A pOND FOr by linzhengnd


                          YOUr OFFICIAL COmmUNItY NeWSLetter

  Community Association
                          evergreen edge                                              September 2011
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                                    A pOND FOr
                                    ALL SeASONS
                                    perFeCt pLANtS
                                      FOr p ONDS

                                       ~bY evergreeN reSIDeNt,
                                          DOrOthY SprINg
                                    pLeASe See pAgeS 8 AND 9

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Pg. 2 September 2011   Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
                  COmmUNItY COrNer
     Newsletter                                                          Inside
                                                                             CECA BUSINESS
                                                                                                        Your Official Newsletter

       bACk-tO-SChOOL:                                                       •	 CECA Board of Directors: Page 4
     tOp 10 hOmeWOrk tIpS                                                    •	 CECA Membership Form: Page 5
                                                                             •	 Community Services: Page 6
           FOr pAreNtS
                                                                             COMMUNITY CORNER AND COFFEE TALK
School is back in full swing, and for most
                                                                             •	 Top 10 homework tips for parents: Page 3
kids that means completing the dreaded
homework assignments. Many parents                                           •	 A Pond For All Seasons: Pages 8 and 9
battle with their children to get their                                      •	 Fish Creek Library: Page 10
homework completed, but the battles can become less severe,                  •	 Calgary After School: Page 12
or eliminated completely if you start off the new school year with           •	 Back to School Safety: Page 13
a positive attitude concerning homework issues. Here is a Top 10             •	 Things To Do: Pages 19 and 22
list of parent tips for reducing homework hassles.                           •	 Is Your Child’s Eyes Ready for School?: Page 25

1.    Provide a quiet, well-lit “homework spot” – Provide                    CIVIC CHAT
      your child with a quiet place to do homework that’s free from          •	 Bylaw Bulletin: Page 27
      distractions, like TV, people coming and going, lots of noise,         •	 Dave Rodney, MLA: Page 28
      etc. Make sure that your child knows this is his “homework             •	 Alderman Diane Colley-Urquhart: Page 29
      spot,” and keep it stocked with the supplies needed, like
      paper, pens and pencils, a dictionary and thesaurus.                   CLASSIFIED ADS: Page 30

2.    Schedule a regular time for completing homework
      – Some kids handle homework better if they complete                    Plus much, much more!!!
      it right after school. Some need a short break to refresh
      their minds. If your child does not have an after school                 child asks for help, don’t be tempted to give away the
      activity that day, it’s usually best to have homework started            answers. This will not help your child learn the material.
      either right after school, or after a healthy snack. If a child          Instead, sit down and explain the problem and come up
      waits until after dinner or right before bed to complete                 with the solution together. Too much parent involvement
      homework, he will have to “restart” the brain and get back               can prevent homework from having a positive effect.
      into thinking mode.
                                                                        7.     Have your child do the difficult homework first – If
3.    Review all homework and assignments regularly –                          math does not come easy for your child, ask him to
      Most children have an agenda or planner where all home-                  complete that homework first. He will be most alert when
      work assignments are posted. Be sure to check it every                   facing the greatest challenges. Easy material will be easier
      day for younger students, and at least 1-2 times per week                to conquer, especially when fatigue begins to set in.
      for middle school children. If no assignments are written in
      it, schedule a conference with your child’s teacher.              8.     Short breaks are OK – If your child is having a particularly
                                                                               tough time completing the day’s homework, encourage him
4.    Soft music may help – Many teachers actually play                        to take a short break, or go for a short walk. He will come
      classical music in the background as students complete                   back to the problem refreshed and ready to start anew.
      classwork at their desk or in groups. Soft jazz or classical
      music may calm your child at the end of a hectic day, and         9.     Discourage phone calls and distractions - If your child
      make homework seem more like a simple chore, rather                      has a cell phone, make sure it is turned off or located
      than an everyday monumental effort.                                      anywhere but the “homework spot.” Explain that your
                                                                               child can make phone calls or visit with friends upon the
5.    Don’t save projects until the last minute – Teachers                     completion of homework. It will get done much more
      often send home information about upcoming projects at                   quickly when distractions are removed from the setting.
      least two weeks in advance, and sometimes even earlier.
      Post a calendar in your child’s “homework spot” and               10. Reward homework progress – If your child has been
      include dates of all upcoming projects. If your child spends          completing assignments on time and working hard,
      10-15 minutes per day on a project, the end result will be            reward his success with a special event, like a trip to the
      a well-planned project, and a less stressed out child.                park, choice of a movie at the rental store or pizza night.
                                                                            Rewards can reinforce positive behavior, like completing all
6.    Provide guidance, but not the answers – When your                     homework on a regular and consistent basis.

 Pg. 3 September 2011                                                               The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
  Calgary Evergreen Community Association CECA
  Executive & Board of Directors
                      Have you bookmarked our community website: www.myceca.ca
         In case you have any questions, the following is a list of our current directors. If you prefer, please send a note to:
                                          Calgary Evergreen Community Association
                                                           P Box 24007
                                     #100, 2250 162 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2Y 0J9

                     Isn’t it time to get involved? Join the board. Sign up for a FREE membership.
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 If you’d like to contact any of us or inquire about joining the board, the following are our directors and postings
available. If you would like to find out more about VACANT positions on our Board, please contact Nikhil Sonpal
   at president@myceca.ca. Make a difference in your community and join the Community Association Board!

 President & FCC (Federation of Calgary Communities) Liaison            Nikhil Sonpal                                        president@myceca.ca
 Past President                                                         Chuck Arcand                                            chuck@myceca.ca
 Vice President                                                         VACANT
 Treasurer                                                              Jody deBeaudrap                                      treasurer@myceca.ca
 Secretary                                                              Mary Ann Serrano                                     secretary@myceca.ca

 Development Director (Home Occ’s, Permits, Easements)                  Pedro Mendonca                                          pedro@myceca.ca
 Development Director (LUMAC Representative)                            Attila Szabo                                              attila@myceca.ca
 Director at Large                                                      Robert Fuller                                           robert@myceca.ca
 Director at Large                                                      Joe Samson                                                  joe@myceca.ca
 Director at Large                                                      Tanya Silverthorn                                        tanya@myceca.ca
 Grant Application Director                                             VACANT
 Newsletter Editor                                                      Nicholas Mangozho                                newsletter@myceca.ca
 Newsletter Sales/Ad Inquiry                                            Laura Dennison                          newslettersales@mindsdesign.ca
 Policies & Procedures Director                                         Yvette Gourdinne                                      yvette@myceca.ca
 Sanderson Ridge Liaison                                                Ron Chambers                                             ron@myceca.ca
 Senior Citizen’s Liaison                                               Elaine Schram                                         elaine@myceca.ca
 Social Director                                                        Carolyn Houghton                                    carolyn@myceca.ca
 Sports Director                                                        VACANT                                                 chris@myceca.ca
 Traffic Safety Director                                                Tracy Hryhoruk                                         tracy@myceca.ca
 Webmaster & Trico Centre Liaison                                       VACANT

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS:                                                      24 Hour Crisis/Suicide Line.........................403-266-1605
Public Safety Emergency...............................................911     Child Abuse Hotline.................................1-800-387-5437
Health & Hospital:                                                            Kid’s Help Phone......................................1-800-668-6868
  Rockyview Hospital.........................................403-943-3000     Alberta Senior’s Info. Line.......................1-800-642-3853
  Children’s Hospital..........................................403-229-7211   Non-emergency Services:
  Calgary Health Link (24 hours)........................403-943-5465            City of Calgary Info..........................................................311
  South Calgary Health Centre..........................403-943-9500             Police (Non-Emergency)................................403-266-1234
  24 Hour Poison Control..................................403-944-1414          Fire .................................................................403-287-4299
Natural Gas Emergency...............................403-245-7222                Ambulance.......................................................403-261-4000
Enmax (electrical)........................................403-514-6100          C.O.P  .S.............................................................403-216-1114

Pg. 4 September 2011                                                                                                            Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
                         CeCA memberShIp regIStrAtION FOrm
          There is no cost for membership. If you are interested in joining the CECA, and staying connected
            with the Evergreen Community, please complete the form and send to the following address.
                          CECA Membership c/o 1 Everstone Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2Y 4J7
                                    Please Note: Memberships expire April 30th, 2012.

