shulamite girl by ghkgkyyt


									                         The Most Extraordinary Love Story
                             (Every Delicious Morsel Daughter Dear)

                                  Interpreted by Cindy Rockney

                                     “Admit, Confess, and
                                     Be Voluptuous of You”

   This unheeded career directive given to Hitler by his best friend--a successful Jew,
                ultimately determined the path to Hitler’s Destination

1 The Spark to Kindle, a new song, a new prophecy, which is Solomon’s.

Shulamite Girl:
2 Let him kiss me with the kisses (Hebrew meaning: to catch, fire, burn, touch lips, coals of 

      fire, equip with weapons, encourage, fasten, fortify, force, wax mighty, strengthen, ur-

      gent), of his mouth (means of blowing sound of trumpet, speech, tidings, portion, ap-

      pointment, command, talk, two-edged sword of word of truth, wish, “The words of the 

      wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of the assemblies, which are 

      given from one Shepherd, the Stone of Israel with seven eyes): for thy love is better 

      than wine (all else is vanity--It’s in His kiss; Kiss her and make a whirlwind; kiss her and 

      fashion a column of smoke to sweep out of the desert; let mercy and truth meet each 

      other; let righteousness and peace kiss; and I can be your Valentine forever;

       Two turtle doves were given as an offering for the newborn baby. The parents were too
       poor to give a lamb. The poor people gave turtle doves. The Shepherd never went to
       school. His mother was His teacher. He roamed the acreage around the village. He sang
       while working in the fields to cheer the sad ones up. He worked hard in the construction
       shop building door and window frames for stone houses, and furniture made out of
       wood. When He rolled up His sleeves, the girl noticed His manly arms with raven black
       hair. One could tell that He knew how to do a hard day’s work. Even though He had not
       gone to school, He was brilliant. He would think a lot when working about how to do the
       job just right. It took an excellent mind to craft a house and furniture. He was much
       smarter than most of the Hebrew boys who went to school for years and years. He was
       way ahead of them in maturity, taking responsibility for what He did, and planning way
       ahead, so He was well prepared for any emergency.

       His closest co-workers were men who loved manual labor, and the out-of-doors. The tax
       collector, Matthew, learned not to let what others thought of his career choice to get to
       him. The hand-picked men had self-reliance. No matter how tough it got, they were
       tough and got going to where they needed to go or do for the Lord’s work and the care of
       family at home).

3 Because of the savor of thy good ointments thy name (wonderful, counselor, prince, king, 

     Savior, friend, stone of Israel) is as ointment (oil of the olive tree in the garden of Eden 

     where God dwells) poured forth (to empty, cast forth), therefore do the virgins (from 

     the people of the twelve) love thee.
4 Draw me (compel her to come to you, pull her, a seed struggling to sprout, to burst through 

     the pavement of the street over her head; pull her out from the rock prison house, where 

     she is locked up), we will run after thee (when freed): the king hath brought (drew her

     to the place that she can find Him, that is in the sanctuary where the apple people meet 

     on Sabbath to worship together) me into his chambers (close to Him where He is 

     physically present. He tells her that He thought she was twenty-two years old when He 

     first met her. “If you were to wear a blue dress, you would look like Miriam, and if you 

     were a Jewish girl I would want to marry you”. And she quickly replies that she will only 

     marry a man from the apple people of the twelve, and it is non-negotiable. “I am a be-

     liever”, He answers. She also tells Him that she is much older than Him, much older. He 

     replies and says quietly and seriously, “I am very old”. She laughs to herself, “Sure! 

     Maybe you are a few years older than I guessed, maybe the ripe old age of 29 years at 

     the most buddy! End of story!” Again He says as if to wave the concern away with His 

     hand, “Do not let age be a problem to you”.

      Then He presses, would she come to visit his adopted family to share the living water 

      with them in Ashkelon, the place where Delilah the Philistine gentile tempted Samson? 

      He is sure that they would listen to her, since they are not listening to Him. They are a 

      Norwegian family that have adopted Him. He said that He calls them every day. She 

      wants to help Him out, because He has been so kind to her. But she might miss her 

      plane, and that would leave her longer in the hot spot called the Middle East, and she 

      certainly wanted to make it back home again. He invites her to some meetings and in-

      troduces her to His friend that has never spoken to a gentile before. The Shepherd is 

      amazed that the girl can speak so freely and easily with the young man, and the Jewish 

      man listening to every word.

      A lady in the sanctuary invites the girl to attend some meetings in Jerusalem about the 

      Jews in prophecy in our day. The girl and her new friend from Holland set out to walk the

      streets looking for the place of meeting, but cannot find it. The girl calls her friend to ask 

      Him for directions, but He begs her to come with Him to meetings held by the Christians 

      concerning the restoration of Jews.

      But the girl says “No”, they were going to continue their search. Later, He calls them 

      back on her friend’s phone to press His invitation. They could not find the meeting any 

      where, even going into buildings and climbing stairs to several floors.

      The girl agrees to go with the Shepherd to the meetings on another day. She sits with 

      Him in the balcony. it is communion service. They pass around the wooden little cups of 

      wine. She speaks up, “I don’t drink wine or alcohol. I cannot take part. The Messiah re

      fused wine and drugs on the cross”. When the platter of wooden cups is offered to them,

      the Shepherd and the girl politely decline.

      He says, “We will deal with the wine issue later”, and later it was, much later.

      Another day, she hears the familiar knock on the girl’s dorm door. “Come with me to hear

      this meeting by the Christians right now. It is going on as we speak! Hurry!” She wanted 

      to go to sleep, she was exhausted, but His sweet enthusiastic smile and energetic ways 

      revived her, and she agreed to accompany Him.

      They sit toward the front this time down on the main floor. But the girl is so tired she 

      cannot sit for long, and excuses herself and sits in the back on the floor leaning against 

      the wall. She watches the Shepherd from there. He listens attentively, and she sees Him

      raise His hand with the others. That she especially noticed. He was accepting the people

      right where they were coming from, and was not critical, but loving. How Sweet! she de-


      He begs her to come again to a meeting and he introduces her to the young man who 

      has never spoken to a gentile. She opens up to him and shares the good news of the 

      time the apple people work with his people to proclaim the law of Moses concerning the 

      Sabbath Day to the world together. He listens quietly, totally listening. The Shepherd is 

      amazed. Then the evening speaker begins. The Shepherd brought her to meet the 

      young Jewish man.

      The Shepherd begs her to work with the Jewish people as the gentile to the Jews. “Sure,

      my friend. Now I can writhe in pain inflicted by two companies of people!” She knows the

      truth only too well to keep things to herself, regardless of the pain it causes her. She 

      consents to the plan, and puts her neck to the burden, her shoulder in the Strength of 

      the Shepherd. He carries her precious books/gold from Jerusalem in a cloth bag bought 

      in Zion Square, books that she has purchased at the Temple Treasury store. She walks 

       quickly to catch the air porter 
 eady to leave at any second to Tel Aviv. The driver pushes

      her to hurry, hurry. She leaves the young man standing on the sidewalk without looking 

      back at Him as He watches her disappear forever maybe.

      Two years later on her fourth trip to Jerusalem and while visiting the sanctuary on 

      Sabbath, He tells her how deeply it moved His heart to be able to carry those books for 

      her. She refuses to tell Him how deeply His kind attentions stirred her frozen heart from 

      the sting of death, and how her earthly father was so vehement that she not marry a 

      Jewish man, but oh how fearful he was that she would, when he perceived her radiant 

      face. He didn’t know that she was in love with the Shepherd.

      The young man shared how He tried to dress in a way that would help Him reach the 

      people. He got an ink stain on His beige slacks and explained how hard He tried to get 

      the stain off and after several attempts it came completely clean. He was proud of the 

      success. “You look very nice”, complimented the girl as her eyes glanced sideways at 

      Him. He was wearing a light jacket and long sleeve shirt to match): we will be glad and 

      rejoice in thee (for His loving kindness and mercy toward the repentant sinners), we 

      will remember thy love more than wine: the upright (the ones who believe in His 

      spilled blood on the mercy seat) love thee.

5 I am black (Hebrew: gentile, perceived as a dark character her sun bathing assuming it is for 

      wrong reasons, which brings the brethren against her, encased in a rock prison by 

      wounds of harassment made from friends-brethren and elder sisters of tithe, dusky, 

      dawn, looketh forth as morning, duskiness of dawn, to be dim at dawn, search for truth 

      painstakingly, to be up early in earnestness, do something, enquire early, rise, seek be

      times, seek diligently, 
early in the morning, hiding, enveloped in darkness) but comely 

       (suitable, beautiful, be
 ometh, seemly, rest as at home, to celebrate with praises, satis

      faction, lovely, temple of God, residence, flocks, pasture, wild animal den, tread veil in 

      pieces, spread, expanded, conquer, overlay, subdue, spend, exposed, made naked with 

      slander and gossip, humiliated, brought to nothing, back sting or back biting, betrayed, 

      criticized with cruel jealousy, condemned, locked up in pit--rock prison house, kept out of

      sight/in darkness by the Shepherd) O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Ke 

      dar (the houses of the United States of America; and cause to mourn in sackcloth or 

      sordid garments, forced to wash hands over and over again, be made dark, dusky tent), 

      as the curtains (to be broken up with any violent action, near to violence, to fear, be 

      grievous, to spoil by breaking to pieces, to make good for nothing, to make bad, afflict, 

      mistakenly judged, punish, hanging as tremulous, fish net surrounding the temple court

      yard for catching souls of Shlomo’s temple, of the people who guard its truths) of Solo

      mon (king, Lemuel, EL, Jah, God, Deity, Self-Existing Eternal One).

6 Look not upon me (stare at her, spy upon her, trying to find fault with her, accusing her, 

     humiliating her, drawing everyone‘s attention to her blackness--the soot from their 

     wounding accusations), because I am black (veiled from sight, hidden by the Shepherd,

     gentile), because the sun hath looked upon me (all this brought upon her, because 

     she obeyed His calling, because the Shepherd chose her special above all the other 

     women on earth): my mother’s children (group of the apple people of the twelve with a 

     common connection) were angry (incensed, wroth, waxed hot, displeased, burn, heat of

     jealousy, vie with a rival, close, contend, accused by the brethren and elder sisters of the

     apple people, filled with Potipher’s anger) with me; they made me the keeper of the 

     vineyards (forced into a corner, into a prison house by shooting arrows at her, not allow 

     ing her to escape regardless of what she said or tired to do, not letting her speak for her

     self, keeping her from going in or coming out from among her people, her vineyard, de

     stroying her influence); but mine own vineyard (charges: apple people of the twelve) 

     have I not kept (stopped from having influence with her own people, apple of the 


7 Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth (from childhood up, reading over and over again the 

       stories about the Good Shepherd) where thou feedest (She travels afar to find Him in 

       Jerusalem, but misses Him somehow on her first trip there. She visits His sepulcher on 

       Valentine’s Day while it is snowing outside and gets drenched with water. Her tears 

       blinds her and she does not see Him. He was waiting for her all this time at the sanctu-

       ary, and she failed to ask for directions, and missed Him. He was just around the corner 

       from where she stayed at the YMCA, and she missed Him for whom she had come so 

       far to see! !He wasn’t wearing a cap as the Jewish men do today or the prayer shawl 

       with strings at its fringes that Sabbath Day, Valentine’s Day. She is first to everything that

       has anything to do with the sprinkled blood. It is a passion with her in this search. She 

       leaves on the air porter to Tel Aviv, and an angel-like person tells her that everything is 

       going to be okay, that she can come back another time to find Him. He teaches her how 

       to distribute small literature in a successful way. She can hardly keep from jumping off 

       the air porter to go find her lover), where thou makest thy flock (apple people of the 

       twelve) to rest (and I will rest with you) at noon: for why should I be as one that        

       turneth (to wrap, cover, veil, hide her true self) aside by the flocks of thy companions

       (associates, apple of his eye, she does not recognize Him fully yet, or know where He 

Chorus of the Apple Women from the People of the Twelve:
8 If thou know not (questioning why she does not know, but they think it is because she does 

       not really know Him for she is covered in black), O thou fairest among women, go thy 

       way forth by the footsteps (of the apple people--apple of His eye, track, the rear of an 

       army, it must be the rear for she is not worthy to be at the head of the army as they think,

       heel, horse hoof, heel by mistake, seize by heel, tripping up, they feel that she needs to 

       be converted, mistakenly judging her, and thinking that the false shepherds--plural--are 

       not false, they direct her to an unsafe place, where she may drink out of the broken 

       down cistern, because they lack faith in the blood that kissed the Ten Commandments 

       under the Cross of Calvary) of the flock (those who profess to have the Spirit and to do 

       His works), and feed thy kids (who are cut off, border of a river, cut into by stream, al

       lowed to fall through the cracks, considered to be of none importance, neglected youth), 

       beside the shepherds’ tents (sanctuary of the shepherds of the flocks, many who 

       muddy the watering hole with the vile inroads of spiritualism).

Shulamite Girl:
9 I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses (a strong white unicorn skipping

      and leaping for joy, imparting His strength to her so she can keep staying alive and walk

      ing through the valleys and on the mountain tops of life, to the white horse speckled with 

      red set apart from the speckled and white horses in the heavenly patch of Myrtle trees. A

      whisper of stirring can be heard as the leaves begin to move by the unseen wind. All of 

      heaven notices the stirring of the pages as the single girl searches for her lover in the 

      Word) in pharaoh’s chariots (rapid flight, climbing upward, the vehicle belonging to the 

      heavenly Father, the Father personally selecting the queen for the Shepherd and it must 

      be the firstling of earth. The Father is very much a part of the girl’s life. The King’s horse 

      rides to heaven, the King’s donkey shines as a picture on the face of the moon beside 

      the face of His chosen and beloved queen).

10 Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels (search out, something prepared, vessel, pot--

     human, weapon, armour bearer, artillery, carriage, furnish, seek, tool), thy neck (Hebrew

     meaning: Shechem where ancient Joseph was buried for 100--complete, pieces of silver,

     ridge, shoulder, burden to carry, helping the Shepherd to carry burdens, the youth con

     nected to the shoulder that lifts the arm to finish the work; modern Joseph/Shulamite girl,

     removed by the Shepherd from shouldering the pots--people and taken to heaven to 

     work in the courts with the Shepherd; the arm of youth finish her work on her behalf) 

     with chains (freedom, the truth shall set you free, afflictions to identify the true princess)

     of gold (the Shepherd’s faith and love in her).

11 We will make thee borders of gold (to shimmer, yellow as oil, clear sky, fair weather) with 

     studs (mark by puncturing or branding, plucked, a brand pulled out of the fire, crowned 

     queen with multiple crowns) of silver (become pale, to fear, redemption price).

12 While the king sitteth (on the bench just behind His love) at his table (banquet house, 

     December of 2007; He comes to visit the sanctuary as is His custom on the Sabbath 

     day; as she turns and recognizes her friend, His left index finger points to his temple 

     area as He says in a low voice, “I thought that I would find you here”) my spikenard 

     (alabaster box of her living to work for Him, all that she has; physical, mental and spiri-

     tual human presence as a female, fragrance, lovely, idea of the gleam of a fresh furrow, 

     tilled soil, to glisten, a lamp--burner or light, candle, lamp, light, ploughing, freshly 

   plough, fallow round, tillage, firstling shooting up) sendeth forth the smell (beautiful 

   character unfolding, the work of her hands praising her, original piece of art that delights 

   Him to no end, but she does not perceive who He is yet, though she faithfully follows the 

   footsteps of the flock and rests by the shepherds’ tents in the sanctuary on the Sabbath 

   day) thereof (it reaches His nostrils sitting behind her ever so quietly. She gives Him her

   song book, but He does not sing. She leaves Him in the sanctuary after the service to go

   find something to eat in the kitchen, and He follows her; He brings her a cup of herb tea, 

   singling her out from the rest. The girl takes some sips, and then walks to the kitchen 

   and throws it out, when she hears Him inviting her to spend Sabbath afternoon with Him 

   and His friends. She is pleasantly comfortable with the amount of food in her tummy, and

   doesn’t want liquids to hurt her digestion. But to her quiet dismay, He is right behind her 

   and sees her pouring out the tea He so kindly gave to her. “Shucks!”

   She suggests that He get to know the other girls in the sanctuary for after all she will 

   leave and they will still be in Jerusalem, but He quietly says, “They do not know Me”. 

