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The Juventa Salon takes care of your Face, Hair, hands and feet to a whole new level.
Our professional technicians pride themselves on giving you the best service possible
with beautiful, long-lasting results using organic product all over the world with best of
the equipment such as foot spas, Nail Stations, Micromist , Roller ball etc…… . Hygiene
and absolute cleanliness are of at most importance in our Salon. Today beauty is more
than skin deep.It’s feeling good as well as looking good. Making the most of your looks
need not cost you a fortune or be endlessly time consuming. “We care for your looks”.

Anti Dandruff Treatment

Anti Hair Fall Treatment

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hair Strengthening Therapy

Henna Application

Hair Coloring




Straight Therapy


Make-up with Hairdo

Engagement Make-up with Hairdo

Reception Make-up with Hairdo

Party Make-up with Hairdo

Eye Make Up

Saree Draping

Bindi Designing


Neem Therapeutic Facial Treatment - 60 min,
Powerful detoxifiers and healing agents, Neem bark and Neem seed oil have been used
for centuries in the treatment of skin disorders. Minerals rich silt from Easter Europe
gently stimulates the skin, offering a high content of vitamins and minerals. This unique
blend promotes clear, healthy skin.

Dew (for normal skin) - (60 min,

A complete treatment of the face. The face is first cleaned with lotions. Dead cells
exfoliated through a gentle massage. Followed by a non-drying special clay mask.
Closing with an invigorating fluid. Exfoliates dead cells, balances the ph of the skin,
permitting the skin to breath better. This results in a long lasting fresh feeling. The skin
becomes smooth and supple.

Creamy Facial (for dry skin) - ( 60 min,

Similar to Spring Freshness. This treatment is for dry skins; hence during exfoliation
serums and oils are used for the massage. Dry fruit and nut extracts are added to the
clay mask. Closing with rich nourishing fluid. Besides giving a long lasting fresh feeling,
the treatment removes dryness and controls wrinkling. An excellent treatment for minor
wrinkles as it tightens the skin.

Sunflower (for oily skin) - ( 60 min,)

Deep pore cleansing with salt extracts. Application of serums & spiced clay mask.
Closing with refreshing face splash fluid. Acne, Scars, Open Pores, Dark & Dull
Complexions get a transformation. Spots and black heads are removed without pain
leaving a fresh face with a moist (not oily) look. Minor wrinkles are removed.

Touch of Flower (for sensitive skin) - (60 min,)

The face is first cleaned with lotions. Dead cells are removed with the help of a peel-off
mask. After a light massage a semi-dry mask topped with a dry clay mask is put on. The
mask is lifted after 15 mins and the face cleaned with honeydew. It is the gentlest of all
treatments meant for extra sensitive skins. The end result is a long lasting fresh feeling.

Mirror (for all skins) - ( 60 min,)

The face is cleaned as per the skin type. Serum is applied to hyper pigmentation areas. It
is massaged with a light cream to absorb the serums. A soft gelatin peel-off mask is then
applied. The mask is peeled off to expose a smooth skin. This treatment leaves the skin
extremely smooth and clear like marble, besides a long lasting fresh feeling.
Honey Facial - ( 60 min,)

The principle ingredients - honey, lime and cucumber - enjoy an age-old reputation as
skin healers, softeners, and moisturisers. They reduce the discomforts of skin irritations
and inhibit infections while promoting new cell growth. This blend is applied with a
gentle massage that penetrates the skin layer to cleanse and oxygenate the skin

Juventa Manicure - 45 min

Exfoliate and hydrate your deserving hands with this sweet almond and sea salt
treatment, including a relaxing massage, and a fresh coat of polish or natural nail buff.
On-The-Go Manicure - 30 min

Short on time? Come in for a quick nail cleanup, plus polish or natural nail buff.

Juventa Pedicure - 45 min
A sweet almond oil and sea salt treatment is followed by a shea butter massage and
polish or natural nail buff—we call it intensive therapy for your feet. You'll call it

Athlete's Repair Pedicure - 75 min
Experience the ultimate pedicure with this luxurious, marine-inspired treatment. We
begin with a four-step exfoliation process followed by a rejuvenating marine-algae foot
masque and a hydrating foot-and-calf massage. Top it all off with a polish or natural nail
      French Manicure/Pedicure
      Aroma Manicure/Pedicure
      With Nail Art
      Nail File & Polish (Hands/Feet)
      Polish (Hands/Feet)
      Nail Cut & File