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									                                                          7TH GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS
                                                        1ST NINE WEEKS CURRICULUM GUIDE
                                                             DEVELOPED SUMMER 2009

Title: Reading                                                                  Time Frame: 1st Nine Weeks
Plot Elements
Informational Text
Academic Vocabulary: Currently under revision and will be available at a later date.
   Grade/Course         Essential Question        Common Experience                     Resources           Checks for Understanding        Integrations/
Level Expectations                                                                                                     (CFU)                Connections
GLE 0701.1.2         Why do we need an               Foreign Phrases             Vocabulary Word Maps  *0701.1.5 Spell correctly
Employ a variety of extensive functional        http://www.factmonster.c        high-frequency, misspelled
strategies and      vocabulary?                 om/ipka/A0001619.html           go/readquest/strat/wordmap   words (appropriate to grade
resources to                                                                                .html            level), and words commonly
determine the       How do we expand our                                                                     used in content specific
definition,         vocabulary?                                                                              vocabulary.
pronunciation, and                                                                      Thesaurus
usage of words and  How do we enhance our                                            *0701.1.13 Use printed and
phrases.            understanding of word                                                                    electronic dictionaries,
                    meaning?                                                   thesauruses, and glossaries
*All spelling and                                                                                            to determine the
vocabulary skills   How do audience and                                            Word Pronunciation        pronunciation, spelling, and
are to be utilized  purpose impact                                                part of speech of words; to
throughout the      vocabulary usage?                                                                        clarify meaning and improve
year.                                                                           County Funded Resources      understanding of words
                    To what extent does our                                              Brainpop            (including connotation and
                    understanding of the                                             United Streaming        denotation); and to
                    structure of language                                               Nettrekker           distinguish among
                    impact our reading and                                              Thinkfinity          contextually appropriate
                    comprehension?                                                      ThinkLink            synonyms and definitions.

                                                                             Reading Comprehension         *0701.1.14 Define and
                                                                             http://www.readingquest.or     recognize word synonyms,
                                                                                      g/strat/              antonyms, and homonyms.

http://www.literacy.uconn.e     *0701.1.15 Identify and
        du/78less.htm            define English words
                                 derived from Latin and       Greek words that form
eading.htm                       common roots (e.g., audio,
                                 auto, malus) and recognize
                                 English words that are based
   Reading PowerPoints           on them (e.g., audible,     autobiography, malice).
             ml                 *0701.1.16 Use roots and
                                 affixes to determine the
    Airliner/Notebook            meaning of unfamiliar
         Activities              words, to clarify the
   Smart Language Arts           meaning of familiar words.

      Smart Lessons             *0701.1.17 Continue to use
                                 previously learned strategies
                                 to distinguish among multi-
                                 meaning words and
                                 determine the meaning of
                                 unfamiliar words.

                                *0701.1.18 Recognize and
                                 appreciate cultural and
                                 regional differences signaled
                                 by word usage and

                                *0701.1.19 Use textual
                                 structure (e.g., examples of
                                 cause-effect and compare-
                                 contrast relationships) to
                                 determine the meaning of
                                 unfamiliar words or
                                 distinguish multi-meaning

                                                                                                                 *0701.1.20 Demonstrate
                                                                                                                  understanding of common
                                                                                                                  phrases and terms from other
                                                                                                                  languages commonly used in
                                                                                                                  English (e.g., RSVP, déjà
                                                                                                                  vu, faux pas, du jour, bon