   She wonders, Do I Know you more than they do? She is worried that He might have hurt

   their feelings saying such a thing, but their faces are as expressionless as stone, be

   cause apparently they do not seem to hear Him speaking to her. Nothing stops this gen-

   tleman from pursuing her, nothing. She goes to bed early and turns down an invitation to

   meet His Bible study group that He is working with, because she is sick and feels so 

   tired. Yet, it doesn’t dampen Him. He comes to her door again and again, dauntless. To 

   others, she looks like she is the sister with no breasts, but He knows what the other side 

   of the wall looks like, and no wall can keep Him out. He bores a hole, knowing by faith 

   she will sprout and burst through.

   He plans to meet up with some Jewish friends by the Jaffa Gate who plan to walk 

   around the old city learning from the Shepherd. As they leave the sanctuary, he takes 

   her to see a little friend in the foyer of the sanctuary, whose parents are in the chapel for 

   afternoon services of a different ethnic group. He has made friends with her, and the little

   girl is delighted to see Him again. He seems to strut like a lion with the Shulamite girl be

   side Him. He is so full of energy doing missionary work throughout the city for His peo-

   ple. He seems so alive and active, and cheerfully doing it. He says that He works at the 

   hotel and juggles His schedule constantly to be able to do the Bible studies and guide 

   work. His passion for the Jewish people and for Jerusalem bubbles over like a fountain 

   of living water. He said, “If I did some speaking in front of the people, would you come to 

   hear me?” The girl said, “Of course I would”. He shared a speaking experience that was 

   making an impact on the thinking of a few Jews. He believed that the status of the Jew in

   the eyes of the world was definitely changing according to prophecy.

   The merry Hebrew-speaking group weave in and out among brown-robed monks going 

   through their timeless rituals of celebrating “the light” that ushered in long ago the day of 

   the immaculate conception of Jesus, the ninth month and the twenty-fourth day. The 

   Jewish community were celebrating Hanukkah that same week, but for a different             

   reason. The surroundings are glamorous with ornate, golden decorations of pompous

   cathedral effects. The proclaimed Holy Sepulcher site by the queen mother of Constan-

   tine is near by with its lavishly decorated scene, surrounded by monks performing their 

   annual rites.

   The Shepherd heads down a narrow aisle and quickly a brown robed monk chases Him 

   out. The Shepherd had taken her down this same path on another trip to Israel, but this 

   time when the monk chased Him out, what He was trying to help her see, clicked. The 

   light turned on in her head. He wanted to go with her to the airport when she left, but she

   could not see her way through it clearly.

   At the airport as she stood in line for the last inspection before boarding the airline, three

   tall men stood in front of her in her line. As she stood there, one man started looking 

   over His shoulder nervously, and that is when she realized the three men were together. 

   Then all three seemed to be watching her. She gulped, and started praying, Dear Lord, 

   please impress the attendants to keep America safe, Amen. When the three tall men 

   came up to the attendant she had each of them open their suit cases for inspection. The 

   girl did not notice anyone else having their stuff gone through at this last check point. 

   Thank you, Lord for keeping us safe, she prayed.

   Later on the flight to America, she noticed the fourth man that she had previously seen at

   the first check point, standing up in the back behind the three tall men as if making a 

   presence to keep everyone safe. She wondered who he was, and as he slowly walked 

   past her seat, she saw that He was a priest with the priestly collar. He was wearing a 

   black long coat. Now she knew who the three tall men were, they were monks who had 

   come to Israel to help with the festivity of lights.

   The Shepherd shared with the girl, that in Israel, for a Jewish person to change to 

   Christianity was a huge issue that might cost you your life. It might even be considered 

   anti-Semitic to profess Jesus Christ as the Messiah. She was so grateful to be an Ameri-

   can with religious freedom to even be wrong if she chose to do so, without incurring per-

   secution by the law of the land. She shared with her friend how someday, the laws would

   change in America, and the people would lose that freedom. But she was grateful to 

   have the freedom to speak, to publish the wonderful news that begins in Jerusalem. He 

   listened as if thrilled to hear her say it. He radiated in fact with joy, His face tilted up, a 

   smile on His lips, and shoulders back. He sparkled. So His actions spoke louder to her 

   than His words. What a wise young man. He understood the times, and worked with 

   wisdom beyond His years. He certainly could sit at the gate with the elders and make 

   His mark, this darling of hers.

   The Vatican and the Arabs kept the Jews from spilling over into Palestine during the 

   Holocaust. Thousands of Jews could have been saved by just a little bit of kindness and 

   generosity. Not far away is a German compound surrounded by a barbed wire fence 

   looming up high. The Shepherd asks, “Why do you think there is a fence?” He answers 

   the question Himself with vehemence and astonishment, “It was built to keep the Jews 

   out!” It was built in the Jewish quarter of the old city, thus surrounded by Jews. He truly 

   loved His own people. It could not be disguised in any shape or form. He was alive and 

   actively winning souls for His kingdom.

   When He sat behind her on the sanctuary pew earlier that same Sabbath day, He looked

   like the whole world was on His shoulders. His face was pale, almost a grayish hue, a 

   worn look. But after spending the day with His lover and friend, He was smiling, eyes 

   were glistening, and skin looked rosy. It made her happy to know that she had encour

   aged her darling that much. 

      She watches as an old man speaks angrily at the Shepherd in the old city by the shops 

      of the Palestinians. They had just come out from a patio where Danish people met to 

      study the Word. The Shepherd wanted to introduce His friends, but was interrupted by 

      the angry Palestinian. He quietly tries to soothe the man, but it is no use. The Shepherd 

      explains that the old man heard them talking Hebrew and it angered him. The girl never 

      ceased to be amazed at the wisdom displayed by such a young man. Soon the young 

      couple who gladly let the Shepherd show them around the ancient city, said good-bye, 

      and the Shepherd explained that they were going down lover’s lane alone. They spoke 

      Hebrew so she couldn’t understand anything. “I will teach you Hebrew,” He offered as 

      He showed her a Hebrew book He brought. Later He would apologize for not starting the


      He had a cheerful, bright expression, smiled, was solemn at times, kind, gentle, a 

      gentleman, very perceiving of her needs, reading it seemed her very thoughts. He asked

      what she would like at the coffee shop, and she questioned Him as to what was avail

      able as she couldn’t read the menu without her glasses. She had unwittingly purchased 

      and then promptly lost much to her dismay just before catching the airline to Israel. She 

      wanted to see if they served herb tea, but was afraid to ask for a menu. He stipulated no 

      Coke, no coffee, no sugar for Him. Now she felt safe to say that she would like to order 

      whatever He ordered. He said a “vanilla drink”, but didn’t say the word milk. She discov-

      ered that the vanilla drink was milk with a “natural sweetener”, he explained. She ate the 

      whipped milk on top ever so slowly, because ever since she was a little girl she couldn’t 

      stand milk in a glass taste. She spooned a few sips, then stopped. He quickly drank his 

      to the bottom of the glass, and then stood up when He saw she was finished. “I should 

      have ordered you herb tea” He said quickly and quietly. “Lets go, I don’t like the music 

      that is starting to play”, and they exited the café in a flash it seemed).

13 A bundle of myrrh (bitter, distilling in drops, be grieved, moved with anger, sculpturing 

      character process) is my well-beloved unto me; he shall lie all night (acquaintance 

      developed in darkness, stay permanently, continue, her reaction: obstinate, complain, 

      dwell, endure, murmur, tarry) betwixt my breasts (in her heart).

14 My beloved (Shepherd) is unto me as a cluster of camphire (used for coating, used for 

     dyeing, redemption price, bribe, ransom, satisfied, sum of money) in the vineyards 

     (people of his Jewish nationality in His country--an army) of Engedi (from a village of 

     Palestine, a young fountain of a kid goat for sin-offering , not pleasing to the leaders, an 

     eye, eye of the landscape of the world and the universe, affliction, outward appearance 

     of a man--real live human being with white skin to touch and coal-black eyes--slightly 

     protruding, searching, luminous, brilliant, depthless, facial expression of content, lovely 

     countenance that proves innocence, displeases the rulers who do not perceive His iden-

     tity, has dark eyebrows, has a long face, roundish head, favor, fountain, furrow, tall-over 

     six foot, him-male, owns the key of knowledge to unlock the fountain of living water, him

     self, openly shares, humble, well--looking, regards others, very perceiving of the real 

     situation, resemblance of man, thinks, browsing among His people of the twelve, kid, cut

     off, border of a stream, a bank, village of female fortune, sin offering for world, presents 

     Himself as a human being among the people, playing the part of a man).
King Solomon:
15 Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves’ eyes (turtle dove’s 

     eyes, warmth, effervescence, sparkle, twinkle of bemusement, kindness really and car-


16 Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant: also our bed (an arch, portico in the 

     canopy of the sky, the couch, entrance to the heavenly place) is green (flourishing, 

     prosperous, verdant, alive, vitality, living green, alive with the Spirit).

17 The beams of our house are cedar (people of the twelve who have tenacious roots, firm for

     truth), and our rafters of fir (people of the twelve guarding the truth revealed in the 

     study of Solomon’s Temple cast into the ground) 

Chapter 2

King Solomon:
I am the Rose of Sharon (edible, loving and lovable, male, God on His throne), and (dual 

      incarnated God, self-existing eternal), the Lily of the Valleys (poisonous, 100% human 

      being like all the lilies in the valleys of the planet called earth, the only fallen world, the 

      one He came to save and successfully conquered).

Shulamite Girl:
2 As the lily (the girl is a human female on earth) among thorns (cruelly jealous, criticizing, 

      slandering, unkind soot, jabs of the pointers), so is my love among the daughters (of 

      the apple people of the twelve).

3 As the apple(from its fragrance, fruit of tree, house of the apple, family, temple, daughter, 

      people of the twelve, and a house soon to experience the puff, blow hard, scatter, kindle 

      a fire, disesteem, blow, breath, give, cause to lose life) tree (its wood of firmness as a 

      strong ash tree, carpenter, gallows, stick of Ephraim, a boy turned into a man, blending 

      with the stick of the Shulamite girl/Joseph as one in goals, purpose, plans, while 

      Manasseh--causing to forget the wounds, a girl, helps him stay on the narrow path, with

      out which he would not be. As one stick working from above and one working from be

      low, to fasten or make firm, to close the eyes, shut as the work is finished for the day and

      night draws on, from the people of the twelve with the power) among the trees (people 

      of the twelve) of the wood, so is my beloved (a real human being as a man interacting 

      with the Shulamite girl, a tree on earth, playing the part of a man, Jehovah, Good Shep-

      herd and King Solomon) among the sons (human males on earth). I sat (to sit down as 

      in ambush judge, in quiet, to dwell, remain, to settle, to marry, abide, continue, establish,

      endure, habitation, seat, set, place, tarry) down under his shadow (twilight, defense, 

      shade, begin to get dark, hidden from others by Jehovah, kept secret in the cleft of the 

      rock, being close in so that His shadow could touch her, physically so close that He 

      could touch her hands with tenderness and affection, putting His arm around her, His big

      hand touching her slender, curving waist) with great delight (greatly beloved, beauty, 

      covet, delectable thing, desire, goodly, pleasant, lust, precious thing), and his fruit 

      (bough, reward, cause to be, make fruitful, grow, increase, one of Solomon’s servants 

      who has been poor, crushed as a winepress, the crushing of grapes, break, a lot or a 

      broken piece, bring to nothing, utterly take, afflicted, His kind and tender ways touched 

       her wounded heart deeply) was sweet (suck, relish) to my taste (sense of tasting, pal

       ate inside mouth, speech, taste, kissing, feeling love for Him such as never felt before).

4 He brought (compelled her to come to meet Him in the sanctuary, always the sanctuary, 

out, apple of the eye--pupil of the eye, befall, apply, besiege, bring forth, call, 

      carry, cause, let, thing for, to come against, cause to enter, be fallen, fetch, give, go 

      down into war, invade, lead, lift up, pull in, put, resort to, send, set, to pierce, be hollow, 

      foolish, vain) me to the banqueting (sanctuary on the Sabbath Day in a far off land, ef-

      fervesce, intoxication) house (temple, sanctuary), and his banner (raise a flag, stan

      dard, flount, to be conspicuous, set up with banners, public with His preference over the 

      other maidens for the Shulamite, open about His love for her; Right out of the blue He 

      asks her if she drives a car around where she lives, not surprising when she walks eve

      rywhere in Jerusalem, refusing to take taxis or buses. “Yes, I drive a car around”, she 

      answered simply) over (shadowing, under His wing of protection, in His strength, people

      of liberality, people of a congregated unit, tribe of spiritual Israel, collect, troops or atten-

      dants, guards, pillars of temple, a flock--folk, men, nation, people, protector) me was 

      love (preferential affection in a good sense, there will you find the Shepherd, the stone 

      of Israel, near the Shulamite girl/Joseph/Joshua).

5 Stay (reflex, to lean upon or take hold of, favorable sense; bear up, establish, uphold, rest 

      self, set self, sustain) me with flagons (something closely pressed together, a fully 

      baked cake of raisens, not half-baked as the Ephraims #1 are--liberals/giants among the

      people of the 
 twelve, sense of pressing down firmly, ruined foundation: foundation, fire, 

      burning, flaming, fiery, hot, afflictions), comfort (spread a bed/arch, refresh, renew) me 

      with apples (fragrance, sweet odor of a young, pupil of eye, apple of the Shepherd’s 

      eye): for I am sick (lovesick for lover that is gone, hidden in darkness, rubbed or worn, 

      weak, afflicted, to be grieved, infirmity, put to writhing in pain, fallen to ground in pain of 

      mind, heart, intreat, pray, sore, be sorry, woman in travail, be wounded on left foot of 

      Pollux in the sky, the Gemini twin) of love (affection in good sense).

6 His left (idea of wrapping up, dark--as enveloped, the north--by orientation: of Jerusalem in 

       caves and tunnels in the underground sanctuary, the left side of the Ark of the Covenant 

       and in front of Solomon’s temple, Boaz is the twin pillar on the left in Solomon’s Porch 

       and the arch in the sky, a cover assuming the shape of the object beneath, a mantle--

       apparel, clothing, garment, raiment, a dress from heaven, from the king, as in Zechariah 

       3 with Joshua) hand is under my head (as most easily shaken, shaking, band, afflic-

       tions, chains--freedom, beginning, chapiter--crown, head, weight, company--dancing or 

       writhing in pain, highest part, lead, poor, ruler, sum, top) and his right (right hand of a 

       person who is the Shepherd, as coming from the south--orientation which is Jerusalem 

       for Jerusalem is south of the temple underground, so this man/God resides or seats on 

       his throne up in heaven and on the earthly footstool-ark, facing us which puts his right 

       hand on the side of the blood of the covenant sprinkled on the mercy seat where Boaz 

       stands on the left side of the ark and in Solomon’s porch, so Boaz stands on the left side

       of the ark and the right side of the throne in heaven, the queen’s place) hand doth em

       brace (to clasp hands, to fold--sheep fold of heaven, Boaz, Joseph #2 sits on the right 

       hand of the sheepherder in heaven next to his right arm, thus embracing, the Ark of the 

       Covenant on earth, the resting place for his blood is the footstool of his throne in heaven,

       so left 
becomes right above, the queen is embraced by the king) me.
7 I charge (by the legal lawsuit of heaven, to be complete, to seven oneself, swear as by 

      repeating a declaration seven times, adjure, charge by an oath straitly, feed to the full by 

      mistake as being full, satisfied, in need of nothing, be weary of, Laodicea) you, O ye 

      daughters of Jerusalem by the roes (in the sense of prominence, splendor as con-

      spicuous, a gazelle--beautiful, glorious, goodly, pleasant, to amass, grow turgid, to array 

      an army against:--fight, swell), and by the hinds (a doe or a female deer as from a stag 

      or male deer, strength, anything strong, chief, as a strong support, oak or other strong 

      tree, mighty man, post, door, to twist, be strong, the body as being rolled together, pow 

      erful) of the field (to spread out, flat, country, ground, land, soil, wild, North America, 

      founded peaceful reasons, to rain, to teach, flow as water of life, throw an arrow, to 

      shoot, to point out, aiming with finger, archer, cast, direct, inform, instruct, show, teacher,

      through, to be safe in mind, body or estate, make completed of the sanctuary service, 

      repair and rebuild, finish, give again, make amends, repay, be at peace, make prosper

      ous, recompense, make restitution, restore), that ye stir (opening of eyes, to wake, lift 

      up self, raise up, stir self, to be bare or made naked) not up, nor awake my love, till he

      please (when the law of Moses comes out of its hiding place, the waters of the world will

      overflow, incline, rarely to bend, to be pleased with, desire, wish, take delight, favor, like, 

      move, be well pleased, have pleasure, will, would).

