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           Dissemination Plan: Shared Decision Making in Nursing Councils

                                     Maria Diaz


            Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing

                             Submitted to Alyce Ashcraft

                                 November 14, 2009
                                                                             Dissemination Plan 2

               Dissemination Plan: Shared Decision Making in Nursing Councils

                                        Author Guidelines

The author guidelines for Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA), American Journal of

Nursing (AJN) and Nursing Administration Quarterly (NAQ) have been attached to the

dissemination plan

                                       Selection Rationale

  Several author guidelines from nursing journals were reviewed for manuscript submission.

The top three journals selected by reviewing the purpose, content and the audience. The

purpose, content and audience were appropriate for the capstone project.

JONA journal develops and advances patient care leadership. Content is geared to nurse

executives, directors of nursing, and nurse managers in hospital and solution oriented article

provide assistance with developing strategies for leadership development and changing

healthcare systems.

AJN journal promote excellence in nursing and health care. Content is geared to a broad-based

nursing audience and disseminates evidence-based and original research. This journal is the

oldest and largest premier journal.

NAQ journal focus on select topics and provides an in depth look at nursing administration.

Content is geared to nursing administrators and provides practical, up-to-date information on the

effective management of nursing services in hospitals.

Two of the journals, JONA and NAQ are specifically targeted to nursing leadership and AJN is

more clinically focused for all nurses. Multiple articles located in JONA and NAQ relating to

Magnet Recognition program and shared governance discusses the importance of shared decision

making within a shared governance structure. These articles also speak about the important role
                                                                               Dissemination Plan 3

leadership play and the negative outcomes that result from leadership not supporting or being

engaged in shared governance. The leadership will also need to develop, implement, and

evaluated this imitative that changes culture within nursing practice. . AJN targets a large nursing

practice audience. Some articles located in AJN discuss the importance of nurse’s involvement

in shared decision making and interdisplinary shared decision making. Both audience are

appropriated to this topic and would benefit from additional knowledge related to shared

decision making by nurses in a specific group setting. All three journals have published articles

related to Magnet hospitals and shared governance. Few articles have been published related to

shared decision making within a group setting such as nursing councils.

                                         Exemplar Article

   An exemplar article from JONA by Wolf & Greenhouse (2006) reported the importance of

nurse leaders creating a Magnet work environment by utilizing a survey study with data from six

hospitals. The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between the working

environment and the development of the workforce through the American Nurses Credentialing

Center Magnet Recognition Program.. The article reviewed the development of nursing units

across these six hospitals at the level of reactive, responsive, proactive, or high performing. The

results reported the mean scores in the forces of magnetism that there were significant

differences between all levels. The study also reported 3 statistical significant differences in

forces of magnetism in organizational structure, management styles and interdisciplinary

relations. The article concluded that nursing staff perceived magnetism of the work environment

differently. The differences were based on the developmental level of each unit. It recommended

that health care organization need to evaluated the development level of staff related to how the

staff perceives the magnet forces.
                                                                             Dissemination Plan 4


A qualitative design method of using focus groups will be used to answer the following research

question: What are the barriers that prevent staff nurse from assuming parity with management

representatives in shared governance meetings when engaged in group decision- making? A

framework analysis will be used to analyze the collected data. The contents of the

project will include the following:

          An Introduction to describe the issues

          Background to the project to include Magnet and Shared Governance

          Significance for the project proposal

          Purpose the project proposal to include research question

          Review of literature with electronic bibliographic databases, key search terms,

           journals and summary of literature

          Project plan to include methodology, setting, participants, plan for data analysis,

           stakeholder and limitations

          Timeline from beginning of project to completion

          Plans for human subject protection, evaluation, sustainability and dissemination

          References

          Glossary

          Appendices

   The project will be done at University Medical Center of El Paso is non-for-profit community

acute hospital located in the Texas-Mexico border. The hospital is a 320 bed and level I trauma
                                                                               Dissemination Plan 5

center. The nursing department employees approximately 550 nurses. The community it servers

is El Paso county, New Mexico and Mexico regions. El Paso population is approximately

700,000 and 70 percent Hispanic. UMC of EL Paso began their journey to Magnet Recognition

in 2008 and a shared decision nursing practice.     (If you have more information of

the hospital feel free to add)


       Professional and lay literatures reflect the complexity, turbulence and chaos associated

with the rapidly changing healthcare environment. The industry as a whole is being challenged

to find effective ways to improve existing conditions ( Jobes & Steinbinder, 1996; Green, 2004;

USA Today, 2009 & The New York Times, 2009). The American Nurses Credentialing

Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program offers a structured approach to implementing

proven strategies for enhancing professional practice and improving patient care. Institutions that

meet Magnet criteria for quality nursing services are recognized nationally for their

achievements. The Magnet criteria are used to map the journey toward excellence in nursing

care. One of the key criteria is a functional shared governance structure that empowers direct

care nurses to make decisions about their professional environment, practice standards, quality

improvement, and research (ANCC, 2008).

       This investigator is accountable for leading the effort to obtain Magnet Recognition at a

240-bed comprehensive acute care hospital located in a major metropolitan city on the

US/Texas-Mexico border. In 2009, an ANCC consultant conducted a Magnet Recognition

readiness assessment of the hospital. The findings indicate that the existing shared governance

structure of the hospital does not engage direct patient care nurses effectively in participative
                                                                            Dissemination Plan 6

decision- making in Shared Governance Councils with management. This study responds to the

consultant’s findings by identifying the barriers of shared decision-making within the existing

shared governance structure of the hospital and uses these findings to recommend needed change
                                                                      Dissemination Plan 7


Wolf, G. A. & Greenhouse, P. K. (2006). A road map for creating a Magnet work environment.

      Journal of Nursing Administration, 36(10), 458-462.

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