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									Top 3 Chest Dumbell Exercises are listed here.
Every man envies other guys who have bulked up chests. He might not admit it, but he secretly wishes that he had those solid pectoral muscles that
women drool over. After all, who really wants to appear tiny and weak? One area that men like to focus on a lot is their chest, so here we will talk
about some of the most effective and successful chest dumbbell exercises that you can do at any gym.

•Dumbbell Flies: Lie on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Raise your arms up over your chest with your palms facing each other. Slowly
lower your arms down and out to your sides (slight bend in your elbow). Your arms should be even height with your body. Keep there for a moment
and then press your arms back up together again.

•Push-ups: You can certainly do the standard push-ups that everyone is accustomed to, but another alternative is an isometric push-up where you
keep it in the down position for 10-30 seconds each time. You will probably not be able to do more than 5-10 of these at a time when you first try

•Chest Press: This is a popular exercise where you hold the dumbbells over your chest (as you do in dumbbell flies) and press the weights upward
over your lower chest area. Hold there for a moment and then slowly lower them back to your chest again.

•Also, try exercises such as parallel bar dips and cable crossovers. Both of these can be done easily using equipment at a local gym.
Aside from the traditional chest exercises, you may want to consider doing some additional sporting activities which will help you naturally build up
your chest area without a normal workout. Sometimes diversity helps you to really break through any barriers you are having in your workouts.

For instance, one such sporting activity that you could try would be rock climbing. Not only will you muscle up your chest, but you will also be working
out your arms, abs and legs at the same time. This activity will keep you motivated and excited about working out. Sometimes just getting out of the
gym and changing things up a bit is all that you need to really catapult your muscle building.

Another amazing activity for bulking up the chest muscles is boxing. Get enrolled in boxing classes at a local gym, and you just may find that you
become addicted to the adrenaline of the sport. You don’t have to fight other people, but learning to use a heavy bag is always a great exercise for
those who want to build bigger chest muscles and create an intense fat burn.

As you can see, it is not just chest dumbbell exercises that you can use to build up those solid pectoral muscles. Diversity is the key to challenging
your body to build larger muscles in less time. Make sure to eat well, drink water and take in plenty of protein also.

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