8 The voice (call aloud, sound, cry out, fame, lightness, noise, hold peace, proclaim, proclama-

      tion, sing new song, spark of fire, thundering, yell) of my beloved (His human voice 

      speaks close to her ear teaching her)! Behold (see, expressing surprised, speechless, 

      mute, silenced), he cometh (bring forth, call, carry, certainly cause, employ, cause to en

      ter in trance, fetch, go down in war, take in) leaping (to spring) upon all the mountains 

of hills or mountains of Jerusalem, shares His promotion soon to come of judging

      His people and chooses the Shulamite to work with Him, to loom up soon, He declares 

      His lion pride of having her next to Him), skipping (to draw together, close, leap by con

      tracting limbs, stop, take out of the way, the white unicorn prancing joyfully on the field of

      the Jerusalem mountain over the prison house) upon the hills (of Jerusalem, house, 

      cup, pot, goblet, little hill, representing the calyx of a flower--open flower as all over the 

      inside walls of the most holy place in Solomon’s temple, a place).

9 My beloved (friend, Shepherd, lover, God and man) is like a roe or a young hart (in the 

of ram, or stag as in a male deer; instead of looking like God that is thousands of 

     years old--very old, infinite age. He looks 26 years old, at the prime of His life, a young 

     man in the eyes of the maiden, younger than she, from perpetual youth obtained from 

     the fountain of eternal youth): behold, he standeth (abide behind, appoint, arise, con

     firm, be employed, establish, endure, ordain, raise up, repair, serve, standby fast, firm, 

     tarry) behind (pursuing, seeing, remnant) our wall (to compact, as gathering inmates), 

     he looketh (glance sharply at, look narrowly) forth at the windows (a window as perfo

     rated), shewing (twinkle, glance,to blossom, flourish, bloom, show self) himself 

     through the lattice (to perforate, braid, entangle or snare or catch--game, in a net--

     roast; literally revealing Himself as a human being, meeting with her in public places).

King Solomon:
10 My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise (begging her to come with him, takes her here 

     and there and everywhere throughout the city, be clearer, confirm, decree, be dim, en

     dure enemy, make good, help, hold, lift up, help up, ordain, perform, raise up, rear up, 

     rouse up, set up, establish, make to stand up, stir up, strengthen, succeed, make surely, 

      uphold) up, my love, my fair (to be bright, beautiful, be--make self fair, deck with health

      ful living, natural cosmetics, cultivating her feminine charm, being herself, character de-

      velopment, meek, lowly, kind, transparent as glass, hiding of self in the rock, humble, 

      forgets self, helps the needy whether rich, or poor or neglected or sorrowing or sinning--

      no respecter of person) one, and come (to walk, to carry again or away, bear, depart, 

      flow, get away, cause to make go, one’s way out, a rescue, a deliverer from enemy, lead 

      forth, cause to run, take away on a journey, vanish, wax weak or dim as going so far 

      away cannot be seen anymore) away (“Stay with me. Don’t leave”, begs the Shepherd. 

      “I must go”, answers the Shulamite girl, her eyes wide with consternation at His request. 

      She cannot be effective where proselytizing and religious freedom is not upheld. She 

      needed to have freedom of speech and the press to do her work. She does not know 

      who He is yet).

11 For, lo, the winter (hide, dark season of afflictions) is past (escape, make go away, beyond,

      over, through) the rain (shower violently, afflictions) is over and gone (talebearer de

      parted, whirled away. She has been licked clean and made fresh by her darling);

12 The flowers (spring in the desert, blossom, brilliancy, hawk from its flashing speed, open, 

     bursting) appear (approve, advise, discern, make to enjoy life, experience, gaze, take 

     heed, joyfully, look on one another, meet, be near, perceive, present, provide, regard, 

     have respect, cause to see, show self, sight of others, spy, stare, think, view, visions) on 

     earth (a land, North American land where the North American Indian Corn only grew, 

     country, field, ground, nation, the way through the sanctuary truth, 
wilderness, world); 

     the time (now, long due season, evening, meal) of the singing (new song starting to be

     sung by the apple people, song accompanied with musical 
instruments, striking of the 

     fingers on the 
instrument, to touch the strings, to play upon it, to make music, accompa-

     nied by the voice, give praise, sing forth praises, psalms, the new song) of birds (new 

     song sung by apple people, cherubs singing in the most holy place, the place of chains 

     draped over the veil, the twin pillars and their new song, new prophecy) is come (now), 

     and the voice of the turtle (The Shepherd’s sweet dove speaks and her voice is heard 

     concerning the things found in Jerusalem, jewels brought up out of the sands of Israel 

     concerning our times. She introduces the new song, the new prophecy to the apple peo-

     ple; term of endearment, a succession, giving of the mantle, ring-dove--warmth, made 

     mute, silenced, made speechless, string, border, row, turning of the wall to new place, 

     new era) is heard in our land (America, a new song that begins in Jerusalem from afar, 

     and brought to America to the apple people);

      13 The fig tree putteth (ripen, embalm put forth, representing the Jew who comes to 

      believe in Jesus as the Messiah--getting ready to proclaim the Sabbath day with the 

      people of the twelve, the apple people) her green (crude, unripe fruit as yet, but is ripen

      ing) figs, and the vines (people of the twelve, which is the vineyard of the Shulamite 

      girl, she comes from them, twining, bending) with the tender grape give a good smell 

      (Later, the Shepherd e-mails her and says referring to Zechariah 3 and 4, “The Jew and 

      the Gentile under the olive tree in the Garden of Heaven, is that a prophecy happening 

      or what?”;

      Hebrew meaning: odor as if blown, to blow, breathe, perceive, anticipate, enjoy, accept, 

      touch, make of quick understanding. Friday evening after the Sabbath begins, she walks

      with her roommate and two young men to the wailing wall in the old part of Jerusalem. 

      They encourage her to go down and touch the wall, making a wish. The girl told of a lady

      who placed her prayer on a piece of paper for blankets. Her family was cold and had no 

      blankets, and included her name and address. Someone saw the note tucked into the 

      wailing wall and read it. Blankets were promptly delivered to the family. The girl went up 

      to the wall and placed her left hand outstretched, palm side down, on the wailing wall 

      and said a silent prayer, “I want to go to heaven now” The youth with her wanted to know

      what she said, but she said, “I’m not telling”) and smiled. Arise, my love, my fair one, 

      and come away (The next day, she meets the Shepherd for the second time on her 

      fourth trip to Israel in the sanctuary on the Sabbath day as was His custom. This time, 

      instead of saying, “I would want to marry you if you were a Jewish girl”, He says “I would 

      be so proud to have you work with me for the Jewish Agency that is soon to start. I 

      would love to have you be my wife”, He speaks tenderly as He looks down at her, She 

      thinks, Jewish agency? What exactly is He saying, I don’t understand, but she tries. She 

      says, “I would be proud to help you”, but she ponders, I don’t know how I can when I live

      in America, and you live here. The thoughts continue, marry you? You are too young for 

      me”, but her lips stay sealed). He asks, “Where are you from? Do you know if you are 

      from the ten tribes?” She knows that she is from France through the line of the        

      Hugenots, but she does not tell Him, instead she simply says, “I am from Europe”.

14 O my dove (My turtle dove; a poor girl raised in poverty, but rich in spirit; the Shepherd grew 

     up in a poor family as well, and had not where to lay His head; they understood each 

     other, these two poor children; warmth, quiet, gentle one, soft-spoken), that art in the 

     clefts (a refuge, an opening in the rock to hide, the lone tree between the large boulders

     on top of blackened Mt. Sinai, the place of the giving of Moses’ law, able to view the 

     glory of God from the cleft of the rock) in the secret (an agent for the Shepherd kept 

     hidden, under cover, protection, hiding place, privily) places (near the tombs of King 

     David and King Solomon, near the Good Shepherd in the most holy place) places of the

     stairs (steep or inaccessible place by horseback), let me see thy countenance (come-

     liness, view, mental vision, fair, favored, goodly to see, sight, visage, vision), let me hear

     thy voice (loud sound of the trumpet, cry a loud cry, proclamation, sing, spare not); for 

     sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely (When I stood with you as you left

     the first time, I was deeply touched with you. He talked as if it were only yesterday. “How

     could He remember so well? And being so young, how could He still be unattached?” 

     She wondered. It had been several years! How could He be so earnest, when she didn’t 

     think He knew her very well at all? He talked as if He knew her very well, even to reading

     her thoughts! But because of Him, she worked hard to each His people with the truth, 

     and to help train the apple people to be witnesses for the king.

      Once she sat in front of a bank by the tents of hugenots in the wilderness of America, 

      and basked in the warm sunshine which was not too plentiful in April along the coastland

      of the Pacific. She was waiting to get cash from her account to place in her daughter’s 

      account to help them out in a needy time. A young dark haired man with wavy hair 

      comes up to where she is sitting on a cement block, which places her at eye level with 

      him standing. He has a book in his hand with tabs. It is a Bible that looks like a book. He 

      offers it to her for $2.00. But she knows that the change in her purse does not add up to 

      $2.00. “I don’t have enough money” she said sorrowfully. He offered to give it to her free,

      because it was too big for him to carry around. “A pocket book would be easier for me”, 

      he said as he pointed to his shirt pocket.

      She didn’t notice him leave, for she was too busy reading. As she opened the Bible, 

      Psalm 119 stared at her from its pages. What she read leaped out at her, for it was the 

      very thing she needed most. She felt like a wine skin shriveling up in the smoke. The 

      verse spoke to her personally, “I will take you up”, God spoke personally to her heart.

      She thought back to the young man riding on the air porter with her in Jerusalem that 

      told her everything would be okay the first time she visited Jerusalem. Displaying the 

      utmost finesse and courtesy, the blonde-haired young man opened a small leaflet about 

      Moses and the law, showing the Jewish boy the Hebrew words. The boy was wearing a 

      tall black hat, and had side curls, and in Jerusalem to study to become a rabbi like his 

      older brother. But the boy was too distracted to pay close attention to the words, and he 

      was learning apparently how to read Hebrew. The blonde-haired man quietly slipped the 

      literature into his front coat pocket, saying quietly and kindly, “You can read it later when 

      you have time”. It impressed her that the man managed to get it into the pocket without 

      so much as stirring the expression on the young boy’s face.

      This small pocket book idea was being burned onto her brain. Yes, she would make 

      a Daniel and Revelation pocket book smaller than she had ever done before. In fact, she

      would start over, and make her old version brand new. She thought for sure the 

      man standing before her at the bank, and the young man talking to her on the air porter 

      were indeed angels with a mission. And for some reason they chose her to reveal them


      Now, what about this young man that was taking her about Jerusalem, teaching her 

      about the Jewish people? Who was He really? Was He an angel too? But no, He had 

      family even though adopted in Israel, He talked on the phone, and gave her His cell 

      phone number. He was Jewish, but said that He would not wear a cap or prayer shawl. 

      She decided that He was definitely a human being, because He drank down the vanilla 

      drink quickly, right? She rested her case).

15 Take us the foxes (burrower, to hollow out, the palm, hollow of the band, handful), the little 

     (to kill, slay, diminutive in quantity, size or number, age or importance, least, lesser, 

     smallest, younger, youngest) foxes, that spoil (wind tightly as a rope or band or chain, 

     to bind by a pledge to each other, destroy, writhe in pain, corruptly destroy, offend, take a

     pledge, spoil, travail, withhold, harass, neglect, reproach, inconvenience) the vines: for 

     our vines have tender (ready, poisonous, made of gold, strong, backed up by the 

     Shepherd, Jah) grapes (Jehovah-saved).

Shulamite Girl:
16 My beloved is mine (she knows she loves God and always would, but the Good Shepherd 

     standing before her is human, is He not? He certainly has won her heart as His friend), 

     and I am his (she accepts God as her protector, prince, and His blood on the mercy 

     seat, and she accepts this young man as her friend--again end of story): he feedeth (to 

     tend a flock, pasture it, to associate with as a friend, keep company with, make friend

     ship with, keep sheep, pastor, shearing house, shepherd) among the lilies (You will find

     Him by the Shulamite girl, His girl, a lily from its whiteness, as an open flower or arch, 

     also one form of a lily is a straight trumpet).
17 Until the day (warm hours, hot, from sunrise to sunset, or from sunset to sunset, space of 

      time, season, year) break (to blow with the breath of air, hence to fan as a breeze, to 

      utter, to kindle a fire, to scoff:--blow upon, break, puff, bring into a snare, speak, utter), 

      and the shadows (shade, twilight, begin to be dark, to tumble down, settle by a waving 

      motion:--sink, wax faint) flee (vanish away, subside, escape, put to flight, make go away,

      abate, hide, lift up a standard against the enemy) away, turn (revolve around, surround, 

      border, bring, cast, fetch, lead, walk, whirl round about, besiege, change, cause to come 

      about, circuit, compass, drive, beset--come close, remove from the pots, from among the

      humans, return, set, turn self about, back), my beloved, and be thou like a roe or a 

      young hart upon the mountains of Bether (craggy place in Palestine, chop up: divide, 

      a piece, part, judgment, energetic, an extrovert).

Chapter Three

      By night (winter near, stay with over the rainy season, the vicinity of, give such 

      things as she has, to labor under a storm, a gale:--to tossed with tempest, channel

      as a storm, pouring rain, foul weather, afflictions) on my bed (arch, couch) I sought 

      him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not (He had physically disap

      peared out of sight, no response is heard, take hold on, be present, to come forth, 

      meet, speed, war, club, battle ax).

2 I will rise now, and go about the city (a place guarded or watched, spied upon, court, town, 

        traveling around in America) in the streets (dark, turbid, a stream of Egypt--gentile 

        world, darkish whiteness), and in the broad (make open, wide, the way as the avenue 

        or area to be, make room, make open wide) ways (house of, the street of North Amer

        ica) I will seek him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not.

3 The watchmen (lay wait for, guard, hedge about as with thorns, protect, take heed, keeper, 

     look narrowly, observe, preserve truth, regard, reserve, save self, watch) that go about 

     the city found me (they were hunting her down, spying on her, tracking and watching 

     for errors in her, they did not care if she was afflicted or not, they cared only for their 

     own): to whom I said, Saw ye him whom my soul loveth (but they did not know Him, 

     He could have walked right by them and they would not have known that it was the 

     Good Shepherd, they would be embarrassed to be connected to Him if they did know)?

4 It was but a little (She had just recently come from the apple people who did not believe in 

      the blood of the covenant, and verbally said so, thus failing to recognize the Shepherd 

      when He walked past them a few minutes before) that I passed from them, but I found

      him whom (by searching afar for truth, the fact that she recognized Him showed that 

      she knew Him personally) my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go (she 

      could not bear to let Him go again, she was not embarrassed to call Him her lover and 

      friend), until I 
had brought him into my mother’s (family’s dwelling on earth--desert) 

      house (place/family of birth),and into the chamber (place where conceived, town, 

      house, country) of her that conceived (gave birth, progenitor that surpasses the ancient

      Joseph’s progenitor) me (He meets the family as a man seeking a particular girl of His 

      dreams, Psalm 88--His lover put far from Him, a friend and an acquaintance in darkness 

      thought about and said in His prayer in the pit 2000 years ago under the palace of High 

      Priest Caiaphas. Dreams from two thousand baths ago with a perfect seven down).
5 I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, 

      that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please (The Laodiceans are not ready 

      for the 
waters to overflow or for judgment that comes to them first, the Ark of the Cove-

      nant stays in the middle of the river on dry land until all have passed over on dry land, 

      then the Ark moves forward to the bank and the waters overflow. So it will be when the 

      Ten Commandments come out from their hiding place, then the waters of troubles will 

      overflow, covering up the horse and its rider).

