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									          TTL UART/USB
Long Range UHF RFID reader Module
      (ISO18000-6C EPC G2)

       SolidDigi Technologies, Inc.

              August 2011


      SOLID Digital Technologies
TTL UART Long Range UHF RFID reader Module (ISO18000-6C EPC G2) is an important
way to read information and input information. Automatic identification technology has been
developed in recent years. Now it is a new high technology which includes barcode
technology, magnetic strip (card) technology, RF technology, optical character recognition
technology, and biological recognition, distance Card Reader and etc.

In normal case, UHF RFID tags need less power than the reader which needs to have high
receiving sensitivity. In certain system, the transmit path and receive path are independent
of each other in the reader, especially when the uplink and downlink have different

Technically, different applications can choose different transmit power. However, there are
regulations that need to be met. Usually the RF power 100mW~500mW is suitable for all
kinds of RFID distance reader system. In different regions and areas, the reader has to
follow different regulations.

Linksprite UHF RFID distance reader has many advantages such as: compatibility with
different protocols, high reading speed multi-tags reading, linearly polarized antenna,
waterproof appearance designing and etc. It can be widely used in RFID systems, and is
very friendly to further development based on it.

Typical applications:

    Logistics and warehouse management: Management of goods flow and storage, and
    mail, package, luggage transportation and etc.
    Intelligent parking management Parking management and charge automation.
    Production-line management: Identification of production process points.
    Product anti-counterfeiting detection: the write protection from tag’s internal memory
    can be used to detect the products’ authenticity
    Other application: widely used in club management, libraries, student status,
    consumption management, swimming pool management and etc.


                                     SOLID Digital Technologies
 When the UHF RFID reader (USB version) is powered on and connected to PC, it can be
 identified by the PC. It uses the HID USB driver, and doesn’t need additional USB driver. It
 means the reader is working normally. When the tag is close to the reader, the PC
 software will show signal strength and tag ID. This RFID reader can identify many tag IDs at
 the same time.

 Note: It needs a 3V/2A wall adapter.

 This UHF RFID reader uses RF energy harvest to read tag data. Keep it far away from
 metal when use it. If it closes to the metal, the RF wave will be absorbed by it which can
 shorten the distance of card reading. The installation position should be away from the
 equipment like motor, transformer and etc, to reduce the effect on the reader.

 According to the actual needs, this UHF RFID reader can be with the most suitable
 directional antenna with appropriate gain (5.5dBi, 8dBi and etc) to achieve the best

 There are two different interfaces: TTL UART and USB.

                          China standard (920~925MHz), American standard
Working Frequency          (902~928MHz), European standard (865~868MHz) ,
                           840MHz~960MHz working frequency
Protocol                  ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2), compatible ISO18000-6A/B
RF power                  MAX 20dBm
Card reading distance     Passive tags identification distance adjusting range 1 to 6 meters
Card reading time         Reading time of multi-tags 64 bit ID <6ms
Modulation mode           ASK or PR-ASK
Antenna interface         MMCX
                          High speed USB or TTL Uart (RS232) communicate with PC
Supporting interface
Working power             DC   +3.3V 2A; +5.5V optional
Read indicator            Can be programmed. GPIO output can be set
Power                     1.5W-2W
Working temperature       - 20 degree C +80 degree C
Storage temperature       - 40 degree C to +125 degree C
Working humidity          20% to 95 % (No condensation)
Dimensions                90mm×49mm×0.51mm
Antenna dimensions        8”× 12”×2”


                                      SOLID Digital Technologies
For TTL Version, the UART definition is as following:


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