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ope Holder

Rope has been an essential tool since prehistoric times. It has been and still is
of paramount importance in fields as diverse as construction, seafaring,
exploration, sports and communications. In order to fasten rope, a large
number of knots has been invented for various uses. Pulleys are used to
redirect the pulling force to another direction, and may be used to create
mechanical advantage, allowing multiple strands of rope to share a
load and multiply the force applied to the end.

When William Carey, the Father of Modern Missions, was leaving for India
as a missionary, he told a group of interested friends,"Saving souls can
be likened to a man drowning in a deep well and a volunteer can do
nothing unless there are people who will hold the rope for him to be
lowered till he reaches the drowning man, and then pull them up to
safety." Carey adds, "I will go to India as a volunteer to seek sinners
drowning in the well of SIN. But I can't do it alone. I need rope holders.
Will you be my rope-holders?"God's work needs rope-holders. Will you be
a rope-holder?

Questions to ask yourself:
• What is God's Work?
• Why is missions work more than evangelizing my neighbours?
• Do i know any missionary or rnissonary work that I can support?
  How do I start?
• What does Matthew 24:14 mean?

  Missionary Volunteers on the field cannot do their jobs
      without faithful rope holders!
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Step #1: Be a Prayer Partner
First, you can become a Prayer Partner. The battle for souls is fought and
won on our knees. Lord Tennyson once said, "More things are wrought by
prayer than this world dreams of" (The Passing of Arthur). Believing
prayer can move mountains and change situations. James tells us that
"the effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (James 4:16).

Step #2: Be a Part of a Prayer Group
Secondly you can start a prayer fellowship in your home or church.
Otherwise, you can join an existing prayer group. Corporate prayer
guarantees victory in the battle for souls. Paul tells us "We wrestle not
against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against the
spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" (Eph 6:12) A classic
example of what corporate prayer can do is seen in Exodus 17. When
Joshua and the children of Israel went out to engage the Amalekites in
battle, Moses was interceding for them on a hilltop. As long as Moses
lifted his hands in prayer, Joshua and the Israelites gained ground. But
Moses' hands grew weary and began to drop, resulting in the Israelites
losing ground. When Aaron and Hur saw this, they went up to aid Moses.
They held up Moses' hands until victory was secured. What a powerful
illustration of the importance of prayer-partners! You can be a good rope
holder by encouraging others to pray with you for God's work and

       “ Mission work can only continue when
              God’s people support it”
Step #3: Be an Encourager
Thirdly, you can be a Rope-Holder by your encouragement. Missionaries
can be especially lonely when they are far away from home and friends.
They carry a lot of other people's burdens too. They may be starved of
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news from home. You can encourage missionaries by writing to them.
Just drop them a line that you are praying for them. Share your blessings
with them. Establish a meaningful relationship through your letters.
Better still if you can afford it, pay them a visit during your vacation. You
may be the only person from home they are seeing in years! When
missionaries come home on furlough, you can invite them to your home
or church, provide hospitality and introduce them to friends who will pray
for them. You can be a rope-holder by giving financially to support

Step #4: Be a Supporter
Mission work can only continue when God's people support it.
Unfortunately, the work of God suffers because few churches and
Christians have a sense of responsibility towards its support. We need to
change our attitude, therefore, towards our possessions and life so as, to
have a right sense of values. This is the first step towards Christian
Stewardship. Dr. David Livingstone once said, "I will place no value on
what I possess or will possess except in relation to the Kingdom of God."
In other words, a faithful steward will always ask himself, ''What is the
minimum I need to live comfortably so I can give more to God and His
work?" We should live more simply so that more can be given to support
mission work.

Step #5: Be a Student ot Missions
Finally, to be an effective rope-holder, you need to learn how to hold the
rope and strenthen your hold on the rope. With the support of God's
people, missions work will grow. Yet, the only way to ensure its
continuous growth is to learn more about missions. "...be transformed by
the renewing of your mind...", wrote the Apostle Paul. We need to renew
our minds about missions work. Being a student of missions is a lifetime
commitment. It is learning about God's heart and what He is doing
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around the globe. As we learn the how's, the where's, the who's and the
when's of missions work, we will become a more effective rope-holder.

                              Step 1:
                        Be a Prayer Partner
                "Believing prayer can move mountains..."
                                   Step 2:
                        Be a Part of a Prayer Group
      "Corporate prayer guarantees victory in the battle for souls."
                                Step 3:
                          Be an Encoupager
                   "Missionary work can be lonely..."
                                Step 4:
                            Be a Supporter
 "...we need to change our attitude towards our possessions and life..."
                                 Step 5:
                        Be a Student of Missions
           "... be transformed by the renewing of our minds...
                      It is all about learning about
         God's heart and what He is doing around the globe..."

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