                                                                                                                 *0701.5.3 Construct and
                                                                                                                  complete analogies using
                                                                                                                  synonyms, antonyms,
                                                                                                                  homonyms, categories,
                                                                                                                  subcategories, whole/part,
                                                                                                                  functions, and verb forms.
GLE 0701.8.1 Read       What internal/external        Elements of Literature        Elements of Literature       0701.8.2 Sequence and           Social Studies:
and comprehend a        conflicts did the                  First Course               First Course Holt           identify the plot’s main         History
variety of works        characters experience?       (suggested stories to teach      Reading Solutions           events, their causes, and the    Economics
from various forms                                           the skills)                                          influence of each event on       Geography
of literature.          How does the conflict in a                                  (Vocabulary Worksheet         future actions.                  Governance
                        selection move the plot to   "Amigo Brothers" TE p.          correlates with stories)                                        & Civics
GLE 0701.8.3            the climax and end           484-495                                                     0701.8.3 Identify plot           Individuals,
Recognize the           resolution?                  Audio CD Disc 8 T: 2          TE p. 183                      development techniques             groups, and
conventions of                                                                     TE p. 37                       (e.g., foreshadowing and           individuals
various literary        How can we be sure our       Rikki-tilli-tavi" TE p. 14-   TE p. 45                       flashbacks) and explain their
genres.                 inferences and               31                            TE p. 197-198                  function in the text.           Science:
                        conclusions are valid?       Audio CD Disc 1 T: 2          TE p. 209                                                       Life Science
GLE 0701.8.4                                                                       TE p. 321-322                 0701.8.6 Differentiate           Earth and
Analyze works of                                     "Three Skeleton Key" TE       TE p. 159-160                  between internal and                Space
literature for what                                  p. 38-51                      TE p. 267                      external conflict.
they suggest about                                   Audio CD Disc 2 T: 2          TE p. 47
the historical period                                                              TE p. 55                      0701.8.7 Identify the kind(s)
in which they were                                   "Song of the Trees" TE p.     TE p. 75                       of conflict (e.g., person vs.
written.                                             508-525                       TE p. 119                      person, person vs. self,
                                                     Audio CD Disc 9 T: 2                                         person vs. environment,
GLE 0701.8.5                                                                                                      person vs. technology)
Identify and analyze                                 "A Mason-Dixon                                               present in literary plots.
common literary                                      Memory" TE p. 533-542
terms (e.g.,                                         Audio CD Disc 9 T: 4                                        0701.8.8 Identify the basic

personification,                                      elements of plot (i.e.,
conflict, theme).       "King Arthur The Sword        exposition, rising action,
                        in the Stone" TE p. 793-      climax, falling action,
GLE 0701.5.1 Use        806                           resolution/denouement).
logic to make           Audio CD Disc 13 T: 2
inferences and draw                                 0701.8.9 Identify and
conclusions in a        "Names/Nombres" TE p.        analyze the setting (location
variety of oral and     394-397                      and time) and its impact on
written contexts.       Audio CD Disc 7 T: 3         plot, character, and theme in
                                                     literary texts.
GLE 0701.5.2            "The Origin of the
         Analyze text   Seasons" TE p. 654-663      0701.8.17 Identify the
for fact and opinion,   Audio CD Disc 11 T: 2        historical period in which a
cause-effect,                                        literary text was written and
inferences,                                          explain the text in light of
evidence, and                                        this understanding.
                                                    0701.5.1 Make logical
                                                     predictions of future events
                                                     in text.

                                                    0701.5.2 Identify sequence
                                                     of events in text.

                                                    0701.5.4 Identify and
                                                     analyze stated or implied
                                                     cause-effect relationships in

                                                    0701.5.5 Determine simple
                                                     criteria for recognizing
                                                     factual claim and opinion
                                                     (e.g., scientific method,
                                                     provability, quality of
                                                     evidence, sources).

GLE 0701.6.1           How does comprehension    Elements of Literature     http://www.literacy.uconn.e    0701.6.1 Use previously
Comprehend and         of informational text         First Course           du/78less.htm                   learned strategies to
summarize the main     contribute to lifelong                                                               comprehend informational
ideas and supporting   learning?                "Eeking Out a Life" TE p.                                   texts (e.g., formulating
details of                                      53                                                          questions before, during, and
informational texts.   How would you write a    Audio CD Disc 2 T:3                                         after reading; visualize,
                       summary to support the                                                               predict, identify the writer’s
                       main ideas in this       "Cellular Telephone                                         purpose).
                       selection?               Owner's Manual" TE p.
                                                82                                                         0701.6.2 Identify/infer the
                                                                                                            details that support the main
                                                "Here Be Dragons" TE p.                                     idea of an informational text
                                                165                                                         and identify the details
                                                Audio CD Disc 3 T:4                                         supporting it.

                                                "It Just Keeps Going and                                   0701.6.3 Recognize clear,
                                                Going" TE p. 285                                            but subtly stated
                                                Audio CD Disc 3 T:7                                         relationships among ideas
                                                                                                            (e.g., cause-effect,
                                                                                                            comparative, sequential) in
                                                                                                            informational texts.