Chorus of the Apple Women
6 Who is this that cometh out of the wilderness (from North America, a country/desert risen 

     out of the earth) like pillars of smoke (a whirlwind) with Myrrh (bitterness of the wa

     ters of 
Marah-sorrow, but sweetened with the tree--cross thrown into the water, the 

     chains mean freedom) and frankincense (white powder of righteousness), with all (in

     clusive of the whole truth, the finishing truth about the sanctuary) powders of the mer

     chant (blazing truth from afar, the thread of scarlet, but the bystanders remain ignorant 

     of the power of God, destitute of the true love of the Shepherd. They do not recognize 

     the Shepherd)?

7 Behold his bed (coffin--couch/tomb, resting place for His blood, and arch in the sky revealing 

     the finishing sanctuary truth), which is Solomon’s (porch in earth and sky, portico to 

     heaven and temple underground); threescore (60) valiant men (pillars guarding the 

     sanctuary truth) are about it, of the valiant of Israel (spiritual Jews, people of the 


8 They all hold swords (word of God about the sanctuary), being expert (goad, teach, incen

     tive, diligently, instruct, learn, skilful, teaching) in war (sense of fighting, a battle, en

     gagement, warrior): every man hath his sword (the word, key of knowledge, the living 

     water that has turned them into fishes, caught by the net wall around the courtyard of the

     sanctuary) upon his thigh because of fear (sudden alarm of the object feared, feeling 

     of dread, something dreadful, a calamity to wake up the sleeping bridesmaids, terror) in 

     the night (They came in the night when the constellations as we see them today, were 

     shining brightly overhead, the same stars named by God and used by God to tell the 

     story of this very happening. The procession by faith marches to the cave monument of 

     Jeremiah’s Grotto, where King David is already buried. It is the house of David that God 

     built for him, the Temple of David, the Tower of David and it is in direct line with the hid

     den Ark of the Covenant above them nearby. The area compacts together representing 

     the courthouse in heaven in session when the appointed time comes for thejudgment of 

     the living. This scenario was drawn on a map, which the Knights Templars found and 

     kept hidden and safe on the Orkney Islands. Abishag might have helped King Solomon 

     draw it in the chamber of King David, because it was a child-like drawing. A person could

     draw it almost in the same way, and you might not be able to see the difference between

     the two. Everything in this place involves research, close study of the sanctuary service, 

     and faith).

9 King Solomon made himself a chariot (vehicle, unicorn with an anointed horn) of the wood

      (from the Myrtle trees of heaven, no myrtle trees are mentioned with the making of 

      the temple inside) of Lebanon (white mountain of heaven, made white as snow, covered

      by the scarlet and crimson flow).
10 He made the (two) pillar(s) thereof of silver (bought with a price, all paid for, ransom), the 

     bottom thereof of gold {foundation of love}, the covering of it of purple (royalty, next 

     to God, these two stand closest to him), the midst thereof being paved (sweet prom

     ises of Solomon, the righteousness of the Messiah) with love, for the daughters of Je 

     rusalem (to believe and accept as the finishing truth so they can be saved too).

Shulamite Girl
11 Go forth, O ye daughters of Zion, and behold King Solomon with the crown (see if it 

      doesn’t silence you now, making you speechless and mute, made by Bathsheba for his 

      wedding day, the arch in the sky with five expensive jewels: Sirius---Mama dog with a 

      bright shining diamond at her throat, marking the whereabouts of the arch in the sky, 

      Manasseh #2 is its other name--causing to forget the pain, the wounds, inflicted by oth

      ers, dove, warm, mute, silent, speechless, mother of Procyon Ruby who wins her thou

      sands of thousands of precious jewels in her sphere, helping Ephraim #2 keep 

      encouraged---Procyon Ruby as the pup’s tail, representing the crimson flow channeled 

      through the 18 inch wedge in the rock, the young kid goat as the sin offering, the sprin

      kling of the lamb as it was slain on the mercy seat to be witnessed in the last days. It be

      comes the physical evidence of the crowning act of God’s love---Pollux the judge, the 

      female southern fish who has touched the healing water, the twin of the next jewel in 

      line--Castor, also a judge who is given double power, and the river of the judge to finish 

      the work in the vineyard, and the top bright star is the driver of the clock in the sky and 

      the driver of the arch, Ephraim, fruitful bough with his tens of thousands of bright jewels. 

      Bathsheba does all this by bowing to the earth before her husband, King David, who had

      waxed faint because of the four giants in North America--the celebration movement with 

      spiritualism in their midst, deceiving and destroying soulsright and left. It is still going on 

      to this very day. Beware of evil angels in human disguise walking among the people of 

      the twelve) wherewith his mother crowned him in the day of his espousals (days of 

      engagement to be wed), and in the day of the gladness of his heart.

Chapter Four

King Solomon
Behold (the Shepherd visually stands before the Shulamite lean muscled and tall), thou art fair

     (the Shepherd playing the part of a man standing as He looks down at the Shulamite 

     girl), my love (my girl), behold (I can see you and you can see me), thou art fair; thou 

     hast doves’ eyes (turtle dove eyes; He gazes into her eyes and has the winsome 

     yearning look of a lover wooing) within thy locks (fasten on a veil): thy hair (sense of 

     disheveling,tossed or bristling, rough, shiver, fear, be horribly afraid of near violence, to 

     storm, hurl as a storm, be tempestuous, come like or take away as a whirlwind) is as a 

     flock (a whirlwind that suddenly appears in Jerusalem and in the wilderness of North 

     America. This country rose up out of the earth in a far off place. To arrange as a battle, a 

     vineyard to hoe, hence to muster, and to miss or find wanting: dig, fail, keep--rank, lack) 

     of goats (she-goat, kid, as strong, stout, harden, impudent, prevail, strengthen self) that

     appear from mount Gilead (have affection for, be loved and loving, warm as dove’s 

     eyes, the law of kindness on her tongue as a shepherdess.

      When she said good-bye to Him the first time she met Him, she gave Him her website 

      address. He asked for it again, saying He had tried to enter the address and it didn’t 

      work for Him. He used his right thumb and index finger, as seemed to be a mannerism of

   His, showing His effort to type it in. Later, He said, “I found your website this time! How 

   are your children doing”? “They are doing fine”, she answered feeling surprised. “Who is 

   the baby?” “My granddaughter, not my own baby”. That should state her true age to Him,

   she thought. “What are the videos of?” “The YMCA where I stayed, and the sepulcher of 

   Jesus”, she replied. “You might write an explanation of where they are at”, He sug-


   During another conversation He asked, “Do you know if you are from the lost ten tribes?”

   asked the Sheepherder. “I am of European descent,” she said. “And you? My Israeli 

   guide can’t tell where your name comes from, and he knows languages very well”. “I 

   come from the original Jews of Babylon, Iraq (Abraham). My name comes from Aaron 

   (the High Priest). The Jews that have the side curls and the black hats come from 

   Europe”. The girl continued, “Do you have a middle name?” He said, “I don’t”. She 

   added, “Well, one thing I do know. I have not a drop of Jewish blood, but my heart loves 

   them. I am an 
American”. “You are different than the other Americans”, He commented. 

   “I am different from my family”.

   She learned from a Jewish friend at the hostel that the Jewish people carry a guilt that 

   they can’t shake loose from: a guilt of not knowing their lineage. The records of their 

   lineage were destroyed when Jerusalem was leveled to the ground time and time again 

   and set on fire. The Holocaust again wiped out their records. The lineage used to be 

   tracked through the fathers, but it can only be found through the mother, so it goes back 

   to when the new records were started after the destruction of their records. It was very 

   interesting that this young man knew His lineage, apparently the only Jew in the world 

   that knew, or was He of Muslim heritage? His name--where was it really from? She re

   searched the names in the Bible and came up with Aaron, Abraham, Abram (Abrahm in 

   the Hebrew spelling), and I AM. His 
 initials were RJ, which would include His Norwe

   gian adopted family.

   He was a gentleman by coming to her face when she suggested that He might possibly 

   have bailed out--but that it was okay with her, she said with a demur smile. He said, “You

   deserve an explanation”. That spoke straight to her heart. When had she last received 

   an explanation for why people had mistreated her so badly. It was music to her ears. 

   She shared with Him her fear of violence and death from the hands of her brethren on 

   her first meeting with him. This time He asked who had wounded her, and she said the 

   apple people, their brethren. Both times an undisguised shadow flashed across His face,

   like a divine shadow of sorrow and displeasure that they would hurt the girl He loved. In 

   fact the shadow was like pulling the night shade down, and then pulling it back up letting 

   in the light once again. His genuine sympathy, tender pity, and protective attitude in es-

   sence licked her wounds clean, yet He loved her enemies, and wanted her to forgive 

   them and feel compassion for them as did Joseph of old. It refreshed her soul.

   The Lord was her Shepherd, she would never want again. He made her to lie down 

   in soft, 
green pastures. He restored her soul. He led her in paths of righteousness to 

   keep her safe from harm, danger and evil. Though she should come near to the shadow 

   of violence and death, she need not fear for He was beside her. His discipline and love 

   comforted her 
because she knew He loved her. He prepared a bountiful banquet and set

   it before her in the presence of her enemies. The feast gave her myrrh and spices, which

   dripped from her fingers onto the bolt of her rock prison unlocking the bolt and setting 

      her free. Truth was His gift to her, most precious. He inspired right thoughts and gave 

      power with them.

2 Thy teeth (pierce, inculcate:--prick, sharpen the countenances of others, teach diligently, 

      whet appetite for sanctuary truth, sharp tooth of elephant, ivory, cliff, crag, forefront, force

      of Boaz to start the machinery of the temple, the apple of God’s eye, the pupil of his eye)

      are like a flock of sheep (to journey, a ewe as the females being the predominant of the

      flock, as a good traveler) that are even shorn (straight and pretty), which came up 

      from the washing (bathe, laver water, washing and cleaning from water that turns one 

      into the fish of 
Ezekiel); whereof every one bear twins(coupled, make twinned, 

      duplicate--as in arch, jointed together as in the sky arch, portico to heaven, the five that 

      help in large way to finish the work according to their calling), and none is barren (none

      really spoiled, bereaved, robbed, deprived, of fruit, work in the vineyard has not been 

       checked at any time) among 

3 Thy lips (border, language, speech, natural boundary, self control, vessel, water, cloth, words,

      talk) are like a thread (measuring tape, to sew, string, cord, line) of scarlet (talks of the 

      crimson colored sprinkling stream from the side of the Shepherd as he hung dead on the

      cross, the piece of wood that sweetens the bitterness, the afflictions and sins of life, this 

      scarlet thread 
defines the most virtuous, fair woman of all), and thy speech is comely 

      (beautiful: lack of gossip, slander, unkindness, lies, guile, or defilement of spiritualism): 

      thy temples (side of the head, thinness) are like a piece (slice, break open, pierce 

      through, cut, shred, strike through, bring forth, cleave) of a pomegranate (upright 

      growth, fruit, artificial ornament, mind filled with the jewels of the sanctuary truth of 

      Solomon’s Temple) within thy locks (behind your veil, hidden by the Shepherd).

4 Thy neck (sense of binding, the back of neck on which burdens are carried, cramp, confine, 

     dealing with adversary, assault, distress, fortify) is like the tower (strong in My strength, 

     temple rostrum, pulpit, bed of open flowers, the temple) of David (tomb of David 

     ground connected with and a part of the courthouse with the law and the belief in the 

     blood of the covenant as the standards to judge by) builded (make, repair, set up two 

     armies, the temple or courthouse in the last days) for an armory (to tower, something 

     tall, collect, slenderness), whereon there hang (to suspend from something, hang up) a 

     thousand (yoking, taming an ox or cow, family, person, thousand for an ox head, twelve 

     oxen were under the laver of Solomon’s temple, 144,000 multiple) bucklers (protector, 

     defense, shield, scale, guards) all shields of mighty (warrior, champion, chief, excel, 

     giant, strong, valiant by the strength of the Good Shepherd) men.

5 Thy two breasts (bulging like towers on the north side of the southern wall down in the 

      ground under Jerusalem, the double and triple gates of Huldah, the fountain gate that 

      lets the living water from the temple of David, the house of David flow through to the 

      world) are like two young roes (bullock and red heifer) that are twins, which feed 

       (search for the jewels 
n the sanctuary) among the lilies (human beings clothed in 

      bright white and poisonous as lilies, who are searching now too. The apple people come 

      together keeping all of the commandments and have the faith of the Shepherd. They 

      form a procession, marching to the burial place of King David by faith with the sword of 

      the Word poised at their sides).
6 Until the day break, and the shadows flee away, I will get me to the mountain of myrrh 

       (bitter), and to the hill of frankincense (white powdery stuff, sanctuary truth of the 

       cross made out of a tree that covers us with whiteness, and turns our bitterness sweet).

7 Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee (clothed with the mantle given by King 

     Solomon, a fair diadem, a crown, a Tierra placed on her head, ready to take a seat in the

     courthouse, ready to work with the king, having free access to the records of the people 

     of the twelve who stand by, having the Spirit of Prophecy, but with tears blinding her 

     sight because she is still writhing in pain, she still does not recognize the Shepherd as 


8 Come with me from Lebanon, my spouse, with me from Lebanon: look from the top of 

    Amana (White-capped mountains of Oregon. The evening becomes dark, and he leads 

    the way to the hill overlooking the Damascus gate north of Jerusalem. “Come with me 

    and I will show you where I live”, he said. “Do you live down there?” she points to the 

    gate. “I don’t want to go down there in the dark. A man stalked me down there yesterday.

    No, I certainly do not want to go.” He answered kindly, begging her to let go of her fears. 

    “Fears will cause you to miss out on 
things” he counseled. Later, she wondered if he 

    was going to take her to show her the cave and tunnels. Now she would never know. 

    She said, “I do trust you, but?” Down in her heart, she had trusted Him and was proved 

    correct to do so, but her fear was greater than her curiosity to see what he had to show 

    her. The cave is where the lions prowl, and the leopards leap from crevice to crevice at 

    night. They are night hunters. But she said that she was okay with not seeing the gate to

    the tunnel or the cave or the tombs, even though it was very dear to her heart. She came

    to Jerusalem to search for the Shepherd, and she knew that she would find Him in the 


      They have spent the lovely Sabbath afternoon contemplating the beauty of His people in

      Jerusalem, and now the sun is setting in the west. He takes her for a stroll in the city 

      park nearby. Soon the stars come out, and she sees the Mighty Hunter in the sky with 

      His cinched up belt of three stars. She brings His attention to the marvel in the sky. 

      “Wow!”, she says to herself, “I can see this constellation from far off America, just like I 

      see it here in Jerusalem!” She could not believe it. What a marvel the heavens were to 

      her. People are milling around close, so He leads her to another city park and they sit 

      down under a tree.

      A team of soccer players are playing their game nearby. “Should we go watch them 

      play?” asked the girl. “I’ve never played much sports” He answered. And that was the 

      end of the subject. He took her hands and warmed them with His big hands, but she was

      kept busy making sure that the affection was from Him and not coming from her. She 

      gets up and starts walking, hoping to warm up. The winter air is cold in Jerusalem and 

      starts walking with her hands in her pocket. Undaunted, He keeps perfect stride with her,

      not missing a beat, and places His right arm around her holding her close next to Him 

      and caressing her waist ever so gently, but purposefully. Her waist was a part of her 

      body that she had worked so hard to slim down with special exercises as she walked. It 

      was paying off, because her waist looked and felt nice and curvy. She prays earnestly, 

      “Dear Lord, you know that I am too 
 tired to ward this young man off, too tired to explain

      one more time that He is too young, that I am an apple girl forever, and that I am a gen

      tile, not Jewish.

   She remembers a young man by the name of Solomon talking to her in the lobby of the 

   hostel she was staying at in the wee hours of the morning. He told her that he perceived 

   in her a soft heart, a Jewish heart. They talked for four hours it seemed, and he asked 

   for a hug before he left. He said that he was very lonesome, and wanted a special girl, 

   not 1000 of them.

   “He sure knows this city, and every park here”, she decides. Just then she looks up and 

   sees big letters that say “King Solomon’s Hotel”. Not too far to the right of it facing the 

   two, rose up a huge lit up crown on the “Crown’s Hotel”. It was a Tiara, a crown for a 

   queen! She exclaims with a squeal, “How beautiful!” Her friend says nothing. They have 

   just been to three parks. Now they turn a corner and there is a store across the street. 

   He suddenly says, “I need to buy something for tomorrow”. He points to the synagogue 

   which says in big letters, The Synagogue of the Reformed Hebrew Congregation, “Try to

   figure out what that means while I’m gone”. Could He read my thoughts about being 

   tired? wondered the girl as she thought back on the scene.

