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					  Tiger Woods and
Marketing Management
               Ethical Question
• Should Nike use Tiger Woods in its
  – Nike Ads
  – Article in the Marketing Exclusive
     • Why Nike use Tiger Woods
  – Marketing Management Concept
     • Absence of ethical dimension in the concept of
       Marketing Management
  – What should marketing professionals consider in
    the issues like in this case?
      Tiger Woods Advertisement
• The return of Tiger Woods as a Nike endorser—
  and the use of his deceased father’s voice
• The result of this ads grabbed plenty of attention
  last week for the sports brand.
• In the short term, it seems that the Nike brand
  has taken a minor hit from the spot.
   – A survey conducted by Flemington, N.J.-based HCD
     Research Inc. indicates that Nike’s favorability among
     viewers who had seen the spot dropped 13%.
     Tiger Woods Advertisement
• John Rowady, president and founder of sports
  marketing agency rEvolution in Chicago, has little
  criticism for the spot, calling it “one of the
  boldest creative commercials in a long time.”
• He says it certainly succeeds as an attention-
  grabber. He also thinks the approach to Tiger
  Woods is appropriate in making him more human.
  this commercial is a way to make him more
  acceptable in the eyes of the mainstream public.
         Marketing Management
• Marketing management is a business discipline which
  is focused on the practical application of marketing
  techniques and the management of a firm's marketing
  resources and activities.
• Traditionally, marketing analysis was structured into
  three areas: Customer analysis, Company analysis, and
  Competitor analysis (so-called "3Cs" analysis). More
  recently, it has become fashionable in some marketing
  circles to divide these further into certain five "Cs":
  Customer analysis, Company analysis, Collaborator
  analysis, Competitor analysis, and analysis of the
  industry Context.
                   Marketing Ethics
• Marketing ethics is the area of applied ethics which deals with the
  moral principles behind the operation and regulation of marketing.
• ETHICAL NORMS (by The American Marketing Association)
  As Marketers, we must:
   – Do no harm. This means consciously avoiding harmful actions or
     omissions by embodying high ethical standards and adhering to all
     applicable laws and regulations in the choices we make.
   – Foster trust in the marketing system. This means striving for good
     faith and fair dealing so as to contribute toward the efficacy of the
     exchange process as well as avoiding deception in product design,
     pricing, communication, and delivery of distribution.
   – Embrace ethical values. This means building relationships and
     enhancing consumer confidence in the integrity of marketing by
     affirming these core values: honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect,
     transparency and citizenship.

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