                                                                                                           0701.6.4 Make inferences
                                                                                                            and draw conclusions.

                                                                                                           0701.6.5 Summarize
                                                                                                            succinctly the main idea and
                                                                                                            supporting details (presented
                                                                                                            as text and/or visuals) in
                                                                                                            informational texts.

                                                            7TH GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS
                                                          2ND NINE WEEKS CURRICULUM GUIDE
                                                               DEVELOPED SUMMER 2009

Title: Reading                                                                  Time Frame: 2nd Nine Weeks
Point of View
Informational Text
Academic Vocabulary: Currently under revision and will be available at a later date.
   Grade/Course          Essential Question       Common Experience                       Resources           Checks for Understanding            Integrations/
 Level Expectations                                                                                                       (CFU)                   Connections
GLE 0701.8.1 Read How does the author            Elements of Literature           Elements of Literature      0701.8.11 Identify the           Science:
and comprehend a     illustrate the theme              First Course                  First Course Holt         narration and point of view       Life Science
variety of works     throughout the selection?  (suggested stories to teach          Reading Solutions         (e.g., first person, third
from various forms                                       the skills)              (Vocabulary Worksheet        person, third-person             Social Studies:
of literature.       How does understanding                                        correlates with stories)    limited, third-person             History
                     literary elements affect   "User Friendly" TE p.           TE p. 117                      omniscient) in literary texts.    Culture (in the
GLE 0701.8.3         your ability to understand 271-283                         TE p. 125-126                                                      Western
Recognize the        various genres of          (Disc 5 T:6)                    TE p. 338-339                 0701.8.15 Identify and              territories)
conventions of       literature?                                                TE p. 175-176                  explain the stated or             Governance &
various literary                                "Echo and Narcissus" TE TE p. 137                              implied theme of a literary         Civics
genres.              How does reading help us p. 289-295                        TE p. 145-146                  text.
                     become fluent in our use   (Disc 3 T:8)                    TE p. 165
GLE 0701.8.5         of language?                                               TE p. 171-172                 0701.8.16 Identify and
Identify and analyze                            "Sir Gawain and the                                            explain the development of
common literary      Why does literature        Loathly Lady" TE p. 833-         Vocabulary Word Maps          similar themes across two
terms (e.g.,         assume a variety of forms 844                       or more literary texts.
personification,     or genres?                 (Disc 14 T:3)                   go/readquest/strat/wordmap
conflict, theme).                                                                           .html             0701.8.17 Identify the
                                                "Comparing Literature"                                         historical period in which a
GLE 0701.6.2                                    TE p. 428-444                            Thesaurus             literary text was written and
Analyze the                                                                             explain the text in light of
organizational                                  "After Twenty Years" TE                                        this understanding.
structures of                                   p. 356-363                         Word Pronunciation
informational texts.                            (Disc 6 T:2)                       0701.6.6 Summarize,
                                                                                                               paraphrase, and critique
                                                "Bargain" TE p. 368-381                                        texts (informational and

(Disc 6 T:4)               County Funded Resources        literary).
"An Unforgettable                United Streaming        0701.6.7 Identify the
Journey" TE p. 402-409               Nettrekker           organizational structures of
(Disc 7 T:4)                        Thinkfinity           informational texts (e.g.,
                                     ThinkLink            chronological, sequential,
"Elizabeth I" TE p. 414-                                  cause-effect, comparison-
427                         Reading Comprehension         contrast, problem-solution).
(Disc 7 T:6)               http://www.readingquest.or
                                      g/strat/           0701.6.8 Recognize that
                                                          print format varies
                           http://www.literacy.uconn.e    according to purpose and
                                   du/78less.htm          genre (e.g., prose, poetry,
                              Reading PowerPoints         letters, dramas, technical
                    manuals, textbooks).
                                         ml              0701.6.9 Use text features
                                                          to locate information and
                                Airliner/Notebook         make meaning from text
                                     Activities           (e.g., headings, key words,
                               Smart Language Arts        captions, tables of content,
                                   Smart Lessons          footnotes, illustrations).

