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Want to increase the muscle mass, barbell exercise is the most important, the most basic exercises. Total senior instructor to coach suggested the beginner will barbell exercises in the first step, because the barbell exercise action is relatively small, so must be from different angles ( up and down-ramping ), using different grip stimuli across the chest muscles. Relatively simple safety practice is flat barbell bench press, can effectively exercise the chest, increasing the thickness of. To lie on the bench stool, feet naturally placed on the ground, then adjust the body of front and rear position, make eyes at the bench frame just below the barbell. Grip a bit wider than the shoulder, from the bench press shelf barbell barbell, slow down, until the upper arm and parallel to the ground. Repeat the exercise three or four groups, each group or 12-15 European push action, specific depending on personal physical conditions. After skilled, can do decline bench press, focus on training of the chest muscles, strengthen the operation difficulty slightly.

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                                                                                                                         Flat Bench
                                                                                                                         strong tubular steel construction.
                                                                                                                         Dimensions (L x W x H): Approx. 125 x
                                                                                                                         61 x 52 cm.
                                                                                                                         Weight about 23 kg.
                                                                                                                          30556                 stk.      3051,–

                                                                                                                                                              stk.   3051,–
 stk.    6201,–
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for one or two-arm-curl training,adjustable seat,heavily    Weight about 31 kg.

padded arm rest for forearms, with barbell rest. Very       Width of barbell rests: 82 cm.
sturdy tubular steel construction.                          Does not include barbell bars and weights.
Dimensions (L x W x H): Approx. 70 x 90 x 90 cm.            30650                             stk.     6201,–                       stk.

                                                            Incline Bench
                                                            for dumbbell practice. Backrest adjusts to 7 positions,
                                                            infinite hydraulic seat adjustment. Equipped with foot
                                                            support and transport casters.
                                                            Dimensions (L x W x H): Approx. 146 x 51 x 48 cm,
                                                            weight about 34 kg.
                                                             30611                              stk.     6435,–

       stk.   6435,–

                                                                                                                      Seated Calf Machine
                                                                                                                      develops and strengthens calf muscles, very sturdy welded    Dimensions (L x W x H): Approx. 86 x 83 x 97 cm. Weight
                                                                                                                      steel construction for heavy duty use. Recommended           about 66 kg. Does not include Barbell Bars and Weights.
                                                                                                                      weights: 4 x 10 kg, 2 x 5 kg, 2 x 2.5 kg.                     32002                             stk.       9351,–

                                 stk.    7461,–                                                                                                                                            stk.   7461,–
                                                                                                                                                                                            uten håndvekter og
                                                                                         Wide Design                       Design

                                                           Supine Bench
                                                           wide design. Complies with international regula-                                                                       Supine Bench
                                                           tions. Adjustable Barbell Rests.                                                                                       narrow design with adjustable Barbell Rests. Dimen-
                                                           Dimensions: Approx. 127 x 136 x 92 cm. Weighs                                                                          sions: Approx. 127 x 100 x 92 cm.
                                                           about 43 kg. Width of barbell rests: 122 cm.                                                                           Weighs about 40 kg. Width of barbell rests: 63.5 cm.
                                                            31030                           stk.  7461,–                                                                          31031                           stk.     7461,–

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