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					         Serial Killer Name
          John Wayne Gacy
         “The Killer Clown”

  Date          Age                                       Life Event

03/17/1942       0     Born in Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illnois.
                       John’s younger sister Karen was born. Father abuses Mother. Mom takes kids
  1944           2
                       and moves to in-laws for a while.
  1945           3     Move back in with abusive dad/husband.
                       Caught playing “house” with a 15-year-old mentally retarded girl. Father
  1946           4
                       begins to abuse son.
  1947           5     Gets first seizures. Begins Catholic school.
                       Father’s brutality increases. Dad shoots his dog because he was mad at John.
  1948           6     John steals a toy truck and his mother makes him return it. Dad beats him with
                       a razor strap.
                       Starts Boy Scouts. Mom’s panties are found in sandbox. He “liked the feel of
  1949           7
                       it” and then his father whipped him.
  1950           8     Teachers say he’s a good student, but that he is harassed by other students.
  1951           9     Sexually abused by friend of his father.
  1953          11     John steals his mom’s panties and hides them under the deck. She made him
                       wear them to school. Father beats John when discovers the underwear. John is
                       struck in the head with a swing while on the playground. Suffered from blood
                       clots in his brain.
  1956          14     Transferred to public school. Gets first job as a grocery deliverer.
  1955          15     Has his tonsils taken out. Has appendicitis. Found with women’s panties again.
                       Suffers from blackouts.
  1959          17     Diagnosed with heart ailment. Attends 4 different high schools and eventually
                       drops out.
  1960          18     Creates a club at church to help keep teens involved. Thinks about becoming a
                       priest. Becomes a compulsively neat dresser to make up for being over weight
                       and unpopular. Has his first sexual encounter with a girl but faints before
                       completing the act. Starts political campaigns. Attaches a blue police light to
                       his car and speeds to accidents. Buys a new car with his father and makes
                       payments to him.
  1961          19     Leaves home. Works as an ambulance attendant in Vegas. Demoted to janitor
                       in a mortuary when his age was discovered. Later told doctors he conducted
                       experiments on the dead bodies. He memorized the embalming process. Climbs
                       into casket out of curiosity. Gets fired after a fight with his boss who finds the
            clothes of the dead people lying on the floor beside the casket. Returns to
1962   20   Enrolled in Northwestern Business College, did well and graduated with good
1963   21   Got a job as manager trainee in Springfield. Moved in with his aunt and uncle.
            Spent 23 days in the hospital for a spine injury.
1964   22   First sexual encounter with a man. Marries Marlynn Myers. Moved to
            Waterloo, Iowa to manage KFC franchises owned by father-in-law. Chosen
            Jaycee Keyman for April.
1965   23   Elected Jaycee’s first VP, named outstanding first year Jaycee and 3rd
            outstanding member in the state. Marlynn gets pregnant with first child. He is
            hospitalized for his nerves.
1966   24   His son Michael is born.
1967   25   Daughter Christine is born. Assaults a 16-year old boy and tries to molest him.
            Starts an unofficial boys club for his male employees involving alcohol and
            porn. Starts perverted games and has numerous sexual encounters with boys.
            Becomes member of Jaycee’s board of directors and is Outstanding Man of the
            Year. Joins the Merchant Patrol. Entered psychopathic hospital at State
            University of Iowa for psychiatric evaluation.
            Arrested and entered prison for the first time because a grand jury in Black
            Hawk County indicted Gacy for committing an act of sodomy with a teenage
            boy named Mark Miller. Four months later, he was arrested for paying another
            boy named Dwight Andersson to beat up Miller. Gacy pled guilty to sodomy
1968   26
            and was sentenced to 10 years in Iowa's State Men's Reformatory in Anamosa.
            His wife filed for divorce following the sentencing. Angered, Gacy informed
            her he did not want to see his children again and would henceforth consider her
            and the two kids dead.
            He spent this year in prison. His father died but Gacy was unable to attend the
            funeral. Gacy went through difficult periods of depression after his release
1969   27   from prison because he regretted never saying goodbye to his father. He felt
            cheated that he never had a chance to improve his relationship with John W.
            Gacy, Sr., a man whom he loved dearly despite of his abusive behavior.
