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The Ship Protection System
         Technical Description

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   The Secure Ship - Ship Protection
    System is designed to protect the
    vessel against piracy attacks, illegal
    entrances and stowaways.
    Secure Ship does this in three ways:
     Detection of a boarding attempt - warning the
     Scaring away the boarders - very load siren and
      flood lights,
     Prevention of this attempt - protecting the crew
      and ship using a 9000 volt active fence.
The System General overview
Some Pictures
           The System in more detail
   The Energizer unit:
     High voltage peaks with a maximum of 9000 Volts 50 times per minute.
        shock is totally harmless (animals and humans)

        extremely low current

        shock of 5 Joules, within the legal limit

     Complies with the European norms IEC1011,NEN5237, IEC60335-2-76 and
     On short circuit 9000 volts stops, but resumes immediately when short circuit
      has ended.
     Low 12 volt current continues detection.
     The high voltage can be turned on
      automatically or manually.
           The System in more detail
   The Detection unit:
     Sudden drop in the high voltage will sound the alarm,
     High voltage and low voltage detection (e.g. night and day time),
     Short touch will not trigger alarm (less than 3.5 seconds),
     Cutting the wire will immediately sound the alarm,
     Alarm is sounded immediately if the shock wire is grounded,
     Insensitive to all types of weather variations,
     Low voltage can run up to 48 hours without
      main power.
             The System in more detail
   The Control unit:
     The control module is located on the bridge for quick and easy
     Connection between the detection unit and the control module is
      done using one physical wire.
     The control module includes the following features:
           Starboard and Port zones (activate/de-activate - useful for pilot entry
            or barge alongside),
           High voltage / Low voltage on/off,
           Control of alarms, sirens and lights,
           Remote control for on deck operations,
           Memory of last 400 alarm events,
            The System in more detail
   The shock wire fence:
     The electrified wire is fitted on special poles,
        which are connected to the ship's hull.
        4 wires are connected to each pole thus
        surrounding the ship.
        The shock wires are tensioned using patented
        tensioning springs and tension screws.
        A special designed "foot" enables quick and
        efficient folding of the system (harbor entry,
        barge alongside etc..).
        The foot pieces are welded to the hull
        The poles are attached to the foot pieces using a
        screw and a fast release bolt.
        Fast open connectors are used to open gates
        (gangway, pilot entrance etc..)
           The System in more detail
The Alarm unit:
   The alarm unit contains the following:
     2 x 1000 watt floodlights
     An industrial siren
     A relay box (opens/closes 220/110v relay on
   The unit is portable and can be attached to
   Connected by wireless data to detection
   Connection to on deck 220/110 VAC.
More Pictures
                       To Summarize
   Secure-Ship - A Security system that prevents attack.
   A system that is adapted for use at sea and the special operational
    needs (pilot, barge longside,cargo handling).
   A modular system that can be
    installed by the crew.
   A system that is installed on
    land at hundreds of locations.
   No maintenance required.
   1 year of full warranty
    (any parts will be replaced).
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                        The End
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