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					                Caldwell Court Condominium Association, Inc.
                         Board of Directors Meeting

                           Thursday, February 3, 2011
                     Caldwell Court Building A Meeting Room

Directors Present:                 President Dana Moore
                                   Secretary Alex Schauffert via speakerphone
                                   Treasurer Kelli Zane
                                   Director Carol Johnson

Others Present:                    Cathy Watry, Managing Agent
                                   Jim Watry, Owner D-110

Meeting Called to Order:           5:00 pm

Minutes:                           Minutes for the December 2010 Board Meeting
                                   were approved as written.

Treasurers Report:                 Treasurer Zane presented the Treasurer’s
                                   Report stating that after checks signed
                                   tonight the bank balance would be
                                   $18,049.50. Board Members were also
                                   furnished with a current balance sheet and
                                   year to date P&L.

Property Report:                   Ms. Watry presented the Property Report (a
                                   copy of which is attached and made a part of
                                   these minutes). One of the highlights
                                   concerned the new HOA attorney who has taken
                                   the place of Art Lowen, who retired. Ms.
                                   Watry stated that she is not happy with his
                                   fees or with his work product, and said that
                                   she had spoken to a real estate attorney
                                   recommended by President Moore, Bob
                                   Notestein, and was very impressed by him.
                                   The Board decided that we would use Mr.
                                   Notestein for our future needs.

Old Business:         A.    Newman Lawsuit: Ms. Watry told the Board that the
                            Nationwide attorney has said Ms. Newman is
                            seeking $30,000. The attorney does not believe
                            she will receive that amount; however, he did
                            remind her that our insurance does not cover
                            anything to do with mold, and if there is an
                            award for mold damage/injury then the HOA will
                            have to pay out of pocket.

                        Caldwell Court Condominium Association, Inc.
                                 Board of Directors Meeting
                                 Thursday, February 3, 2011
                B.   B-111 Alleged Roof Leak: Ms. Watry presented the
                     Board members with a written time-line of events
                     that have transpired with the B-111 owners since
                     September 30, 2010 until present. She stated
                     that she has inspected the unit on numerous
                     occasions and, other than the leak in the master
                     bedroom closet that was immediately repaired, she
                     has found no actual evidence of any new leaks.
                     She stated that she has had yet another roofer
                     inspect the area and that he was unable to find
                     any evidence of a leak either. She showed the
                     Board the estimate she had received from Fred
                     Egli for the repair of the closet. The Board
                     approved the expenditure and instructed Ms. Watry
                     to contact the B-111 owners to set up a time for
                     Mr. Egli to do the repair work.

                C.   Board Vacancy: Secretary Schauffert stated that
                     he had spoken with Alan Powell regarding the
                     vacancy, but that Mr. Powell did not seem
                     enthusiastic about returning to the Board.

New Business:   A.   Landscaper/Landscaping: Ms. Watry stated that she
                     had two more companies that were going to bid on
                     the landscaping contract, and that two others had
                     been no shows for their appointments.

                B.   Violent Felon Residents: Ms. Watry informed the
                     Board that we currently have at least two violent
                     felon residents at the complex. The Board agreed
                     that this is not good for the complex as a whole,
                     but was unsure as to what the Association’s legal
                     rights were in this regard. Ms. Watry was
                     instructed to contact attorney Notestine and get
                     his opinion on the matter.

                C.   Roofs/Gutters: Ms. Watry presented the Board
                     with a bid from RD Herbert for repair/replacement
                     of the B building gutters. She stated that she
                     is in process of getting other bids for the work.
                     She presented the Board with two reports from All
                     Seasons Roofing – one for to fix the new B
                     building roof that they believe has been
                     improperly installed and another for a complete
                     replacement of the A-101-A-104 roof. The Board
                     instructed Ms. Watry to contact Abco Roofing to
                     have them repair the roof they installed. They
                     also asked her to find out if the roofer would
                     finance the A building replacement roof.

                D.   Snow Removal: Ms. Watry informed the Board that
                     owner/occupant James Bumpas, F-119, had called
                     her during the last snow asking if the Board was
                     going to salt the parking lot areas because it
                     was slippery. Ms. Watry reminded the Board that
                 Caldwell Court Condominium Association, Inc.
                          Board of Directors Meeting
                          Thursday, February 3, 2011
                           our insurance agent had said that if we do so one
                           time, then there is an expectation of always
                           having it done. Ms. Watry informed the Board that
                           in the last resident newsletter she had informed
                           residents that the HOA does not salt or clear
                           sidewalks or parking areas, that they must walk
                           or drive carefully and at their own risk. She
                           stated that it does get slippery down by the F
                           building, and maybe we could purchase some salt
                           and store it in the F building storage for use by
                           tenants. President Moore pointed out that could
                           still make us liable. It was decided that
                           residents could purchase salt if they wanted to
                           and we would allow it to be stored in the F
                           building storage area for their use.

