are      tion music so please pop up at any stage
  taking plenty of breaks and time to de-     if you need to take a break from study-
  stress and just breathe!                    ing or are starting to feel panicked or
                                              stressed. We are also going to be doing
I would like to thank everyone who at-
                                              random acts of kindness throughout the
tended, supported and helped out during
                                              week so if you’re lucky you will get free
positive mental health week, especially
                                              goodies. It’s also important to mention
the welfairies for their constant help! I
                                              at this point that O Connells hot choco-
would also like to thank Grow and Mabs
                                              late will be on campus Tuesday 7th Dec,
for attending the event and the Cobh
                                              so treat yourself to a cup of hot choco-
community workers for running the Safe-
                                              late yummmmmmmmmm.

Talk. Well done to the 85 students who
completed the course and were awarded
a certificate. I was overwhelmed by the
amount of student interest in the course
and am so happy that people are becom-                Feeling gratitude and
ing more open about talking about the
huge issue surrounding suicide. I prom-
                                                      not expressing it is like                            SMILE
ise to use the rest of my year in office to            wrapping a present                   It is a simple act, but sometimes
promote mental health as much as pos-                                                        takes a lot of effort. A smile can
                                                        and not giving it.”

sible and am already looking into organ-                                                    cause boundaries to melt, hearts
ising further suicide awareness training.                 William Arthur Ward                  to warm up, and distances to
                                                                                            reduce. Why don’t we smile more
I hope you all benefited in some way
                                                                                           often? Is it too tough to smile? The
throughout the week whether it was a
                                                                                           answer lies in our attitude towards
free cup of tea, chocolate, inspiration                                                      life. If we are more accepting of
                                              I know the exams are very important and
from a quote, or an information leaflet.                                                   situations, we will be able to smile
                                              that there is added pressure this year as
I am grateful for all of the student input                                                 more easily. This is a moving poem
                                              most of your exams are before Christ-
and ideas which I have used in the cam-                                                    about a smile, that always reminds
                                              mas, but you have to remember to take
paigns and would again like to ask stu-                                                     me how important it is to smile at
                                              care of yourself. We at the Students‘ Un-
dents to please e-mail me if you have any
                                              ion work for YOU the students, so please                   the world 
suggestions about future campaigns or
                                              use the services we each provide and
what events you would like to see here                                                         She smiled at a sorrowful stranger...
                                              pop in whenever you need. There are lots
on campus.                                                                                  The smile seemed to make him feel better...
                                              of supports here in CIT so if you need to     He remembered past kindnesses of a friend
The Students’ Union and the Chaplaincy        talk to someone, please visit the Stu-            And wrote him a thank you letter...
team have decided to join forces this         dents’ Union, Chaplaincy team, Medical       The friend was so pleased with the thank you
week to create a stress free atmosphere       Centre or Counsellors.                           That he left a large tip after lunch...
on campus. The ‘take time to breath’                                                       The waitress, surprised by the size of the tip,
campaign starts Monday 6th-Wednes-                                                               Bet the whole thing on a hunch...
day 8th of December. There will be free       I hope you all have a happy, safe and joy-     The next day she picked up her winnings,
Massage and Reiki sessions Monday-            ful Christmas and I look forward to see-        And gave part to a man on the street...
                                                                                                The man on the street was grateful;
Wednesday from 11-11.30am and 1-3.            ing you all in the New Year!
                                                                                              For two days he’d had nothing to eat...
To book sessions please email: suwel-                                                               After he finished his dinner,
                                              Love and light,                                                                                     He left for his small dingy room...
We have also organised meditation
                                              Vicki                                               He didn’t know at that moment
classes in the contemplation room, first                                                        That he might be facing his doom...
                                                                                            On the way he picked up a shivering puppy
floor student centre for Mon-Wed. The
                                                                                                 And took him home to get warm...
contemplation room will also be fully kit-                                                          The puppy was very grateful

                                                                                                     To be in out of the storm...
                                                                                               That night the house caught on fire...
                                                                                                   The puppy barked the alarm...
              “At times our own light goes out and is                                      He barked till he woke the whole household
                                                                                                And saved everybody from harm...
           re-kindled by a spark from another person.                                             One of the boys that he rescued
                                                                                                     Grew up to be President...
        each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude                                        All this because of a simple smile
         of those who have lighted the flame within us.”                                              That hadn’t cost a cent...
                                                                                                    Written by: Barbara Hauck
                                 Albert Schweitzer

Christmas is coming,
so be prepared

   t’s that jolly time of year again where pre-    of us were only born in the late 80’s, if even     the year you conquer them all.
   sents are flying around, everyone seems         that, so the next twelve months will be an eye     And I am sure that if you look over 2010 a
   happy and cheerful and you get to catch         opener for many of our generation.                 lot of good has happened. We had a great
   up with all your old friends. Great time of     Christmas also places financial burdens on         Summer, you are hopefully after enjoying
year – right?                                      people and many of us are already struggling.      some part of Semester 1 in college. People
Yes, but maybe not for everyone. Christmas         We need to realise that gifts don’t need to be     say that these are the best days of your life. I
time brings with it stress and old memories for    lavish and expensive, that not everything          am currently unsure of this, but if they say life
many. Christmas has always been a time for         needs to be perfect, and that very often the       gets tougher after college we might as well
reflection – the end of one year and the start     most important gift is that of kindness. This is   enjoy it!
of another, reflecting on your position last       not an airy-fairy concept, but there is no point   And as always, we need to look on the posi-
year and comparing it to your current. Many        buying expensive gifts and not spending time       tive side. Many students around the college
of us may have found new love or lost an old       with the people who receive them. Families         are young adults with a world of possibilities,
flame, loved ones may have passed on, and          are under huge pressure at the moment, and         and many other students have returned to
employment may have come or gone. I heard          a nice night together will last a lot longer in    education in the hope to upskill and improve
someone say “This time next year I would be        someone’s memory that an expensive per-            their situation. In five years time, I am sure we
happy if I was in the exact same situation,        fume or cologne.                                   will all be more comfortable, even if it is just
just with more money”. I am sure many of us        All is not lost however!                           a little. We cannot dwell on the negative. It
would re-iterate that sentiment, and I am sure                                                        was our can do attitude that led to the fifteen
a few wish they could go back to the way it        A new year represents a new start. If 2010
                                                   didn’t exactly meet its expectations, 2011         year party that was the Celtic Tiger, and what
was twelve months previous.                                                                           a party it was!
                                                   could be where it all turns around. If 2010
Unfortunately, it looks as if we are all in for    was your year, well then you are ideally set up    So don’t let Christmas drag you down, re-
a shock, myself included. Many people who          to begin a new one. New year can bring new         member what it is all about – family, goodwill
lived through the 80’s will remember what a        hope, fresh starts, and new resolutions. Be it     and… and… the lickle baby Jesus…
real recession was like. Unfortunately, many       to quit smoking, be nicer to someone close to      Happy new year!
                                                   you or to make a life change, 2011 could be

                                          rules for getting through tough situations

          hristmas can be an exceptionally hard time for a lot of stu-       ing the authentic path. Doing so will ensure you a life of real success.
          dents, especially with all the pressure and stress you will be     rule # 5: During tough times, there is a tendency to let go of yourself.
          facing over the next few weeks with exams. I found reading         As you encounter adversity, have the discipline to maintain your rou-
          Robin Sharma books, such as The Monk Who sold his Ferrari,         tine. Get up early, do your holy hour, eat very well, exercise, spend time
truly insprirational and learned a lot from them. I would recommend          with nature. And make sure that you do all you can to keep all four of
any of his books as the perfect stocking filler this Christmas. Hope you     your central dimensions – the mind, the body, the emotions and the
enjoy some the extracts of advice from the book!                             spirit – in fine operating order.
ruleS For WInnIng trIalS or tough SItuatIonS                                 rule# 6 Remember that, no matter how hard things get, you are never
rule # 1: Remember that life is a series of seasons. Every human being       alone.
will have to endure the harshness of a few winters in order to get the       rule # 7 Never do anything because you have to, do it only if you want
glory of best summers. Never forget that winters do not last.                to and if that is the right thing for you to do
rule # 2: Join the Hope Club. Big, beautiful and seemingly impossible        rule # 8 Life does not always give you what you want, but it always
goals are superb vehicles to keep you inspired. Da Vinci said: “Fix your     gives you what you need
course to a star and you can navigate any storm.” When you are reach-
                                                                             rule # 9 Clearly defined priorities and goals for every aspect of life
ing for great and noble goals that speak to the best within you, your
                                                                             serve as a lighthouse. Offering you guidance and refuge.
desire to reach them will pull you through the tough times that you will
encounter along the seeker’s path.                                           rule # 10 Stop putting off your happiness for the sake of achievement
rule # 3: Keep in mind, at all times, that we grow the most from our         rule # 11 There is nothing noble in being superior to some other per-
greatest suffering. As we go through it, it hurts. But as we move through    son. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self. Run your
it, it also heals. When a jug of water falls to the floor and cracks, what   own race.
was hidden within begins to pour out. When life sends you one of its         rule # 12 Act as if failure is impossible and your success will be as-
curves, remember that it has come to help crack you open so that all         sured
the love, power and potential that had been slumbering within you can        rule # 13 Condition the mind. Don’t let negative thoughts enter it.
be poured into the world outside you.
                                                                             rule # 14 The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your
rule # 4: Failure is a choice. Nothing can stop a man or a woman who         thoughts.
simply refuses to be kept down. Just make a decision from the centre
of your heart that, no matter what happens to you, you will keep walk-       rule # 15 Find out what you truly love to do, and direct all energy
                                                                             towards it
Important Information you need
before your end of semester
examinations, Dec 2010
End of Semester Examinations will take place from 11th December to the
morning of 23rd December, 2010 inclusive. Student timetables will be online
at on 19th November and seat numbers will be displayed
on 6th December.
                                                                                  ‘Media students assist Exams Office anti-cheating campaign’.
A bag drop in centre will be available in the main hall where students should     Left to right :Carmel O Regan, (Exams Office), Anna Kirby, (Exams Office),
hand in bags and personal possessions including mobile phones and other           Padraig O Geallabhain, (Winning Entrant), Gabriel Frost (Exams Office),
                                                                                  Lidija Vasiljeva (Winning Entrant) and Ruth Murphy (Exams Office).
electronic devices.
                                                                                  The Examinations Office recently ran a poster competition among
MOBILE PHONES or other ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE EX-              students of the Media Department. The brief was to design post-
AMINATION HALL.                                                                   ers increasing student awareness of the CIT examination Code of
                                                                                  Conduct. The winners were Ms Lidija Vasiljeva and Mr Pádraig O
Students who bring to the Examination Hall, mobile phones, iPods, Electronic      Geallabháin. The winning posters will be used in an anti-cheating
Devices or written notes of any description, including written notes on hands,    awareness campaign before the Christmas examinations.
arms, pencil cases, rulers etc., are in breach of examination regulations. Any
breach of regulations will be reported to the Registrar’s Office and may result
in a cancelled examination result.
To see the complete CIT Examination Code of Conduct go to
If you have special examination entitlements, you should by now have con-
tacted the Disability Officer to set these in place. However, if you have not
done so, you should contact immediately.
If you are a student whose first language is not English, you may have an
entitlement to the use of a dictionary during your examinations. See http:// for further information on this.
If you have a query regarding end of semester examinations, please email