   He seemed to just vanish. She didn’t see Him go, and she couldn’t see Him in the store. 

   She pondered the meaning of the words on the building, but couldn’t figure out why He 

   would ask her to do it. Finally, after what seemed minutes and then minutes, she started 

   searching the store through the windows, and couldn’t see Him anywhere. “I wonder if 

   this was His way to bail out?” thought the girl. “It certainly wouldn’t surprise me. I have 

   not encouraged Him in any way”. She asked a man that seemed to be with the syna-

   gogue about the words, and he said that the women and the men sit together. She 

   thanked him, searched the store and the street for a few more minutes then started 

   walking slowly down the street. It was dark, and she didn’t know how to get back to the 


   After asking at the American Consul for directions she was soon on her way, past yet 

   one more park, and then Zion Square shown up brightly in the night ahead of her. She 

   was soon back home. She took a warm shower and made her hair pretty. Just before 

   her hair was completely dry, a familiar knock was heard at the door to girl’s dorm. “Who 

   is it?” asked the girl. “It’s me”, answered the familiar male voice. “May I speak to you for 

   a minute?” he 
quietly said. The girl opened the door, and there He stood, tall, straight 

   and in earnest. The girl spoke up, “I thought that you had bailed out, and it was okay with

   me”, she offered generously. He looked down at her with a solemn face, yet hopeful, “I 

   am sorry, so sorry. you deserve an explanation. I am not like those American boys” he 

   said with determination, meaning the archeologists she was waiting to see. “Can you 

   come so we can talk?”

   He led the way down the hall, and peeked His head through the door of the kitchen, 

   but someone was in there. He looked up at the stairs leading to the roof, but two people 

   were sitting on the stairs already. The girl finally led Him to the roof outside in the cold 

   air, and then he explained that He had a little bit of imperfection, and thought it was the 

drink, something in it made Him feel sick and He needed some assistance. He 

   said that it happened to Him once before, and a Muslim helped him out. She quickly 

   spoke up, and said, “If I had known, maybe I could have helped you”, but she wasn’t 

   sure what she could have done for him. He said, “This did not go the way I planned”. 

   She thought, what were His plans? She remembered that He wanted to take her out to 

   eat, but her tooth was hurting, and she felt like only drinking carrot juice. He definitely 

   was trying to educate her on healthful living. It certainly was important to Him.

   She looks down at her bare feet, peeking out from underneath her pajama bottoms. 

   Her thin coat was not keeping her very warm in the winter time air. Her favorite coat was 

   raggedy, and her blouse had a stain right in the very center of her chest. Funny that she 

   should care now. It had been a struggle for her to even care about her clothes after her 

   husband died. No one else had really shown that they cared how she dressed. Now this 

   young man is teaching her and caring deeply for her.

   She touched His hands and suddenly exclaimed in dismay, “Your hands are cold!” He 

   remained very quiet as she held His long fingers. The rooftop was dark, except for some 

   lights in the nearby buildings. “You know, today is the day that my husband died”, she 

   glances away from Him. “Death numbs the heart”. Immediately He holds both her hands 

   in His big ones, “Let me help you get over it” as He leans toward her. She thinks, this 

   has scared every other guy away from me, but it brings Him closer to me. What an ex-

   traordinary man I have standing before me!

   She thought later back in America, “I bet if one measured His arm from the elbow to the 

   tip of the fingers it would be 23 ½ inches equal to one long cubit”. It was the depth of the

   cross hole found in the moveable rock at the crucifixion site. Her arm measured eighteen

   inches from the elbow to the end of her finger. He answered, “I am use to being cold”. 

   Her soft heart melted, Was He homeless? Did He have a place to lay His head? Where 

   did He live? I wish I had gone with Him to see! She quickly said, “We had better get back

   inside where it is warmer”, and she led the way back down the stairs. The boys were 


   At the bottom of the stairs He turned to face her, “Will you let me see you 

   He pleaded. He had asked to see her every day, but she said that she was waiting to 

   meet up with the archeologist boys as she had said every day for the past few days. It 

   was her alibi. “I plan to reserve tomorrow for them, and then I will leave for the airport.” 

   He dared to ask again “Please let me see you before they come?” “No”, she answered. 

   “I cannot make any promises to you. I plan to go see the Mediterranean sea before I 

   leave. Is it safe there?” He immediately saw the loop hole and pressed, “Let me go with 

   you and I will take you there. 
We can go on the bus. It is cheap!” “No, I don’t ride the 

   buses here. The air porter is the only vehicle I will ride, otherwise I walk everywhere” she

   was firm. “Here is my cell phone number. Call me when you are ready to go to the air

   port, and I want to come with you”. He was so tenacious. “No. I cannot make any prom-

   ises to you. I am reserving my time for the archeologist boys”. The next morning she left 

   immediately for the airport and spent most of the day sleeping on a bench with her foot 

   resting on top of her luggage.

   When she woke up, the sun was setting. She was amazed at how long she slept. She 

   was exhausted from being sick, and her roommates keeping her up all hours of the night

   with phone calls and talking. The girl walked over to the trash can and tore up the paper 

   with the phone number on it. She didn’t want the airline officials to track back to her 

   friend and get 
him into trouble, neither did she plan to phone him. Just as she was 

   throwing the paper into the barrel, she looked over and caught the eyes of an older gen-

   tleman wearing a Jewish cap looking at her, his eyes boring into her eyes. His eyes 

      looked very sad. Was he going to search the trash when she left? Why was he watching 

      her so closely, yet so tender and sad?

      Later, her friend e-mailed her one time asking for an address to send her “some fin”. 

      He asked “How are you feeling?” He was such a kind and considerate friend, one of her 

      best friends. But she couldn’t lead him on even a little bit, and told Him she was going to 

      church with a friend to listen to a Christmas special about the Savior of the world. The 

      girl also told Him that she didn’t have a present address of her own. It was the truth. She

      was staying with another best friend until a place opened up for her, which it had not yet.

      He had told her that the internet was not the way to go. He has not written any more 


      Hebrew meaning: firmness, security, fidelity, faithful, set office, stability, steady, truly, 

      truth, verily having the righteousness of the Shepherd), from the top of Shenir (to be 

      pointed) and Hermon (to seclude, to devote to religious things, to be blunt as to the 

      nose:--make accursed, consecrate, utterly destroy, utterly slay, make away, have a flat 

      nose, abrupt), from the lions’ (the sense of going; a step, to be straight, to be level, 

      right, happy, to go forward, be honest, prosper, be blessed be happy, go, guide, lead, 

      relieve) dens (measure, to stretch, to measure as if by stretching a line, to be extended, 

      measure, mete, stretch self), from the mountains of the leopards (filtrate, to spot or 

      stain by dripping clear water from the Temple of Solomon).

9 Thou hast ravished (the minister who cherished her bright smile as a child that warmed his 

     heart; the homeless man her late-husband invites to their home, and thereafter he 

     comes to their country home and waits in their living room for their return home, the an-

     ger in her heart when he spills screws on the long driveway, touched by her late-

     husband’s kindness toward him, she spends the day with the homeless man with her 

     two children as her late-husband is away working hard, and her heart softens and wel

     comes the homeless man into their circle; the man adopts her late-husband’s name and 

     uses it thereafter.

      She spent four hours talking heart-to-heart with “Solomon” in Israel about His lonesome 

      condition, and wish for a wife, asking for a hug at the end; the young man who explained

      the guilt that Jewish people carried in their minds about their unknown lineage destroyed

      by the Holocaust; the Shepherd takes her to a rabbi’s home for a Friday evening feast 

      during her second trip to Jerusalem. The rabbi has 14 children, all of them serve the 

      guests with a full meal. A young Jewish Iranian man talks with her as they wait to join the

      Friday evening feast with fellow Jewish people. He tells her how lonesome He is for a 

      wife. He shares his story of fleeing from Iran two years before for his very life, because 

      he was a Jew. His parents were already in Jerusalem. “I am so lonesome!” he confided, 

      drinking in her kind and friendly conversation. He comes to find her at the hostel, but he 

      doesn’t recognize her in the lobby with wet hair. She is shocked that he knows where 

      she is staying.

      She encounters Him on the air porter and He reassures her that everything will be okay. 

      She sits next to Him on the airplane flying to London and He shares with her about the 

      book He is reading in Hebrew. He tells her that He will teach her Hebrew. He protects 

      her from a pleasant English professor who desires her for a mistress.

   The Shepherd tells her that He thought she was twenty-two, that of course He wishes to 

   marry a Jewish girl. He tells her she would look like Miriam if she were dressed in blue. 

   She looks up the word Miriam in the Hebrew language, and it means rebellious and bit-

   ter. She had those feelings the first time she met the Shepherd. Her last trip He tells her 

   that she is like Naomi. This word means pleasant, agreeable, and her sorrow turning to 

   joy, sweetened by the tree thrown into the bitter water, the subject of the cross--how ac

   curate the Shepherd was. He tells her that she has a soft heart, a Jewish heart now. He 

   carries the precious jewels she has purchased in Israel in a bag for her to the air porter. 

   Then He later expresses how it deeply touched Him.

   She suggests some girls in Jerusalem that could help Him with the new appointment 

   by the Jewish agency soon to take place, and He says they do not know Me. He tells her

   He would be proud to have her work with Him in His new appointment. “I am proud of 

   you, and feel honored that you would ask”, she replies. He says that He would be proud 

   to have her as His wife. He takes her to a tall building which overlooks Jerusalem, the 

room for Israel. A verse is spoken over the PA system about the living water, and 

   it opens the flood gates. The girl tells Him about her quest for the living water which she 

   has found in Israel, taking it back to America to share with the young people, specifically 

   for her 
children, grown up. A gray-haired woman comes and asks them not to talk in the 

place. The girl thanks her for the beautiful verse about the living water played 

   over the Pa system that inspired her to speak about the living water to her friend.

   She turned to her darling, “This is why I have come so far. I wanted to find the living wa-

   ter to share with my children back home. I am sharing it with you what I have learned, so

   that you can in turn help your people as well. You can reach them better than me”.

   As the two walk away, He says, “You both are the same, the exact same”. She knows 

   exactly what He is saying. He knows she has salt and pepper colored hair naturally, 

   even though she has dyed it brown. The other woman has gray hair that is not colored, 

   but natural. She did not tell Him her hair color, and she had just had it colored a few days

   before coming to Israel, because she had accidentally turned her hair green. She de-

   cided that green hair would not do in the Middle East. “The difference between you two, 

   is that she is robotish” He uses His thumb and index finger to emphasize the word then 

   continues, “and you are original”. He expresses how it simply catches His manly heart.

   The girl encounters Him again in the operating room. After her trip to Israel during 

   Hanukah, she prays,

   Dear Father: if you truly do not wish for me to listen to this rock music played in the op-

   erating room day in and day out for years and years, please get me out of here. I cannot 

   try to change the ones already here. I do not believe that it would be fair for me to do so. 

   I believe in giving others freedom to choose for themselves. If you want me out of this 

   environment for my own soul’s sake, you will have to do it. I am committed to doing my 

   best at this job. In Jesus precious name, Amen

   She had begged the Shepherd to stay with her as she worked as a circulating nurse, 

   helping her to understand her work and to sustain her through the pressure of being 

   watched very closely for error. She was on trial for her very job, and yet only two days 

   before it fell together in her mind, and she was catching on to the job, but told no one 

    about it. A few 
 ore weeks and her job would be purring along nicely, she was confident.

   The very next day after her prayer for special help, she encounters Him in a surgeon in 

   the operating room, who treats her as a queen in spite of her clumsy moves. He never 

   looks directly at her even one time, but she keenly feels His presence in the room with 

   her. A surgeon is very mechanical, and the one who has the brain connected to the 

   hands excels them all, and this young surgeon had it all, but He also had an excellent 

   and kind surgeon for His instructor, the best.

   He moves to her side in the corner by the window, quiet as a mouse who is ready to 

   pounce on the cheese. He steps up to the very heavy metal surgery table with His back 

   to her. Then He places is left foot up on the metal ledge under the table and concen-

   trates completely on His work. Nurses start flowing into the room to watch him. She 

   thinks, I bet He is married, definitely married. I’m not interested in married men. Nope. 

   Besides, He is way too young for me.

   “He is single”, it is whispered in her ear. The girl on 
trial for her very job is amazed at the

   young man’s confidence in His work, seeming to know the next move ahead of time. He 

   evaluates all the surrounding possibilities as he zeros in on the cut and task at hand. He 

   is fully prepared ahead of time for anything extraordinary that could possibly show up.

   She is so overcome with the personal attention in darkness that she has to leave the 

   room immediately so as not to reveal her heart to the others in the room and be misun-

   derstood regarding the human surgeon; she acts like a blonde bimbo, and comes to re-

   alize that it is because she is hopelessly in love with the Shepherd. She works in a me-

   chanical environment, but is far from being mechanical herself. He reveals that He will 

   be with her no matter where she might find herself to be, that He goes with her. 

   The surgeon cuts the letter V on the left side as he opens up his patient with precise 

   expertise, and the girl sees the word “victory”. He says that He will be taking a vacation 

   after this surgery. She finds out within the next few minutes that she indeed would be 

   taking a vacation very soon as well. He draws all the girls into the operating room to 

   watch his expert work, so she can escape the building in tears unnoticed, when learning 

   that she has two weeks to pull everything together, or they will let her go. She was pulled

   from the operation room to have a talk in the conference room. Had someone slandered 

   her good name, yet again? She had seen signs of it that reduced her to tears before she

   went to Israel, having felt compelled to go.

   Yet, she works her heart out to learn the trade and the company invites her to stay 

   longer. But she remembers back in Jerusalem when the Shepherd immediately pulled 

   her out of the café when the American rock and roll began to play. She knew that He did 

   not want her to listen to it eight hours a day in the operating room, when it damaged her 

   frontal lobe. She had sent up to heaven her special request just the day before, and look

   what happened the next day. She had to make a decision based on His approval or dis

   approval. His approval was the most important one in the whole, wide world. He would 

   take care of her as He promised.

   The surgeon said that he was going on vacation, so that is what she would do, take a 

   vacation with Him, because He said that the Shepherd is with the Shulamite girl in the 

she lives. A real vacation, not a working one as it was in Israel, was long over

   due, four years of pushing hard after her late-husband had deceased. Yes, she would 

   take a vacation in the 
desert where the flowers bloomed profusely in the spring. Who 

   knows whom she might meet walking out in the desert on a sunny, cloudless day.

   The Shulamite girl determined that the next time she met the Shepherd face to face as 

   He really was, she would never let Him go again, never! But when would be the next 

   time? She felt sick with love for Him, yet could not find Him. He would not allow her to be

   unveiled, but kept her hidden on purpose and she could do nothing about it, because no 

   one would believe her if she tried to explain her complex circumstances. They would say

   she was crazy! Her relationship with Him was in darkness. She longed to keep Him in 

   the full light.

   While taking one of their walks around Jerusalem as He taught her the culture, customs 

   and real situation in the Middle East, she said, “I want to find the shop that sells freshly 

   made carrot juice. My tooth hurts and I can’t eat anything”. She couldn’t remember 

   where she purchased her last cup. After walking up and down streets, there it was on the

   corner. She requested a large glass, thinking it was the same as she had bought from 

   them before. The Shepherd looks down at the sign below the counter, and He brings her

   attention to the prices. “The medium glass is much cheaper”, he points with His finger.

   She looks at the prices, and realizes the glass she ordered was huge, and not the same 

   one. But the young man was pouring the juice into the glass as it was being made. She 

   kept quiet, and drank the whole glass as they sat under a tree to rest. He was conscious 

   of the cost of things, and of excess of nutrients not needed for the body. The lesson was 

   understood and well taken, because He said things with such kindness and finesse. How

   in the world does He pull it off? she wondered. 

