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									                                    ELCB Children’s
Thanks Children’s Ministry Volunteers!                                             In this issue
                                                                                   ☺ Thanks Children’s Ministry Volun-
We’re more than half way            To make the Youth Ministry pro-                  teers!
through the Sunday School year      gram even more dynamic, more
                                                                                   ☺ Nursery News
so we would like to recognize all   volunteers are needed for upcom-
Children’s Ministry volunteers.     ing activities. Please contact                 ☺ Spring Calendar
Volunteers really make the min-     Sheri Wahlin or Margo Gramling                 ☺ Children’s Ministry Thrift Sale
istry happen by leading classes     for more information.
                                                                                   ☺ Sparks Family
and service projects, manning                   Volunteer
                                                                                   ☺ Heifer Project
the nursery, leading Youth
Group and every other task re-                                                     ☺ Special Care Fleece Blanket Project
lated to coordinating these ef-     •   Heifer Project
                                                                                   ☺ Children’s Garden
forts.                              •   Fleece Blanket project
    If you are a volunteer, your    •   Thrift Sale
energy, expertise and love en-
                                    •   Children’s Garden
riches each child in our program.

Heifer Project                                                        Sparks Family Magazine
The Sunday School chil-       show for our Brothers and               Looking for a great Christian magazine to
dren will begin our annual    Sisters in Malawi.                      share with your kids? Take a look at Sparks
Heifer Drive for our              We invite the congre-               Family Magazine. Published quarterly, it fea-
friends in Malawi. The        gation to join with the                 tures stories, drawings, wordfinds and family
children will collect and     Sunday School children to               activities. The magazine follows many of the
count money, vote on ani-     contribute, pass the milk               stories we cover in Sunday School.
mals and track the pro-       jugs and track our pro-                   They are supplied by WELCA and FREE to
gress toward their goal.      gress.                                  you. Sparks Family replaces the “Davey and
    Last year, we raised a    ELCB Sunday School and                  Goliath” publication. You will find your copy in
total of $1,050 to pur-       Ann and Erin Arneson                    the Fellowship Hall.
chase a heifer, a pig, a
water buffalo, trio of rab-
bits and a flock of chick-                                            Volunteer Childrens’ Ministry Co-Coordinators
ens. WOW!! It is an awe-                                         Margo Gramling 715-861-3266 and
some show of love and
                                                                 Sheri Wahlin 715-720-1570 and
support ELCB continues to
                                                      Sunday School Bi-Annual Thrift Sale
                                                            Friday and Saturday, June 9 and 10
                                                                         Save the Date!
Spring Calendar                                  Are you getting a head start on Spring cleaning? Save
February 20 Cookies for Fellowship               and donate your gently used items to the Sunday
             Service Project                     School Thrift Sale. Pre-priced gently used items only
February 27 The Centurion’s Servant              will be accepted the week of the sale.
March 6      Jesus Blesses the Children
March 13     Fleece Blanket Service
                                                 Due to disposal costs, electronic items will be accepted
             Preparation                         on a limited basis with donor information attached so
March 20     Fleece Blanket Service              that it may be returned if items do not sell. Proceeds
             Project                             from the sale will benefit the Children and Youth Min-
March 27     Jesus Heals Two Blind Men           istry program.
April 3      Holy Week
                                                 Volunteers are needed for set up, manning tables and
April 10     The Empty Tomb         ‘
April 17     Spring Clean-up Service
                                                 tear down on Saturday. Please contact Sheri Wahlin
             Project                             for more information at 715-720-1570 or lau-
April 24     No Sunday School          
May 1        The Sower
May8         Breakfast for Sunday School

         Green Thumbs                                                    Nursery News
              Needed!                                       Volunteers are waiting patiently to welcome
                                                            your young child to the nursery located in
  We are looking for green
                                                            the basement during worship. The nursery
  thumbs to volunteer to tend
                                                            is a fun and safe place to play while you
  the Children’s Garden from
                                                            participate in service without distractions.
  May to September. The Chil-
  dren’s Garden comprises two
                                                            The nursery is stocked with age-
  flower beds on the north side
                                                            appropriate toys, activities and snacks to
  of the church in the outdoor
                                                            make the hour pass enjoyably for your
  worship area. Volunteers are needed to water
                                                            youngster. You will need to sign your child in
  and do light weeding for annual and perennials
                                                            and out each Sunday. So please come down
  2- to 4-times per week depending on the
                                                            to meet the volunteers and take advantage
  weather. Contact Sheri Wahlin for more in-
                                                            of this wonderful resource.

There is a Garden of the Soul,      Within this Garden of the Soul
Where God plants loving seeds       Fruits of the Spirit grow;
That faith and grace will nourish   And they produce new seeds of love
Into blooms of loving deeds.        Which you and I can sow.

                                           —Peggy Ferrell, Prayers and Poems

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