            On June 18, 1970, Gacy left the confines of the prison gates and made his way
1970   28   back to his place of birth in Chicago. He was paroled after eighteen months so
            he never served the full ten year sentence.
            Gacy moved in with his mother and obtained work as a chef (in a Chicago
            He bought a house on West Summerdale Avenue.
            Arrested Feb. 12 -- eight months after his release from prison -- and charged
            with attempted rape and disorderly conduct. A gay youth had complained to
1971   29
            authorities that Gacy had picked him up at the Greyhound station in downtown
            Chicago. A teen accused him of attempted rape and took Gacy to court.
            Charges dropped because the teen failed to show up in court. Married Carole
            Hoff, who had two daughters from a previous marriage. They lived together in
            Gacy’s home.
            Jan 3~ Kills greyhound bus boy by stabbing and buries body in his crawlspace. Gacy
            claimed self-defense but doesn’t call police because he is scared they won’t believe
1972   30   him.
            June 1~ Marries Carol Huff. Mom moved to own apartment.
            June 7~ Clubs down 24 year old male for refusing to perform oral sex. Posed as police
            June 22~ Arrested and charges with aggravated battery and reckless conduct for
            clubbing man. Charges are dismissed when John filed similar suit against the man.
            Attempted to get visitation rights with kids but Marlynn refuses. John says his kids are
            dead to him.
1973   31   Forces mother-in-law from house with a court order. Has a stroke.
            Established his own construction business, Painting , Decorating and
1974   32
            Maintenance or PDM Contractors, Inc. hiring only teenage boys
            Carole and John had confrontations. She discovered magazines with naked
            men and boys in the home and asked him about it. He claimed them as his own
            and mentioned that he prefers men to women.
                 Became secretary treasurer street lighting commission.
1975   33        Developed PoGo the clown.
                 July~ Tony Antonucci (15) fights off Gacey.
                 Seventeen-year-old Johnny Butkovich worked for Gacy. He confronted
                    Gacy when Gacy refused to pay him for two weeks of work. July 31~
                    Kills John Butovitch (little John) and buries his body under the garage.
            Gacy's second wife divorced him in March of 1976. According to accounts in
            Harlan Mendenhall's book, Fall of the House of Gacy, she felt she could no
            longer cope with the marriage due to her husband's unpredictable moods and
            bizarre obsession with homosexual magazines. The couple did not have
            children. Divorce from Carole became final. He began abducting and killing
            more victims.
                 Darrell Sampson disappearing on April 6th.
                 May 4~Randall Reffett (16) Samual Stapelton (14) disappear, remains
                    found in crawl space.
1976   34        June 10~Kills William Caroll (16) remains found in crawl space
                 On June 13, 1976, Billy Carroll Jr. left his home and was never seen
                    alive again
                 June 28~Kills Michael Bonnen’s remains found in crawl space
                 July 3~David Cram moves in with Gacy;
                 August~attacks David, but he escapes;
                 August 6~Rick Johnston (18) went to rock concert and never returned
                    home, remains found in crawl space
                 Gregory Godzik (17) disappeared on December 12~ never seen alive
                    again, remains found in crawl space
            Gacy attempts to pick up David Daniel who refused his advances. Daniel is
            one of two reported “survivors.”
                 On January 20, 1977, nineteen-year-old John Szyc also disappeared
                    much like the other young men before him.
                 March 15~Kills John Prestige (20)
                 July 8~Kills Matthew Bowman (19)
                 Robert Gilroy was an outdoorsman, avid camper and horse lover. On
1977   35
                    September 15, 1977, eighteen-year-old Gilroy was supposed to catch a
                    bus with friends to go horseback riding but he never showed up.
                 September 25~ Kills John Mowery (19)
                 October 11~Kills Robert Winch
                 October 18~Kills Tommy Baling (20)
                 December 19~ Kills David Talsma (19)
                 Robert Donnelly escapes Gacy’s attack, goes to cops, but assistant
                states attorney doesn’t prosecute. He has employees dig trenches in
                crawl space at his house.
               Kills 9 more young men whose bodies were found in crawl space-
                never identified
               February 16~Billy Kindred (20) disappeared after telling his girlfriend
                he was going to the bar, remains found in crawl space
               March 21~ picks up 26 year old male at park, posed as police officer,
                chloroforms him, and brutally rapes him several times, then frees him
                next morning.