  Just breathe... time out, time for you

    6 - 8 December 2010
    • Free massage and Reiki sessions Mon - Wed, 11 - 11.30am & 1 - 3pm.
    • To book in for 10 minute treatment please email:
    • Meditation classes all week

           Mental health
                                                    GroW World Community Mental Health Movement in Ireland
                                                    Its main strength is the support its members      As the Program has to do with change of
                                                    give to each other from their own experience      thinking and talking, change of ways and
                                                    in relation to mental health. It’s objective is   change of relationships, certain tasks known
                                                    to help members recover from all forms of         as Practical Tasks are undertaken by each
                                                    mental breakdown or to prevent such hap-          member to help them make the gradual
                                                    penings.                                          changes which contribute to good mental
                                                    Members attend a weekly meeting lasting
                                                    approximately two hours where a specific          Members are encouraged to keep contact
                                                    method and twelve Step Program is fol-            during the week between meetings with fel-
                                                    lowed to enable them to learn the GROW            low members either in person or by phone
                                                    Program and put it into practice. The first       as GROW believes that “friendship is the
                                                    step is to become involved in your own men-       special key to mental health”, and one of its
 Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, pan-       tal health and GROW offers this to all who        great wisdoms is “you alone can do it but
 ic attacks, isolation, or any other emotional      attend weekly meetings.                           you can’t do it alone”
 or mental distress? Perhaps you may feel
 isolated and alienated as a result? If so,         At a GROW meeting you will find:                  A special ‘Young Adult Group’ aimed at age
 GROW may be of interest to you.                    • Acceptance and a sense of belonging.            18-30 year olds is held every Thursday night
                                                    • A way to progressively overcome isolation       at the SMA Wilton, commencing 7.30pm. No
 Grow is a Community Mental Health Or-                and fear, or depression and anger.              introductions are needed, just come along.
 ganisation which helps people who have             • Problems shared become problems halved.
 suffered, or are suffering from mental health      • Resources shared become resources mul-          If you are in need of support or require more
 problems. It was first established in Aus-           tiplied.                                        information, please contact 086-7702807, or
 tralia in 1957 and since coming to Ireland in      • That your own experience and struggle           our local office:- 021 427 7520.
 1969, now operates a network of over 130             can help someone else.                          W:
 groups nationwide.

     DePreSSIon                                        basis e.g. chest, head or stomach pain
                                                       associated with anxiety or stress.
                                                                                                        exercise to write down each day, all of the
                                                                                                        positives in your life and all of the people
                                                                                                        and things you are grateful for.
     Depression is a mental health condition         • Loss of interest in living, thinking about
     which affects thinking, energy, feelings and      death, suicidal thoughts.                      • Above all do not try to cope with depres-
     behaviour. It can vary from mild to severe                                                         sion on your own. A support network is
     and can impact on ones family, friends and                                                         crucial to overcoming the health problem.
     work life. Depression is a very common          WaYS to CoPe WIth dePreSSIon                       Talk is a sign of strength, not weakness.
     condition which affects more than one per-      • Speak to a GP, counsellor, friends or fam-
     son in ten at any one time. Any one of us         ily. Get support and ask for help.
     can be affected by depression. It is possi-                                                      Please contact Aware for more information:
                                                     • Couselling and other talking therapies as, 1890 303 302
     ble to come through depression, with early        well as medication can take some time to
     detection and ongoing support being key           work, so be patient.                           Make contact with CIT Counselling service
     to a positive outcome.                                                                           if you may think you are suffering from de-
                                                     • Access support services. Keep helpline         pression or simply just need someone to
     Depression can have a number of possible          numbers close to hand and consider at-
     causes. For some people it can be from                                                           help you through a rough time.
                                                       tending a support group.
     a traumatic event such as bereavement,                                                           there are lots of supports here in the
                                                     • Exercise and spending time outdoors is         college:
     financial difficulties or breakdown of rela-
                                                       important. Engaging in nature can bring
     tionship. Another form of mood disorder,                                                         medical Centre
                                                       some relief. Fresh air can work wonders
     bi-polar has genetic factors which involves
                                                       and really help clear your head.               Counselling Service
     periods of depression and periods of ela-
     tion.                                           • Alcohol is a depressant and can prove to       Welfare Officer
                                                       be a trigger for low mood, especially in in-   Chaplaincy team
                                                       dividuals prone to depression. It can also
     the SYmPtomS                                      interact dangerously with medication.
     Depression has eight main symptoms, and         • Try to eat a balanced and nutritious diet.     You are not alone.
     the advice is to speak to a GP or mental          Food does have an impact on mood.
     health professional if you notice five or         Sugary foods lead to a sharp drop in
     more of these symptoms, lasting a period          blood sugar levels which leads to energy
     of two weeks or more.                             and mood slump.
     • Feeling sad, anxious or bored.                • Try get adequate sleep. Sleep problems
     • Low energy, feeling tired or fatigued.          can be a symptom of depression. Too
     • Under or over sleeping, frequent waking         much rich food or caffeine in the diet
       during the night.                               and lack of exercise can also lead to bad
                                                       sleeping patterns.
     • Poor concentration.
                                                     • Many people find writing useful and it can
     • Loss of interest in hobbies, family or          have therapeutic benefits. Writing a few
       social life.                                    sentences at the end of each day can re-
     • Low self esteem.                                lieve tension as well as helping you realise
     • Physical aches and pains with no physical       what is upsetting you. It is also a great