                                                            7TH GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS
                                                          3RD NINE WEEKS CURRICULUM GUIDE
                                                               DEVELOPED SUMMER 2009

Title: Reading                                                                 Time Frame: 3rd Nine Weeks
Informational Text
Academic Vocabulary: Currently under revision and will be available at a later date.
   Grade/Course           Essential Question         Common Experience                  Resources           Checks for Understanding         Integrations/
        Level                                                                                                         (CFU)                  Connections
GLE 0701.8.1          How does the use of           Elements of Literature         Poetry Lesson Plans      0701.8.1 Use previously
Read and              literary elements                  First Course                                        learned strategies to
comprehend a          contribute to the dynamics (suggested poems to teach      Elements of Literature       comprehend informational
variety of works      of poetry?                           the skills)              First Course Holt        texts (e.g., formulating
from various forms                                                                  Reading Solutions        questions before, during,
of literature.        What value does poetry      Audio CD Disc 10 T: 2-         (Vocabulary Worksheet       and after reading;
                      have in developing          17                              correlates with stories)   visualize, predict, identify
GLE 0701.8.2          thoughts and feelings?                                   TE p. 216                     the writer’s purpose).
Understand the                                    I'm Nobody; I Like to See TE p. 219
characteristics of      How does an author’s      it Lap the Miles TE p.       TE p. 227                    0701.8.12 Consider how
various literary      use of literary devices,    548-554                      TE p. 231                     forms and conventions
genres (e.g., poetry, figurative language, and                                 TE p. 237-238                 within genres (poetry,
novel, biography,     literary structures         I Am of the Earth TE p.      TE p. 240                     drama, essays, short
short story, essay,   influence the impact of the 555-559                      TE p. 250                     stories) affect meaning.
drama).               selection?                                               TE p. 109
                                                  Harlem Night Song;           TE p. 103                    0701.8.13 Identify sound
GLE 0701.8.3           What makes a poem a        Winter Moon TE p. 563-                  Idioms             patterns (e.g., alliteration,
Recognize the         poem?                       567                          http://www.idiomsbykids.      onomatopoeia, rhyme
conventions of                                                                 com/taylor/mrtaylor/class     scheme), figurative
various literary      Why might a poet choose     I Ask My Mother to Sing      20022003/idioms/idioms2       language (e.g., metaphor,
genres.               particular literary         TE p. 568-571                003/idiomsalllinkedon1pg      simile), and other
                      devices?                                                 .htm                          conventions of verse (e.g.,
                                                  Sounds of Poetry TE p.                                     limerick, lyric, narrative,
                                                  576-577                                                    haiku) in poetry and

What should readers look     Father William; Sarah      Vocabulary Word Maps             explain how these
at to critically interpret   Cynthia Sylvia Stout       curry.edschool.virginia.ed       contribute to the poem’s
poem?                        Wound Not Take the                     u/                   meaning and to the poem’s
                             Garbage Out TE p. 578-     go/readquest/strat/wordma        effect.
How does the audience        585                                  p.html
utilize complex                                                                        0701.1.19 Determine the
vocabulary and critical      The Runaway TE p. 586-           Thesaurus                 appropriate meaning of
analysis to respond to a     588                                 figurative words and
poem?                                                                                   phrases (e.g., idiom,
                             Maggie and milly and            metaphor, simile,
How do poets determine       molly and may TE p. 598-                                   personification, pun) in
the form and content of      600                          Word Pronunciation            passages.
their poem?                                      
                             Annabel Lee TE p. 260-
Why does the poet choose     265                            County Funded
specific literary devices                                      Resources
and strategies to            Gentlemen of the Road              Brainpop
communicate theme,           TE p. 256-259                  United Streaming
ideas, sensory                                                 Nettrekker
impressions, and                                              Thinkfinity
emotions?                                                      ThinkLink

How does identifying the                                Reading Comprehension
literary devices used by a                              http://www.readingquest.o
poet help the audience                                           rg/strat/
interpret the meaning?
How does poetry                                               .edu/78less.htm
encourage us to broaden                       
our understanding of                                    /reading.htm
ourselves, others, and
other cultures?                                           Reading PowerPoints