          Support Your Community! Get Involved! Membership is FREE!
                                       Your support helps us to do the following:
	 Development Advocacy: CECA actively reviews and takes appropriate action (including open houses) regarding current
   and future area developments (i.e. land use, building development, screening fences, playgrounds, etc.)
	 Social Events: Organizing and sponsoring community events accessible to ALL Evergreen residents (i.e. Annual
   Evergreen Community BBQ, Annual Community Garage Sale, etc.)
	 Sports & Recreation: CECA membership is required when registering you or your child for some sports.
DISCOUNTED RATES RATES on programs with the Mid-Sun Community Association and South Fish
   Creek Recreation Association. Don’t forget to mention you are a CECA member when registering!
	 Community Facilities: Planning for future community facilities that are sustainable and meet the
   needs of ALL EVERGREEN residents (i.e. Soccer fields, tennis courts, etc.)

Annual Membership Rate: FREE - Household Information (Strictly confidential as per the CECA privacy policy):

Surname: ______________________________________ Given Name: _________________________________________

Spouse/Partner Surname : ________________________ Given Name: _________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Postal Code: __________________________ Contact Number: _______________________________________________

E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

* Volunteer Preference: ______________________________________________________________________________
* Please see the Board of Directors’ listing at the front of this newsletter for any Executive and /or Director positions
  available. As well, our committees can almost always use an extra person or two.
* Please consider how valuable your assistance would be when it comes to our membership drive every spring, and at
  our special events like the Annual Evergreen Community BBQ!
* You may submit community related articles for the newsletter you are reading right now, (submit to
  newsletter@evergreencommunity.ca). The articles can be of any topic relating to our community including accolades,
  awards and achievements received by members of our community.

 Pg. 5 September 2011                                                       The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
       evergreeN COmmUNItY ServICeS                                                            Harold Panabaker Junior High........................... 403-777-7890
                                                                                               Our Lady of Peace EL/JH .................................. 403-254-5446
                                                                                               Ste-Catherine Elementary................................. 403-281-1202
Community Coordinators & Area Contacts
                                                                                               St. Jude Elementary............................................403-281-0002
   Scouts - Edward Ostrowsk.................................403-201-2492
                                                                                               St. Mary’s University College ............................ 403-531-9130
   Liaison/Police Officer for Evergreen
                                                                                               St. Stephen EL/JH .............................................. 403-2521121
   Mike Petroschuk................................................403-296-2580
                                                                                               Sundance Elementary........................................ 403-777-8690
   Community & Neighbourhood Services Representative
                                                                                               Trinity Christian School ..................................... 403-254-6682
   Cathi Groves......................................................403-537-7592
                                                                                               Woodman Junior High....................................... 403-777-7490
   Calgary Football Association - Art Marche........ 403-238-2443
   Girl Guides Calgary Area .................................. 403-283-8348                  Political Representatives:
   South Fish Creek Rec. Complex - Les Turner....403-201-8652                                  Alderman - Diane Colley-Urquart ..........................403-268-1624
   South Fish Creek Basketball ww.southfishcreekhoops.com                                      MLA - Dave Rodney .................................................403-238-1212
   South Diamond Softball - Lisa Martin................ 403-253-7440                           MP - Stephen Harper ...............................................403-253-8203
   Shaw-nee Soccer Club - Kevin Matieshin.......... 403-256-0939
   Shawnessy YMCA...............................................403-256-5533                                                LOCAL COmmUNItY ChUrCheS
City of Calgary & Other Services:                                                                                            tO INCLUDe YOUr ChUrCh, pLeASe
   Alberta One Call (buried utility lines) ................1-800-242-3447
                                                                                                                                 emAIL    info@mindsdesign.ca
   Alberta Health Care........................................403-297-6411
   Animal - Injured & Stray pets..........................403-250-7722
   Animal Control.....403-268-1160 after hours 403-268-1158
   Bicycles (lost or stolen)..................................................... 3-1-1      The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
   Bus/ C-Train.....................................................403-262-1000             •	 Parkland Stake Centre, 14540 Parkland Boulevard SE
   Bylaw Issues (noise, snow/ice etc.).................................... 3-1-1                 phone # 403-278-8565
   Calgary Parking Authority (handicapped parking stalls,                                    •	 Willow Park Chapel, 940 Acadia Drive SE
   abandoned vehicles,etc.)........................................403-537-7001                  phone # 403-720 8066
   Calgary Teleride .....................................................403-974-4000        •	 Sundance Chapel, 100 Sunpark Drive SE
   Garbage Residentials (schedules, etc.) ............................3-1-1                      phone # 403-254 8679
   Garbage - Lanfill Site Information (24 hr) ..........................3-1-1                •	 Cranston Chapel, 200 Cranston Road SE
   License - Dogs and Cats ......................................................3-1-1           phone # 403 508 2802
   Streets/Roads (requests for plowing/sanding ......................3-1-1                   Local Churches:
   Seniors Transit Passes ..............................................403-262-1000           Peace Lutheran Church .........................................403-256-1439
   Traffic Signal Lights Trouble (24-hr) ....................................3-1-1             New Apostolic church ......................
   Taxes - Business/Property (TIPPS) ....................................3-1-1                 363 Riverglen Dr SE .........................................403-831-6744
   Road Conditions ..................................................................3-1-1     Covenant Christian Reformed Church ..................403-254-2505
   City Hall ............................................................403-268-2111          Fish Creek Christian Fellowship ............................403-869-5667
   Mayor’s Office .................................................. 403-268-5622              Full Gospel Church ...............................................403-256-3274
   Environmental Canada Weather........................ 403-299-7878                           New Hope Community Church ............................403-256-2772
   Shawnessy Library ............................................ 403-260-2600                 New Apostolic Church ......................... ........... 403-831-6744
   Fish Creek Library ............................................403-221-2090                 Midpark Christian Assembly .................................403-256-4722
   Community Transit ...................403-262-1000/403-974-4000                              Red Deer Lake United Church ...............................403-265-3181
   Acadia Pool & Fitness ....................................... 403-253-5999                  St. Paul’s Anglican Church ......................................403-256-1428
   Trico Centre ......................................................403-278-7542             SouthGate Baptist Church....................................403-561-6648
   Calgary Parks & Rec. .........................................403-268-3888                  Southview Alliance Church ...................................403-256-4922
   Friends of Fish Creek .......................................403-238-3841                   St. Patrick’s Catholic Church .................................403-254-6878
   Nature Calgary........................Web: www.naturecalgary.com                            Trinity Mennonite Church .....................................403-256-7157
Local Schools/Institutions:                                                                    Trinity Presbyterian Church .................. .............403-256-5500
www.calgaryarea.com:80/schools/schoolssw.htm                                                   SunWest Christian Fellowship...............................403-254-2823
   Bishop Paul O’Byrne High ......................................403-252-4320                 Tree of Life (www.tolchurch.org)..........................403-452-5382
   Chinook Park Elememtary....................................403-777-8480
  Dr E.P Scarlett High .......................................... 403-777-7999
  Evergreen School ............................................. 403-777-6288                  Useful Websites:
École Mother Teresa School .................................. 403-500-2078                     www.save.ca; www.calgarygasprices.com
  École St. Gérard ................................................403-252-5192                www.calgaryattractions.com; www.calgarypolice.ca
  Escuela Canyon Meadows School .................. .. 403-777-8600                             www.calgarycommunities.com; www.loveearth.com/uk/
  Glenmore Christian Academy ........................... 403-254-9050

Pg. 6 September 2011                                                                                                                        Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
                                                              prOFeSSIONAL, CLeAN, eFFICIeNt AND hIgh
                                                                    qUALItY WOrk At greAt rAteS.
                                                          Free, NO ObLIgAtION qUOte WIth A qUALIFIeD eLeCtrICIAN.
                                                                   We WILL NOt be COmpLete UNtIL OUr
                                                                          CUStOmer IS SAtISFIeD!