With exams just around the corner
we thought it would be interest-                                                                                             CIt notes
ing to do a bit of research into the
different types of memory retention
which we can all use...
acronyms and acrostics: (for information involving key
an acronym is an invented combination of letters. Each          We have already started experiencing a winter wonderland here in Cork, and
letter is a cue to an idea you need to remember. Example:
                                                                it’s looking extremely likely that the festive snow will continue throughout the
BRASS is an acronym for how to shoot a rifle--Breath,
Relax, Aim, Sight, Squeeze.                                     month. the roads are extremely dangerous in snow and icy weather, I urge
an acrostic is an invented sentence where the first letter      every student who will be driving home for Christmas to check out www.theaa.
of each word is a cue to an idea you need to remember.          ie to see if the route is safe before heading off on long journeys. below are
Example: EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FUN is an                      some tips in driving in icy and water drenched conditions. be safe this Christ-
acrostic to remember the order of G-clef notes on sheet         mas, don’t take any chances with unnecessary long journeys and be prepared
music--E, G, B, D, F.                                           for long delays!
rhyme-keys: (for ordered or unordered lists)
First, memorise key words that can be associated with           PreParIng to travel
numbers. For instance, bun with one; shoe with two, tree        • Get up at least ten minutes early to give you time to prepare the car.
with three, door with four, hive with five, etc.                • Clear all windows of snow and ice using a scraper and de-icer.
Next create an image of the items you need to remember          • Use a cigarette lighter to warm a key for a frozen lock. Don’t breathe on the lock,
with key words. For example, if you had to remember the           as the moisture will condense and freeze.
four basic food groups-- dairy products; meat, fish, and        • Besides an ice scraper and de-icer, it’s worth carrying a mobile phone with fully
poultry; grains; and fruit and vegetables--imagine cheese         charged battery, torch, first-aid kit, tow rope, blankets, warm coat and boots, jump
on a bun, livestock with shoes on, a sack of grain sus-           leads, snow shovel, warning triangle, an old sack or rug (to put under the wheels
pended in a tree, and opening a door to a room stocked            if you do get stuck) and water repellent spray.
with fruits and vegetables.                                     • Plan routes to favour major roads which are more likely to have been gritted.
the method of loci: (for approximately twenty items)            • Put safety before punctuality when the bad weather closes in. While it’s always a
Select any location that you have spent a lot of time in and      good idea to allow extra time in winter for your journey, drivers must accept the
have easily memorised. Imagine yourself walking through           inevitability of being late for college/work if they are caught up in an unexpected
the location, selecting clearly defined places - the door,        delay.
sofa, fridge, shelf, etc. Imagine yourself putting objects
that you need to remember into each of these places by          drIvIng In SnoW and ICe
walking through this location in a direct path. Again, you
                                                                • Stopping distances are ten times longer in ice and snow.
need a standard direct path and clearly defined locations
for objects to facilitate the retrieval of these objects. For   • Gentle maneuvers are the key to safe driving.
example if you had to remember George Washington,               • Wear comfortable, dry shoes: snow-covered boots will slip on the pedals.
Thomas Jefferson, and Richard Nixon, you could imagine          • Select second gear when pulling away, easing your foot off the clutch gently to
walking up to the door of your location and seeing a dollar       avoid wheel-spin.
bill stuck in the door; when you open the door Jefferson is     • When climbing a hill it’s important to avoid having to stop on the hill by waiting
reclining on the sofa and Nixon is eating out of the fridge.      until it is clear of other cars or by leaving plenty of room between you and the car
the keyword method: (for foreign language vocabu-                 in front. Try to maintain a constant speed, choosing the most suitable gear well in
lary)                                                             advance to avoid having to change gear down on the hill.
First, after considering the foreign word you need to           • When driving downhill, reduce your speed before the hill, use a low gear and try
remember, select a key word in English that sounds like the       to avoid using the brakes. Leave as much room as possible between you and the
foreign word.                                                     car in front.
Next, imagine an image which involves the key word with         • Always apply brakes gently. Release them and de-clutch if the car skids.
the English meaning of the foreign word.                        • If you have an automatic, then under normal driving conditions (motorways, etc)
For example, consider the Spanish word “cabina” which             it’s best to select ‘Drive’ and let the gearbox do the work throughout the full gear
means “phone booth.” For the English keyword, you might           range. In slippery, snowy conditions you can make driving much safer by selecting
think of “cab in a ... .” You could then invent an image of a     ‘2’, which limits the gear changes and also makes you less reliant on the brakes.
cab trying to fit in a phone booth. When you see the word         Many modern autos have a ‘Winter’ mode which locks out first gear to reduce the
“cabina” on the test, you should be able to recall the image      risk of wheel spin. Check the handbook if you’re not sure.
of the cab and you should be able to retrieve the definition    • If you do get stuck, straighten the steering and clear the snow from the wheels. Put
“phone booth.”
                                                                  a sack or old rug in front of the driving wheels to give the tyres some grip. Once on
the Image-name technique: (for remembering names)                 the move again, try not to stop until you reach firmer ground.
Simply invent any relationship between the name and the
physical characteristics of the person. For example, if you     FloodS and StandIng Water
had to remember Shirley Temple’s name, you might ingrain        • Only drive through water if you know that it’s not too deep for your car.
the name in memory by noticing that she has “curly”
(rhymes with Shirley) hair around her temples.                  • Drive slowly and steadily to avoid creating a bow wave. Allow oncoming traffic to
                                                                  pass first and test your brakes as soon as you can after leaving the water.
Chaining: (for ordered or unordered lists)                      • Don’t try driving through fast-moving water, such as at a flooded bridge approach
Create a story where each word or idea you have to                – your car could easily be swept away.
remember cues the next idea you need to recall. If you had
                                                                • Driving fast through standing water is dangerous – tyres lose contact with the
to remember the words Napoleon, ear, door, and Germany,
you could invent a story of Napoleon with his ear to a door       road and you lose steering control in what’s known as ‘aquaplaning’. Watch out
listening to people speak in German.                              for standing water, trying to avoid it if you can, and adjust your speed to the condi-
                                                                  tions. If you do experience aquaplaning, hold the steering wheel lightly and lift off
a few other notes for you to take on board, please,               the throttle until the tyres regain grip.
please, please for your own sake do not bring any pa-
                                                                • As you drive slowly through standing water keep the engine rev’s high by using
pers or notes into the exam with you! If seen with them
you will get disciplined with the best possible outcome           a lower gear, otherwise water in the exhaust could damage the catalytic convertor.
a resit + 1 which would mean you wouldn’t be able               • If you break down in heavy rain don’t prop the bonnet open while you wait for the
to resit that module until the next year. meaning you             patrol to arrive – the engine will be more difficult to start again if the electrics are
would fail it that year also. You have been warned.               all rain-soaked.

Lo o

     Rag Week
  ore rmed
m fi

                14 - 17 Feb 2011
 Already confirmed ...
 • Stevie StArr, the Regurgitator
   (as seen on BRITAINS GOT TALENT)
   Launching Rag Week at The Student
   Centre, Monday 14 Feb 2011.
     Watch Stevie on Britains got Talent at:
 • Mon 14th Feb – Love BALL to celebrate Valentines Night
                  @ Clancys and Liquid Lounge
 • Tues 15th Feb – GLo in the DArk PArty @ The Savoy
 • Weds 16th Feb – rAG Week WeDS @ Liquid Lounge
 • Thurs 17th Feb – tony BALoney AnD hiS exPLoDinG toiLetS
                    @ Student Centre
 • Thurs 17th Feb – trAmPS BALL 2011
                    @ Clancys and Liquid Lounge
                    (whole building open)
                                                                                                   exaM strategy
 Ten TIPS To beATInG STreSS                    By Pierce Kennedy

     xams are coming and time is              4: Find out what causes you stress.
     running out…… Stress has bad             Take time to discover what is worrying
     press, however there is good and         you and try to change your behaviour
bad types of stress. Bad stress can           to reduce it. Thoughts become feelings
develop if people can no longer cope          and feelings become behaviours.
with the pressures placed upon them.
                                              ‘If we always do what we always done,
As a student it is important to find a life
                                              we will always get the same result’

                                              5: Make time for contemplation and
here We look at ten toP tIPS
For reduCIng StreSS
                                              Think about the things you’re grateful
1: Learn to manage your time more             for. Mediate / relax, take a moment to
effectively                                   pay attention to what is good and posi-
We all have 24 hours in a day, yet many       tive in your life over the course of the
of us don’t use this time effectively.        day. From reflecting on your situation
This can put unwanted pressure on             make any changes which may help
us. As we are late meeting deadlines,         you.
don’t have enough time to study or we
haven’t enough time. Set routines, us-
                                              6: Accept the things you cannot
ing a diary is a fantastic way of manag-                                                 The activities we engage in with friends
ing your time.                                                                           usually help us relax and we will often
                                              Every decision we make is done for         have a good laugh. It boosts the im-
                                              two reasons. (1) To avoid pain and         mune system which is often deplet-
2: Adopt a healthy lifestyle                  (2) To gain pleasure. We can only          ed during stress. If you do become
Eating a balance diet, exercise and           change and influence things we’re          stressed engage in some form of phys-
sleep is vital. Exercise is a powerful        in control of. If you cannot change        ical activity. It works off the biochemi-
antidote to stress, anxiety, and de-          things accept it and move on.              cal and physical changes that occur
pression. To get the most benefits, aim                                                  within your body due to stress. Look
for thirty minutes or more of exercise        7: Take time out to relax and re-          to get the balance between study and
per day. Exercise releases serotonin          charge your batteries                      your social life.
and endorphins which makes us feel
                                              Living in the now is important. Cre-
good. Staying hydrated is also impor-
                                              ating a balanced life style is key to      9: Try to see things differently
tant, aim for 2 – 3 litres of water daily.
                                              good performance especially as a           Our perception is not always our real-
                                              student and for exams.      Relaxation     ity. If your finding something difficult
3: Know your limitations and do not           helps your body return to its normal       talk over your problem with somebody
take on too much                              healthy state. Good relaxation tech-       before it gets out of proportion. Often,
As students getting the student / life        niques include breathing exercises,        talking to somebody else will help you
balance can be difficult, with work,          massage and a variety of complimen-        see things from a different and less
study, college and other commitments.         tary therapies. Use what works for you.    stressful perspective. Remember the
Don’t be afraid to say NO… if you feel                                                   key is to focus on the solution and not
this commitment will cause you incon-         8: Find time to meet friends.              the problem.
venience and stress. It’s important to
                                              Friends, can ease troubles, a problem
remain focused. We are all different, be
                                              shared is a problem halved. Friends        10: Avoid alcohol, nicotine, caffeine
yourself, and avoid conflict situations.
                                              help us see things in a different way.     and foods high in sugar and saturat-
                                                                                         ed fats as coping mechanisms

                                                                                         Long term, these faulty coping mech-
                                                                                         anisms will just add to the problem.
             our perception is not always our reality. If your                           For example, caffeine is a stimulant
                                                                                         and our body reacts to this with the
           finding something difficult talk over your problem                            stress response. Sugar will spike your

             with somebody before it gets out of proportion                              insulin levels followed by a massive
                                                                                         drop making you feel tired and down.