               May~ Last attempt at reconciliation with carol failed. Arrested for
                kidnapping and deviant sexual assault
               May 6~Polish Day parade- meets with 1st lady, Rosalind Carter. He
                obtained security clearance from CIA to be near her.
               May 7~26 year old male files charges which were dismissed. Files civil
                suit against Gacy
               June 23~Tim O’Rourke found in river, and was identified by tattoo.
               September~ Civil case settled out at court for $3000
               November 4~Carol remarries
               November 11~Kills Frank Landington (19), body found in river
               Thanksgiving~Kills James Mazzara (21), body found in river
               December 11~Gacy’s uncle Harold goes into coma and dies. Kills Rob
                Piest (15) and dumps body. He took phone calls while killing Piest.

               Arrested in connection with the disappearance of 15-year-old Robert
                Piest of Des Plaines.
1978   36      On Dec. 12, 1978, the police again focused their attention on Gacy.
                Robert Piest, a teenage stock boy at a Nisson Pharmacy in Des Plaines,
                had come up missing. Gacy was the last person seen with the boy prior
                to his disappearance. Investigation of Gacy’s past revealed his
                previous arrest for sodomy of a teenage boy. Police search his house
                for evidence and discovered rancid odor.
               Gacy was put under twenty-four hour surveillance after search of his
               On Dec. 22, 1978, Gacy, realizing that his dark secrets were about to be
                exposed, went to the police to confess.
               He further confessed that he would lure his victims into being
                handcuffed and then he would sexually assault them. To muffle the
                screams of his victims, he would stuff a sock or underwear into their
                mouths and kill them by pulling a rope or board against their throats, as
                he raped them
               By the 28th of December, police had removed a total of twenty-seven
                bodies from Gacy's house.
               On the 28th, police removed from the Des Plaines River the body of
                James "Mojo" Mazzara, who still had his underwear lodged in his
               thirty-first body to be found: Timothy O'Rourke who was identified by
                a “Tim Lee” tattoo on his arm
1979           Finally in April 1979, the remains of Robert Piest were discovered in
                the Illinois River.
                                 Autopsy reports on Piest determined that he had suffocated from paper
                                  towels being lodged down his throat. The family soon after filed a $85-
                                  million suit against Gacy for murder and the Iowa Board of Parole, the
                                  Department of Corrections and the Chicago Police Department for
                           Gacy's murder trial began:
                               Feb. 6, 1980 in the Cook County Criminal Courts Building in Chicago.
                                  During the five-week trial the prosecution and the defense called more
                                  than 100 witnesses to testify. The defense strategy was to establish that
                                  Gacy was insane and out of control at the time of the killings. To
                                  bolster this claim the defense put on the stand psychiatrists who had
                                  interviewed Gacy prior to trial. The prosecution, on the other hand,
     1980           38
                                  vigorously opposed the notion that Gacy was insane, contending that
                                  his claim of multiple personalities was a death-penalty dodge.
                               On March 13, 1980, Gacy was sentenced to die. He was sent to Menard
                                  Correctional Center in Illinois. He would remain there for just over 14
                                  years until he was transported to the Statesville Penitentiary near Joliet
                                  for execution.

                           On May 9, 1994, Gacy sat down for his last meal: fried chicken, French fries,
                           Coke and strawberry shortcake.
     1994           52
                           Just after midnight on May 10, 1994, Gacy was executed by lethal injection.
                           For his last words, Gacy snarled, ''Kiss my ass.''
