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									                                             ACPCHN (Inc) National Newsletter
                                                Issue 8 – September 2003


                           Pam Nicol (President)

Development As A National Body

We are very pleased to announce that the ACPCHN is an incorporated body.
This will offer some protection for the Council members who manage the
national body. We have been registered in the Australian Capital Territory
(ACT) and many thanks to Annie Dullow, who has agreed to be our public
officer in Canberra. The ACT was chosen as it avoided many of the problems
we had been encountering in other states. The next long term goal will be the
establishment of a College representing nurses who care for children and their
families. This is a large undertaking but will enable the national body to be
more representative in professional decision making forums.

We have extended our affiliation with other groups by successfully applying to
join the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Young People. Our
challenge is how we can be actively involved in this exciting Alliance.

Our NSW and Victorian representatives continue to represent us at the NNO.

Furthermore, we are in very early stages of discussing the development of a
branch in the Northern Territory. We are hopeful that this may proceed,
developing our national representation even further.

In order to further a national and international image, we are pursuing
development of a new look website, with links to all the states‟ own web
pages. In the meantime a chat line is being established, with a few initial
access problems, via „yahoo‟. It is envisaged that this will be a forum for
debate and the sharing of information. Your state representatives will keep
you informed once we have improved the log on format.

Paediatric and Child Health Competencies (2000)

A review of the competencies is underway. Trish Boss (NSW) is coordinating
a small team completing this review. The first step is to evaluate the use,
usability and relevance of the current document. A survey form is being
developed and will be mailed out shortly. You can help us by responding, and
encouraging others to respond, to this survey when it is posted to you or your
organisation. Any further comments can be forwarded to Trish at Copies of the competencies are available through
the National Secretariat, or through the website

Position Statement Development

We are interested in your feedback on the safe use of prams and strollers and
the minimum standards for practice. Your state representatives should have
distributed these documents. The revised document on the minimum
standards has taken the innovative step of combining the minimum standards
for nurses caring for sick children and nurses caring for children in the
community. In doing so, we are acknowledging the core skills and knowledge
required in any setting when caring for children and their families. However,
the competencies aimed at the specialist nurse recognise that the application
of advanced competencies will be context dependent and the emphasis will
vary between practice settings.

It is an exciting time for the confederation. We rely on your support and
enthusiasm; you can help by promoting the benefits of membership to your
colleagues and encouraging them to join.

Best wishes


                           Anne Johnson
              Co-Chair, SA International Conference Committee

Bringing Together For Kids and Families.
Innovation, Improving Practice, Reducing Inequities.

The International Australian Confederation of Paediatric and Child
Health Nurses Conference is being held in Adelaide between the 1st and
3rd September 2004. The conference is titled Bringing it Together for
Kids and Families. The themes are Innovation, Improving Practice,
Reducing Inequities. The program is shaping up to provide an exciting
and stimulating conference. The two keynote speakers are Mary
McAllister and Pilar Baca. Mary has considerable nurse practitioner
expertise and works at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. Pilar
works with David Olds in the home visiting program for high risk and
first time parents which is known as the international 'gold standard'
home visiting program. We also have a number of inspiring invited
speakers: Professor Lowitja O'Donoghue, Professor Phillip Darbyshire,
Ms Jenni Jarvis, Dr Jon Jurideini, Associate Professor Victor Nossar.
These speakers will be covering issues such as issues of inequity in
health for Aboriginal children, involving children in research to
improve practice, innovative leadership in nursing, issues for refugee
children in detention centres and reducing inequities in child health.
As you can see it is an impressive line up of invited speakers. We are
now seeking abstracts for the concurrent sessions and posters. Details
can be found on


                     Sue Nagy
                     Associate Editor NPCHN

It is now almost 5 years since the Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health
Nursing journal was first published. In this time 38 articles of relevance to
neonatal, paediatric and child health nurses have been published. In order to
ensure that published papers are of international standard, the journal uses
reviewers from Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United
States of America as well as from Australia. The journal also contains book
reviews and notices of forthcoming conferences and other relevant events. A
Journal Management Committee chaired by Dr Karen Mason oversees its
general operation.

Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health Nursing is the official journal of the
Australian Confederation of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses and of the
Australian Neonatal Nurses Association. In addition, as the journal becomes
better known, the list of independent subscribers continues to grow.

It is a significant achievement that we now have our own journal but it will only
continue to flourish if the members support it by submitting manuscripts for
consideration and also encouraging others to submit theirs. The editor
(Shelley Reid) and associate editors (Linda Johnston and myself) are always
delighted to discuss ideas of potential authors about papers that they might
write. Of special interest are papers on topics of clinical interest to our

Please support your journal!