 F or       all your              r esidential e lectrical n eeds :
 •	   Hot tub installation        •	   Garages (attached and detached)        •	   Licensed   •	   Master Electrician
 •	   Bathroom/kitchen renovation •	   Troubleshooting and code corrections   •	   Insured         (able to pull permits)
 •	   Basement development        •	   Sub panels and main panel swaps        •	   WCB        •	   Payment Options:
                                                                                                   (cash or cheque)

s how
(*o n
           this ad and save on the
        projects over
                            $500.00. e xpires d ecember 1 st , 2011)                403-829-1040
Pg. 7 September 2011                                                 The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
                       A pOND FOr
                       ALL SeASONS
                       perFeCt pLANtS
                         FOr p ONDS
                       phOtOS bY StepheN SprINg
                         * phOtO OF CAttAILS bY
                             rON ChAmberS

Pg. 8 September 2011                              Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
   A pOND FOr ALL SeASONS                                              insulation against sound and heat. Many species of birds use
                                                                       the fluff to line their nests. A Native name for cattails meant
   perFeCt pLANtS FOr pONDS                                            ‘’fruit for the Papoose’s head.”
                              Common or Wide-leaved Cattails
                                                                       Natives used the cattails medicinally. The jelly from between
                              are a primitive plant dating back
                                                                       the young leaves was applied to wounds, sores, carbuncles
                              to the time of the dinosaurs.
                                                                       and boils to soothe pain. Poultices made from split and
                              Cattails grow in wetlands such as
                                                                       bruised roots were applied to stings, burns and cuts. An
                              shallow lakes, sloughs and marshy
                                                                       antiseptic can be made from the ash of burned cattails.
                              areas. You will recognize these tall
                              emergent plants most readily by          An ingenious use of cattail leaves was making floating
                              their broad, long, strap-like leaves     decoys, due to their buoyant quality. The decoys lured
                              and their brown ‘cigar-shaped’           waterfowl to the roosting areas to be netted, snared or
                              seed heads.                              bow hunted. Flat leaves can be used to weave baskets,
                                                                       chair-bottoms, mats and bags and also to provide shelter.
   A stand of cattails is about as near as you will ever get to
   finding a wildlife supermarket. They contain at least three         The dried stalks, woven into mats were used to cover the
   known medicinal properties, eight food products, and have           exterior of wigwams. Archaeologists have been known to
   twelve functional uses. There is no other plant growing in          excavate cattail mats that are thousands of years old. Dried
   our area that is more useful for human survival and which           stalks were also used for hand-drills and arrow shafts.
   is able to provide food in all four seasons. It is very easy to
   harvest, and very tasty as well as highly nutritious.               An oil, similar to linseed, can be extracted from the seeds.
                                                                       The by-product of the meal was used for chicken and cattle
   Humans can eat all parts of the cattails at various times.          feed. Adhesive glue can be made from the greens stems.
   Native peoples ground the tuber-like roots for flour and
   prepared other parts in many different ways. The ‘flour’            A stand of cattails, which can grow up to 12 feet tall,
   can also be fermented to produce ethyl alcohol, valuable as         provides shelter for a multitude of wildlife that live and eat
   antifreeze, and as a cheap industrial solvent.                      on and amongst them. This includes insects such as Water
                                                                       Boatmen, large diving beetles, dragonflies, caddisflies and
   In early spring, the roots can be dug up to locate the              Water Striders (called Jesus Bugs in Texas because they
   small pointed shoots. These can be peeled and eaten. As             walk on water). Stagnant Pond Snails also feed on them.
   the future round flowering stem’s growth progresses to
   a height of two or three feet above the water, it can be            Red-winged Blackbirds and various waterfowl, such an
   pulled and the outer skin layers peeled away. You will end          Canvasback and Ruddy Ducks, nest among cattails. The
   up with a thin stalk a little bigger than an pencil - this is the   Downy Woodpecker hammers for insects in plant stems
   tender core or “heart” of the cattail. (These prized shoots         where larvae might be hiding. Frogs use them for shelter
   are referred to as ‘Cossack’s Asparagus’ in Russia).                and frogs, toads and salamanders lay their eggs in the water
                                                                       between them. Fish also hide or nest amid them.
   The ‘heart’ of the cattail tastes like a combination of
   cucumbers and tender zucchini and add a pleasant flavour            Muskrats eat Common Cattails and use them to build
   and texture to salads. They make a tasty addition to soup,          their domed winter houses (called push-ups). The frozen
   retaining a refreshing crunchiness and are excellent in a           vegetation covers a hole in the ice over the feeding area.
   stir-fry. The green flower spikes are also edible and the           White-tailed Deer, Raccoons and Eastern Cottontails all use
   male flowers at the top of the flowering stalk produce              cattails as cover.
   nutritious pollen when in bloom in late July. The pollen,
                                                                       The flower heads are in two parts: the upper portion
   which is very rich in vitamins and minerals was harvested
                                                                       produces the male flowers, the lower part bears the
   and used in bread by American Indians. A sticky substance
                                                                       female, which upon maturity transforms into the cigar-
   can be extracted from the stems, having value in facial and
                                                                       shaped seedheads, sometimes called ‘candlewick’.
   shaving creams, and as an adhesive to paper sizing.
                                                                       The cattails in Fish Pointe Wet Pond are spreading rapidly.
   The fluffy masses of seeds are very soft and do not
                                                                       As the plants mature we should see many more produce
   mat. They were used in blankets, pillows, toys and for
                                                                       flower heads. Their increasing presence will add to the
   insulation in coats. During World War 11 several millions
                                                                       diversity of life forms using this wetland.
   pounds were used to stuff lifejackets, mattresses and also
   baseballs. They can be compressed into wallboard giving                                                         ~ Dorothy Spring

Pg. 9 September 2011                                                            The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
     Official     COmmUNItY COrNer                                     Quality Music
FISh Creek LIbrArY - 11161 Bonaventure Drive SE                        Right in youR
Monday - Thursday              10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday - Saturday              10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday                         Noon – 5 p.m.
Telephone:                     403-221-2090

       FISh Creek LIbrArY OFFerS A vArIetY OF
prOgrAmS AND ACtIvItIeS FOr ALL AgeS thIS FALL:                        REgistER foR                403.254.0494
•	    Teen Book Club on Thursdays, Sep 15, Oct 20, Nov 17,             suMMER & fall                #3149 - 150 Millrise Blvd. SW
      and Dec 15, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Ages 13 to 17. Call the library     lEssons                         Calgary, AB T2Y 5G7
      for book titles.
•	    Tween Time on Mondays, Sep 19 to Dec 05                                                                 •	VoicE
      (No program on Oct 10) 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Ages 9 to 13.
•	    Toastmasters International - Youth Leadership
                                                                                                              •	Piano
      Program on Tuesdays, Sep 13 to Nov 01, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.                                                 •	guitaR
      Ages 13 to 17.
•	    Don’t miss the first Kids & Teens LEGO                                                                  •	WoodWinds
      Club on Thursdays, Sep 22, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
•	    Single in the Suburbs - Breaking the Ice                                                  www.allegromusicinc.com
      on Thursday, Sep 08, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
•	    50+ Coffee and Conversation Club on
      Tuesday, Sept 13 to Dec 20, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
•	    What’s Cookin’ Club on Thursdays, Sep 15, Oct 20, Nov
      17, and Dec 15, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.
•	    Stitch and Chat Club on Tuesdays, Sep 27 to Dec 13,
      1:30 - 3:00 p.m.
•	    We celebrate International Literacy Day with a family
      fair on Saturday, Sep 10, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
•	    The popular Career Basics workshops are led by
      professional career practitioners from Bow Valley College’s
      Career Connection:
      Resume Writing on Sep 12, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
      Interview Skills on Sep 19, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
•	    Drop in for Saturday one-on-one Career Coaching on              •	   Learn how to download library E-Books on Wednesday,
      job searching skills. Bring a disk or memory stick. Sep 10 to        Sep 28, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
      Dec 17, 11:00 - 1:00 p.m.                                       •	   Fish Creek Provincial Park is Your Backyard. Learn
•	    Why the Rabbit’s Nose Wiggles? Watch this puppet                     how you can protect this important urban watershed.
      show, and then make your own paper puppet on Sunday,                 Wednesday, Sep 28, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
      Sep 18, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.                                        •	   Warfare and Religion in Ancient Peru, with guest
•	    Seniors in Cyberspace on Thursdays, Sep 22 to Oct 13,                speaker Patrick Carmichael, Ph.D., on Thursday, Sep 29,
      10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Ages 50 and up.                              7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
•	    Plant Exchange at the library on Saturday, Sep 24,              •	   The Library’s Got Talent! If you like to sing, dance,
      10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.                                               read poetry, juggle, etc., we invite you to join in our Open
•	    Quickdraw Animation presents Flipbook Animation for                  Mike Night. Share your unique talents on Friday, Sep 30,
      Kids on Saturday, Sep 24, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Ages 8 to 12.             7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Pg. 10 September 2011                                                                                        Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
                 COmmUNItY ServICeS