                                                                                 Smart Language Arts

                                                                                      Smart Lessons
GLE 0701.5.3          How does one effectively       Elements of Language             Connotation in         0701.5.6 Determine the          Social Studies:
Demonstrate an        plan, present, and critique         First Course                  Propaganda            relevance and quality of         History (World
understanding of      written information and       Persuasive Techniques TE   http://teachingtoday.glenc     evidence given to support          War II)
deductive and         persuasive arguments?         p. 140-141; 146-149       or oppose an argument.           Economics
inductive                                                                      tation-in-propaganda
reasoning.             In what ways does                                                                     0701.5.7 Compare and
                      advertising influence my                                         Propaganda             contrast evidence and
GLE 0701.5.4          decisions?                                               http://propaganda.mrdonn.      conclusions between two
Analyze written                                                                org/index.html                 or more arguments on the
and oral              How can I compare                                                                       same topic.
communication for     information gained from                                       PBS Propaganda
persuasive devices.   different media sources?                            0701.5.8 Identify and
                                                                               rs/search/resources/?searc     analyze examples of
                      How can we analyze                                              h=propaganda            deductive and inductive
GLE 0701.5.5          information and ideas                                                                   reasoning in text.
Explore the           effectively and
concept of            objectively?                                                                           0701.5.9 Understand the
premises, including                                                                                           meaning of the words
false premises.       Why is comparing a                                                                      premise and fallacy.
                      variety of sources                                                                     0701.5.10 Identify and
GLE 0701.5.6          necessary for us to                                                                     describe the structure of an
Explore the           understand the true                                                                     argument, including its
concept of logical    meaning of events, ideas,                                                               main claim and supporting
fallacies.            and beliefs?                                                                            premises.

                                                                                                             0701.5.11 Identify a
                                                                                                              variety of false premises,
                                                                                                              including those involving
                                                                                                              categorical claims (e.g., all
                                                                                                              mammals are human
                                                                                                             0701.5.12 Identify the
                                                                                                              persuasive devices in
                                                                                                              written and oral
                                                                                                              communication (e.g.,

                                                                                                               bandwagon, loaded terms,
                                                                                                               testimonial, name-calling,
                                                                                                               plain folks).

                                                                                                             0701.5.13 Explore
                                                                                                              common logical fallacies
                                                                                                              (e.g., appeal to fear,
                                                                                                              personal attack, false
                                                                                                              dilemma, false analogy) a
                                                                                                              variety of texts.

                                                                                                             0701.5.14 Explore the
                                                                                                              concepts of stereotyping
                                                                                                              and bias.
GLE 0701.7.1          How do we know what          Elements of Language               Visual Effects         0701.7.1 Interpret how the     Science:
Analyze media for     reading strategies to use        First Course        sounds, images, and words       Physical
their ability to      when viewing a variety of      Communications            rs/search/resources/?searc     used in television, radio,
inform, persuade,     media?                                                   h=analyzing+visual+effec       film, and the Internet are
and entertain.                                    "Interpreting Graphics and                ts                used to support the purpose
                                                  Web Sites" TE p. 49-52                                      of the production and
GLE 0701.7.2                                                                                                  evaluate the effectiveness
Examine the                                       "Analyzing Visual Effects                                   of the techniques.
relationship                                      in Ads" TE p. 55-60
between the visual                                                                                           0701.7.2 Identify, analyze,
(e.g., media                                                                                                  and discuss the relationship
images, painting,                                                                                             between the visual (e.g.,
film, graphic arts)                                                                                           media images, painting,
and the verbal in                                                                                             film, graphic arts) and the
media.                                                                                                        verbal in media and
                                                                                                              explain how the elements
                                                                                                              support or conflict with
                                                                                                              each other.

                                                               7TH GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS
                                                           4TH NINE WEEKS CURRICULUM GUIDE
                                                                DEVELOPED SUMMER 2009