                                                                                         FInd a balanCe.

                                                     Quit Smoking... Get The Facts
                                                     tIPS For QuItIng SmokIng!
                                                      If you are one of the seven in ten people
                                                                                                       The Effects of
                                                      who smoke and wish to stop, these tips
                                                      will help you to keep the life threatening
                                                                                                     Giving Up Smoking
                                                       addiction, once and for all                            After Twenty Successful Minutes
                                                                                                        Blood pressure and pulse rate drop to normal
                                                      - Prepare to stop. Write down all the           The body temperature of hands and feet return to
                                                        reasons why you want to stop smok-                                   normal
 • Nicotine is a powerful drug, which reach-            ing, and keep the list on you at all                     After eight successful hours
                                                        times!                                       Level of carbon monoxide (which is a toxic gas) in
   es the brain in seven seconds, quickly
                                                                                                      the blood decreases by as much as half and drops
   becomes addictive and is as addictive as                                                                               back to normal
                                                   - Make a date to stop and stick to it.
   heroin or cocaine.                                                                                The oxygen level in the blood raises and increases
 • Tobacco smoke contains over 4000                - Ask your family and friends for support.                               to normal
   chemicals, sixty of which are known to                                                                         After Two Successful Days
                                                   - Change your routine and plan ahead.                      All nicotine will have left the body
   cause cancer, including tar!                      Replace or change activities that you                       Nerve endings start to regrow
 • Other chemicals you inhale every time             usually associate with smoking. Avoid               A chance of a heart attack decreases slightly
   you light up include: ant poison (arsenic),       spending time with friends in smoking ar-         The ability to smell and taste properly increases
   floor cleaner (ammonia), polish remover                                                                            and return to normal
                                                     eas, stay in for a few weeks if you usually
   (acetone), explosives (toluene), insecti-                                                                     After Three Successful Days
                                                     smoke when out etc.                               Your bronchial tubes will relax, and your energy
   cide (DDT) weedkiller (nicotine), aviation
                                                   - Be active. Exercise will help manage your                         levels will increase
   fuel (methanol).                                                                                              After Two Successful Weeks
 • Smoking can take ten to fifteen years off         stress, as well as releasing happy hor-         Your circulation will increase, and it will continue
   your life span                                    mones.                                                    to improve for the next 10 weeks
                                                                                                               After Three Successful Months
 • 30% of all cancers are caused by smok-          - Learn to deal with cravings. Practice                         Circulation will improve
   ing e.g lung, mouth, throat, oesophagus,          the 4 D’S. Delay at least three to five         The lungs begin to function 30% more efficiently –
   cervical, kidney, pancreas, stomach and           minutes and the urge will pass. Drink a                    physical activity becomes easier
   bladder                                           glass of water or fruit juice. Distract your-         Physical addiction to nicotine will cease
 • Smoking causes heart disease, stroke,             self. Move away from the situation. Deep                    After Three to Nine Months
                                                     breaths. Breath slowly and deeply.                Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems will
   and reduced blood circulation.
                                                                                                      dissipate as your lung capacity improves by 10%
 • Poisons from cigarettes reduce smok-            - Save money. A typical twenty a day                           After One Successful Year
   ers sporting and physical ability. Nicotine       smoker spends over 240 euro a month             A decrease in coughing, congestion of the sinuses,
   reduces blood flow and increases blood                                                                tiredness and shortness of breath will occur
                                                     and over 2900 euro a year on cigarettes.          Lungs increase their ability to handle mucus and
   pressure. A carbon monoxide cause’s               Think of the holiday, car, clothes you will                         reduce infection
   muscle not to function as well as it re-          now be able to spend the money on!                  Your risk of having a heart attack will have
   duces the ability of muscle cells to take                                                                             dropped by half
   up oxygen. Tar causes reduced capac-            - Watch what you eat. Don’t substitute                     Energy levels increase even further
   ity of the lungs, resulting in less air being     cigarette cravings for food cravings. Try                   After Five Successful Years
   breathed in and out.                              stick to well balanced meals and choose         The chance of dying from lung cancer by a former
 • The longer you smoke the greater the risk         smart snack choices like fruit or even sug-      one pack a day smoker is decreased by about half
                                                     arfree gum.                                         Chance of stroke is reduced to that of a non-
   of impotence boys! Smoking restricts the                                                                                  smoker
   blood flow to the penis and thus results        - Take one day at a time. Remember,               The Risk of developing mouth, throat or esophagus
   inability to perform sexually.                    every day without smoking is good news                       cancer is half of a smoker’s
                                                                                                                  After Ten Successful Years
                                                     for your health, family, and your pocket. If
                                                                                                     The chance of dying from lung cancer is about the
 You Can SaY one thIng about                         you slip up, all is not lost. Set a new date                same as that of a non-smoker
 SmokerS.... theY’re not vaIn!                       and start again.                                The Risk of developing mouth, throat or esophagus
                                                                                                                cancer is decreased even further
 • Skin: smoking ages your skin prema-             - Think positive. You may have withdrawel                    After Fifteen Successful Years
   turely; it causes lines and wrinkles around       symptoms once you stop smoking. These              The risk of developing coronary disease is the
   your mouth and eyes. It also causes hal-          are a positive sign that your body is recov-                    same as a non-smoker
   low cheeks and gauntness.                         ering from the harmful effects of smoking.         The risk of a heart attack is the same as a non-
 • Teeth: smoking causes staining and dis-           They will disaapear once your body gets                                 smoker
   colouring to your teeth. It also causes           used to the change.
                                                                                                     Getting through the first 7 days is the most
   gum disease, leading to premature tooth
                                                                                                      difficult. With NicoBust all you have to do
   loss and bad breath.... sexy? Don’t think
   so!                                                  For help to give up                          is take 3 all-natural time-release tablets per
                                                                                                       day. It stops your cravings and balances
 • Hair: smoking starves your hair of oxy-            smoking call the national                      your brain chemistry to prevent irritability
   gen, leaving it dull and lifeless
                                                         Smokers Quitline                            and depression. Our hypnosis audio makes
 • Smell: smoking makes everything smell
                                                                                                       it easy for you to forget about cigarettes.
   awful. Hair, clothes, skin, breath, car,
   bedroom, house everything!
                                                           1850 201 203


                                   Tues 22nd Feb 2011
                                   1pm – 2pm

                                   5pm – 6pm
                                   Weds 23rd Feb 2011
                                   1pm – 2pm

   Closing date for entry
   Fri 11th Feb 2011

  Sign up now!
   Application forms available
   from the Info Desk
16 Grand Finale at CIT: 9th March 2011
                                                                                                 MusIC Feature

                         ever GeT THe FeeLInG yoU’ve been CHeATeD?
                                                                                                           By Mick O’Mahony

                        As 2010 draws       with the some of the most uplifting         along. I am not attacking any musical
                         to an end, it’s    music in years made this a must for         genre cos there are only two types of
                         time to look       me. The Jared Leto led 30 SeCondS           music - good and bad.
                         back at what       to marS released their third album
                                                                                    What’s happened that dreadful bands
                          musical treats    War to Kudos from the kids with some
                                                                                                      like the Wanted get
                          or horrors oc-    good tunes to boot in
                                                                                                               record     deals
curred during the year. The pendulum        the form of ‘Closer to
                                                                                                               which of course
swung from the delights of the debut        the Edge’ and ‘Kings
                                                                                                              will be gone in
album of Irish troubadours The Villag-      and Queens’. On the
                                                                                                              a year? As pop
ers through the rebirth of 90s veterans     live front grunge vet-
                                                                                                              icon Andy War-
Pearl Jam and finishing up with the         erans Sound gar-
                                                                                                              hol once said
dreadful manufactured pap (not pop)         den also reformed
                                                                                                              that everyone
that is The Wanted.                         and hit the road. Add
                                                                                                             gets their fifteen
                                            in blInk 182 and
Conor O’Brien’s vIllagerS whose                                                                              minutes of fame
                                            it was as a rocking
album ‘Becoming a Jackal’ hit the top                                                                        in a lifetime. I am
                                            summer. 90’s lead-
spot in Ireland released on uber cool                                                                        not being nega-
                                            ers Pearl Jam
American label ‘Domino Records’ is so                                                                        tive as 2010 did
                                            released the brilliant The Fixer single.
pure , the profile of the group skyrock-                                            bring some quality as The Drums etc.
                                            the kIngS oF leon finally made

eted when O’Brien played an amazing                                                 can testify to that and we all know eve-
solo performance                                                                                         ry major record la-
on the critics fa-                                                                                       bel will sign some
vourite ‘Live with                 A recession usually brings a resurrection in music                    manufactured pop.
Jools Holland’. If                 and art. The 70’s had punk, 80’s have rave, 90’s                      There is some-
the East coast mel-                                                                                      thing fundamen-
odies of 70s Ameri-                 had Grunge. The 00’s have brought blandness.                         tally wrong though