NeW ONLINe tOOL mAkeS It eASIer tO SeArCh
        CItY’S LAND USe bYLAW

The City of Calgary has launched a new interactive, searchable
version of the Land Use Bylaw that will make searching easier
for people looking for land use rules and information. As The
City continues to enhance its online services, accessibility and
ease of use will keep improving over time.                                      403-370-0742
“We are excited to introduce this new tool and improve the                 Diane Wilks Hibbard Studio
customer experience for those looking for information regarding         State of the Art Piano instruction
the Land Use Bylaw. Reducing the challenges for our customers               - Digital Piano - Classical Pop Jazz Rock
was the primary reason for this work; “says Nelson Medeiros,                     - 15 years teaching experience
Lead Planner on the Land Use Bylaw Team. “This tool will              - Piano Exam Preparation / Theory Exam Preparation
allow City staff to shift their focus from helping customers find
information to assisting in interpreting the Bylaw.”                                    BA (Hon) U of C
                                                                                    MA (Candidate) U of A
Other user-friendly capabilities have been added to the new           Associate Degree (LCM Piano Pedagogy) Thesis Based
tool including: An index to navigate to a chosen topic in the
bylaw based on keyword; links for cross-references to various
sections of the bylaw in order to easily find specific information;
and links for defined terms and defined uses that will bring up
the relevant definition in a small pop-up window.

Some common items that customers reference in the bylaw
include: fence regulations, building a garage or shed, building
an addition to a residence, decks, home-based businesses, and
secondary suites.

The original Land Use Bylaw document will still be available in a
PDF format should customers prefer that version. The new tool
can be found at calgary.ca/landusebylaw.

 The opinions expressed within any published article, report
 or submission reflect those of the author and should not be
 considered to reflect those of the Community Association
 and Mind’s Design Studio. The information contained in this
 newsletter is believed to be accurate, but is not warranted to
 be so.

 The Community Association and Mind’s Design Studio do not
 endorse any person or persons advertising in this newsletter.
 Publication of these ads should not be considered an
 endorsement of any goods or services.

 Pg. 11 September 2011                                                    The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
              CALgArY AFter SChOOL
                                                                      Deer Park Kids
               DrOp-IN FOr Free!!                                     A free drop-in recreation program for children ages 6 – 11
                                                                      years old on Wednesdays. The program focuses on recreation,
   Calgary AfterSchool is a city-wide initiative for children and     positive friendships, and a fun atmosphere.
youth ages 6 to 16 years, providing access to a variety of quality,       Cost: Free Ages: 6 – 11 years old
  supervised and fun activities between 3 and 6 pm weekdays.              Day: Wednesdays, 4:00pm – 6:00pm (no program on
                                                                          holiday Wednesdays)
      For more information about these programs please                    Location: Deer Park United Church (77 Deer Point Rd. S.E.)
      call 3-1-1 or visit the Calgary AfterSchool website at              Start & End: September 21 – December 7, 2011
                                                                      Deer Park LEAD
OLP Girl Talk:                                                        Want to learn how to make a difference?!? Come out and
This amazing girls only program will introduce girls to a variety     gain some practical leadership skills in an interactive and FUN
of recreational games and social issues. Plus, build a strong         environment, then take those skills out into the community!
foundation for future, healthier lifestyle choices.                      Cost: Free Ages: 12 – 17
    Cost: Free (Girls only) Ages: 11 – 17                                Day: Wednesdays, Oct 12th – Dec 14th, 2011 4:00 – 6:00pm
    Day: Tuesdays, 4:00pm – 6:00pm                                       Location: Deer Park United Church (77 Deer Point Rd. S.E.)
    Location: Our Lady of Peace School (14826 Millrise Hill SW)
    Start & End: September 20 – December 6, 2011                      Queensland Homework Club
    (no program on holiday Tuesdays)                                  A free drop-in supervised homework club plus recreational and
                                                                      social time with new friends.
OLP Weight Training                                                       Cost: Free Ages: 6 – 11 years old
A free drop-in conditioning program for youth ages 11 – 15                Day: Thursdays, 3:30pm – 5:00pm
    Cost: Free Ages: 11 - 15                                              (no program on holiday Thursdays)
    Day: Tuesdays, 3:15 – 5:00 pm                                         Location: Queensland Community Association
    Location: Our Lady of Peace School (14826 Millrise Hill SW)           (649 Queensland Dr SW)
    Start & End: September 20 - December 6, 2011                          Start & End: September 22 – December 8, 2011
McKenna Kids                                                          VAULT
A free drop-in recreation program for children ages 6 – 11            Want to learn how to make a difference?!? Come out and
years old on Tuesdays. The program focuses on recreation,
                                                                      gain some practical leadership skills in an interactive and FUN
positive friendships, and a fun atmosphere.
                                                                      environment, then take those skills out into the community!
    Cost: Free Ages: 6 – 11 years old
                                                                          Cost: Free Ages: 12 – 17
    Day: Tuesdays, 4:00pm – 6:00pm
                                                                          Day: Thursdays, 5:30 – 7:00pm
    Location: #229 McKenna Lane SE
                                                                          Oct 13th, Nov 10th and Dec 8th, 2011
    Start & End: September 20 - December 6, 2011
                                                                          Location: Rose Kohn Arena Boardroom (502 Heritage Dr. S.W.)
    (no program on holiday Tuesdays)

Woodcreek AfterSchool                                                 Bannister Kids
A free drop-in recreation program for children ages 6 – 11            A free drop-in recreation program for children ages 6 – 11
years old on Wednesdays at the Woodcreek Community                    years old on Thursdays. The program focuses on recreation,
Centre. The program focuses on recreation, positive                   positive friendships, and a fun atmosphere.
friendships, and a fun atmosphere.                                        Cost: Free Ages: 6 – 11 years old
    Cost: Free Ages: 6 – 12 years old                                     Day: Thursdays, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
    Day: Wednesdays, 3:15 – 5:15 pm                                       Location: #18 Bannister Rd SE
    Location: Woodcreek Community Centre (1991 Woodview                   Start & End: September 22 to December 8, 2011
    Drive SW)                                                             (no program on holiday Thursday

Pg. 12 September 2011                                                                                      Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
     Official      COmmUNItY COrNer

             bACk tO SChOOL SAFetY
Alberta Health Services EMS would like
to remind parents and students of some
basic road safety tips as streets become
busier with the return of the school
year. Pedestrians and motorists each
have an important role to play- road
safety is a shared responsibility.

•	    Avoid talking on cell phones,
      texting, or any other behavior
                                                                           Music for Young Children
•	    that diverts your attention away                                     •	   FREE	Demo	Class Oct 8                Ages 2-9
      from driving.                                                        •    Keyboard music program
•	    Give right of way to pedestrians who have activated
                                                                           •    Small groups
      overhead crossing lights or who are waiting to cross from
      a street corner.                                                     •    Creative Movements
•	    Remember it is illegal to pass vehicles, other than those
      that are parked, in school zones or playground zones                 Call Mila: 403-238-3066
      during posted hours.
Around school buses                                                             www.myc.com/teacher/mbuchner
•	    Flashing amber lights mean a bus is slowing down to stop.
      Motorists should do likewise.
•	    No matter which direction you are coming from, STOP
      when approaching a school bus with activated flashing red
      lights - unless the bus is on the opposite side of a divided
      highway from you.
•	    Driver courtesy goes a long way. By simply being alert
      and cautious when approaching a school bus, you are
      contributing to school bus safety.

•	    Cross only at marked crosswalks or street corners that
      have clear visibility from all directions.
•	    Make eye contact with all drivers before crossing the street.
•	    When activating overhead crossing lights, pause before
      stepping off the curb to ensure motorists in both directions
      have come to a complete stop.
•	    Stay within the crosswalk lines until fully clear of the road way.
•	    Obey pedestrian lights at intersections. Cross the street
      only when you see the ‘walk’ sign and only when all cars
      have come to a complete stop.
•	    If you are with young children or pets, hold your child’s
      hand firmly and keep a solid grip on leashes when crossing.
•	    Remember: children learn by observing you. By teaching
      them safe crossing habits as early as possible you can
      reduce the chance your child may be involved in a
      preventable auto/pedestrian collision.