   Hebrew meaning: ravished--emotions, mind and feelings, will and even intellect, likewise

   for the centre of anything, comfortably, courageous, friendly, broken, merry, stiff, stout, 

   heed, kindly, regard, understanding, well, willingly, wisdom) my heart, my sister (affinity 

   or resemblance, brother, kindred, together, fellow human being, fellow believer of the 

   apple people) my spouse (bride--queen: from people of the twelve); thou hast rav-

   ished my heart with one of thine eyes (raised eyebrow, eye single to the soul purpose 

   of glorifying God, fountain, eye of the landscape, apple of His eye, affliction, counten-


   When the Shepherd was pleading for her to let Him spend one more day with her in 

   Israel, and she said “I cannot make any promises to you”, He looked straight at her and 

   asked, “May I have a hug?” She was quiet for a second, then put her arms around His 

   upper waist and leaned her head against His strong chest, and beating heart. Suddenly 

   her whole body relaxed, her mind became restful. She felt like she was home at last. He 

   put His arms around her gently and held her until she let go. It was the turning point for 


   Her heart became alive, radiating her natural charm and girlishness. The girl became 

   electric, on fire. He truly cared for her, really loved her. There was no doubt in her mind. 

      She felt no pain, only comfort, rest, a licking of her wounds, and being recreated into a 

      fresh, new girl, the natural Shulamite queen. Yet later, in fact the very next week, her fill

      ing falls out of the tooth that was hurting. It had cracked in two. The dentist asked her if 

      she had been chewing rocks! When could the tooth have split? she wondered.

      What a hug! She wanted to stay in His arms forever it felt so comfortable and reassuring.

      But she still did not know who He was, and could not reveal her mixed up feelings. She 

      remained a in the rock prison, hidden from His view. And for sure, she could not tell Him 

      what the hug did for her, because she was veiled in black and a gentile.

      Whatever He said, she would do. She would follow Him to the end of the earth, and 

      stand on her head if He wished. But she would not tell Him about it. He watched her 

      face, and then said, “May I have another hug?” She raised her one eyebrow, extending 

      her left hand in a flash for a good-bye handshake instead. Like lightning, as if He knew 

      just what her next move would be, He clasped her left hand with a tight grip by his right 

      hand, catching it in mid air.

      A Muslim’s expression will flinch when the left hand is extended in a handshake, be

      cause of their culture in reserving the left hand for toiletry things in the Middle East. She 

      had witnessed it. Her eyes opened wide in surprise at such strength and quick action. 

      The Shepherd’s clasping fingers looked larger and longer than ever. He looks at her with

      a steady, determined, captured affection; He has just been hopelessly smitten. Then she

      turns and walks back to her dorm room without looking back, and that was the last time 

      that she saw her darling until…..

      Hebrew meaning: favor, furrow, humble, knowledge, openly, not pleased), with one 

      chain (freedom, one girl. Her one affliction in the operating room catches His attention 

      and heart once again enough to make Him physically get involved to help her through 

      humanity. One chain of affliction, one raised eyebrow have harnessed the heart of the 

      Shepherd, Solomon, Jah, King Lemuel to come at last to America, but unnoticed by 

      others, only for the girl, His girl. What did He see in her, one little human being amongst 


      He leads her swiftly away from the music, as He did with her in the café in Israel. She 

      obeys the Stone of Israel, the Stone of Stumbling and the one chain of affliction frees 

      her. He stays close beside her, wooing her heart to Him fully. She is getting closer to 

      holding His arm and never letting go, Hebrew meaning: freedom chain, strangling, to 

      choke, to collar, furnish, liberally, fit out with supplies, compass about as a chain) of thy 

      neck (Shechem where Joseph was buried for 100 pieces of silver--ridge, shoulder to 

      bear burden, putting neck to helping Shepherd lift burden for souls, receiving the wounds

      for Him, the law of kindness on lips, the truth of the crimson flow coloring them red. She 

      cannot boast of preaching, of doing any great and notable work, just one-to-one soothing

      and comforting needy human beings in need of a smile, a simple one-act touch of 

      warmth and help, and He is hers, and she is His).

10 How fair is thy love, my sister (fellow human being), my spouse (wife to be)! How much 

     better (good, beautiful, best, bountiful, cheerful, at ease, fair, be in favor, fine, glad, good

     deed, graciously, joyful, kindly, kindness, liketh best, loving, pleasant, pleaseth, pleasure,

     precious, prosperity, ready, sweet, wealth, welfare, be well favored, be sanctified, be 

      blessed) is thy love than wine! And the smell of thine ointments (that flow through 

      her from the Shepherd, the stone of Israel) than all spices!

11 Thy lips (words), O my spouse, drop (to distil gradually, to fall in drops, to speak by 

      inspiration--dropping prophecy) as the honeycomb (shaking to pieces; dripping honey 

      from the comb; to become chief:--be preferred, a goal, the bright object at a distance 

      traveled towards; splendor, truthfulness, confidence; continually to the most distant point 

      of view:--always, constantly, end, perpetual, strength, victory): honey and milk (speak

      ing a new song, new prophecy from the word of God that kindles the spark, a fire, a rivu-

      let of water that enlarges, a firstling for present truth) are under thy tongue (speech, a 

      fork of 
flame, a cove of water); and the smell (odor as if blown, perceive, make of quick

      understanding of prophecy) of thy garments (dress or a mantle of the spirit of prophecy 

      given from heaven) is like the smell of Lebanon (understanding of heavenly realities, 

      heaven becomes close and decided).

12 A garden (hedge about, defend, safe place, protected) inclosed (bands, chains, prison 

      house, fastened up with God’s cord; to bolt, lock, shut up) is my sister, my spouse; a 

      spring (a spring of water, waves:--billow, heap, spring, wave) shut up (fasten up, hang 

      on a sure nail in a sure place on the wall of the people of the twelve), a fountain (eye of 

      the landscape, temple, an abode of God, retreat, asylum, den, dwelling, place, habita

      tion, the lone tree between the boulders on Mt. Sinai as the gate to the fountain of God, 

      the river of life flowing through when the gate willingly opens up the key of knowledge to 

      the people of the twelve and the world) sealed (unseen as such by humans, but known 

      to all of heaven, to close up, to seal:--make an end, mark, seal up, stop, hurt influence, 

      to make words of non effect, hidden from others by God’s own hand).

13 Thy plants (her works praise her at the gates, her field of souls sowed by one seed, shoot of

     growth, branch, weapon, sword, missle of attack) are an orchard (park, forest, trees of 

     youth) of pomegranates (upright fruit), with pleasant fruits; camphire (color, dye, 

     coating, redemption price) with spikenard (good fragrance, glisten, a lamp, light).

14 Spikenard and saffron; (shrinkage of light, blackness); calamus (erect rod for measuring, 

      radius of the out stretched arm of God, provoke to jealousy, balance) and cinnamon 

      (erect, upright rolls), with all trees of frankincense (whiteness, smoke); myrrh (distill

      ing in drops bitter) and aloes (sticks), with all the chief (godly characteristics, chiefest 

      place, company, end, excellent, first, forefront, highest, priest, lead, to shake,beginning, 

      captain, chapiter--crown that begins force--spark of fire, or, ruler, sum, top) spices (to be


15 A fountain of gardens (winning hundredfold souls to His kingdom, and His gratefulness 

      and love for her spills out unstopped), a well of living waters (source of light, love and 

      salvation available by searching His word with all their hearts), and streams from 

      Lebanon (white mountain of heaven, the throne of King Solomon, King Lemuel, Jah).

Shulamite Girl:
16 Awake (opening of the eyes, lift up self, raise up, stir up self, let your love awaken for me, 

     reveal your righteousness and judgment about me as the noonday to the world, for I 

     do not want to be hidden any more), O north (your lover put far from you into the future, 

     your acquaintance in darkness, hidden, dark, unknown, gloomy, northern side) wind; 

      and come, thou south (being on the right hand of a person facing east, southward 

      wind); blow (to blow with the breath of air, to fan, to utter, to kindle a fire to light up the 

      dark north and its secrets, make it light up) upon my garden, that the spices thereof 

      may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits 

      (characters developed).

Chapter Five

King Solomon
I am come into my garden, my sister, my spouse: I have gathered my myrrh with my 

      spice; I have eaten (wise deed, burn up, consume, devour, feed, freely) my honey

      comb (as honey in hives, as in trees which are people) with my honey (stickiness); I 

      have drunk my wine (pure word of God unfermented) with my milk (the fat of truth): 

      eat, O friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly (search the word to see whether these 

      things are so, do not call the 
blood of the covenant on the mercy seat a strange thing, 

      believe and be saved), O beloved.

The Shulamite Girl
2 I sleep, but my heart waketh (dual fountain of two calves frisking, revolving around--bullock, 

       heifer): It is the voice of my beloved that knocketh (press severely, beat, overdrive), 


King Solomon

     Open (to open wide, specifically to loosen, begin, plough, carve:--appear, break forth, 

     draw out, let go free, engrave, loose self, be beset, opening, put off ungird, unstop, have 

     vent) to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled (My turtle dove; complete, 

     pious, specifically: gentle, dear:--coupled together, perfect, plain, upright, accomplish, to 

     complete, be clean, have done, come to an, make an end, come to the full, be all gone, 

     be all here, be make perfect, be spent, sum be upright, be wasted, whole): for my head 

     is filled with dew (water of life, sleeping in the cave nearby because He has no where 

     to lay His head on earth, cover with vegetation, plate with beams, strew over), and my 

     locks (raven black hair) with the drops (Spirit of Prophecy, dripping to pieces, dew-drop

     of the outside) of the night (sleeping outside, twist away of the light, adversity, midnight 

     season, to fold back, a spiral 
step, winding stair, a loop).

Shulamite Girl
3 I have put off my coat (to cover, own garment, own robe); how shall I put it on? I have 

      washed (accepted the blood of the covenant on the mercy seat sprinkled for her 

      sins; to lave in the living water coming from the sanctuary, to bathe self) my feet 

      (as in walking, a step, be able to endure, follow, footstool, haunt, journey, time); how 

      shall I 
defile (soil) them?

4 My beloved put in his hand (she felt His hands and they were cold, and cannot stop her 

     expression of compassion and He says “I am used to it”, opened up, power, palm of 

     hand up giving the key of knowledge to the girl, means, direction, creditor, staves--

     beauty and band, fellowship, force of power, ministry, wait on, thine own, ourselves) by 

     the hole (bore a hole into the cell of the prison, a cavity, socket, den: cave, hole, bore a 

     hole through the wall. He got past the wall it by kindness, affection, manliness and de

     termination) of the door, and my bowels (to be soft, sympathy, the heart, pity, compas-

      sion, cherishing, womb, maiden‘s tender and great compassion, to love, to feel affec-

      tionate, damsel) were moved (waved like small swells in the sea for love for Him, to 

      make a loud sound, to be in great commotion or tumult, to rage, war, moan, clamor, cry 

      aloud, mourn, be moved, make a noise, age, roar, sound, be troubled, make in tumult, 

      be in an uproar) for him.

5 I rose up to open to my beloved; and my hands (opened up with key, palms up) dropped 

       (distill gradually, fall in drops, to speak by inspiration:--dropping prophesy) with myrrh 

ness of life’s sorrows sweetened by the tree thrown into the Marah waters of the 

       wilderness, the finished knowledge of the cross, witnessing the crucifixion scene in the 

       last days), and my fingers (in the sense of grasping the meaning of the water, 

       something/understanding to seize, to dip into a dye, color fluid) with sweet smelling 

       myrrh, upon the handles (hollow hand or palm, bowl of a dish, bolt on the door, leaves 

       of a palm-tree--victory, power:--branch, spoon to dip into the word) of the lock (fasten 

       up, bolt on door of prison house, bar or cord, inclose, shut up, influence ruined).

6 I opened to my beloved (opening the heart of caring for Him as her friend); but my beloved 

      had withdrawn (she realized she was hopelessly in love with Him after leaving Him 

      without a hint of hope of ever receiving her love back, she left no clue as to her where

      abouts, He disappeared out of sight, to enwrap, hence to depart, turn about, go about, 

      withdraw self) himself, and was gone (remove, to make a sound, speedily, go away): 

      my soul (be refreshed by a current of air, pass, breathing creature, vitality, jeopardy of 

      life, slay, she will, would have it) failed (waxed faint, be risen, put away, scarce, shoot 

      forth, spring out, to utter, sense of bodily or mental, fish, deadly, discontented, heart hath

      jeopardy of life, in jeopardy, desires, greedy, lust, man, mortality) when he spake (to 

      speak, rarely in a destructive sense): I sought him, but I could not find him; I called 

      him, but he gave me no answer (no response, He was physically removed, gone 

      somewhere, in His garden, up in the heavenly sanctuary).

7 The watchmen (supposed to hedge about with thorns, guard, protect, beware, be circum-

     spect, take heed to self, mark, look narrowly, observe, preserve, that lay wait for, watch 

     man, the girl perceives evil angels as human beings at church on Sabbath, good and evil

     angels walk about as human beings in the auditorium and the lesson study classes, oth-

     ers looking at them could not tell the difference, but the girl could see them and was not 

     fooled, she discovered them by their fruits--miracle healing and not following the health 

     principles, they said things that only they would hear about her, but obviously they could 

     not read her mind) that went about the city (country of America, land of the free) found

     (lay wait, lurking around like a spy, a detective, searching for the evasive cave girl) me, 

     and smote (brought near to violence and death--personal injury, spurned explanation of 

     ignorant mistake, of apology, rejection) me, they wounded (sorely grieved her, har-

     assed her with accusations, slandered, gossiped about, treated as a whore and a hea-

     then, mistakenly judged, humiliated, attempting to make her poor, begging on the 

     streets) me; the keepers of the walls (the truth about the northern and southern walls 

     making one broad wall with a middle gate, the beautiful gate of entrance into the 

     fountain/spring of water, by profession claiming to love the Good Shepherd, the captains 

     of the host, and the princes joined in with the mob of youth with no questions asked at 

     the trial by night, hidden yet ever lurking) took away (shred into pieces) my veil (spying,

     mocking, failing to show sympathy for her afflictions, neglected by church family, re

     proached, and causing inconvenience in multiple of ways, making her naked, exposed to

      violence, slander, gossip, hurting financially, and hurting her kids, damaging their 

      sessions, taking heat from them, attempting to seduce her in bed, and there was no one 

      that cared about her afflictions and distress) from me (the girl tried to set things straight, 

      showed kindness back, and tried to help them, but it was scorned and derided, placing 

      her in a helpless situation, not able to talk with anyone. Who would listen? They had one

      purpose in mind: to get her, yet never coming to her face and letting her speak for her

      self, but she spoke anyway).

8 I charge you (lay legal suit by the courthouse in heaven), O daughters (of the people of the 

      twelve who profess, but actions do not match their mouths, unkind and rude, arrogant 

      and haughty, the elder) of Jerusalem, if ye find my beloved, that ye tell him, that I 

      am sick (to be rubbed or worn, hence to be weak, sick, afflicted or caused to grieve, 

      make sick; also to stroke in flattering, entreat:--beseech, be diseased, put to grief, be 

      grieved, be grievous, infirmity, intreat, lay, put to pain, cause to fall writhing in pain, make

      prayer, befall, make sick, sore, be sorry, make supplication, woman in travail, become 

      weak, be wounded. The story in the sky tells about the Pollux twin as wounded in the left

      foot. The Castor twin has a long river of the judge running out of his left foot. Both are 

      judges. Leo the Lion stamps and tears the dragon apart with his left foot) of love (she is 

      hopelessly in love, and misses her lover).

Chorus of the Women
9 What is thy beloved more than another beloved (why do you love Him more than these 

     other men?) O thou fairest among women (mocking the Shepherd’s love for her, 

     mocking his opinion of her beauty and fairness in his eyes, calling the Shepherd a lier, 

     not recognizing his power, and destitute of agape love, while the myrrh drips from her 

     hands and fingers onto the lock of the door, water drips from her mind ever growing, 

     eventually into an ocean) what is thy beloved more than another beloved (they 

     equate her love for the Shepherd boy called Solomon as human love, not even worthy of

     notice, they do not know Him or they wouldn’t say such things against God), that thou 

     dost so charge (legal suit from the heavenly courthouse) us (spurn her and her profes-

     sion of her love for Him, feeling superior to her and her judge, concentrating on her per-

     ceived faults instead of examining their own soiled hearts)?