ca is your thing this                Something needs to happen, that DIy under-                          when there is more
is a must, especially                                                                                    anticipation for a
                                         ground attitude needs to rise again.
‘the stunning’. Be-                                                                                      Bruce Springsteen
coming a Jackal,                                                                                         or Take that album
other highlights in-                                                                                     ... or Bon Jovi and
clude ‘The Pact and Home’. This is my                                               The Rolling Stones touring the world
                                          that brilliant gospel record they have
recommended album of the year.                                                      and filling stadiums that there is for the
                                          being threatening to make. Para-
                                                                                    2010 breed of pop artist. It’s like Paul
It has been a good year for Irish music   more, arCade FIre and vamPIre
                                                                                    Scholes and Ryan Giggs (even though
overall with albums by Imelda maY,        Weekend all went global in 2010.
                                                                                    they are great players) still being in the
CathY daveY and the SCrIPt also
                                          Pop Music had its saviours in the form    Man United first team in their mid 30’s.
hitting the top spot in Ireland. Well
                                          of Paulo nutInI who returned to           Where are the young bucks to chal-
worth checking out is the Velvet Un-
                                                                Cuba of the ‘50s    lenge them?
derground influ-
                                                                and calypso for
enced      SWeet                                                                    A recession usually brings a resurrec-
                                                                his       influenc-
Jane, delor-                                                                        tion in music and art. The 70’s had
                                                                 es. b.o.b and
entoS and Dun-                                                                      punk, 80’s have rave, 90’s had Grunge.
                                                                 bruno marS
dalk’s finest the                                                                   The 00’s have brought blandness.
                                                                 saved the sin-
FlaWS                                                                               Something needs to happen, that DIY
                                                                 gles charts es-
                                                                                    underground attitude needs to rise
Internationally                                                  pecially      Mars
2010 also saw                                                    with his amazing
the     emergence                                                “The way you       Simply what has happened to our rock
of another excit-                                                 are” single.      stars ‘cos I don’t see any personalities
ing New York out-                                                                   out there saying anything worthwhile,
                                                           The pendulum then
fit the drumS where their bit-                                                      do you?
                                          swung to the other extreme where god
tersweet tales of love and friendship
                                          forbid, we look at the tripe that came
         ChrIstMas Q&a

 What’s Christmas like in other countries?                                                 By Vicki Fitzpatrick

 As part of our Christmas edition of explicit we thought it would be interesting to inter-
 view a few International student’s and find out from them what their Christmas ex-
 perience is like in their home countries. Thanks to Luzie, ezgi and eric for their time.

 Luzie Ardelean                                    how is new Year’s celebrated in ger-               pers with rice and tomato on top. We
 Giengen, Germany                                  many?                                              also make Yaprak Sarmasi which is grape
 Visual communications                             Well the best place to be on New Year’s            leaves rolled around rice and is cooked in
 First year student                                Eve is Berlin. Millions of people gather in        the oven. It is delicious.
                                                   Unter den Linden for the countdown fol-            have you celebrated Christmas in any
 Why did you decide to come to Ireland?            lowed by big fireworks.                            other country and if so how was it dif-
 I moved here because I always wanted to           are you able to go home for Christmas?             ferent?
 visit Ireland. I wanted to study in an Eng-       Yes, I am going home for three weeks and           Well, in the US people decorate their
 lish speaking country so that I could get         I am looking forward to spending time with         Christmas trees with a string of popcorn!
 a job anywhere in the world. I                                 my family, but also can’t wait        I grew up in Kuwait and Christmas is cel-
 lived in Australia for a year af-                              to come back!                         ebrated there like it is in Ireland, as the
 ter high school and used that                      Ezgie                                             country has lots of American soldiers.
 time to improve my English.
 are you enjoying your time                                    EZGI
                                                               Turkey                                 Eric
 here in CIt?
                                                               Software development and               Hong Kong
 I absolutely love it. The peo-
                                                               computer networking                    Software development and computer
 ple are all so hospitable, warm
                                                               4th year student                       networking
 and friendly. I like it so much
                                                                                                      4th year student
 I am already thinking of doing
 masters here, after my four                                     Why did you decide to study
 years of study are completed.                                   in Ireland?                          Why did you decide to study in Ireland?
                                                                Ever since I was ten years            I moved here with my parents eight years
 are you a member of the In-
                                                                old, I always wanted to visit         ago, and went to a secondary school in
 ternational society?
                                                                Ireland. I lived in the U.S for       Ballincollig. I could have gone to college in
 Yes. It is a really great soci-
                                                                two years after I finished high       Hong Kong but I prefer the Irish weather,
 ety. There are activities organised every
                                                   school and I knew I wanted to continue to          it’s much too hot at home.
 weekend, such as bowling, nights out,
 greyhound track and much more. It’s a             travel to new places. My parents moved             do you go back to hong kong often?
 great way to meet new people. I am also           here to work so I decided to come to Ire-          I go back about once a year, tickets can
 very lucky that I live with Irish girls, whom I   land to study                                      costs around €700 so I don’t get to visit
 get on very well with and go out with.            are you a member of the International              relatives as much as I’d like.
 So what is Christmas like in germany?             Society?                                           What is Christmas like in hong kong?
 Christmas Eve (24th December) is our              I sure am. I was elected as PR for the                         Not everyone celebrates Christ-
 main day of celebration, as that is when          society and we were award-                                     mas. The 25th is a public holi-
 Jesus was born. 25th and 26th are also            ed best society in CIT and                                     day so everyone is off work and
 important too but Christmas Eve is the big        nationally. I am currently the                                 school. You only get presents
 day. Similar to Ireland, we have a family         chairperson and it is my sec-                                  when you are younger and you
 dinner and everyone opens presents after.         ond year in the role, I really                                 are also told about Santa. It
 People go to mass in the evening also.            enjoy it. We work very hard                                     was strange my first Christmas
 Dinner is usually a Goose. Our Christmas          to provide entertainment and                                    in Ireland because every shop
 tree is decorated with candles, and deco-         a welcoming environment for                                     and bar was closed, in Hong
 rations in the shape of a bell or love heart,     new members, not just inter-                                    Kong everywhere stays open.
 which is made out of biscuit. Children can        national students but we also                                   Christmas is an excuse to go
 eat the decorations after the 24th.               welcome and encourage Irish                                      out and party with friends.
                                                   students to join.
 Is there Santa in germany?                                                            Eric                         do you have Christmas
 Yes! We call him ‘weihnachtsmann’. We             how is Christmas celebrat-                                       trees or special meals?
 also have Saint Nicolas who visits hous-          ed in turkey?                                                    We would go out to eat on
 es on the morning of the 6th of Decem-            Well Christmas is not cele-                          Christmas day, maybe fast food. The
 ber. Children leave out one shoe at night         brated that much in Turkey as 90% of the           government sends out warnings at Christ-
 (which must be very well cleaned) and in          country is Muslim. My family would put up          mas as having lights on tress is very dan-
 the morning it will be filled with a piece        a Christmas tree (for me) and we give each         gerous. We don’t put up a tree or decora-
 of chocolate/peanuts or mandarin. If you          other presents. We also make a special             tions.
 have been bold however you will find a dry        family meal with traditional Turkish foods.
                                                                                                      how do you celebrate new Year’s eve?
 stick!                                            None of the shops or bars or restaurants
                                                                                                      Similar to everywhere else in the world,
                                                   close on the 25th unlike here in Ireland.
 have you ever found a stick?                                                                         there is a massive countdown and fire-
 No, I’ve never heard of anyone getting it!        What’s a typical turkish meal?                     work display and night out afterwards.
                                                   Turkey, rice, Dolma which is stuffed pep-