 Pg. 13 September 2011                                                           The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
     Celebrate in style.
     Celebrate in style.                                            Celebrate the Season
                                                                    Celebrate the Season
                                 Celebrate in style.
                                                                       Celebrate the Season       Visit this participating Hunter 2011,
                                                                                                 From Sept 1st to Dec 16th Douglas dealer
                                                                                                 consumers can receive:
                                                                                                Visit this participating Hunter Douglas dealer
                                                                                                  from Sept. 1st to Dec. 16th, 2011 to find out how
                                                                     Manufacturer’s             from $200 1st to Dec. 16th, 2011 to find out how
                                                                                                    a Sept. Rebate with a minimum purchase
                                                                    Manufacturer’s               •you can receive a Manufacturer’s Rebate on select

                                                                   Rebate       Manufacturer’s
                                                                                                            receive Manufacturer’s Rebate $50
                                                                                                 of Silhouetteawindow Hunter Douglas dealer for
                                                                                                you4can Visit this participating shadings andon select
                                                                                                  Hunter Douglas products.
                                                                                                           from Sept. unit.*
                                                                                                Hunteradditional 1st to Dec. 16th, 2011 to find out how
                                                                                                 each Douglas products.
                                                                                                 • a $100 Rebate with a minimum purchase
                                                                    Limited Time Offer!                    you can receive a Manufacturer’s Rebate on select

                                                                   Limited Time Offer!           of 4 Duette Architella honeycomb shades and
                                                                                                           Hunter Douglas products.
                                                                                                 $25 for each additional unit.*
                                                                               Limited Time Offer!

                                                                                                            • Drapery    • Upholstery
                                                                                                            • Blinds     • Bedding
                                                                                                            • Custom Furniture
                                                                                                            • Colour & Design Consulting

                                                                    A Family Business Proudly Serving Calgary For Over 3 Generations

       Silhouette® window shadings   Silhouette® window shadings                630, 12100 Macleod Trail, SE Calgary
      Silhouette® window shadings

                                                                           •	     CMHA Suicide
                          COmmUNItY ServICeS
     Official                                                                     Services Distress
     Newsletter                                                                   Centre/Drug Centre
                                                                                  Crisis Line - 24 hour
        DepreSSION AFFeCtS ALL OF US                                              crisis outreach Suicide
                                                                                  Intervention Program
                                                                                  to adults at risk of
As residents of Calgary we live in a great city. However, events
                                                                                  suicide 403-266-HELP
in our world and local news can attest that nobody is immune
                                                                                  (4357) or for teens call
to the all-consuming effects of depression.
                                                                                  ConnecTEEN at 403-
Many people feel the pressure to be happy and successful but                      264-TEEN (8336).
for many reasons they just can't. Seek help at once if you feel            •	     CMHA Suicide
anything out of the ordinary you can't deal with by yourself or                   Bereavement Program
with family members. If you think you can handle your feelings                    (offers supportive
on your own, you may be mistaken. Don't wait until things are                     counseling to individuals bereaved by suicide) 403-297-1744.
unmanageable and you feel out of control.                                  •	     Alberta Mental Health Board Help Line 1-877-303-2642.
                                                                           •	     Calgary Youth Counseling Community Resource Team
Just remember to reach out, and don’t wait! It’s very important                   403-299-9699, 1-800-563-6106 or www.woodshomes.ca.
to talk to someone whenever you feel this way. Please don’t                •	     Access Mental Health Calgary & Area (Child & Adolescent
hesitate.                                                                         Services) 403-943-1500 Ext.1.
                                                                           •	     Access Mental Health Calgary & Area (Adult and Senior
here Are SOme ImpOrtANt reSOUrCeS:                                                Services) 403-943-1500 Ext. 2.
                                                                           •	     Calgary Association of Self Help for rehabilitation,
•	    Call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY if the matter is urgent.                             counseling and social/leisure programs for adults 18 years
•	    Information is available from www.suicideinfo.ca, or call                   of age and older experiencing difficulties due to psychiatric
      2-1-1 (a NON-emergency number) to get local assistance.                     disorders/mental illness 403-266-8711.

Pg. 14 September 2011                                                                                                        Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
                                                                              DR. JOHN HUBBARD + DR. KELLY CHOTOWETZ

                                                                                                                    DIRECT PAYMENTS
                                                                                                                    FROM INSURANCE

                                      P. 403-201-0588 // 544-303 Shawville Blvd SW
                                                                       literacy programs. Calgary Reads works within this window of
   Official        COFFee tALk                                         opportunity. Calgary Reads offers the only in-school programs
                                                                       in the Calgary area specific to struggling Grade 1 and 2 readers
                                                                       and their families.

                                                                       Calgary Reads @ School - In our core program, trained tutors
                                                                       work primarily with struggling Grade 1 and 2 readers during
                                                                       the school day, using a specific framework. Tutors spend 40
                                                                       minutes per session with one student, at least twice a week, for
                                                                       32 sessions (about 4 months). In our ESL4ELL program, tutors
Love to read? Want to make a difference?
                                                                       support English language learners who are learning English as
Calgary Reads is an early literacy initiative changing the lives       a second language. These tutors spend 40 minutes per session
of struggling grade 1 and 2 readers and their families in              with one student for 10 sessions, delivered at least once weekly.
Calgary and area schools. Literacy is important because it is
                                                                       As a Calgary Reads tutor volunteer you can expect:
a fundamental life skill. Increased reading levels improve an
individual’s self-esteem, academic achievement, career and             •	   Excellent free training
parenting success. It results in increased quality of life. Literate   •	   Ongoing support throughout your volunteer career
children have a greater chance of becoming competent,                  •	   To make a huge difference in a child’s life now and in the
contributing and engaged members of our society who are                     future
economically self-sufficient.                                          •	   To experience satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment
                                                                       •	   A meaningful experience that is respectful of your time and
Most reading problems are preventable with the application
of effective early intervention. Research indicates there is an
                                                                       •	   To be our ambassadors in sharing your stories
ideal window of opportunity between kindergarten and grade
2 in which a student’s basic literacy skills must be developed.
Children most at risk often require consistent individual                         To volunteer as a Calgary Reads tutor,
attention from trained adults, in addition to strong classroom                     please visit www.calgaryreads.com

 Pg. 15 September 2011                                                          The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
Pg. 16 September 2011   Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
                                           eil Lauzon
                 www.neillauzon.com | homes@neillauzon.com | 403.640.7711

                                     JUST LISTED In Your Neighborhood
                                 !                                                                                        e!
                       ya                                                                                           lu
                 th                                                                                          t
             u                                                                                          ea
          So                                                                                       Gr

     1031 Everridge Drive SW                                    $358,500                      9 Everridge Way SW                                 $338,500
     •	        1900	sq	ft	of	DEVELOPED	LIVING	SPACE                                           •	        1340	sq	ft	w/DOUBLE	CAR	GARAGE
     •	        4	bedrooms	&	2.5	bathrooms                                                     •	        3	bedrooms	&	2.5	bathrooms
     •	        Master	w/	ensuite                                                              •	        Kitchen	w/	dark	maple	cabinets,	island	&	brkfst	bar
     •	        12	ft	ceilings,	2	tiered	deck	&	sunny	lower	level                              •	        Master	w/4pce	ensuite	&	walk-in	closet

                        o   om
                 u   sr                                                                                              us
          B   on                                                                                             ac

     84 Everwillow Park SW                                       $468,500                    18 Evergreen Avenue SW                              $633,500
     •	        2048	sq	ft	w/DEVELOPED	WALKOUT	LOWER                                           •	        2226	sq	ft	w/DEVELOPED	WALK-UP	LOWER
     •	        4	bedrooms	&	3.5	bathrooms                                                     •	        4	bedrooms	&	3.5	bathrooms
     •	        Kitchen	w/granite,	stainless	steel	appls	&	nook                                •	        High	end	kitchen,	9	&	12	ft	ceilings	&	wet	bar
     •	        Gas	frplce,	hrdwd	flrs,	5	pce	ensuite	&	concrete	patio                         •	        Master	w/5	pce	ensuite	w/jetted	tub

                                         Call Today For Your Free Market Evaluation!

   Neil Lauzon
                                     #1 Remax House Team for 2008, 2009 & 2010!
   403.640.7711                             Top 1% for Remax in Canada!                                                                          House
                                                                                                                                                         of Rea
                                                                                                                                                               l Estate
                                               Not intended to solicit buyers or sellers currently under contract with a broker.