Shulamite Girl
10 My beloved is white (white skinned as the Jewish people, but more than that: dazzling, 

     blazing with truth, sunny, bright, evident:--clear, dry, plainly, white, righteous, Jewish ap-

     pearance as a human being)) and ruddy (freakish in a good sense: extrovert, energetic)

     the chiefest (the man called the Good Shepherd, the Stone of Israel who is also God, 

     flount, raise a flag, to be conspicuous:--set up, with banners, proud, open about love, is 

     not secret about his love, hides it not) among ten thousand (abundance, myriad, many,


11 His head is as the most fine (highly elevated, pure, reflects the lilies in the field) gold (filled 

      with his faith and his self-sacrificing love) His locks (veil, hair) are bushy (wavy, 

      tion, trailing bough that has many branches), and black (color of, deluge/flood of water, 

      outrageous, overflowing the banks of the stream, cleanse, to gallop, conquer as the 

      white unicorn of strength, drown, overwhelm, rinse, run, rush, thoroughly wash away) as 

      a raven (black color of ravin feathers, be darkened toward evening, covering with a tex-

      ture, to grow dusky at sundown, an acquaintance in darkness, can not see but is near 


12 His eyes (fountain, as the eye of the landscape, pupil of the eye, humble, key of 

      knowledge--the word) are as the eyes of doves (her turtle dove--one of the pair of turtle

      doves; the warmth of the mating doves--pair, effervesce, intoxicating with sweet grape 

      juice of the banqueting table--feast of knowledge of the word; the Muslim girl being ver

      bally abused by her lover felt so comfortable in the Shepherd’s presence; He glanced 

      down into her face as she passed them knowing all about her sorrow; her face softened 

      and glowed; the girl offered to her the olive wood manger scene that she bought for 300 

      shekels for the Muslim girl to sell so that she would have money to buy food; the Shu

      lamite knelt down by her bedside and prayed to the Muslim girl’s God named Allah; she 

      said that He was God and God was Allah and let the Shulamite pray for help to ease her 

      sorrow; she sobbed, “I feel lost”) by the rivers (containing 
a tube, a bed or valley of a 

       stream, strong thing, a hero:--brook, channel, mighty, river, 
 cale, stream, strong piece, 

      gold region in the east) of waters (water of life, fig, juice, seed, watering, course, flood, 

      spring), washed (bathe, cleanse by the faith in the blood of the covenant) with milk (to 

      be fat, richest of choice part, best, marrow, finest, grease, richness of the cow, cheese, 

      sucking), and fitly (fullness, plump socket of the eye, consecrate, at an end, fulfill, fully 

      set, overflow, gather together, replenish, satisfy the law, have wholly all the light) set (to 

      sit down: as a judge, in ambush, in quiet--thief in the night, to marry, abide, dwelling, es

      tablish kingdom and its names, habitation, bring again, to place, return, seat--judgment, 

      set--judgment, sit down in courtroom, cast thrones to the ground or pillows to sit down 

      on, King David’s house, tabernacle, tower, temple, sanctuary cast into the ground/tomb 

      and King Solomon’s tomb are linked with the set judgment of the living, the courthouse 

      with books open, the seven eyes of the judge walk through the records daily, and so do 

      his helpers in heaven).

13 His cheeks (made of human fleshiness, are soft and harmless as a baby) are a bed (to long

      for, pant, something piled up, raised by mental aspiration, furrow in the field for seeds) of

      spices (fragrance with a good smell), as sweet flowers (Pollux and Castor are flowers 

      in the sky in His image, the twin pillars in front of Solomon’s temple are two lilies, a tower

      or rostrum--pulpit for the straight and narrow testimony to be given, messages from the 

      Shepherd): his lips (termination, natural boundary, language, vessel, water, cloth, band, 

      bank, order, brim, brink, edge, shore, speech talk, words of endearment, unchangeable, 

      unstoppable; both stood and gazed at the Mighty Hunter of Orion in the Jerusalem sky, 

      but He gently said, “Let’s not talk about the stars right now”, and He moved her to sit 

      with Him under the olive tree in the garden and took both her hands in His; it was as if 

      He felt He were running out of time to woo her to Him, and He was very short on time) 

      like lilies (whiteness, one type of lily is a straight trumpet, another lily of the valley is 

      poisonous, is a lily as the two pillars are lilies--human being), dropping (Spirit of Proph

      ecy, Inspiration) sweet smelling myrrh (two-edge sword of truth, because bitterness is 

      mixed in as well).

14 His hands (have skin on them; He holds both her hands in His and pets them letting her feel

      His human skin; He is a Savior with skin on; He was 100% human inheriting from His 

      mother Mary 4000 years of degeneration and propensity to sin, but did not by leaning 

      totally on the power of His heavenly Father daily; creditor, power, means, direction, 

      bounty, fellowship, force of power perfectly timed, staves--beauty and band, yield) are 

      as gold rings (a valve of a folding door--as turning--changing to next step, ring as 

      round:--folding, rolling away together, seek occasion, trust) set (judgment as set) with 

      beryl (merchant vessel, as a region of the stone or the reverse; Tarshish, a place on the 

      Mediterranean, virtuous woman went afar to find the jewels or the promises of the word):

      his belly (hollow place) is as bright (fabric, sleek, glossy, polishing as forming in the 

      mind, to shine forth) ivory (cliff crag, forefront, sharp tooth of an elephant--large) over

      laid (wrap self, faint, cover) with sapphires (gem, used for scratching other substances,

      to score with a mark as a tally or record, to inscribe, enumerate, to recount, count, de

      clare, number with penknife, reckon, scribe, show forth, speak, talk, tell out, write with 

      the inkhorn going through Jerusalem with a candle searching, pressing down on the 


15 His legs (shake, shook, run after or over, overflow:--overflow, water, lower legs as a runner: 

      hip, leg, shoulder, thigh) are as pillars (stand behind, a column as standing, platform, 

      abide behind, appoint, arise, confirm, dwell with, be employed, establish, ordain, raise 

      up, repair, serve, set forth, make to stand fast firm, up, stay up) of marble (whiten mar-

      ble, bleached, purified in fire), set upon sockets (foundation of a building, temple, 

      sense of strength, basis of a building, column, pillar as in the tabernacle boards making 

      the walls) of fine gold (faith and love, beautiful characters as the foundation of the living

      temples of God in each person, person being a pillar in the temple courtyard, as guards 

      of its truth, and as the oxen facing out who share the truth with the world): his counte-

      nance (view as the act of seeing the appearance, the shape, its comeliness of innocent, 

      serene and benevolent as the image of God, mental vision, pattern) is as Lebanon (to 

      be made white, the heart as the center, to become white as the snow on the mountains 

      of Lebanon, whiter than snow), excellent (young man chosen, youth selected, the best 

      choice to serve him as his servant, as a leader in the last days for youth) as the cedars 

      (for its tenacity of roots, firm).

16 His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, and this is 

      my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.

Chapter Six

Chorus of the Women
Whither is thy beloved gone, O thou fairest among women? Whither is thy beloved 

     turned aside? That we may seek him with thee (They are very curious now about this 

     Man that she says she loves).

Shulamite Girl
2 My beloved is gone down (mentally to earth, to the records, at the altar of incense to listen 

     to the prayers, to keep watch over his flock of sheep) into his garden (fold, fenced in, 

     defense, protector on earth), to the beds of spices, to feed in the gardens, and to 

     gather lilies (souls for the kingdom of heaven through his living messengers).

3 I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine: he (presently is) feedeth among the lilies.

King Solomon
4 Thou art beautiful, O my love, as Tirzah (so taken by her admiration of His manliness and 

     His expression of love for her, delightsomeness, to be pleased with, to satisfy a debt:--be

      acceptable, accomplish desired goal to relieve the sorrowing, reassure of forgiveness of 

      sin, set self aside, reassure of intent to reconcile with pure motive, to clarify oneself, 

      make clearer, set affection, approve, consent with, enjoy, favorable, like, pardon, recon-

      cile self), comely as Jerusalem (the bride), terrible (to frighten, terrorize) as an army 

      (of youth as the outstretched arm of the Shepherd, including the left shoulder, Betal 

      Geuse star--herdsman, Ephraim #2 as wielded into one stick with Joseph #2 who is 

      separated from the brethren and sisters by employment, the elbow is Sirius--Manasseh 

      #2, and the hand is the Charioteer whose eyes have now been fully opened as he was 

      deceived before, and all the youth combined with the outstretched arm to speedily finish 

      a work yet not done though it be six thousand years already; the arm of the Lord is laid 

      bare, His flesh is made visible, working through the youth; the arm starts with the right 

      shoulder of the Mighty Hunter with Ephraim, Sirius the elbow with the brightest diamond 

      star in the sky showing up the earliest and ending with the hand of the Charioteer in the 

      great arch extending over the left side of the Mighty Hunter with the Breaker and His 

      shield) with banners (the flag of the shepherd made conspicuous, made plain on a tab

      let, a raised flag for all to see and understand).

5 Turn away thine eyes from me (she gazes into His dark, round, large, luminous eyes and 

      cannot seem to find the bottom of them, yet she doesn’t comprehend who He is as yet, 

      but her gaze is too much for Him, and He in His heart begs her to look away): thy hair is

      as a flock of goats (salt and pepper color; bristly, standing on end with emotion and 

      fight, the battle is waging on earth, the kids are working fiercely to see the Shulamite girl 

      again, and to see the man that the Shepherd made great with his gentleness, they can 

      hardly wait, and the Shulamite girl is so anxious that her vineyard is ready for the har

      vest) that appear from Gilead (have affection as a friend, sister, espousal, like).

6 Thy teeth (razor sharp) are as a flock of sheep (showing white because of the big smile 

      expressing pure joy and happiness) which go up from the washing (change of dress 

      for a pure white as of light), whereof every one beareth twins (both kids heading for 

      the kingdom of heaven soon), and there is not one barren (both kids win thousands 

      and tens of thousands of young people like them, energizing others to join them in the 

      battle for righteousness for the kingdom of the Good Shepherd) among them.

7 As a piece of a pomegranate (forefront of the mind--enlarged frontal lobe from the studying 

     of the Word, the living water, the judgment center, packed with jewels from the Holy 

     Scripture) are the temples within thy locks (veil, hidden from the view of others, hiding

     in the cleft of the rock by the stairs)

8 There are threescore (first army: 60 pillars from the spiritual Jews among the Gentiles 

     guarding the sanctuary) queens (to reign, to ascend the throne: to induct into royalty; 

     hence to take counsel:--consult, be set up as queen, be make queen, begin to, make to 

     reign, rule, surely), and fourscore (80) concubines (second army that come out of the 

     inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spiritual Jewish people today that join as a company with 

     the first army to hold the banner of the Shabbath up high for the world to witness), and 

     virgins (from out of Babylon that come to join the people of God, because of the new 

     prophecy) without number.

9 My dove, my undefiled (My turtle dove; complete, pious, gentle, dear:--coupled together on 

     the throne, perfect, plain, upright) is but one; she is the only one (to be chosen, ex-

      alted from low degree to high degree, so highly among all the women of the world since 

      time began) of her mother (her own vineyard, her people of the twelve, and of all ages, 

      will walk freely among the records of those who stand by on earth), she is the choice 

      one (chosen to be on the right hand side of King Solomon, King Lemuel, Jah on his 

      throne in heaven, his right arm accepting her as in an embrace on the throne, she had 

      been on the left side of the temple and the ark by faith) of her that bare (as king David 

      was chosen, to show lineage, born to her as a human being, delivered her, pedigree of, 

      her trials and afflictions prove her identity, praise the Lord for trials, they are not a 

      strange thing) her. The daughters (people of the twelve) saw her, and blessed her; yea,

      the queens and the concubines, and they praised her.

10 Who is she that looketh (rises early in the morning, watches the sun come up as she 

     searches the word for jewels to put into her box of treasure day after day, year after year

     to see whether these things are so about the blood of the covenant) forth as the morn-

     ing (fresh and eagerly studying), fair as the moon (white as the moon, and waxed 

     stronger and a brighter white each day of her searching for the truth in the sanctuary 

     from Jerusalem, the city from afar, her name means: light, the Moon Queen, the king’s 

     donkey and the queen with her throne constellation nearby are pictured on the moon 

     facing earth; the total eclipse of the moon February 20, 2008 shows the king and queen 

     being covered, veiled and hidden from sight of earthly human beings; the light being 

     covered--removed, physically removed, burden removed from shoulder and given to 

     Ephraim and the youth to finish as ready to spring forward when called, educated by the 

     Shulamite girl), clear as the 
sun (the queen sits in the realm of brilliant light, a light that

     gets brighter until truth is blazing all around, hand and fingers dripping with light from the

     Good Shepherd, the key to knowledge; the Shepherd asked her, “Do you drive a car 

     around where you live”? “Yes”, she answered. Hmmm! she decided, I’d better clean my 

     car inside and out!

      She asked the Shepherd, “Did you go to the Hanukah light ceremony tonight?” She 

      asked excitedly. She had gone. “They lit all eight candles accidentally!” She was leaving 

      the next day and would miss the last day. She felt excited to get a picture of all eight 

      candles burning,until they realized their mistake; she hummed with the music that she 

      recorded on the video camera; He answered without a smile, looking rather solemn and 

      pale, “No”, and that was it, no other comment of any kind about the subject. Was He up

      set, sad, or feeling that it wasn’t for real?

      She remembered that the Messiah had waited until the light ceremony started in the 

      Women’s Court, then He showed up in Jerusalem in the Women’s Court. It was a time of

      festive Jewish dances by the elders and the honorable in the center of the court. Music 

      was played, water from the brook was poured, and the lights were set to blazing. Com-

      ing to Jerusalem this time was extra special to her, because of the light ceremony. She 

      wasn’t sure which conclusion to choose, so she left it open. She promptly switched to 

      another area), and terrible as an army (of youth on fire for the Shepherd and His 

      queen, their friend and protector, teacher and supporter) with banners (flag raised up 

      high, singing the new song, keeping the Sabbath day holy).

Shulamite Girl
11 I went down (to the courthouse in heaven) into the garden of nuts (fruit, ripen in the fall) to

      see the fruits of the valley (down below on earth), and to see whether the vine (my 

      own vineyard of my own people of the twelve) flourished (to see what their records look

      liked, how they were doing with their character development, especially the youth), and 

      the pomegranates (upright fruit loaded as bags of jewels) budded.

12 Or ever I was aware (revere or worship, thankfulness, praise, thanksgiving), my soul 

      (Jehovah-saved) made me like the chariots (horseback, rider of the white unicorn, ve

      hicle to some place else) of Amminadib (a horse like the people of the Almighty, people 

      of the twelve’s congregation, a horse that they are familiar with: body, hooves, head: the 

      white unicorn that flies through the air--Pegasus Express, rapid flight).

Chorus of the Women
13 Return, return (from the place where Jah lives, they now know who the King is that she 

     loves and that now she sits as a judge and a queen on the right hand side of the king), O

     Shulamite (queen); return, return, that we may look (mentally perceive your Spirit of 

     Prophecy dripping from your hand) upon thee (face to face, instead of being millions of 

     light years away in another galaxy, and we have only our memory of what you looked 

     like, and what you taught us about the Holy Blood, Holy Grail on the mercy seat). What 

     will ye see in the Shulamite? As if it were the company (a woman, kind and gentle of 

     heart, pious, upright, undefiled, working to bring peace between Gentile and Jew; danc

     ing by writhing in pain inflicted by both armies, which knocks her to the ground, but the 

     galaxy of promise appeared at her knee. Someday, she knew that the spiritual Gentile 

     and Jew would come together as two armies, one nation born in a day) of two armies.

Chapter Seven

King Solomon
How beautiful are thy feet with shoes (sandal of occupancy, furnished with golden slippers 

     decked with priceless jewels; carrying finished news about the cross to the whole world),

     O prince’s (magnanimous, refusal to marry, grandee, free, noble, willing hearted, a per

     son of royalty) daughter (of royalty, queen)! The joints (depart, withdraw self) of thy 

     thighs (to be soft with human thighs) are like jewels (polished with refinement, worthi

     ness and elegance of character), the work of the hands of a cunning (expert in terms 

     of having been trained by Jah, and learning lessons well as a young virgin girl, hearing 

     and seeing with understanding of all things) workman (a working girl that did not need to

     be ashamed, because she had rightly divided the word of truth, which made the Shu

     lamite widow girl very wise, sweet, kind and beautiful, the fairest of them all in her belief 

     in King Lemuel’s blood on the mercy seat for her sins and that of her two kids, teaching 

     them to believe in it as well as her late husband).

