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									                         Final Project Elements

This page will be updated throughout the semester

Database features to be implemented in the final project:
   1. E-R diagram must correspond to the DDL. The E-R diagrams should have at least one
      ISA structure and the DDL must appropriately implement them.
   2. Tables are normalized to at least third normal form, unless clearly argued and
      documented for reasons otherwise.
   3. All foreign key relationships should be implemented with appropriate constraints, unless
      clearly argued and documented for reasons otherwise.
   4. FK constraints should include appropriate UPDATE and DELETE clauses.
   5. There should be at least 5 other implemented CHECK clauses beyond NOT NULL and
   6. Implement at least 5 VIEWS--any query that is embedded in an application that involves
      JOINS should be implemented as a view
   7. Implement a Stored Procedure
   8. Implement at least 2 triggers supported by SQL procedures in the PL/SQL language
   9. Appropriate but limited use of the SERIAL datatype

Interactive components of the user interface must include appropriate insert, update and delete
options. I.e., all data should be capable of being entered and corrected via the interactive
interface. Where appropriate, load some tables may be a batch process.

Generate at least 3 reports that are not output to forms. They are reports as defined in the initial

Design your interactive interface to only open one connection!

      Use the 3 ring binder.
      Date all documents.
      Punch holes on the LEFT (portrait) or at the TOP (landscape).
      Include all past submissions (Schedule will be announced)
           a) Specification Documents for the Project
           b) Draft ER Diagram
           c) Relational Schema (different deliverables)
           d) ODL schema and UML diagrams

Be sure the following sections are provided in the order given below. Also be sure the latest
version of a section is first!
1. General description of the database purpose. Include the URL(s) to access all components
   of the database.
2. User interface design and final screen shots.
3. E-R diagram
4. DDL (with comments) and table description dumps
5. Procedures and triggers and any other supporting code
6. PHP and other supporting code for the applications (Basic

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