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									                        My name is Dr. Angela Cass-Prost, but most folks call me Angie. I
                        have been a clinical psychologist at the St. Louis VA Medical Center
                        Spinal Cord Injury/Dysfunction Service since 2001. I received my
                        Masters in Education-Counseling in 1977 from University of
                        Missouri-St. Louis, and my doctorate in clinical psychology from
                        Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in 2000. I completed 5
                        months of postdoctoral training at the St. Louis Behavioral Medicine
Institute, an affiliate of Saint Louis University, and 7 months at the St. Louis VA.

I like to assist people with SCI/D from a “whole-person/person-centered” perspective.
My view is that most people already have all they need to enjoy a healthy quality of life;
my job is to help them uncover those assets. I have special interests in smoking cessation,
sexual health, the Wellness Program, and the Peer Support Program.

Two of the things I love about working here are our group of veterans, and the highly
skilled, caring, and dynamic team of professionals serving them. Our team works really
well together, and that’s a big reason why services are “top-of-the-line”.

I can be reached in my office (2S10) or at 314-652-4100 or 800-228-5459, ext. 6-4827.

St. Louis MO VA Medical Center
Spinal Cord Injury Service

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