Title: Reading                                                                     Time Frame: 4th Nine Weeks
Informational Text
Academic Vocabulary: Currently under revision and will be available at a later date.
   Grade/Course           Essential Question         Common Experience                      Resources           Checks for Understanding          Integrations/
Level Expectations                                                                                                         (CFU)                  Connections
GLE 0701.8.1 Read      How do we use reading        Elements of Literature           Elements of Literature  0701.8.14 Explain the            Social Studies:
and comprehend a      to achieve a variety of            First Course                   First Course Holt         purpose and use of            History (Dark
variety of works      purposes and goals?        (suggested stories to teach the       Reading Solutions          structural elements             Ages)
from various forms                                           skills)                 (Vocabulary Worksheet        particular to dramatic        Culture
of literature.        To what extent does our                                         correlates with stories)    literature (e.g., scenes,     Individuals,
(used throughout the understanding of the        "The Monsters are Due on          TE p. 53                       acts, cast of characters,       groups, &
year)                 structure of language      Maple Street"                     TE p. 67-68                    stage directions) in plays      interactions
                      impact our reading and     TE p. 57-58                       TE p. 73                       that are read or viewed.
GLE 0701.8.2          comprehension?             Audio CD Disc 2 T:4               TE p. 232-233                                               Science:
Understand the                                                                     TE p. 87                     0701.8.12 Consider how         Life Science
characteristics of    To what extent can we      "Mother and Daughter" TE p. TE p. 363                            forms and conventions         Physical
various literary      improve our independent    136-145                                                          within genres (poetry,
genres (e.g., poetry, reading skills?            Audio CD Disc 3 T:2                   Vocabulary Word            drama, essays, short
novel, biography,                                                                              Maps               stories) affect meaning.
short story, essay,   How does the reader        "Smallest Dragonboy" TE p.         curry.edschool.virginia.e
drama).               perceive the universal     146-163                                        du/             0701.8.18 Demonstrate
                      idea conveyed by the       Audio CD Disc 3 T:4                 go/readquest/strat/word      understanding that an
                      author in a prose fiction?                                             map.html             author’s individual
GLE 0701.8.3                                     "Merlin and the Dragons" TE                                      viewpoint may differ
Recognize the                                    p. 820-832                                 Thesaurus             from the general values,
conventions of                                   Audio CD Disc 14 T:2                      attitudes, and beliefs of
various literary                                                                                                  the author’s society and
genres.                                                                             culture.
                                                 "Antae us" TE p. 174-186             Word Pronunciation
                                                 Audio CD Disc 4 T:2     

                                                                                  County Funded              0701.8.4 Identify and
                                                                                     Resources                describe characters’
                                                                                      Brainpop                (major/minor, antagonists
                                                                                  United Streaming            and protagonists) features
                                                                                     Nettrekker               and relationships in
                                                                                    Thinkfinity               literary texts.
                                                                                                             0701.8.5 Identify moral
                                                                                       Reading                dilemmas in works of
                                                                                   Comprehension              literature, as revealed by
                                                                               http://www.readingquest.       characters’ motivation
                                                                                       org/strat/             and behavior.

                                                                               http://www.literacy.ucon      0701.8.10 Explore how
                                                                                    the author reveals
                                                                                                              character (e.g., what the
                                                                             author tells us, what the
                                                                               m/reading.htm                  characters say about him
                                                                                                              or her, what the character
                                                                                Reading PowerPoints           does, what the character
                                                                               http://languagearts.pppst.     says, what the character
                                                                               com/readingcomprehensi         thinks).
                                                                                                             0701.8.20 Explore the
                                                                                 Airliner/Notebook            concept of allusions.
                                                                                Smart Language Arts

                                                                                    Smart Lessons

0701.6.3 Read,          How is technical writing   "Following Technical                                      0701.6.10 Comprehend
interpret, and          essential to daily life?   Directions" TE p. 905-908                                  and interpret factual,
analyze text features                                                                                         quantitative, technical, or
that support                                                                                                  mathematical information
informational text.                                                                                           presented in maps, charts,
                                                                                                              graphs, time lines, tables,
                                                                                                              and diagrams.

                                                     0701.6.11 Follow
                                                      instructions in
                                                      informational or technical
0701.7.3 Recognize        Why do the media use       0701.7.3 Identify visual
how visual and            different approaches to     and sound techniques and
sound techniques          communicate their           design elements (e.g.,
and design elements       message?                    special effects, camera
(e.g., special effects,                               angles, lighting, and
camera angles,                                        music in television or
music) carry or                                       film or layout, pictures,
influence messages                                    and typeface in
in various media.                                     newspapers, magazines,
                                                      and print advertisements)
                                                      in various media, and
                                                      explain how they carry or
                                                      influence messages.


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