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Senior Advocates


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									Senior Advocates
Senior Citizen’s Hotline             1-800-342-9871
                 Provides referrals to New York State Programs and
                 agencies that address concerns of seniors, consults
                 with seniors regarding any topic related to aging
Senior Services of Albany (25 Delaware Ave., Albany)

Referral Line for Senior Services                 447-7177
                Albany County Department for Aging Information
                Senior Services throughout the County

New Scotland Seniors’ Hotline     439-4889

Care for Life Information and Assistance             1-866-525-1221
               Tele-service offers a single source through which to
               access a broad range of Catholic health, housing,
               social service agencies and their partners.
AARP           Visit www.aarp.org or call 1-888-687-2277
Alzheimer’s Association             101027500 (Call costs $3.)
Center for Medical Consumers     medconsumers@earthlink.net
               (Note that this service is no longer operational
               except by e-mail contact.)
Consumer Protection Board Helpline 1-800-697-1220
              Assists victims of consumer scams, unwanted
              telemarketer disruptions, or unfair business practices
EPIC, New York State Senior Prescription Plan      1-800-332-3742
NY State Senior Hotline-                        1-800-342-9871
                Information and referral to county level services
                provided to seniors, e.g., EISEP – Extended In-
                Home Services, guidance regarding housing issues,
                home health-care aides, assistance with Social
                Security and Medicare, EPIC

Food Stamps, Home Energy Assistance, Medicaid, Public Assistance,
              Legal Aid                        1-800-342-3009

The Voice and Resource for Elder Care with Dignity
                Seeks to improve NY Nursing Homes, advocates for
                higher quality of long-term care and educate family
                caregivers. {regulations of NYS nursing homes}
                www.fria.org                          1-212-732-4455

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)           1-800-342-3009
Hospice Hotline (NHPO)                          1-800-658-8898
                Information on Hospice and Palliative Care at the
                national level, refers callers to local services anywhere
                in the country, advanced directives (living will, health
                care proxy form)               www.caringinfo.org and
Legal Services for the Elderly     1-212-391-0120
                (pension, Medicaid and social security issues only)
Managed Care Complaints                               1-800-232-5500
Medicare problems                                     1-800-633-4227
Medicare Home Health Hotline (NYS                     1-800-628-5972
Medicare IPRO Hotline                            1-800-331-7767
              In-patient Medicare quality assurance, questions
              regarding legislation related to nursing homes and
              Medicare Plus Choice rights and appeals
NYS Attorney General Health Care Bureau 1-800-771-7755, option
              #3- mediation helping consumers and providers
              with health insurance billing issues
NYS Banking Department 1-800-522-3330      www.banking.state.ny.us

NYS Dept. of Human Rights 474-2705 www.dhr.state.ny.us/
               Discrimination complaints in employment, housing
               and public accommodations
NYS Dept. of Insurance      www.ins.state.ny.us     1-800-342-3736
               Information on Medicare, Medigap, long-term care,
               insurance companies, brokers, agents, and to make
               insurance complaints
NYS Do Not Call Registry                    1-800-697-1220
NYS Dept. of Social Services 1-800-342-3009 www.dfa.state.ny.us
              Nutrition Improvement Program, Food Stamps,
              Home Energy Assistance, Medicaid, Temporary and
              Disability Assistance, Abuse or neglect of an adult,
              personal needs allowance checks for persons in
              nursing homes, food banks, weatherization, adult
              outreach program, Office for the Aging
NYS Division of Veterans Affairs 1-800-827-1000 www.va.gov
NYS Medical Record Access                           518-402-103
NYS Office of Advocates for Persons with Disabilities
                    1-800-522-4369 www.cqcapd.state.ny.us
NYS    Office   of Professional Discipline (Education             Dept.)
                www.op.nysed.gov 1-800-442-8106
                For filing a complaint about non-Physician providers
NYS Office of Professional Medical Conduct           1-800-663-6114
               For filing a complaint about a physician
New York State Long Term Care Hotline www.nyspltc.org
               information on long-term care insurance and
               complaints about insurance providers; helps protect
               assets and eligibility for Medicaid, if long term
               nursing home or home care is required.
NYS Public Service Commission 1-800-342-3377 www.dps.state.ny.us
                Help line for filing complaints, ie: cable, water, gas,
                electric & telephone services
Patient’s Rights Help line (NYS State Wide) 1-800-333-4374
                Helps seniors with being denied admission or being
                discharged too soon from the hospital, advocating
                for seniors at the state and federal levels on quality of
                care issues, prescription drugs, EPIC, protecting
                hospital patients’ rights
Social Security 1-800-772-1213 or (518) 431-4051
New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, Historic Preservation
                             1-800-456-2267 or 1-800-474-0456
                Free vehicle access passes for residents 62 and older
                to state parks and recreational facilities, fee
                reductions to state historic sites and some park
                activities              www.reserveamerica.com

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