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More Info                                                           Published 9/6/2011

           Servicing Your Non-tilt Double Hung Peachtree Ariel® Windows
                                          Written by Jessica Kinkade

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Note: this guide pertains to non-tilt double hung windows— windows in which the top and bottom
sashes are both movable. Each sash moves vertically up and down within its own track to open and
close the window.

Tools Needed:
   – Screwdrivers (#8, #10)
   – Needle nose Pliers

Removing the Sash Liner

Note: the sash liner is the wooden interior of your window—the trim pieces that “decorate” or sit on
top of the sash and give it the impression of having multiple panes

   1. Begin by removing the lift handle on the bottom of the lower sash. This can easily be done with
      a screwdriver.

   2. Unlock your window and remove the latch lever on the top of the lower sash.

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   3. Next, remove each of two screws on either side of the top of the lower sash. Removing these
      allows you to easily remove the wooden sash liner.

   4. Remove the wooden sash liner by gently lifting it up and out of the window frame. (There is a
      screw on either side that acts as a “guide” for the sash liner to slip into. If you don't lift up
      before lifting out, you could break the liner.) You will be left with the bare window sash—the
      glass pane and the aluminum hardware surrounding it.

You can now replace your sash and/or balances. The instructions on how to do so are below.

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Removing the Lower Sash

Be sure that you you have removed the sash liner as shown above.

   1. To remove the sash, you first need to remove one of the vinyl guide bars. These are on either
      side of the sash and are affixed to the sash by ten total screws. Remove one of the side guides
      by removing its screws and lifting the guide up and off the sash.

   2. Raise the lower sash a few inches so you can
      get a grip on the bottom of it. **NOTE:
      Windows are heavier than they look. Have
      someone else help you or simply be aware
      that when lifting sash out of window, weight
      normally reduced by spring balancers
      within the window mechanism will be
      greatly increased.** Now we want to
      maneuver the sash sideways. One side of your
      window still has its vinyl guide bar. Push the
      sash into the jamb on this side. This will cause
      the sash to “clear” the other side of the jamb.
      Now the window can be pivoted inside so it no
      longer sits (you can set it on the sill of the
      window) parallel to the jambs.

   3. At this point, you should be able to view the
      balance mechanism that sits inside the edge of
      the sash. The sash itself should still be affixed
      to the jamb via a cord that runs from the
      balance mechanism within the sash to a small
      balance plug in the jamb.

             All About Doors & Windows      |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                           Published 9/6/2011

Replacing the Channel Balancers

   1. In these particular windows, the channel balancers are housed within the sash you just removed.
      But before the window can be lifted completely out of the window, you must carefully unscrew
      the balance plug from the jamb. Use your needle nose pliers to grip the balance cord, and, after
      the plug has been unscrewed, carefully let the cord back into the balance. This cord is under
      great tension, and without the use of needle nose pliers or a clamp, will snap back and could
      hurt you.

   2. Two screws, one at the top and one at the bottom, keep each balance in place within each sash..
      Remove these screws and remove the balance. Insert a new balance and plug in its place.
      **NOTE: It is highly advised that you change both balances at the same time, so as to give
      equal weight and tension to both balances and extend the life of your balances.**

   3. At this point, if you need to replace the balances in the upper sash as well, repeat the entire
      process for the upper sash, while your lower sash is removed from the window.

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Re-inserting the Sashes

   1. Reverse the removal procedure to replace your sashes.

   2. After you have reattached the lift handle, test your window operation. **NOTE: It is
      recommended by Peachtree, the manufacturer of Ariel® windows, that you regularly
      clean the tracks in which the sashes sit. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner. To
      lubricate your tracks, apply silicone spray to the tracks. Do not use any other product as it
      can lead to faster accumulation of dirt.**

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