Pg. 17 September 2011                                                                                              The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
                                                                 1.   Line bottoms and sides of a 9x13 baking dish with foil,
 Official        reCIpe COrNer                                   2.
                                                                      leaving some overlap.
                                                                      In a large bowl mix corn syrup and
                                                                      peanut butter until well blended.
          peANUt bUtter ICe CreAm SANDWICheS                     3.   Add cereal and stir until well coated.
                                                                 4.   Spread half of mixture in baking
This recipe was given to me by one of my close friends, it’s a        dish and spread ice cream over
great treat for the whole family. ~ Tracy Heritage               5.   Top and freeze 30 minutes.
                                                                 6.   Spread remaining cereal mixture
•	   1 cup corn syrup                                                 over top.
•	   1 cup smooth peanut butter                                  7.   Wrap well with plastic wrap and
•	   6 cups rice crispies                                             freeze again until firm.
•	   1 litre of vanilla ice cream, slightly softened             8.   Cut into bars and enjoy!!

Pg. 18 September 2011                                                                                  Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
   Official       thINgS tO DO                                        WANteD 1000 meN Over “40”
   Newsletter                                                                                           During national prostate
                                                                                                        cancer awareness week,
                           mOm’S IN tOUCh                                                               Calgary's Prostate Cancer
                                                                                                        Centre is attempting to set
                     Are you concerned about your kids?               a Guinness World Record by PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
                     Would you like to join with other                blood testing the most men over age 40 in eight hours.
                         moms as we lift up our cares and
                                                                      The event is dedicated in honor of Harley Hotchkiss and Doc
                          concerns for our children and
                                                                      Seaman, two of Calgary’s most prominent philanthropists who
                           schools in prayer? Experience
                                                                      died of prostate cancer. Help us honor these leaders, raise
                           the joy of replacing anxiety with
                                                                      awareness and get 1,000 men checked for cancer.
                           peace and hope when you pray
with other moms. We meet weekly at my home.                           Prostate cancer effects 1 in 6 men with 2,500 Alberta men
                                                                      diagnosed each year.
Moms In Touch is an interdenominational, non-profit organiza-
tion where two or more moms gather together to pray. For              When: Wednesday, September 21 – 10 am to 6 pm
more information, call Valerie at 403-720-4848. You can also          Where: The Prostate Cancer Centre – Rockyview Hospital
visit the MITI website at www.MomsInTouch.org.                                 6500, 7007 - 14 Street SW
                                                                      Who:     Men over 40 years old
COmmUNItY ChILI-FeSt                                                  What:    A free PSA blood test
                                                                      Details: Free parking, checkered boxer shorts and
                                September 24th                                 refreshments provided for the first 500 men.
                                                                      Phone: 403-943-8869
                                  Cotton Candy! Bouncers!             Email:   linda.m@prostatecancercentre.ca
                                  Horse-drawn Wagon rides!
                                  Carnival games! These are just      AbOUt the prOStAte CANCer CeNtre
                                  some of the fun events that are     The Prostate Cancer Centre (www.ProstateCancerCentre.ca)
happening at the Community Chili-Fest on Saturday, September          is a world class medical centre of excellence and a non-profit
24th. In addition to activities for the whole family, there is lots   advocacy group in Calgary. We prevent Alberta men from dying
of food including over 30 types of chili to sample.                   from prostate cancer with awareness campaigns, a mobile
                                                                      early detection clinic, education, medical treatment, after care,
Numerous community partners will be there to highlight their          counseling, research and advocacy. We are funded entirely
services such as the Calgary Public Library, City of Calgary, ESL     through the generosity of donors and sponsors.
classes, etc. Hundreds of people are expected to converge at
the event which runs from 4 – 8 pm.                                                           WeLLSprINg CALgArY
The south Calgary Community Chili-Fest is an annual event                                          is hosting a new event this
on the last Saturday of September. It is sponsored by Canyon                                         year – the triWELLathon
Creek Christian Fellowship church and the province of Alberta.
It will be held on the field and gym of Canyon Creek Church,
                                                                                                   – that might be of interest
333 Midpark Way SE. In case of rain, the event will move                                                to the readers in your
indoors.                                                                                                           community.
Coupons for Free                                                      WheN: September 25, 2011 Where: Cranston Hall
cotton candy can                                                      WhAt: A triathlon that encourages mind, body and spiritual
be downloaded at                                                      wellness. The Wellspring triWellathon presented by Brook-
www.canyoncreek.                                                      field Residential gives you the chance to try out yoga, dance,
ca where you’ll                                                       exercise, tai chi and meditation classes. Why: Raise funds for
also find additional                                                  Wellspring Calgary, a local wellness centre that provides free
information.                                                          programming for those living with cancer and you can win great
Or you can call
403-256-3167.                                                         prizes! hOW: Go to wellspringcalgary.ca/triwellathon or call
                                                                      403.521.5292 to sign up or learn more.

 Pg. 19 September 2011                                                         The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
   Official       COFFee tALk

                                     evOLUtION OF
                                     grOUp FItNeSS
                                      Article 1: Yoga
                                        By Janelle Eisler,
                                  Bachelors of Human Kinetics,
                                     TRICO CENTER FOR
                                      FAMILY WELLNESS

Over the years Group Fitness classes have seen many
reinventions. In the 80’s there was classic aerobics and the
“Buns of Steel” craze complete with pink headbands, leotards
and leg warmers. The 90’s brought us “Thai Bo” and “Line
Dancing. Then we traded in the leotards and headbands for
more fashionable Lululemon and shifted from high impact
aerobics to Yoga, Pilates, and Fusion classes. Unlike other
group fitness class trends that disappear as the year’s progress,
Yoga, Pilates and Fusion classes have continued to grow and
gain popularity. Choosing the correct Yoga, Pilates or Fusion
class can be difficult especially when there are so many different
options. This article focuses on Yoga. Watch for the next article
which will focus on how to select Pilates and Fusion classes.
Yoga is defined as “a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline,        Bikram Yoga is the method of yoga that is practiced in a heated
including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption        environment with the temperature ranging from 95-105
of specific bodily postures, widely practised for health and         degrees The benefit of the heated environment is that it
relaxation.” The main benefits of Yoga are:                          promotes detoxification of the body as well as it incorporates
•	 Increased flexibility and joint range of motion                   the other benefits of yoga. Some yoga experience is necessary
•	 Increased muscular strength                                       to participate in this type of class.
•	 Decreased stress
•	 Improved Postural Alignment                                       Hatha is an easy-to-learn basic form of yoga that has become very
•	 Improved Sleep patterns                                           popular in North America. Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all Yoga
•	 Improved Balance                                                  styles. It incorporates Asanas (postures), Pranayama (regulated
                                                                     breathing), meditation (Dharana & Dhyana) and Kundalini (Laya
There are many different types of Yoga disciplines, each with its    Yoga). This class is great for beginners or for those who would
own focus. Some of the most popular disciplines are Ashtanga,        like to gain self awareness and decrease their stress.
Power Yoga, Bikram and Hatha Yoga.
                                                                     There are also a set of Yoga classes that are unique to studio
Ashtanga (or Astanga) Vinyasa Yoga is a physically demanding         or the recreation centre. These classes are based on Yoga
style of yoga. It involves synchronizing breathing with              principles but usually are not as strict a discipline as some of the
progressive and continuous series of postures (also referred to      practices. Trico Centre for Family Wellness offers Explore Yoga
as poses). This type of yoga is not for beginners and is great for   classes, a beginner, introductory class. We also offer Flow Yoga
athletes who can use this class as “day-off” training or for those   and Flash Yoga which are 30 minute classes for people on the
who like a challenge.                                                go. These classes will be offered starting in fall 2011 and will be
Power Yoga is the North American interpretation of Ashtanga          located in our NEW Mind/Body Studio. For more information
yoga. It combines stretching, strength training, and meditative      please visit our website at: www.tricocentre.ca.
breathing. Many of the poses resemble basic callisthenics such           Trico Centre for Family Wellness is partnered with your
as push-ups and each move flows into the next, making it an          community. Support your community association and purchase
intense aerobic workout. This type of yoga is also not for             a community membership to receive 20% off Trico Centre
beginners and is great for athletes who can use this class as               memberships. 403-278-7542 www.tricocentre.ca
“day-off” training or for those who like a challenge.