                                               Pics by: David O’Sullivan

          éire rIP

 CIT student protest, 1 Dec 2010

The management and staff of
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to wish all students at CIT the best
of luck in their Christmas exams.
Thank you for making us your
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                                            Local helpline for people who suffer from
drugS aWareneSS Programme                   depression, or if their friends and family
Web: tel: 01 8360911          suffer from the illness and need advice
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                                                      CIT Soccer A Team – Munster Champs
                                                      produces a very high standard year after year      Kearney and Shane Twomey. This caps off on
                                                      no fixture can be taken for granted. CIT squan-    what has been a brilliant season so far for CIT.
                                                      dered a few early chances and were punished        The College A team is sponsored by the Stu-
                                                      on the counter attack. CIT slipped up for the      dents’ Union.
                                                      first time with a 1-0 loss but remained top of
                                                      the table. A hard tackling physical Waterford IT   Colleges B Team: The CIT college B team are
                                                      side were the next visitors to CIT. It became a    so far having a respectable season. The lads
The Cork Institute of Technology Colleges             tough contest but CIT’s sheer class prevailed      finished in 3rd position in the combined Col-
Soccer A Team were crowned the Premier                in the end and the outcome was a comfortable       leges/Universities league and also managed
South Division winners for 2010. CIT managed          2-0 win with goals from Gavin Moore and Eric       to knock CSN out of the B Cup, advancing to
to overturn league favourites UCC and UL              Kennedy. CIT then travelled to CSN to take on      the second round in the process.
before finally sealing the title with a compre-       their soccer academy. Only a win would guar-       The College B team are having a Christmas
hensive 4-0 win over CSN. Waterford IT and IT         antee that CIT would secure the league title.      draw in the coming weeks; please look out for
Tralee also compete in this league.                   This game became a no contest within twenty        tickets sales that will take place shortly in the
CIT started their campaign with a tough away          minutes as CIT flew out of the traps and into      canteen.
fixture in UL, but CIT won comfortably and            a 3-0 lead, James O’ Sullivan grabbed two          The main prizes include:
came away with a 2-0 victory through goals            goals, while fellow bursary recipient Colin        Dennehy’s Gym Ballincollig 3 month member-
from Cork City players Brendan Cullen and             Kearney got on the score sheet before Sean         ship, 2 nights Bed & Breakfast in the Travel Inn
Willie Heffernan. CIT’s next task was the visit       Foley rounded off the 4-0 victory. A remark-       Killarney, A signed Irish Jersey, A 4 ball Golf
of arch rivals UCC. The game was a tight affair,      able achievement that also has to be noted is      voucher for Blarney Golf Course, Manicure,
contested by two excellent footballing teams.         CIT only conceded one goal in the five games.      Blow dry, Pizza Hut vouchers, CIT Jackets,
CIT managed to grab a late and deserved goal          Goalkeeper Wesley Tong and centre backs            Hoodies, Hats and USB keys, The College
through bursary recipient James O’ Sullivan           Kyle Smith and John Forest were outstanding        B Team is also sponsored by the Students’
to put them top of the league. Next up was            and always consistent. Other excellent per-        Union.
IT Tralee; this looked an easier task on paper,       formers included Captain Brian Murphy, Mark
but in this extremely competitive league that

CIT Sports bursaries 2010
Eighty nine bursaries were presented by Mun-          Superweight Intervarsities champion as CIT
ster Rugby CEO Garrett Fitzgerald to both             successfully hosted the competition.
male and female CIT athletes from twenty dif-
ferent sports at the Cork Institute of Technolo-      Following on from CIT’s fantastic achievement
gy Sports Bursaries 2010, which took place at         of winning gold at the 2008 Student Yacht-
the Oriel House Hotel, Ballincollig on Tuesday        ing World Cup and as a result of winning the
23rd of November.                                     Student Yachting Nationals last month, CIT
                                                      will represent Ireland again next year at the
These bursaries are a reflection of Cork Insti-       World Cup. A remarkable five sailors George
tute of Technology’s commitment to the de-            Kenefick, Joe Bruen, Cian Twomey, Denis            The Tae Kwon Do recipient was the 2010
velopment of a comprehensive sporting policy          Good and Dermot Coughlan received bur-             ICKKF light heavy weight senior black belt
and are awarded to students who display high          saries. Others who were recognised include         sparring World Champion, Dwayne Crowley.
achievement levels, commitment and dedi-              sprinter Cathal Owens who has competed             Soccer recipients included 2009 Munster in-
cation to their chosen sport and very impor-          in both the World Juniors and the European         terprovincial captain Alan O’Driscoll, Wesley
tantly, loyalty to that sport within the Institute.   Youth Olympics, along with Thomas Houlihan         Connolly Tong who represented Ireland in the
The standard is exceptionally high with many          who became the first Irish pole vaulter to com-    UEFA Futsal cup in 2009 and Susan Donovan
recipients boasting All-Ireland medals, Irish         pete in a major event at the 2009 European         who represented Ireland at the World Univer-
Champion titles, M.V.P.’s, World titles and Irish     Youth Olympics. Basketballers Sean Field who       sity Games in Serbia ’09. Munster U21 rugby
caps. While representing both CIT and their           was a member of the Irish team in 2008 as well     player Cathal Quinn, along with Munster U20’s
home clubs at the highest level, many have            as Brunells Kathleen Kelleher, Danielle O’Leary    player John McCarthy were among the recipi-
also represented their province as well as their      and Rebecca Lyall. History was created with        ents.
country.                                              the Gymnastics Club having a member receive
                                                      their first bursary-All-Ireland Champion for the   On the GAA front, All-Ireland football medal
Success has found its way to CIT already              last two years and Irish team member for the       winners Ciaran Sheehan, Conor O’Driscoll
this year, the CIT Mens Senior Hockey team            past four years- Jillian Kearns.                   and Brian O’Regan along with Sarsfields Rob
recorded a fantastic victory at the hockey In-                                                           O’Driscoll who recently won a County Senior
tervarsities last month. A remarkable achieve-        The standard of rowing recipients reached          hurling medal and Colin Fennelly from All-
ment considering that CIT are the only Insti-         an all-time high with recipients including Lisa    Ireland Club Champions Ballyhale Shamrocks
tute of Technology competing in this top level        Dilleen, fourth place finisher in the Womens       were all recognised. All-Ireland Senior camo-
competition and an historic first title in the his-   Doubles at the Junior World Championships in       gie medal holder Christine O’Neill, along with
tory of CIT. As a result Malcolm Coombes,             2009 and Shane O’Driscoll who won two sil-         National League Ladies Football All-Star ’09,
Andrew Daunt, David Smith and Roger Gray              ver medals in a double for Ireland in the Coupe    Gillian O’Brien were all awarded.
were recipients, along with fellow hockey club        in Belgium in July. Munster No.1 ranked table
members and Irish players Yvonne O’Byrne              tennis player James Herley was recognised,         It was a great night with a huge array of sport-
and Cliodhna Sargent. In November, boxing             along with Munster Senior golfer Aoife Lowry       ing talent being recognised.
recipient, Eoin Murphy, was crowned Novice            and Munster U21 golfer Ross O’Sullivan.            Miriam Deasy, Sports Officer
              ProbleM Pages                         That’s rough. The best thing you can do                fects. You should not need to take any
                                                    is be honest with him. Not mean honest,                substance to have fun with your friends;
                                                    but tell him that you think that’s in both of          maybe you should consider finding new
                                                    your interests to be apart. If he still wants          friends who may have other interests that
                                                    to see you that’s your decision but some-              you would find enjoyable also. Here in
                                                    times tough love is what is needed. Obvi-              CIT we have a fantastic counsellor that
                                                    ously, you will still want to be friends but           specialises in drug addiction. The ser-
                                                        set boundaries.                                    vice is completely confidential so please
                                                         I hope that these threats are mean-               don’t fear your lecturers or family would
                                                         ingless and are used to get you                   find out. The counsellor can advise you
                                                           back because they have worked                   more on this problem and also help you
                                                                before. If you are afraid that             overcome depending on the drug for fun.
                                                                   he might actually hurt him-             I hope you get the help you need.
                                                                     self though, you should
                                                                       tell someone close to
                                                                        him that you think he              Well at least you realise at this early stage
                                                                         will turn to when you             that it is a problem. I am sure it started
                                                                         are gone like a close             off a bit of fun and good craic, but with
                                                                          friend, a brother or a           all good things, you want more. As a
                                                                          parent if need be. This          group, try to make a conscious effort to
                                                                          will just make sure that         go out some night without any drugs and
                                                                          someone is keeping               see that you can still have just as much
                                                                           an eye out for him              fun without it. On another note, remem-
                                                                            when you are not               ber that if anyone finds you with class A
                                                                            there.                         drugs while you are out you will be in seri-
                                                                                                           ous trouble, plus, girls wont like it if they
                                                                                                           find out you are doing that kind of stuff.
                                                                                                           Cocaine is highly addictive and gives you
     So yoU THInk yoU HAve ProbLeMS?                                                                       an intense high. This is the high you are
                                                                                                           chasing, but I would imagine that peo-
     our male & female problem solvers are here to                                                         ple looking at you don’t think you are as
                                                                                                           great as you might feel. Give it a kick for
     answer your questions...                                                                              a few weeks and see how you do. You will
                                                                                                           save a lot of money too, so set yourself a

Q    keep trying to separate myself from
     a guy I have been seeing on – and –
     off for the last few years. every time
     we break up though, he changes and
                                                    This will work out, it is just initially getting
                                                    the idea across that you are not going
                                                    out anymore, and that you are not getting
                                                                                                           goal, and with the money you save treat
                                                                                                           yourself to something nice. As I am sure
                                                                                                           you will agree, it is a slippery slope and
                                                                                                           the more you take, the more you want. If
                                                    back together, is the hardest idea to get
     gets very down, possessive and says            straight in both his and your head.                    it is beginning to happen every week, get
     that he can’t go on without me. I have                                                                out now. And if it does continue, remem-
                                                                                                           ber that you do not necessarily need to

     found myself getting back with him out
     of pity a few times. he is such a nice         over the last few months I have moved                  live with this group of friends.
     guy and I can trust him with anything,         in with a new group of lads that I have