Contact Trish at Copies of the competencies are
available through the National Secretariat, 4 / 41 Anstey St, South Perth, WA
6151 or through the website

                          POSITION STATEMENTS

Position statements and minimum standards for practice are available on the

                        SOUTH AUSTRALIAN NEWS

During June we had a successful twilight meeting with a large group of
paediatric and child health nurses from all over the city in attendance. South
Australian Nurses gave the talks and all were excellent in presentation and
content. Titles included "Nursing in Timor", Helen Roberts WCH; "Burn
Management in a Nutshell", Sarah McRae WCH; "Intranasal Midazolam for
seizure management”, Margaret Kyrkou; "Paediatric Palliative Care in SA",
Sarah Fleming WCH;" Universal Home Visiting Project", Kathryn Leslie C&YH

South Australia has been quietly moving froward with a small team. The
special group getting ready for the national conference next year are working
hard inviting speakers and nutting out a program. We appreciate the effort
they are giving at this early stage in the planning. We are looking forward to all
members coming for a visit to the conference and staying to see some of
Adelaide and South Australia.

                              TASMANIAN NEWS

           Report by Karen Ford, Executive Committee member
                     Tasmanian President Sue Scott

It has been very pleasing to see that the Tasmanian organisation has had an
increase in membership over recent months.

General Meeting

At the Annual General meeting held in August, Sue Scott was elected
President. Sue is a Clinical Nurse on the Paediatric Unit at the Royal Hobart
Hospital. Sue is also a member of the working party reviewing the ACPCHN
Competencies. We welcome her into the role as President, and thank Janine
Sawford for her hard work as the outgoing President.

Another ongoing project the Tasmanian branch is participating in is the
development of guidelines for the admission of children to hospital in the
state. This work is being undertaken as an initiative of the Office of the
Commissioner for Children. The guidelines are based on the UN Convention
on the Rights of the Child and have been developed in a collaborative process
with a number of organisations.

The Branch has also planned a one day seminar to be held at the Woolstore
Hotel in Hobart on the 18th October. The title of the program is Partners in
Care: Children, Families, Communities. The varied program includes a
breakfast with the Commissioner for Children; a presentation by the Director
of Public Health; a session on caring for the infant with Short Gut Syndrome
by Helen Shalley (invited to Hobart from Melbourne). Topics will also include
Asperger‟s Syndrome, Children of parents with Mental Health issues, Parents
with Drug and Alcohol issues, Eating Disorders, and finally a panel discussion
about Sudanese Refugee issues. We think it will be a great day for
information and networking – join us if you can! Information is available from
the web site:

Karen Ford

                       WESTERN AUSTRALIAN NEWS

                         WA president Pam O‟Nions

Annual General Meeting:

General News:
The WA Nursing Expo that was held on the 26th July at the Claremont
Showgrounds was an excellent forum to present the APCHN WA. There were
over 2,500 attendees with many of them demonstrating a huge interest in the
area of paediatrics. It felt good to be able to represent the organisation with all
of the other health care providers and educators in Western Australia.

Clinical Suppers:
The clinical suppers have remained successful throughout this year. “Nurse
Practitioners: Who, What, When, Where and How?” This was welcome
information, which coincided with the first Nurse Practitioner course being
offered at Curtin University of Technology. “Respite care for children with
special needs at Lady Lawley Cottage”. This was a fantastic opportunity to
witness some of the children that have spent their formative years at Princess
Margaret Hospital, continuing to thrive in their new purpose built surroundings.
“Early Promotion Project – The WA Home Visiting Experience” was an
opportunity for us to learn about the implementation and success of the Hilton
Davies Family Partnership communication model. The next Clinical supper to
be conducted in September is “Flight for life”: the WA liver transplant
experience looks at liver transplant. These clinical suppers have continued to
provide paediatric and child health nurses with the opportunity to share
knowledge. They also provide networking opportunities for nurses and other
health professionals who practice in the area of children‟s health.

Annual General Meeting 2003:
The AGM this year will be held on Tuesday 18 th November. To balance out
the formalities we have organised a “Laughter Workshop”. This will provide us
with the opportunity to relax and have a little fun with lots of laughs to end off
our very busy year.

Country Seminar:

“Bridging the Gap for Children‟s Health” is the title of our next country
seminar. It will be held in Albany at The Esplanade Hotel. It is a two day
seminar and that will be covering a variety of current topics related to the care
of children and their families.