                      E.   Painting railings, etc.: Ms. Watry stated that
                           in speaking with the owners of A-109 they had
                           inquired about the plan we had several years ago
                           to have a “painting party” one weekend, where the
                           owners and residents could scrape and paint
                           handrails, etc. and the Association would supply
                           food and drinks for a barbecue. It was decided
                           that we would try this out in April or May when
                           the weather is nicer and see how much of a
                           response we get.

                      F.   Playground: Ms. Watry stated that the basketball
                           hoop, backboard, etc. is totally gone from the
                           playground area. She pointed out that it had
                           been four years since it had been replaced, and
                           that the kids have nothing to do at the
                           playground. Treasurer Zane suggested that she
                           look on craigslist and other sites to see if we
                           can find a hoop, etc. at low or no cost.

                      G.   A letter to the Board from Todd Metcalf, owner of
                           F-116 and F-121, was read to the Board. He was
                           concerned about the F building stairs needing
                           paint and about wet leaves on the stairways. It
                           was decided to include the F building stairs in
                           the painting party, and to ensure that leaf
                           blowing of the stairways was included in any
                           landscaping contract that we enter into.

Signing of Checks:   Checks were signed by President Moore and Treasurer

Next Meeting:        It was decided that the next Board meeting will be
                     held on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 5:00 pm.

Adjournment:         The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:05 pm.

                       Caldwell Court Condominium Association, Inc.
                                Board of Directors Meeting
                                Thursday, February 3, 2011
                        Caldwell Court Condominium Association, Inc.
                   Thursday, February 3, 2011 Board of Directors Meeting
              Report from Cathy Watry for period of 1-1-2011 through 1-31-2011

Cash In Bank 1-31-11                        $ 33,653.20
Metro Water 2-1-11                           ( 5,106.24)
Checks being signed 2-3-11                   ( 10,497.46)
Balance in Bank 2-3-11                      $ 18,049.50
(does not include any February deposits)
As of 1-31-11, we have received $10,893.33 (a little over 2/3) towards 13th Month
Assessments). We are still due to receive another $4,837.67 in 13th Month Assessments.)

   1. The month began with an owner/occupant (Mr. Bumpas – F-119) calling because he
      wants to sell his unit and move out to the country. However, he spoke with an agent
      who told him about the recent low sales prices at the complex. I explained to him the
      extenuating circumstances of the sales of A-106, B-102, and F-111.
   2. As you know, there was no board meeting held on January 3rd due to an emergency
      with one of the Board Members. Checks were signed by Treasurer Zane on January 3rd
      and President Moore on January 4th.
   3. There were several developments with unit B-111 which will be discussed during this
      Board Meeting.
   4. Income Tax was filed for the Association, 1099’s were sent out, and our State Annual
      Report was filed on January 5th.
   5. On January 6th, the complex had our annual backflow preventor inspection by the
      city. The backflow preventor that was replaced in 2007 passed; however, the other
      unit did not pass and the inspector recommended replacement of the unit. (This is the
      same unit that last year passed on its fifth try – had it not passed on its fifth try, the City
      then requires replacement. I called our plumber, Mitchell Plumbing, who gave a price
      of $1,150 to replace the unit – far below what we had paid Jack Ward and Sons in
      2007 for the other backflow replacement. On 1-15, I posted notices at the A, B, and C
      buildings and laundry rooms that water would be off during the morning of 1-17. The
      morning of 1-17, Mitchell Plumbing replaced the backflow preventor, the unit was
      inspected by Metro Water on 1-26, and it passed immediately.
   6. On 1-7, our CPA came over to download my Quickbooks for the past fiscal year and
      go over our books with me. He pointed out our large A/R and stressed that it is our
      obligation to place liens on past due owners once they pass three months in arrear.
      After also discussing with the HOA attorney, I sent three accounts to have liens placed
      on them. Since two of the owners are making payments those two accounts should
      not progress to a lawsuit; however, the third account will.