     but I don’t think I love him anymore. I        known for a long time. In the summer,
                                                    we tried out a few different drugs, just               I don’t know what to do in January. I
     can’t finish up with him this close to                                                                live in Cork with my friends who are
     Christmas either. I feel trapped. What         for fun, and as a once off. now I am
                                                    taking cocaine every second week,                      all going home for the month. I don’t
     can I do?                                                                                             want to stay at home because I don’t
                                                    and I would take it every week if I
                                                    could afford it. It is not affecting any               really get on with my parents and most
     Please don’t feel trapped. You need to         relationships I have, and it is not caus-              of my friends have moved away. I have
     think about yourself and protect yourself      ing any problems, but I know that it is                no job at the moment and the thought
     first and foremost. It is not fair of your     not right. my friends take it too, and it              of spending a month in Cork on my
     boyfriend to be emotionally blackmail-         is great fun when we go out, but I can                 own isn’t exactly appealing either. any
     ing you. I would advise you to speak to        see a pattern forming of us trying to                  advice?
     one of the counsellors here in CIT, they       get it most nights we go out. What will
     can advise you on how best to handle the       I do because I don’t want this to be-                  Well I definitely wound not advise spend-
     situation. If you don’t love someone and       come a problem….                                       ing the month alone in Cork! Have you
     are with them out of pity it is not okay.                                                             thought about visiting some of your
     You deserve all the happiness and love in                                                             friends who live around Ireland? Some-
     the world and it definitely does not sound     Taking cocaine is already a prob-
                                                    lem. Some of the effects of co-                        times the thought of going home for a
     like this is what you are currently getting.                                                          long period is a lot worse than it actually
     Please listen to my advice and speak to        caine include: Aggression, violence
                                                    psychosis, paranoia, restlessness, con-                is! The month will absolutely fly and you
     a counsellor. To book an appointment the                                                              might even find yourself enjoying some of
     number is 021 4335772 and the service          fusion, anxiety disorders, memory prob-
                                                    lems, hallucination, and depression. You               the home comforts!
     is free and completely confidential.
                                                    are seriously endangering your body and
     Best of luck with everything in the com-       health by taking this illegal substance                January is a tough month for many stu-
     ing weeks, I know it’s hard to end a rela-     and I would urge you learn more about                  dents this year as you have no college
     tionship but you have to do what is best       the drug and the long term health ef-                  work, no work in many cases, and noth-
     for you.

    ing but time to kill. Often, when someone is bored it is very hard
    to motivate them, which is what you need to do. Set yourself
    goals over January to keep yourself motivated, be it in the gym,
    to look for a job or to even master a game. A full month off with
    nothing to do is a killer, but don’t let it be a waste. If you laze
    around you will find it even harder to start back into college. And
    if you are in Cork on your own, there will still be plenty of peo-
    ple around. CIT is still open and there are still students around.
    UCC doesn’t take the month off. Alternatively, use the month to
    relax, maybe even try to find common ground with your parents
    if your relationship at the moment is strained? You can always
    spend the time getting fit and healthy anyway! Come back to
    college looking better than you have looked all year… that’s
    my plan!

Q   I am really down. lately all I want to do is stay in my apart-
    ment. I hate the thought of college and worse, hanging
    around the canteen making small talk. I feel really over-
    whelmed with all my college work, and find myself crying
    over the smallest of things. I used to love going out thurs-
    day nights, and going to the cinema and stuff with friends,
    now I only ever want to stay at home. I find I can’t talk to my
    friends about it, or my parents. I feel like I’m lost or some-
    thing… this doesn’t feel like me 

    I am so glad you have come to me with this problem. Personally
    speaking it sounds like to me that you MAY be suffering from
    depression. I would strongly advice that you make an appoint-
    ment with one of the counsellors in CIT ASAP. The worst thing
    you can do is to shut yourself off from friends and family and
    spend most of your time alone. Everyone gets down once in
    a while, so please don’t feel lonely or like there is something
    wrong with you for feeling this way. The first step to fixing a
    problem is to talk about it, so well done for opening up! If you
    would like any more advice or guidance make contact with the
    Welfare Officer in the Students’ Union, I would
    also advise you to start writing in a diary, as it is very important
    that you express your feelings and keep a record of what you’re
    feeling and your thoughts. I would also encourage you to do
    some exercise, even a short walk, as it will reduce some of the
    stress your feeling from college and will also release happy hor-
    mones! If you need any help with study advice, I would encour-
    age you to visit the Education Officer in the Students’ Union.
    CIT has lots of supports available for all its students, we are all
    here to help!

    You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out. Some-
    times wallowing in self pity leads to a tremendous slump in
    motivation, and people spend their time feeling sorry for them-
    selves. To feel better you need to get out and feel active again.
    The happiest people are the busy ones who don’t have time
    to feel sorry. If you are staying in your apartment all day you
    are possibly suffering from a dose of cabin fever also. Get in-
    volved in a sport, a college society, or even a charity! Christmas
    is around the corner and there will be a lot of opportunities to do
    good deeds, which will make you feel good on the inside, and
    which will show on the outside. The hardest step is the first one.
    Once you get out again and start going you will feel great! Make
    an effort to go out and I am sure you’re friends will support you!
    If this doesn’t sound like a realistic option for you, you need to
                                                                           Wishing all students
    talk to a friend, parent or counsellor. Staying in all day and feel-
    ing down is not good for anyone so try to get yourself out of the
    rut, as I am sure you want to do yourself. Just remember, night
                                                                           a Merry Christmas &
    is always darkest before the dawn.
                                                                           a Happy New Year

          Clubs and soCIetIes

                                                      The business & Accounting Society
                                                      Another great month in the society with our visit from Eddie Hobbs, Financial Guru
                                                      on Nov 16th which had a great turn out. About 250 students turned up to hear what
                                                      Eddie had to say and gave us his opinion on the situation in the country. Eddie made
                                                      a statement to the students, saying they should all immigrate, which started a bit of
                                                      a frenzy around the college, but as he said it is only one man's opinion. During next
                                                      semester, we are hoping to have a guest speaker, a former MEP, who will come to talk
     Congratulations to the Cit Dance Society         about possible jobs in the EU. Our next speakers won't be on until next semester and
     who took part in an All Ireland Dance Ex-        there are few interesting ones coming to CIT so keep a look out for posters around the
     periment in November. The competition            college in relation to these events.
     was hosted by DCU and the event took
     place in The Helix Theatre. The DanCit           We also had our Ice Skating trip to this year's Cork on Ice in Mahon where we found
     troop performed an urban hiphop version          our graceful side! We are also starting a cinema night. If it is a success we will plan
     of the ever popular Aladdin with some jazz       more to follow like new releases, as many are struggling to go out and socialise, so we
     and ballet also thrown in! There is a total of   will arrange it in college and for FREE.
     26 members in the DanCit Crew. Led by Ci-        The annual Ball organising is well underway with well-known entertainment lined up
     ara McCarthy and Michelle O'Sullivan this        to this years themed ball of 'A Night at the Oscars'. Tickets will be on sale in February
     is the first year the society has ever com-
     peted at a competitive level and it is a great   when we return after the Christmas break.
     achievement for the society and its com-
     mittee. The committee set out this year to                                            CIT Athletic Club won the County Novice XC
     get their society know and recognised and                                             team title for the first time ever. This race was
     that they have done. Their next step is tak-                                          in Carrignavar and 6000 meters and a very hilly
     ing place in the Intervarcities next March
     and hosted here in Cork by UCC.
                                                                                           John Collins, Captain of Cit Athletic Club.
      Send your Clubs & Societies news to:                                                 Photo: Ian O’ Sullivan (Trainer)
                                                           James O’ Driscoll, Michael Pat O’ Reegan,
                                                                                           John Collins, Eanna Farrell, Roy Evans,
      Check for publication dates
                                                                                           Ciaran O’Sullivan and Ben Daly.
            and further information.

                                                                                                    The CIT Boxing Club was formed in
                                                                                                    2007. Training in the sportshall every
                                                                                                    Monday at 8 and Thursday at 7. Coach-
                                                                                                    ing is by former Irish Senior champion
                                                                                                    Gordon Joyce and Colm Osbern. We
                                                                                                    take part in three intervarsitys aswell
                                                                                                    as numerous shows and fight nights
                                                                                                    throughout the year. We have our own
                                                                                                    training ring located in the stand and we
                                                                                                    hope to put on another fightnight in CIT
                                                                                                    this year after the success of last years
                                                                                                    event. Keep an eye out on info boards.


