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Travel Article on Golden Triangle Tour of India


Info on Indian golden triangle tours which involves sightseeing activities in the three most beautiful cities of North India –Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

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									Golden Triangle-Popular India Tour
With India joining the league of well frequented tourist destinations from all over the world, the Indian government and private enterprises have made
significant investments, both monetary and otherwise, to develop the tourism industry. Among their more prolific endeavors, is the Indian golden
triangle tours which involves sightseeing activities in the three most beautiful cities of North India – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Interestingly, there
are various tour and travel options across the length and breadth of the country that are also called Golden Triangle Tour such as the
Hydrabad-Tirupati-Chennai or Guwahati-Kazirahga-Shillong trips. However, it is the Delhi Agra Jaipur tours that had originally earned this designation.

The North Indian golden triangle tour takes a visitor across three very culturally rich cities of this country blessed with scenic beauty and historic
bequests. Delhi, which is the capital city of India, represents the true face of present-day society, a blend of tradition and modernity. From historic sites
dating back to the 15th century and before, to the most posh restaurants, markets, clubs, and more, this city has all notions of fun at the disposal of the
tourists. Jaipur, on the other hand, gives a very deep insight into the rich Rajasthani tradition which has played an important role in shaping the popular
perception of India in modern times. Agra, of course is the land where India’s pride, history and splendor is captured within a single monument
– the magnificent marble tomb Taj Mahal, the first Wonder of the World. A visit to these cities, takes a sightseer across three different states of
the Indian homeland, providing them with an array of exquisite experiences that are hard to forget.

This tour will allow any tourist to witness the most renowned historic sites, folk culture, traditional art and an Indian metropolis. Moreover, there is
plenty of opportunity to shop and purchase various kinds of Indian artifacts at these locations. There are few who may return dissatisfied or
disillusioned from the Delhi Agra Jaipur tours.

Apart from the pull of the numerous tourist attractions that these cities house, this golden triangle trip is popular as it allows a tourist to appreciate the
Indian way of travelling. Be it via bus, train or aircraft, a journey across these three cities gives a mind numbing insight into the reality of contemporary
India which all the books, movies and news fail to present. In addition, as these places are major tourist spots, the entire populace is extremely
hospitable, striving to make a visitors trip more comfortable and memorable, in any small way that they can. It is often said, that a man lost in India has
many to guide him. This is literally true in the instance of the city folk in these areas.

Delhi Agra and Jaipur tours offer contrasting experiences of live in the Mogul, Rajput and British eras. These cities are undoubtedly, the epitomes of
Indian cultural, historical and architectural heritage. Any tourist coming to India should not miss the opportunity of experiencing the wonders of this
golden triangle tour.

About the Author
Varun Thomas is a freelance writer whose major area of focus is travel. His articles on different travel topics like Delhi Jaipur Agra Tour and golden
triangle tour India guide are published on various online platforms.


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