The Lady Court Scholarship:
The Lady Court Scholarship was presented to Anne Finley and Sharon Kay.
Both nurses are furthering their education in the field of nursing. Anne is
studying towards her Masters of Nurse Practitioner and Sharon will be
completing her Bachelor of Nursing.

WA Membership

Currently stands at 152 members.

                       NEW SOUTH WALES REPORT

The NSW branch in collaboration with local paediatric and child health nurses
has provided two rural study days recently, in Orange and Murwillumbah. Both
days were had significantly different themes based on needs identified by
local clinicians, and were well attended and produced excellent evaluations.

In order to provide timely and interesting information and resources for
members, the NSW Website continues to be refined and updated at regular
intervals and is attracting about 100 hits per week. Check out our site at

NSW will be having it Annual General Meeting on October 24th. The evening
will combine a dinner and novel entertainment event promising to be lots of
fun. In keeping with changes to the constitution, all executive positions will be

NSW Membership

Currently stands at 302 members.


                               Danielle Trezise
                              Victorian President

Hello to everyone from the members of Victoria.

I am very excited to have been elected as the President of the Victorian
branch of the ACPCHN. Victoria has recently held our Annual General
Meeting and Annual Conference. The theme was "Current Issues For
Paediatric Nurses". All the speakers made excellent presentations and the
evaluations by the participants were fantastic. For the first time the AGM and
Conference was held outside the Melbourne Metropolitan Area, in Ballarat.
Hopefully because of the success of the day we will be able to continue to
rotate between city and country venues. The new Victorian Executive are a
fantastic group of nurses committed to Paediatric and Child Health and I am
looking forward to working with then over the next year.

ACPCHN-Vic is looking at several issues that are of concern to the Victorian
members including:
* Nursing adults in Paediatric Units and Children in adult wards.
* the Victorian Paediatric Nurse Award. The ACPCHN-Vic has started this
annual award to encourage initiative and talent and recognise outstanding
* Education.
* Revamping our state newsletter.
* Membership.
We have also got our website up and running so log-on and have a look


                          QUEENSLAND REPORT

Queensland has had 2 General Meetings this year and the AGM is being held
at our seminar on beautiful South Stradbroke Island in September. The
seminar is being held at the end of Child Protection week and the
Commissioner for Children and Young People is opening it. The topics being
presented will be Alcohol and drug issues, A Community Clinical Pathway for
Parenting Women with Substance Use Issues, Neonatal Abstinence
Syndrome, Adolescent Drug and Alcohol- The Mental Health Issues,
Providing Advocacy and a Continuum of Care for Children at Risk of Child
Abuse and Neglect: Linking Primary to Tertiary Services, Child Protection
Case Discussions by Mater Children‟s Hospital SCAN team.

We now have 2 funds available for support for members to undertake
research, attend conferences and continue their professional education.

The Sister Mary Dorothea Sheehan Memorial Scholarship provides funding to
enable a Registered or Enrolled Nurse working in the field of child and family
nursing to undertake a professional development activity or conduct research,
which will enhance the delivery of nursing care to children in Queensland.
Sister Mary Dorothea Sheehan (R.S.M) was the Director of Nursing of the
Mater Children‟s Hospital in Queensland for 15 years. Under her leadership,
paediatric nursing flourished as a specialty in Queens land. This scholarship
commemorates her commitment to child and family nursing, her compassion
towards staff and families and her love for the children who benefited from her

The second fund is the Margaret Sullivan (1934-1970) Scholarship. The
Memorial Bursary is a monetary award that is offered to a nurse who is a
member of Australian Confederation of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses
Association and who has applied for financial assistance to undertake nursing
research that meets the objectives / purpose of the Scholarship. Margaret
(Peg) Sullivan was a Queensland Nurse who, from 1961 to 1970, specialised
in Paediatric Nursing in the Children‟s Ward of St. Andrew‟s War Memorial
Hospital, Brisbane. Margaret Sullivan was herself the recipient of several
scholarships to study and advance clinical practice. Her colleagues began this
fund as a memorial to her contribution to the well being and health care of
children and families. In 2001 the Australian Confederation of Paediatric and
Child Health Nurses-Qld Inc took on the management of this memorial under
the title the Margaret Sullivan Research Scholarship. This bursary aims to
enable nurses in the Paediatric or Child Health Nursing speciality to undertake
research fostering continuing improvement in children‟s healthcare.

National Postal Address:

4 / 41 Anstey Street,



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