Pg. 20 September 2011                                                                                        Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
Pg. 21 September 2011   The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
                                                                    cause sex changes in fish. Learn how the University of Calgary
   Official       thINgS tO DO                                      and the City of Calgary’s ACWA project (Advancing Canadian
                                                                    Wastewater Assets) is improving wastewater treatment
                                                                    technology to address these environmental issues.

 heLp SUppOrt FISh Creek prOvINCIAL pArk!                           Registration Required.
beCOme A member OF the FrIeNDS OF FISh Creek                        Admission: Free to Friends members, $5 for non-members.
                                                                    To register please contact the Friends at 403-238-3841
 Our mission is to Protect, Preserve, and Enhance the Diverse       or chris@friendsoffishcreek.org
Natural and Human Heritage Found in Fish Creek Provincial Park.
                                                                                   AUtUmN bIrDINg COUrSe
Membership offers you:
•	 Discounts on Friends’ courses.                                   Would you like to learn to identify the birds of Fish Creek
•	 The latest information about the Park and the Friends.           Provincial Park and other natural areas in Calgary? Now is a
•	 Admission to Speaker Series presentations, with guest            great time to start. Thrill to the sight of many species as they
   speakers on topics like the environment, local flora and         gather in impressive flocks. As the leaves drop off the trees, the
   fauna, cultural history, archaeology, and conservation issues.   smaller birds, which are now migrating, are much easier to see.
•	 Subscription to the Friends’ newsletter.
•	 Opportunity to network with like-minded people and               All sessions are
   organizations.                                                   conducted in the
                                                                    great outdoors, and
Annual Membership (Oct. 1 – Sep. 30)                                you can expect to
•	 Individual: $30.00                                               observe at least 100
•	 Family: $40.00                                                   different species. As
•	 Senior (+60): $20.00                                             a fundraiser for the
•	 Senior Family: $25.00                                            Friends, these outings
                                                                    are conducted by
How to sign up:                                                     Gustave J. Yaki, a life-
•	 In Person: at the Cookhouse at the Bow Valley Ranch, Fish        long naturalist, who has birded around the world, and also led
   Creek Provincial Park (South end of Bow Bottom Trail SE)         the Friends previous Birding and Botany Courses.
•	 On Line: www.friendsoffishcreek.org
•	 Email: chris@friendsoffishcreek.org                              Registration Required. Reserve early as each group size is
•	 Via mail: Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park, PO BOX          limited to about 15 participants.
   2780, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2M7
                                                                    Friends Members: $50.00
      the FrIeNDS OF FISh Creek September                           Non-Members:     $75.00
                SpeAker SerIeS                                      Sessions will last approximately 2.5 hours and take place on
                                                                    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday mornings. 9:00 am on
Each month the Friends host guest speakers on a variety of          Saturdays and 9:15 am on weekdays. Course runs for 14 weeks
topics relevant to the Park and the Calgary community, and we       starting September 5, 6, 8, or 10.
have exciting presenters lined up for Fall 2011.
                                                                    Become a Member of the Friends and save.
    Gender Benders – Contaminants in the Bow River                  To register, please contact Chris at the Friends at 4
    Thursday, September 22, 2011 from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm             03-238-3841, or email chris@friendsoffishcreek.org
 Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre, Shannon Terrace,         Pay online at www.friendsofffishcreek.org or if paying by
 Fish Creek Provincial Park (access via 37 St. and 130 Ave. SW)     cheque please come to the Cookhouse, at the Bow Valley
       Presented Dr. Hamid Habibi, University of Calgary            Ranch, Fish Creek Provincial Park, or mail to: The Friends of
            Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine                 Fish Creek Provincial Park Society ATTN: Birding Course - PO
                                                                    Box 2780, Calgary, AB, T2P 2M7
Dr. Habibi has studied 61 waterways in Southern Alberta to
investigate the impact of environmental contaminants on fish.                    FOr mOre INFOrmAtION vISIt
Contaminants, such as organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and
other compounds, exist at concentrations significant enough to

Pg. 22 September 2011                                                                                      Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
                        Calgary Girls Choir
                        Some girls are born to sing!
                        • Award winning Choir
                        •	 Exceptional	choral	music	education
                        •	 Performance	opportunities
                        •	 Personal	development           INTERNATIONAL
                        •	 Tours                              TOUR
                        •	 FUN	!                                •2012•
                        Available Classes
                        Anima       *NEW* Preschool	Program
                        Prima	      4	-	5	years	NW,	SE	&	SW	classes
                        Bella	      Grades	1	–	2,	NW,	SE	&	SW	classes
                        Dolce       Grades 3 – 4
                        Viva        Grades 4 – 6
                        Allegra     Grades 7 – 10
                        Ragazze 	   Grades	11	and	up

                        To	register	contact	the	office	at	403-686-7444,	or	
                        email	us	at	office@calgarygirlschoir.com

                                     ELAINE QUILICHINI
                        Founder & Artistic Director | www.calgarygirlschoir.com

Pg. 23 September 2011        The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
                                                                       the greAteSt WeALth
     Official      COFFee tALk


                                                                        IS heALth. ~vIrgIL

       9 eSSeNtIAL everY DAY - heALth tIpS
1.    Move More - Make it a daily challenge to find ways to
      move your body. Climb stairs if given a choice between
      that and escalators or elevators. Walk your dog; chase your
      kids; toss balls with friends, mow the lawn.
2.    Cut Fat - Avoid the obvious such as fried foods, burgers
      and other fatty meats (i.e. pork, bacon, ham, salami,
      ribs and sausage). Dairy products such as cheese,
      cottage cheese, milk and cream should be eaten in low
      fat versions. Nuts and sandwich meats, mayonnaise,
      margarine, butter and sauces should be eaten in limited
3.    Quit Smoking - The jury is definitely in on this verdict.
      Ever since 1960 when the Surgeon General announced
      that smoking was harmful to your health, Americans have
      been reducing their use of tobacco products that kill.
4.    Reduce Stress - Some techniques recommended by
      experts are to think positive thoughts. Spend 30 minutes a
      day doing something you like. (i.e.,Soak in a hot tub; walk
      on the beach or in a park; read a good book; visit a friend;
      play with your dog; listen to soothing music; watch a funny
      movie. Get a massage, a facial or a haircut.
5.    Protect Yourself from Pollution - Avoid smoke-filled             8.   Avoid Excessive Drinking - While recent studies show
      rooms, high traffic areas, breathing in highway fumes and             a glass of wine or one drink a day (two for men) can help
      exercising near busy thoroughfares. Plant lots of shrubbery           protect against heart disease, more than that can cause
      in your yard.                                                         other health problems such as liver and kidney disease and
6.    Wear Your Seat Belt - Statistics show that seat belts add             cancer.
      to longevity and help alleviate potential injuries in crashes.   9.   Keep a Positive Mental Outlook - There's a definitive
7.    Floss Your Teeth - Recent studies make a direct                       connection between living well and healthfully and having a
      connection between longevity and teeth flossing                       cheerful outlook on life

                                   DR. ALISSA KHARTCHENKO

     We Are Welcoming New Patients
         6707 Elbow Drive SW, Suite 217
      403-255-1591 • www.mayfairfamilydental.com
Pg. 24 September 2011                                                                                       Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
   Your                                                              Condition                     Signs
   Official       COFFee tALk                                        Eye Teaming                   Eyestrain, double vision, rubbing
                                                                     (binocular) dysfunction       of eyes, leaning on desk when
                                                                                                   doing homework, tilting of paper
Is Your Child’s Eyes Ready for School?                                                             when writing.
    By Dr. Debbie Luk, BSc(Hons), OD, Micah Luong, OD,
                   and Alison Leung, BSc                             Visual Perceptual             Reversal of letters or words,
                                                                     Deficits                      difficulty in spelling, math,
Vision is an integral part of a child’s learning and development.                                  abstract thinking, and reading
Vision is the fourth most common cause of disability in North                                      comprehension.
America. This is an important statistic as 80% of what children
learn comes from their visual processing of the world. Vision       How is vision related to learning?
problems can sometimes be the root of learning difficulties.        Vision is more than just seeing 20/20. Good vision means being
Fortunately, they are treatable, especially with early detection.   able to read efficiently, clearly and comfortably for an extended
                                                                    period of time. Good vision is the ability to interpret visual
                                                                    information so we can discriminate similar looking shapes and
                                                                    letters such as b, d, p and q. Furthermore, good vision allows us
                                                                    to visualize information in our minds, enabling us to succeed in
                                                                    reading comprehension, math and abstract concepts. Many chil-
                                                                    dren who have difficulties in school often have a vision problem.
                                                                    It is important to emphasize that vision is a learned skill, similar
                                                                    to walking and talking. If your child is falling behind in school,
                                                                    vision therapy can help acquire these fundamental visual skills.