2 Thy navel (8326--be hostile as in only acting part of the opponent/enemy to clarify, sense of 

      twisting to cunningly make a point, officer of royalty as judge in the kingdom of heaven) 

      is like a round (5469--like the round moon or world on her shoulder by concern of heart)

      goblet (pounded out hollow, basin, cup, pot, vessel to hold word of God as upright 

      pomegranate, the fair moon) , which wanteth not liquor (does not drink it by choice 

      and teaching): thy belly (hollow) is like a heap (6194--pile up, gather together for an

      other to harvest, to identify the problem and help with solutions, searching for good corn 

      in the records of those who stand by, searching for sheep among the goats, helping with 

      the separating of the two based on a pivotal point: treatment toward others, doing good 

      to the neighbor in need) wheat (2406--searching for the harvest of grain, ripe corn) set 

      (judgment is set and the books are open) about with lilies (lilies in the image of the 

      Shepherd-Farmer, ripe with a beautifully developed character and ready for the harvest).

3 Thy two breasts (two pillars, male and female both having breasts as humans, two towers 

      representing the house of David built by Jehovah during creation week, and the southern

      and northern fishes of Ezekiel guarding its truths, the fountain) are like two young roes 

      that are twins (beautiful gazelle--female heifer ready for the sacrifice; youthful-like male 

      roe also ready for the sacrifice--male bullock).

4 Thy neck (ridge, shoulder used by the Shepherd, helping to lift the burden of the Shepherd in 

      saving souls for his kingdom) is as a tower (temple of David, pulpit, rostrum where 

      straight and narrow messages are given by living messengers) of ivory (strong, sharp 

      big teeth); thine eyes like the fish pools (kneel as an act of adoration, praise, salute, 

      thank; reservoir: where camels kneel as a resting place) in Heshbon (2808--intelligence,

      account, device, reason), by the gate (fountain of the temple) of Bathrabbim (daughter,

      city of Rabbah, daughter as the apple of the eye, the eye of the landscape as the people

      of the twelve, hangings of pots, vessels, bowls, branch, company, first, old, village, 

      house, temple): thy nose (639--rapid breathing of passion, anger before, countenance 

      of worthy, wrath at evil, long-suffering) is as the tower (temple, pulpit) of Lebanon 

      (whiteness of mountain of snow covering) which looketh (lean toward, peer into dis-

      tance, observe, await longingly, behold by records, keep the watch of records, missing 

      loved ones on earth) toward Damascus (north of Jerusalem, north in the sky sanctuary 

      as the story gets played out on earth by real people of the twelve, lead out by the arch in

      the sky, the spark is the pup’s tail (blood of the covenant sprinkled literally on the mercy 

      seat, which is the gas pedal for the herdsman’s “L” shaped foot as he drives the clock 

      around the north pole, the ark in the sky sanctuary, the youthful chosen one).

5 Thine head upon thee is like Carmel (3760--fruitful, plentiful, held, place, a planted field--

      garden, orchard, vineyard--garden produce, full (green) ears of corn, fruitful field 

      (place), plentiful field, all about the harvest going on in the world below the central place 

      of the universe as God’s throne), and the hair (1802--to dangle, to let down a bucket for 

      drawing out water, deliverer--draw out enough, lift up) of thine head like purple (color/

      dye of 
royalty); the king is held (631--yoke, or hitch, fasten, to join battle, bind, har-

      ness, keep, make ready, order, prepare, tie) in the galleries (7298--to hollow out, a 

      channel or watering box, by resemblance a ringlet of hair:--as forming parallel 

      lines:--gallery, gutter, trough).

6 How fair and how pleasant art thou, O love, for delights!

7 This thy stature (6967--tall, high, be clearer, confirm, decree, endure, get up, make good, 

      help, lift up again, perform, raise up, rear up, set up, establish, make stand up, stir up, 

      strengthen, succeed, make surely, up hold) is like to a palm (8588--be erect, victorious)

      tree (person), and thy breasts (7699--bunch together the stones of promises of much 

      fruit) to clusters of grapes (fruit of the labor).

8 I said, I will go up to the palm tree (erect, arch, umbellate), I will take hold of the boughs 

       (to be pointed) thereof: now also thy breasts shall be as clusters of the vine, and 

       the smell of thy nose apples (discernment from the people of the twelve);
9 And the roof (sense of tasting, organ of speech, kissing--kindling of the spark) of thy mouth 

      (2441--organ of speech, kissing as the spark to ignite the fire of the latter rain, “by the 

      word of their testimony about the blood of the covenant sprinkled by the Lamb seen as 

      slain in the last days with the four beasts and the 24 elders of the judgment of the living 

      gathered in the courthouse in heaven) like the best wine (effervesce, intoxication of 

      sweet grape juice at the banqueting table of King Lemuel‘s wedding) for my beloved, 

      that goeth down sweetly, causing the lips (8193--terminator, natural boundary, lan

      guage, vessel, water, cloth or vesture dipped in blood, bank, border, brink, edge, shore, 

      speech, talk, tell, words) of those that are asleep (3493--slack, languid, stale, luke

      warm, speak more slowly, glide, cause to speak).

Shulamite Girl
10 I am my beloved’s, and his desire (human desire) is toward me (the girl that catches His 

      affection with her raised eyebrow, affliction in the operating room, admiration for Him 

      expressed in public, and gazing into His eyes searching for she knows not what).

11 Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field (courthouse in heaven where the records 

     are kept laying open on the table); let us lodge (3885--stop, stay here permanently until 

     the job is done) in the villages (3723---protected by walls, 3722--to cover, to expiate or 

     condone, to placate or cancel, appease, make atonement, cleanse, forgive, disannul, 

     be merciful, pacify, pardon, purge away, reconciliation, a young lion/village covered with 

Leo the Lion of Judah at work in the courtroom, the Shulamite girl is in charge of 

     the courtroom and helps with the records, verdicts for she knows her vineyard very well, 

     and cares very much for the clients.

       What qualifications must she have to do this work? Be an expert witness so she can 

       explain how and why if happened. An expert investigates and explains to the advocate, 

       and later explains or teaches the subject to the judge and jury. One must be skilled in the

       particular subject area. She must be able to evaluate, explain, describe and testify about

       it. The 
eyewitness to the event tells what they saw, heard, felt, or smelled, but not by 

       hearsay or what they think of the case. The technical witness however can express their 

       opinion on any relevant issue falling within the scope of their expertise, and it doesn’t 

       matter if you weren’t there. The technical witness is presumed to be impartial, disinter-

       ested, who is simply explaining why and how things happen.

       There are four reasons why an expert witness would be brought into the cases:
   When required by a fair law
   When required by facts
   To assist the jury
   When the advocate has a tactical reason for hiring the expert witness

       When and where would the expert witness work?
   Before trial
   For the judge
   To testify in court
   Paid by the King

      The Shulamite girl is well able to do all of the above. It is the trial cases of the apple 

      people of the twelve that she helps the king with as Joseph assisted the King of Egypt 

      during times of danger and famine. He will hire her soon if she keeps the charges 

      against them by heavenly legal lawsuit. But whatever is done, is done for their salvation 

      and none other reason, but they are blind, and naked, and deceived about what is the 

      truth. How can she help them to see?

12 Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine flourish, whether the tender 

      grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth (The girl is homesick for her loved 

      ones on earth--the house of Joseph, she cannot bear to stay away from the records, she

      keeps close tabs on each one, especially Ephraim and Manasseh): there will I give 

      thee my loves (This is where her vineyard is, and this is where she gives of the fruit of 

      her labor to the Good Shepherd as a willing and cheerful gift demonstrating her deep 

      love for him and them).

13 The mandrakes (a boiling pot, baskets, kettle of good food cooking, an excellent harvest is 

     under way, for the young people are hard at work finishing/wrapping everything up on 

     earth. The Mighty Hunter of Orion is furiously at work, his left arm stretched out as in the 

     youth, and Benjamin has his shield up protecting them, and helping with the river of the 

     judge, the water that determines what the verdict will be up in heaven. His twin works in 

     heaven, and he works on earth to establish the people of the twelve so they are ready 

     for the 
harvest just ahead) give a good smell, and at our gates are all manner of 

     pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have laid up for thee, O my beloved.

Chapter Eight

O that thou wert as my brother (regular human on earth), that sucked the breasts of my 

      mother! When I should find thee without, I would kiss thee; yea, I should not be 

      despised (treated with disrespect, contempt, shamed, her teachings regarded with dis

      belief; and not knowing who her lover really is).

2 I would lead thee, and bring thee into my mother’s house (on earth), who would instruct

      me (once again (Oh to hear her voice!): I would cause thee to drink of spiced wine 

      of the sweet juice of my pomegranate.

3 His left hand should be under my head (shaking her--Joseph, empowering her left shoulder

       seen by the Mighty Hunter in the night sky through Ephraim #2 and the outstretched el

       bow of Manassah #2, the extended hand of the Charioteer with wide open eyes and 

       sparked by the pup’s tail which is the truth of the sprinkled flow of the Messiah’s blood 

       onto the mercy seat), and his right hand should embrace me (sitting on the right hand

       side of the King on the throne).

4 I charge you (by the legal process in the courthouse in heaven), O daughters of Jerusalem,

      that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, until he please (“The timing of the Lord is per

      fect, converting the soul”).

Chorus of the Women
5 Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness (the desert of America by orientation) 

     leaning (reclining in a lover’s stance, restful, relaxed, comfortable, content, in God’s 

     strength, at ease, peaceful, happy, satisfied, the Shulamite has her arms wrapped 

     around her darling for all to see, publicly showing her affection for Him. She knows who 

     He is and is pleased. She accepts the offered hand in marriage, is agreeable and pleas

     ant; she leans against the mountain as in the place of the skull by faith and sits at His 

     feet learning as did Mary Magdalene and doing as did Martha instructing the young           

     people, the castaways about the finished story at Calvary, the new song) upon her be

     loved (her hands are no longer in her pocket. She turns Him down no more, but the 

     women still do not know Him)?

      “I raised thee up (King Lemuel speaking to Joseph #2--the Shulamite girl) under the 

      apple tree (house of Joseph, the people of the twelve): there thy mother brought thee 

      forth (gave birth in America, her mother’s body was well prepared and stocked with 

      nutrients during her teen years. God was preparing her to be the mother of the queen of 

      the universe; after birth the baby continues to be fed rich nutrients from the breast milk, 

      because the mother is an apple woman, and eats them every day. The baby receives 

      tons of eye-contact from the one who cares for her and raises her. The mother is one of 

      the apple people of the twelve, and so is her father. He loves her mother deeply and 

      protects and cares for her to the best of his ability. He supports her in staying home and 

      taking one to one care of their children): there she brought thee forth (faithfully raised 

      and nurtured her for the King) that bare (a woman from the Apple of the Twelve people, 

      gave birth, and both her father and mother are highly regarded by the heavenly realm, 

      for they have raised with God a queen for the king to love and cherish and minister unto.

      As her earthly father involved himself in the raising of his daughters, so did the heavenly 

      Father watch over the girl, plucking her from the fire, and preparing her to meet His Son 

      in Jerusalem some day. It was the Father who chose her) thee”.

Shulamite Girl
6 Set me as a seal (signature ring, make an end, stop, to close up, seal up) upon thine heart 

      (a promise to me that you be quick to orchestrate the courthouse to its end of session), 

      as a seal upon thine arm (2220--stretched out arm of an army of youth eyes open and 

      hearts ready to spring forth with the tidings of great joy of the song of Calvary opened to 

      their understanding as if the Bible were a new book and song and prophecy to them, 

      helping, mighty, power, shoulder, strength): for love is strong as death; jealousy is 

      cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement

      flame (on her second trip to Israel, the Shepherd leads the girl to a neutral meeting 

      place, a center for youth to gather together, and shows her the video of the Messiah 

      taken in Morocco; when it is finished, He looks at her and says to help her understand 

      the thinking of a Jew; “See, the Romans murdered Him”!

      No one can stop their love for each other, interfere or influence by slander, gossip,      

      cruelty, abuse, humiliation. No one can write, phone or visit the king to tell Him that she 

      is horrible, a whore, not worthy, worthy of nothing. He knows her, and she knows Him--

       they both know the truth, and the chains set 
 er free. She belongs to Him. He belongs to

      her. The measurement of her arm from elbow to the tip of her finger is 18 inches, which 

      is the same as the wedge that channeled the blood 
of the Messiah down into the crack 

      and onto the mercy seat).
7 Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give 

     all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned.

Chorus of the Women
8 We have a little sister, and she hath no breasts (does not believe in the Tower of David nor 

     the Temple of David): what shall we do for our sister in the day when she shall be 

     spoken for?

9 If she be a wall, we will build upon her a palace of silver: and if she be a door, we will 

       inclose her with boards of cedar (tenacious roots, firm).

Shulamite Girl
10 I am a wall (southern with the Huldah--2467, 2468--weasel-like gliding motion, glide swiftly; 

      life as a fleeting portion of time; hense the world as transient:--age, short time, world-- 

      gates), and my breasts like towers (the underground temple with tunnels leading to the

      tombs of King David and King Solomon connected to the judgment of the living): then 

      was I in his eyes as one that found favour.

11 Solomon had a vineyard at Baalhamon (1174--possessor of a multitude, owner, master, 

      husband, chief captain, married--figuratively; 1995--noise, disquietude, crowd, tumult, 

      wealth: abundance, company, many, riches, sounding; 4447--queen reign, ascend the 

      throne, induct into royalty, take counsel, be make queen, begin to make reign); he let 

      out the vineyard unto keepers (on earth, because he is in heaven as a human and 

      God); every one for the fruit thereof was to bring a thousand (ox head for a thou

      sand with 12 oxen under the laver facing outward taking the water to the world about the

      blood of the Savior, and 12 is a multiple of 144,000) pieces of silver.

12 My vineyard, which is mine (her children, which is her very own field; she does not care 

     about anything else but her own field which was taken from her; records being kept in 

     the courthouse of heaven), is before me (She can see them as she speaks; the girl for

     gives her apple people of their trespasses against her as Joseph forgave his brothers of 

     their treachery causing him to be separated from his brothers; only true love burns in her

     heart for them, but she must make sure that they are safe to save for eternity; this is her 

     work, to help the Shepherd determine their verdicts): thou, O Solomon, must have a 

     thousand, and those that keep the fruit thereof two hundred (as reward for the har

     vest workers; but she is content to be in heaven working with the judgment scene; she 

     was weary and beaten down onto the ground writhing in pain; her beloved rescued her 

     and pulled her out of the fire and saved her, taking her up. tired and beaten down).

13 Thou that dwellest in the gardens (fenced in walls of protection on earth), the compan

     ions (my kids, friends and acquaintance) hearken (listen, obey and treat your neighbor 

     well) to thy voice (of response to the Shepherd’s knocking): cause (make me, allow 

     me, let me) to 
hear it (your voice).

14 Make haste (be quick), my Beloved, and be thou like to a roe or to a young hart (leaping

     and skipping as the white unicorn, the Stone of Israel, the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ 

     of Nazareth, the man who is acting the part of the man) upon the mountains of spices.

(Happy Valentine’s Day to my youthful audience!)
Descriptions of King Solomon

Solomon: peaceful, well, happy, friendly, safe, welfare, health, prosperity, familiar, fare, favor, 

       friend, greet, perfect, be at peace, rest safely, salute, wholly
Ornan: strong and tough as the ash tree, brawling stream
Abraham: lofty, high father, father of a multitude, owning a multitude of people
Abram: high father, lofty, father of height, father of a gift, generous, father of peace, friendly
Jonathan: Jehovah-given, self-existent, eternal
I AM: whole, all, complete, perfect
Aaron: brawling stream, river of east, the ash tree, tough, strong
Samuel: make sound, hear intelligently, listen, obey, tell
Israel: Almighty, Deity, God, have power as a prince, El-God, prevail
Samson: brilliant, sun, east, ray, arch, sun-rising, window, house of the sun, court, temple, pal

Jah: God, self-existent, saves, to free or succor, most vehement, get victory
Isaiah: Jah has saved
Elijah: God of Jehovah, Deity, prophet
Ezekiel: God will strengthen, help cure, bind, restrain, fasten, behave valiantly, play the man
Hosea: deliverer
Jeremiah: certain weight: pound, measurement, measurer
Joseph: simply act, continually doing, adding
Moses: law giver, pull out, draw out, the water
Isaac: laughter, laugh outright, He will laugh, merriment, play, to strut as lion, pride, in a good 

Adam: rosy, extrovert, energetic, ruddy
David: friend, lover, love-token, to love, loving
Lemuel: belonging to God, symbol name of Solomon,
Eliakim: God of raising
Elhanan: God is gracious
Elkanah: God has obtained

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