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					                               A Family of Healing and Caring Ministries
                                                                                                    Issue #133
                                                                                                    January 19, 2005

                      MEMBER NEWS
Inside This Issue:              Bill Schindel Agency, Allstate and Interstate Benefit
                                Communications join UMA as a new Business Partner
√    Convention Highlight:
     Chaplain & Confer-         UMA is proud to announce another business partner, the Bill Schindel Agency (an
     ence Related Units         Allstate and Interstate Benefit Communications [IBC]) provider. We all know that
     Educational Tracts         Allstate provides car insurance, customized programs and superior service, but you
                                may be unaware of Allstate’s recent acquisition of American Heritage Life Insurance
√    New UMA Business           Company. This acquisition has brought about the creation of the Allstate Workplace
     Partner, Allstate/         Division (AWD), a division devoted to providing quality voluntary insurance products
     Interstate Benefit         to employers and employees at the workplace. Some of the important considerations
     Communications             and competitive advantages of Allstate are:
                                      • Financial stability, net income of 2.7 billion for the year 2003
                                      • Licensed in 50 states
                                      • Is 47th on the Fortune 500
    Calendar of Events                • Received high marks within the insurance industry, A+ (Superior) by A.M.
                                           Best, AA (Very Strong) by Standard & Poor’s, Aa3 (Excellent) by Moody’s.
                                 The good news is that Allstate is a very stable company, they have the finances to do
January 24-26, 2005 -            business today and they will be here tomorrow. In addition to their financial strength,
EAGLE Booth at the SC            IBC through Allstate, will be able to offer Life Insurance, Term and Universal Life,
Association of Children’s
Homes & Family Srvs Mtg
                                 Disability and their SHOP programs at a contingent guaranteed issue. This means
                                 UMA members and their employees can purchase these products for themselves and/
March 10-13, 2005-               or their family members where applicable by answering only a few questions.
UMA’s 65th National
Convention Portland, OR          In addition to the above mentioned products, Allstate has a
                                Group Voluntary SHOP specifically designed for your part
July 10-13, 2005 -
CYF Summer Workshop,            time employees. Based on your benefit programs, other
Mulberry Inn, Savannah, GA      quality products are available. Allstate has taken a different
                                approach than other voluntary companies. Each state has a
                                main office with satellite offices and paid company
                                representatives. The main interest of these representatives is
                                to see that services rendered with the IBC/Allstate team are          Reminder:
United Methodist Association
 407 Corporate Center Dr.,      employer oriented and within standards that Allstate                The National
         Suite B                expects. Their no pressure approach is refreshing, products          Convention
    Vandalia, OH 45377          offered are second to none, and their emphasis on education       earlybird regis-
                                and consultation will go a long way in helping you offer the
      Phone: 937-415-3624
       Fax: 937-222-7364        best benefit program available. Finally, members of the
                                                                                                  tration deadline
    UMA@UMAssociation.org       UMA can obtain Allstate car insurance, customized                 is January 28th.
                                programs and superior service at no additional cost to you.
Convention Highlight:
Chaplain (CHP) and Conference Related
Units (CRU) Educational Tracts

“Off the Trail to the Well,”
Leahgreatta “Gretta” Hairston
WV Annual Conference, Charleston, WV
Participants will learn a variety of methods that they can incor-
porate into their daily lives to achieve and maintain a state of
well being.

“Being in Partnership with UM Related Institutions”                               CRU
Linda Sabin
University of Louisiana at Monroe, Tallulah, LA
How are the needs of church related social and health ministries changing? While relat-
ing the Wesleyan call to ministry with the needs of society and church related organiza-
tions, discuss approaches to assisting those ministries.

“Providing Full Range Pastoral Services on a Shoe String Budget”                     CHP
Paul Yeun and Elizabeth M. Shetter
Chambersburg Hospital, Chambersburg, PA
Most facilities operate on a small budget and staff. How can we be sensitive to the
enormous expectations of those in care and their families for pastoral services and justify
our important role in the mission of our institutions? Paul and
Elizabeth will talk about what Chambersburg Hospital does in response to these ques-
tions and why they were awarded the covetous “Achievement Award” by the Hospital
and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania.

“Reaching the Marginalized and Uninsured”                                           CRU
Linda Sabin
Recognize who is becoming marginalized and discuss programs and strategies that are
being used to address their needs. Also discuss the scriptural foundations for addressing
the issues in this session.

“What’s Methodist About Your Place?”                                                 CHP
Tom Daugherty
Pearland, TX
This presentation will tell the story of The Methodist Hospital System in Houston and the
success it achieved in cultivating its spiritual identity and environment through a process
of values integration. Attendees will learn ways in which this process can be applied to
their own organization and expect the same positive results. The potential for taking the
values integration process to churches and other institutions within the church will also
be discussed.

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                                   “Analyze the Emerging Trends” Part I                                                 CRU
                                   Linda Sabin
                                   Identify the major trends in health, wellness and illness that are now upon our society and
                                   compare these problems with what is confronting the rest of God’s World.

                                   “Sustaining an Ethical Organizational Climate”                                   CHP
                                   Steven Ivy, Craig Jordan and Christine McHenry
                                   Clarian Health Partners, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
                                   Understand the importance of an ethical environment for people effectiveness, organiza-
                                   tional effectiveness and mission effectiveness.

                                   “Analyze the Emerging Trends” Part II                                                CRU
                                   Linda Sabin
                                   Discuss the programs, ministries and institutional responses that are being utilized and/or
                                   need to be implemented in order to address the society’s needs that were addressed in
                                   the first session.

                                   “Creative Chaplaincy - Tools and Renewal for Spiritual Care Providers” CHP
                                   Gina Rose Halpern
        UMA Staff:
                                   The Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries, Richmond, CA
        The Rev. Dr.               In the midst of suffering Dr. Patch Adams has used humor and love for healing. The Rev.
      Mearle L. Griffith           Dr. Gina Rose Halpern traveled and worked with him as a clown in pediatric hospitals in
       President/CEO               Russia, and will share these creative approaches and more during this session.
     Ms. Teresa A Trost
      Vice President               “Populations at Risk”                                                            CRU
                                   Linda Sabin
       Ms. Ronelle Hill            Describe the concept of risk for each age group in our population while identifying the
       Coordinator of              societal factors that shape risk. Review scriptural concepts of risk management.

    Ms. Kristen P. Cress           “Advance Care Planning: A Trail Worth Blazing”                                      CHP
      Coordinator of               Joe Ranager & Edward Norris
     Member Services               Methodist Healthcare, Germantown, TN
                                   Through lecture, video and group participation this session will discuss the need for
      Mrs. Billie Richter
                                   addressing Advance Care Planning at all stages of life to help with practical and spiritual
        Sectretary to              issues when persons are unable to speak for themselves.
                                   “Shifting Our Focus to Wellness”                      CRU
                                   Linda Sabin
                                   Wellness is a philosophy/practice supported by scriptural and
                                   Wesleyan foundations.

                                   “Labyrinth”                                        CHP & CRU           Member News
                                   A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. Laby-         will not be
The excerpts contained in          rinths are a tool for meditation and prayer. It is a metaphor for       published next
Member News are for infor-         life’s journey. Although labyrinths and mazes are often confused        week, but will
mational purposes only. They       they are not the same. A maze is a puzzle to be solved. A labyrinth       return on
are not intended as a substitute   has only one path. It is unidirectional, the way in is the way out.
for professional advice.
                                   The labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back
                                                                                                         February 2, 2005.
                                   again out into the world.

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