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Student Leadership Council Meeting


									Student Leadership Council                                 Calendar
Meeting Agenda                                               Oct 10-11      Scientific Advisory Board meeting
9:00 – 10:00 Oakland Panera October 11, 2007                 Oct 11         SLC Meeting
                                                             Oct 25         SLC Meeting
                                                             Nov 8-9        1st annual QoLT Summit
   1. Attendance – Garrett                                   Nov 8          SLC Meeting
           a. Sara, Laura, Brian, Michelle, Amol, Jon,       Nov 9          Innovators Conference (Pgh)
                Amy, Erica                                   Nov 14         AT Expo (Johnstown)
   2. Calendar Update                                        Nov 22         No Meeting: Vacation
   3. Call for student volunteers                            Nov 28-30      ERC Annual meeting (Bethesda)
           a. Be sure to seek out volunteers you need        Dec ??         ERC Holiday Party
                for stuff                                    Dec 13         SLC Meeting
   4. Future meetings: incorporate research?                 Dec 27         No Meeting: Vacation
           a. Invite QoLT students to give 10 minute         Jan 18         QoLT workshop @ Walter Reed
                conversations about research.                Jan 31         Annual Report Due
           b. Hold meetings at QoLT center                   Mar 26-27      Site Visit (tentative)
           c. Have food delivered.                           Apr 8-10       RoboBusiness / RoboMedicus /
           d. Give student speakers 20 minutes to do                        Consumer HealthTech summit
                whatever they want.                                         (Pgh)
                       i. Suggestion: Ian Li                   Other Meetings
           e. Poll SLC about if we should go                   Mon 5:00        Coordinating Team Meeting
                forward with this for the next meeting         Wed 9:00        Edu and Outreach Meetings
           f. If we are going ahead with this Invite           QoLT Seminar Series
                a student to present on 10/25 (Amy)            10/25 Ralf Hotchkiss, Whirlwind Wheelchair
           g. Write blurb about why meeting is                 11/01 Rajiv Dubey, Univ of South Florida
                important to students                          11/15 Dick Stein
   5. Education – Michelle (5 min)                             12/06 LaTanya Sweeney, CMU
           a. Course list & description for Pitt and
           b. Helping out with REU & RET when it comes closer
   6. SWOT – Erica and Amy (5 min)
           a. Report on Coordinating Team Meeting
   7. Bylaws: need to update (5 min)
           a. Position descriptions
                       i. Finish these and upload them to wiki (all)
           b. Approving documents (Erica)
                       i. Make suggestion during meeting
                      ii. Email suggestions, information about change
                     iii. Discuss at the next meeting, and make decision
   8. Mutual Expectations – Erica and Amy (on hold)
   9. Finances – Amol (10 min)
           a. Travel Stipend Guidelines
                       i. Form: what conference, why you want to go, what you want to achieve
                              1. Suggest students talk to advisor about funding before the
                                  conference, to know if they need to use this money or not.
                      ii. Give completed forms to Amol 1 month before they travel
                              1. Add this to bylaws
           b. Gave colleen and Oz a first financial statement (quarterly basis)
           c. Attending SAB meeting
   10. Activities – Garrett (10 min)
           a. Techlink
           b. Activities form
           c. SCI Tech Festival
        d. Current Tasks: Completing Stats for November meeting, finishing activities form
11. Industry – Sara (5 min)
        a. Resume book (Bob Minkowski)
                   i. Students submit resume for the book to give to all industry
                      representatives. Problem is that we have no way to track who gets jobs
                      from this.
                            1. Possibly have students report that they got a job through this
                  ii. Who should this be open to?
                 iii. It would be good if this included internships and co-op opportunities.
        b. Industry Summit (November 8&9)
                   i. Idea Competition
                            1. Need more volunteers, need to do it by October 16
                  ii. Please participate!
        c. Industry Panel
                   i. 4 panel discussion based on the 4 thrusts
                  ii. goal is to come up with w QoLT market survey, company and state
                      representatives, and secondary care gives.
        d. Networking dinner, that students can attend if they want to.
12. Social – Jon and Laura (5 min)
        a. October event: Oct 27 , Phantom Fright Nights
                   i. Budget estimate
                  ii. RSVP
                            1. Get friends to RSVP
                            2. Jon is in charge of buying tickets $17
                            3. Food will be based on # of people that come. Bar Louie has lots
                                of different packages, and we will use what will be most effective.
                            4. Amy will give Laura coupons
13. Communications – Brian (5 min)
        a. New Wiki and Google Calendar
                   i. Don’t post SWOT results, or budget stuff
        b. Website update
                   i. Send Brian updates, and he will forward them to Colleen or Ellen.
                            1. Update Education office on webpage
        c. Credit Card Update
                   i. Still waiting to hear back from Colleen
        d. Is it possible to make the seminar have its own space on the QoLT webpage? It
            would be great if it had the speaker nomination form, schedule, location etc.
14. Seminar – Matt and Alexandra (5 min)
        a. Suggestion to summarize the seminar, or conferences or things people should
            know about.
        b. Put the speaker nomination form online, and notify students that it is available.
        c. Concerned that people aren’t showing up, more students than faculty.
                   i. Word about these talks needs to gets out.
                            2. Pitt school of engineering
                            3. Gerontology
                            4. School of nursing
                            5. School of Medicine
                            6. Undergrad lists
                            7. Bio-engineering (at same time as QoLT seminar)
                            8. HCII, RI
                            9. Bio-engineering at CMU
                            10. Graduate school of public health
                            11. Public policy (CMU)
                            12. CMU-premed
                            13. Health Sciences calendar
                            14. General CMU events calendar
                            15. Student newspapers
                            16. Are industry and clinicians on QoLT-all
                    ii. Put posters up

   15. Name suggestions?
          a. QoLT N’at
          b. (s)quills: (students') quality of life leadership society
          c. s-squat: (students') society for quality in assistive technology
          d. squallor-bust: students for quality of life or (bust)

Other Topics to Keep in Mind for the Future
Student Organization Name
Trip to MCKIZ
Elevator Speech
General body meetings vs. Officer meetings? -Do we need general body meetings if everything
is event based?
Industry Panel for Seminar Series?? (to my understanding not all spots are filled)
Industry Summit (November)
Student Resume / Project (December)
Industry Day (Spring Semester)
Students need a better understanding of how industry plays an important role in the SLC and how
they can benefit from working with Industry
Industry/ Professional Development Event Ideas: (in no particular order)
Etiquette / Networking Dinner
Dress for Success Fashion Show
Day with industry (students spend 1 day with participating industry of their choice)
Brainstorming session with Daedalus Excel

-Cosponsoring with Graduate or Undergraduate Engineering Societies (SLC recruitment

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