                                                  The Importance of breakfast
                                                          Breakfast is supposed to be a starchy      thick and creamy. Do not cook for too long or
                                                          food like wholemeal (brown) bread,         it will curdle. Serve on hot toast.
                                                          cereal (that isn’t covered in sugar)
                                                          or porridge. These are slow release
                                                        energy foods and will help you control
                                                  your hunger and balance your appetite. Fruit
                                                  is also very good. So good in fact, that an
                                                  apple can wake you up better than a cup of
                                                  coffee, and if you don’t believe that, give it a
                                                  try for a week.
                                                  Fruit is always a college students friend. It is
                                                  cheap, versatile and portable. You can eat an

                                                  apple, orange, pear or banana anytime, day         Traditional Porridge
  t’s probably the most inconvenient meal         or night, and no one will look at you funny. In    Porridge is a food you either love or hate and
  of the day for most students. Every morn-       my travels, I have even seen someone pull          there are as many different ways of cooking
  ing you are faced with a choice – extra ten     out a bag of nuts in Havanas one night – I         porridge as there are people eating it! If you
  minutes in bed or breakfast. Many stu-          kid you not!                                       haven’t tried porridge in years or if you have
dents, dare I say most students, skip break-                                                         memories of a grey solid limp in a bowl, it’s
                                                  If you do have time for breakfast in the morn-
fast, even though we have been told since                                                            worth trying it again using this recipe. Even
                                                  ing it is a great time to get in some essential
we were small that this is the most important                                                        hardened porridge-haters like it.
                                                  nutrients. An egg, a yoghurt or some fruit
meal of the day. And why do we do this? The
                                                  mixed in with cereal is fantastic. If you feel     Ingredients
three most used excuses are:
                                                  like splashing out, taking the Weetabix chal-      ½ cup of dry porridge oats
I’m not hungry                                    lenge for two weeks can prove fantastic. Ba-       1 cup of milk
I don’t have time                                 sically, every morning for two weeks you eat       1 teaspoon of sugar or honey (if you don’t
Skipping breakfast helps me lose weight           two Weetabix and have a different topping on       want to add sugar or honey but still want a
No! No! No!                                       them every morning – fruit, honey, yoghurt,        sweet flavour try your favourite fruit instead)
       You are not hungry first thing in the      even chocolate if you want to spoil yourself.
       morning because your digestive sys-                                                           Method: Put everything in a saucepan (non-
       tem is still in hibernation. No one is     an ideal start to the day could be either of       stick if you have it) and gradually bring to the
       really hungry in the morning, but it is    the following:                                     boil. Do stand beside it and watch it as it does
      vital for your energy to have breakfast.                                                       boil the second you look away. Once it has
Earting early kicks your system up a gear,                                                           come to the boil turn it down and simmer for
burns more calories and gives you more en-                                                           five to ten minutes depending on how ten-
ergy.                                                                                                der you like your oats. Stir it occasionally. If
                                                                                                     gets too thick (and how thick you like it is up
If you don’t have time, make time or eat on                                                          to you) just add an extra drop of milk. If you
the go. On the way out the door, grab an ap-                                                         want to microwave the porridge, just follow
ple, a banana or a cereal bar.                                                                       the instructions on the pack. Oats are one a
Skipping breakfast to lose weight? I’m afraid                                                        nature’s most nutritious wholegrains. Rich in
not! Skipping breakfast will actually do the                                                         natural fibre they are fantastic for a healthy
opposite. By eating early your body starts        Scrambled Eggs                                     bowel and help to keep cholesterol levels
up again and your system starts burning fuel      Ingredients                                        healthy. Oats are also slowly digested which
again. If you want to lose weight, have break-    3 eggs, A little vegetable oil                     means they keep you going for longer and are
fast and watch the energy soar up and your        Pinch of salt if desired, Pepper                   a fantastic food for people with diabetes as
waist shrink (as part of a healthy, balanced      4 dessertspoons milk                               they help to keep blood sugar levels steady.
diet and exercise)                                                                                   Chop strawberries into your porridge or add a
                                                  Method: Break the eggs into a shallow bowl         handful of frozen summer berries like raspber-
For students, we need energy, especially as                                                          ries or blackberries.
the days are getting shorter. High energy al-     and beat well with a fork.
lows us to stay positive and somewhat hap-        Heat the oil in a saucepan then add the milk,      Especially around exam time, breakfast is
py. If you are tired and lethargic you can slip   pepper and salt. Add the beaten eggs and           crucial. I hope that this point hits home and
into a vicious circle of feelings of apathy and   stir over a moderate heat until mixture is         starts a new habit for the new year!

          gaMes                                                                   Crossword is sponsored by CIT Societies –
uzzle #4 by Dave Fisher ( completed entries into SU shop). Winner last issue:
                                   (Prize €30 for                                                                             Eugene Sheehy

           1      2     3    4         5    6    7           8     9    10   11    Across                                  Down
                                                                                 1. Apple computers                        1. Pop’s opposite
           12                          13                    14                  5. Rave VIPs                              2. Madison or 5th, abbrev.
                                                                                 8. Platter                                3. Knave
           15                     16                    17                       12. Egg shaped                            4. Small pizza order
                                                                                 13. H2O for Henri                         5. Like the ocean
                                                                                 14. Not working                           6. It’s jam-packed?
                             18                         19
                                                                                 15. Sea between Europe and Africa         7. Big __ (scenic California region)
                                                                                 18. Trophy, often                         8. Meals
           20     21    22                  23   24                              19. Breaks suddenly                       9. Thought
                                                                                 20. More secure                           10. It makes rosy cheeks?
           25                     26   27                    28    29   30   31  23. High ranking nobleman                 11. Layers
                                                                                 25. __ Capades                            16. U-__
           32                33        34                    35                  26. Close                                 17. “__ and ye shall receive”
                                                                                 28. Letters on an invitaton card          20. Exhale audibly
           36                          37               38         39            32. Seize                                 21. Land measure
                                                                                 34. Enjoy, slangily                       22. Be afraid
                                                                                 35. Mix                                   23. Milk supplier
                             40   41                    42   43
                                                                                 36. Spiderman, for instance               24. Coax
                                                                                 37. Got bigger                            27. Fringe
           44     45    46                       47                              39. Perfect tennis serve                  29. Headliner
                                                                                 40. __ Might Be Giants (alternative       30. Bad habit
           48                          49   50                     51   52   53  rock band)                                31. Bush, e.g.
                                                                                 42. Gives a job to                        33. Lowest parts
           54                          55                    56                  44. Rather                                38. “Guess __?”
                                                                                 47. River blocker                         41. Shorten a pair of pants, say
           57                          58                    59                    N Xease
                                                                             B Y 48. Ill at of a list A M T S I
                                                                                 54. Part
                                                                                               S                       R     H C S G
                                                                                                                           43. Picture
                                                                                                                           44. Give up
                                                                                   Y were Z the T N
                                                                             W I 55. “__T Uking of A forest...” A      S     G R others...
                                                                                                                           45. “Do __T L ”
                                                                                   S N I F
                                                                             N B (cowardly lion song)S S T P
                                                                                 56. Opposite of lose
                                                                                                                       S     H E N E
                                                                                                                           46. Prepares a rink
                                                                                                                           47. Leaky roof indicator
           Name:                                                                   I H O
                                                                             Z E 57. Throw out C T V R G               R     C D E V
                                                                                                                           49. Hi-__ (old record players)
osite of lose          10. It makes rosy             43. Picture                                      I I
                                                                                   W A oil additive E S
                                                                             U O 58. PopularOPeas (hip hop group) I    L     Q I D C
                                                                                                                           50. Frequently, poetically
                                                                                 59. Black __                              51. San Francisco or Chesapeake, for
ow out                 cheeks?                       44. Give up        N K O Y T                P   B   L    U   X    T   example U K
                                                                                                                             T T
           Tel:        11. Layers                                       B S R U E                M   S   P    P   L    U     E M
                                                                                                                           52. ReclineT X
ular oil                                          45. "Do __ others..."                                                    53. Last word?
                                                                        X D T O E                A   J   T    T   X    H    C    W   S    X
                       16. U-__                   46. Prepares a rink B E T C C                  K   R   R    O   S    E    H    F   E    J
k __ Peas (hip 17. "__ and ye shall               47. Leaky roof        P R E S E                N   T   S    E   W    J    N    A   Z    Z
up)       B Y receive" A M T S
               N X S                                R H C
                                                 Iindicator S G         E D H L Y                J   S   I    A   L    N    O    W   U    D
               Y Exhale A T
          W I 20. T U Zaudibly N                    S
                                                 A49. G R T L
                                                      Hi-__ (old recordV Q Y O E                 C   J   E    A   Q    T    L    I   U    D
            N     B    S Land F S S
                       21. N I measure T            S H
                                                 Pplayers) E N E        D Q T U X                J   O   R    O   S    V    O    A   H    Q
 opposite Z       E    I H O C T V R             G R C D E V            B K A U T                M   W   O    T   P    J    G    V   A    B
            U     O    22. A O I I E S
                       W Be afraid               I50. Frequently,C
                                                    L Q I D             L I J K J                Y   T   Y    Z   P    M    Y    Q   G    Y
son or 5th,
            N     K    23. Y T supplier U
                       O Milk P B L              Xpoetically U K
                                                    T T T
            B     S    R Coax
                       24. U E M S P P              U E M T X
                                                 L51. San Francisco or
e           X     D    T O E A J T T                H C W S X
                                                 XChesapeake, for       BISHOPSTOWN
            B     E    27. C C K R R O
                       T Fringe                     E H
                                                 SexampleF E J          CHRISTMAS
  pizza order
the ocean P       R    E Headliner
                       29. S E N T S E              J N A
                                                 W52. Recline Z Z       CREDIT
            E     D    H Bad J
                       30. L Yhabit S I A        L N O W U D            DECEMBER
m-packed?V                                        53. Last word?        EXPLICIT
                  Q    Y O E C J E A             Q T L I U D            INSTITUTE
                       31. U X e.g.O R O
                       T Bush, J
_ (scenic D       Q                              S V O A H Q            NEWYEAR
 ia region) B     K    A Lowest W
                       33. U T Mparts O T        P J G V A B            PRESENTS
s           L     I    J "Guess T
                       38. K J Y__?" Y Z         P M Y Q G Y            STUDENTS
ght                    41. Shorten a pair of                                 UNION
                       pants, say
               CORK                                                                                          Created by Puzzlemaker at Discovery

   26          NEWYEAR
                                                                                                               Last Months Winner: Ciaran O’Sullivan

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