General Information
   Sex                             Male
   Race                            White
   Number of victims               33
   Country where killing           United States
   States where killing occurred   Illinois
   Cities where killing occurred   Chicago
   Type of killer                  Sadist, rapist, necrophiliac
   Height                          6’2”
Childhood Information
   Date of birth                   03/17/1942
   Location                        Chicago, Illinois
   Birth order                     2nd of 3
   Number of siblings              2
   XYY?                            Two sisters
   Raised by                       Both parents
   Birth category                  Middle
   Parent’s marital status         Married
   Family event                    Alcoholic father that berated his children and physically abused his wife
   Age of family event             Late teens
   Problems in school?             Yes, even attended 4 different high schools his senior yeaar
   Teased while in school?         Yes
   Physically attractive?          Negative
   Physical defect?                Born with enlarged bottleneck heart
  Speech defect?                 No
  Head injury?                   At age 11, he hit his head against swings and developed a blood clot in
                                 his brain
   Physically abused?            Berated by his father
   Psychologically abused?       Yes, verbally abused by father and teased by classmates
   Sexually abused?              Yes, by father’s friend and next door neighbor
   Father’s occupation           Unknown
   Age of first sexual           4
   Age when first had            18
   Mother’s occupation           Pharmacist until married
   Father abused drugs/alcohol   Father was an alcoholic
   Mother abused drugs/alcohol   Alcohol
Cognitive Ability
   Highest grade in school       12
   Highest degree                Bachelors (Northwestern Business College)
   Grades in school              Average
   IQ                            134
   Source of IQ information (1995)
Work History
   Served in the military?       No
      Branch                     N/A
      Type of discharge          N/A
      Saw combat duty            N/A
      Killed enemy during        N/A
   Applied for job as a cop?     No, but pretended to be one
   Worked in law enforcement?    No
   Fired from jobs?              Yes, Ambulance attendant
   Types of jobs worked          Newspaper boy, grocery bagger, management trainee at Nunn-Bush
                                 Shoe Company, Kentucky Fried Chicken, construction contractor
   Employment status during      Employed
   Sexual preference             Bisexual
   Marital status                Married Marlynn Myers
   Number of children            2: one boy and one girl
   Lives with his children       No
   Living with                   Mother
   Animal torture                Yes,
   Fire setting                  No
   Bed wetting                   Yes
Killer Psychological Information
  Abused drugs?                  No
  Abused alcohol?                No
   Been to a psychologist?          Yes
   Time in forensic hospital?       None
   Diagnosis                        Anti Social Personality Disorder
Killer Criminal History
   Committed previous crimes?       Convicted of child molestation in 1964; in 1977, arrested for assault of a
   Spend time in jail?              No
   Spend time in prison?            Spent 18 months for child molestation
   Killed prior to series? Age?     No
Serial Killing
    Number of victims               33
    Victim type                     Young men
    Killer age at start of series   30
    Date of first kill in series
    Date of final kill in series
    Gender of victims               Male
    Race of victims                 White
    Age of victims                  14-24
    Type of victim                  Scrawny, semi-defenseless
    Method of killing               Beating, strangling, stabbing
    Weapon                          Killer brought with him
    Was gun used?                   No
       Type                         N/A
    Did killer have a partner?      No
       Name of partner              N/A
       Sex of partner               N/A
    Type of serial killer           Organized lust
    How close did killer live?      Walking distance but crimes normally occurred at his home
    Location of first contact       Various
    Location of killing             Killer’s home
    Killing occurred in home of     No
    Killing occurred in home of     Yes
    Victim abducted or killed at    Sometimes, not always
Behavior During Crimes
    Rape?                           Yes (sodomy)
    Tortured victims?               No
    Stalked victims?                Yes, but not for long before murdering
    Overkill?                       Yes
    Quick & efficient?              No, semi-prolonged
    Used blindfold?                 No, used clown paint
    Bound the victims?              Yes in handcuffs and rope
After Death Behavior
    Sex with the body?              Yes
    Mutilated body?                 Yes
   Ate part of the body?          No
   Drank victim’s blood?          No
   Posed the body?                No
   Took totem – body part         Yes, took entire body
   Took totem – personal item     Yes, whatever was on victim
   Robbed victim or location      No
Disposal of Body
   Left at scene, no attempt to   Taken and buried
   Left at scene, hidden          Hidden in crawl space under his home; some thrown into nearby river.
   Left at scene, buried          Not left at scene of crime
   Moved, no attempt to hide      No
   Moved, buried                  Buried
   Cut-op and disposed of         No, simply taken and buried
   Moved, too home                Yes
   Date killer arrested           December, 1978
   Date convicted                 March 12, 1980
   Sentence                       12 death sentences and 21 life sentences
   Killer executed?               Yes
   Did killer plead NGRI?         Yes
   Was the NGRI plea              No
   Name and state of prison       Stateville Prison, Illinois
   Killer committed suicide?      No
   Killer killed in prison?       Yes, received the death penalty.
Date of death                     May 10, 1994

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