                            Caldwell Court Condominium Association, Inc.
                                     Board of Directors Meeting
                                     Thursday, February 3, 2011
7. On 1-8, I received a call from Winston Walker re leak coming into the bathroom of his
    unit D-109 from D-113 above. I called the property manager for D-113 who sent
    someone out. It was determined there was no leak coming from D-113, the leak was
    coming from the shower line of D-109 itself. Apparently, it was the hot water line and
    since the tenants continued to leave the bathroom door shut, the bathroom had
    grown mold. I have been told that Winston has since had this repaired.
8. On 1-8, I received a call from the tenant in F-115 regarding her sink being plugged.
    Plunging did not help. Drain Doctors came out and determined that there was grease
    in the line; however, was unable to determine whether the grease had come from F-
    115 or the unit behind F-103.
9. On 1-8, Dana Moore called regarding a leak coming into his unit F-113 from above.
    Jim Watry investigated and found that the water heater in F-117 was leaking. He shut
    off the water coming to the water heater and replaced it on 1-11. However, there
    continued to be a leak coming into F-113, although in a different area. After much
    investigation and cutting out a lot of ceiling, the leak was found to be a fresh-water
    supply line in the wall behind unit F-117 going into one of the units on the other side of
    the building. This has since been repaired along with the damage to F-113. At the
    same time, while investigating, it was discovered that there are several leaks coming
    from vacant Unit F-121. The water to this unit has been shut off and the owner has bee
    notified of the repairs that he needs to make.
10. On 1-11,1-12, and 1-13,while Metro schools were closed, I received several calls from
    the tenant in E-112 regarding kids playing and making noise in the courtyard area
    between the E and F buildings. Jim Watry was present one of the days and stated
    that the kids had not been playing there but had been going to get the child in F-105.
    The children were told not to play in that area.
11. On 1-12, all units in the D, E, and F buildings were treated by Orkin. All units were able
    to be accessed.
12. On 1-14, I was called by the tenant in B-101 telling me that they had a broken window.
    I instructed them to contact, McGarr & Associates – their property manager. I was
    contacted on 1-17 by the owner of B-102 stating that his older woman tenant had told
    him that she and others in the area had called the police on several occasions due to
    the loud noise and banging going on at B-101 during the late night/early morning
    hours. The owner stated that he was taking his tenant to buy a gun for her safety. I
    notified the property manager for B-101 as well as the owner of B-101 to let them know
    they needed to control their tenant and/or their tenant’s guests.
13. On 1-17, I also received an e-mail from the owner of B-107 stating that her tenants had
    moved out with no notice claiming that there were daily gunshots and break-ins at the
    complex. I told the owner this was not the case.
14. On 1-18, I received our Metro water bill. While it is still much lower than before we
    began using Water Management, it does show a 20% increase in use over last year for
    the same period. I contacted Water Management and they are investigating.

                        Caldwell Court Condominium Association, Inc.
                                 Board of Directors Meeting
                                 Thursday, February 3, 2011
15. On 1-20, President Moore told me about a roofer he had heard about. I contacted
    the roofer and arranged to have him look at our A and C buildings the following
    Monday. This will be discussed during tonight’s meeting.
16. On 1-20, I contacted an HOA attorney recommended by President Moore to see, if
    things don’t work out with Art Lowen’s replacement, whether he would be able to
    handle our needs. He is extremely experienced with HOA issues and his prices seem to
    be much more reasonable than those of our current attorney. (In addition to being
    expensive, our current attorney has mailed out one of the liens placed to an incorrect
    address and also had the owner’s mailing address instead of property address listed
    on the sworn affidavit needed to continue to trial.)
17. On 1-21, Mr. Bumpas – owner/occupant of Unit F-119 – called to inquire about ice
    removal/salting down by the F Building. This will be discussed during tonight’s meeting.
18. On 1-21, I had a long talk with the Nationwide Insurance attorney who is handling the
    Newman case. This too will be discussed during tonight’s meeting.
19. On 1-24, our insurance agent told me about his son’s landscaping business and I
    requested a bid from him. I had also been contacted by Southern Lawn and
    Landscaping and had an appointment set up with them for 1-31; however, they did
    not call or show up.
20. Monthly invoices and newsletters were mailed to all owners on 1-25-11.
21. On 1-25, I received a call from the owner/occupant of D-120 that she had a small roof
    leak coming into her bedroom. I contacted All Seasons Roofing to come out and
22. RD Herbert contacted me telling me that they also do gutters. I put in a request for a
    price on our gutter replacement/repair where needed. This will be discussed during
    tonight’s meeting.
23. On 1-26, the A, B, and C buildings were treated by Orkin (during the snowstorm). All
    units were accessed with the exception of B-111 and C-114. Fines were issued to those
24. On 1-29, resident newsletters for February/March were posted at all units and laundry
25. On 1-29, I received numerous complaints regarding the tenant in D-109 and the three
    guests and 2 dogs who are also living there. I received more complaints on 1-30. I
    met with the tenant in D-109 on 1-30 and reiterated the rules of the complex to them,
    along with the fact that he is Section 8 and violation of our rules can result in eviction
    which will cause him to lose his Section 8 eligibility. It is my understanding that the
    guests and dogs left the premises that evening.
26. On 1-29, while putting up resident newsletters, I met with the owner/landlords of A-109,
    who had a couple of suggestions re painting and tree trimming, both of which will be
    discussed at tonight’s meeting.
27. As of 1-31, the complex has 23 owner-occupied units and 101 units that are available
    for rental. Of those 101 units available for rental, there are 30 vacant units = 30%.

                        Caldwell Court Condominium Association, Inc.
                                 Board of Directors Meeting
                                 Thursday, February 3, 2011

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