                                                                    How can we treat vision problems?
                                                                    Glasses, visual hygiene and/or vision therapy may be prescribed.
                                                                    Vision therapy is an individualized program of neuroptometric
                                                                    exercises performed both in-office and at home which will help
                                                                    remediate the aforementioned vision problems.

Frequently Asked Questions:                                         As parents, you play a vital role in your child’s development. An
                                                                    annual eye examination can detect risk factors for vision prob-
When should my child have an eye exam?                              lems. If additional testing and treatments are indicated, then
The first eye exam should be at six months old and yearly           a developmental optometrist will be able to help your child
thereafter. Alberta Health Care covers children’s annual            improve visual skills and excel to his/her full potential.
eye exam until 19 years of age. Alberta’s Eye See Eye Learn
program also covers a pair of spectacles for a child attending      Visit www.covd.org or www.oepf.org for more information and
kindergarten.                                                       find out whether your child needs vision therapy.

How do I know if my child is having vision problems?
 Condition                    Signs
 Lazy Eye                     Asymptomatic. Develops during
                                                                                   Twas the night before school started,
 (Amblyopia)                  infancy/childhood; early
                                                                        When all through the town, the parents were cheering.
                              detection improves prognosis.
                                                                            It was a riotous sound! By eight, kids were washed
 Eye Tracking                 Skipping of words or losing place          and tucked into bed...when memories of homework...
 (oculomotor) dysfunction     when reading, difficultly follow-         filled them with dread! New pencils, new folders, new
                              ing or catching a ball.                       notebooks, too! New teachers, new friends...their
 Eye Focusing                 Headaches around the eyes                anxiety grew! The parents just giggled when they learned
 (accommodative)              during near work, intermittent                        of this fright And shouted upstairs...
 dysfunction                  blurry vision, trouble copying               GO TO BED - IT'S A SCHOOL NIGHT!
                              from the board, holding a book                                   ~ Anonymous
                              close to the face when reading.

 Pg. 25 September 2011                                                       The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
Pg. 26 September 2011   Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
                     CIvIC ChAt

     ANImAL & bYLAW ServICeS
        reWArDS CALgArY pet OWNerS
The “I Heart My Pet” Rewards Program provides discounts at
over 60 vendors to Calgarians who have licensed their pets.
With your I Heart My Pet Rewards Card, you can save on pet
supplies, dining, trips to the spa and much more! And the list of
partner merchants continues to grow.

By using the card just a couple
of times, you can recoup the
cost of a licence in savings!

Over 88% of dog owners and 54%
of cat owners in Calgary know that
an important part of being a responsible pet owner is licensing
their pets. Not only are you rewarded with great discounts,
there are many benefits for you, your pet and other animals in
need when you licence and provide permanent identification.
Knowing your pet is licensed gives you peace of mind if your
pet is lost. A licence tag lets others know your pet is owned
and allows Animal & Bylaw Services to quickly reunite pets with
their owners. In addition, licence fees, not tax dollars, allow

Animal & Bylaw Services to:

•	    Educate cat and dog owners about responsible pet
•	    Shelter and feed lost cats and dogs in our vet-operated facility
•	    Provide medical care to adoptable cats and dogs in our shelter
•	    Manage our cat and dog adoption programs                               you Can view your offiCial
•	    Operate the Pet Drive Home program
•	    Run our volunteer animal socialization program                           CoMMunity newsletter online!
•	    Offer 400 school-based presentations per year at no charge            On the go? Visit www.mindsdesign.ca and click on
•	    Provide funding to vet clinics for emergency medical care            “Current Publications” then select Your community
      for cats and dogs                                                  newsletter. We also have an “Archive” section so you can
•	    Operate the No Cost Spay/Neuter Program                                         view previous issues online.
•	    Enforce the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw
•	    Help neighbours resolve their animal-related conflicts

For more information or to receive your I Heart My Pet
Rewards Card, visit calgary.ca/animalservices or call 3-1-1. For
a list of partnering vendors, visit iheartmypet.ca.
Watch this month for updates to the rewards
program and a new “I Heart My Pet” website!

            Partnering with Calgarians                                   Remember to support your newsletter advertisers.
           www.calgary.ca/animalservices                                  Without them, this publication would not be possible.

 Pg. 27 September 2011                                                        The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
                                                                      workers who serve alcohol as part of their regular job,
                   CIvIC ChAt
                                                                      recognizing that these employees also earn tips. These are the
                                                                      first changes to minimum wage in AB since April 2009. For
                                                                      more information, call 780-427-3731 or 877-427-3731 (toll-
                                                                      free), or visit employment.alberta.ca/es
                                  Dave Rodney,
                               MLA Calgary-Lougheed                   Effective September 1: AB’s New Home Inspection
                             #311A, 2525 Woodview Drive SW,           Regulation - Protecting Homebuyers
                                   Calgary, AB T2W 4N4                Our AB Gov’t will license & set standards for home inspectors
                              calgary.lougheed@assembly.ab.ca         under new rules to protect AB’s who rely on an inspection
                                     Visit: daverodney.ca             when buying a home. The “Home Inspection Business
                                                                      Regulation” will require all home inspection businesses &
                                 Phone: 403-238-1212                  individual inspectors to be licensed by the AB Gov’t. To qualify
                                                                      for a licence, inspectors must hold a Certified Master Inspector
   PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR ANNUAL                                      or Registered Home Inspector designation, or have successfully
“DAVE RODNEY/MLA PICNIC IN THE PARK”                                  completed training from an educational institution approved
       Shannon Terrace in Fish Creek Park                             by the AB Gov’t; & pass a test inspection. Home inspectors,
                                                                      organizations, or industry associations will also have the ability
       (Entrance is @ 130 Ave & 37th St)                              to submit training programs or credentials for assessment by
   Saturday, September 10th, from 11am-1pm                            the gov’t. AB consumers, home inspectors & the real estate
  (Free Spolumbo’s & Prizes on a first come first serve basis!)       industry have indicated widespread support for regulation
                                                                      during public consultation conducted by the gov’t. The
                                                                      regulation also provides additional protection for homebuyers…
                                                                      feel free to contact us for further details including the maximum
                                                                      fine of $100,000 & up to two years in jail!

                                                                      Revolutionary Heart Procedure Now in Calgary
                                                                      Southern AB’s too sick or weak to undergo life saving
                                                                      open-heart surgery now have new hope thanks to a leading-
                                                                      edge cardiac procedure at the Foothills Medical Centre.
                                                                      Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is a less invasive
   FOR ALL OF OUR STUDENTS: HAVE A                                    method for replacing diseased aortic valves than traditional
                                                                      open-heart surgery, & offers a lifeline to patients who are not
   SAFE, ENJOYABLE, PRODUCTIVE YEAR!                                  candidates for conventional surgery. For more information,
                                                                      please visit: www.albertahealthservices.ca/5167.asp
Effective September 1: AB’s New Distracted Driving Law
To help AB’s prepare for the most comprehensive legislation of
its kind in Canada, our AB Gov’t will run a public education &
awareness campaign that will provide the latest information; &
advertising will run in newspapers, radio & online. Our new law
prohibits the use of hand-held cellphones for talking or texting,
the use of other electronic devices, reading, writing, & personal
grooming--while driving. Drivers can still use cellphones or radio
communication devices--but only if they use them in a hands-free           Left: Doorknocking in Calgary-Lougheed—with fabulous, fun
or voice-activated manner. This means the device is not held in
                                                                       volunteers! Right: This is the new $60 license plate that Ted Morton
the driver’s hand, & is activated by voice or a single touch to the
                                                                      and I are proposing. Proceeds go to the Robert Bateman “Get to Know
device. Drivers may use a hand-held CB or two-way radio when
                                                                      your Wild Neighbours” program for youth, & your favourite AB project-
escorting oversized vehicles, contacting one’s employer, or when
participating in search, rescue & emergency situations (www.              based Conservation Program. What are your reactions to this?
                                                                           For the “LATEST & GREATEST” on CALGARY-
Effective September 1: AB’s New Minimum Wage                            LOUGHEED issues (since this update must fit on 2 pages &
20,000 AB’s wages will rise as our AB gov’t increases the                be submitted a month prior to publishing to meet newsletter
general minimum wage from $8.80/hr to $9.40/hr. A new                   deadlines) please call, fax, e-mail, drop by our office, or
minimum wage of $9.05 per hour will be introduced for                                      visit daverodney.ca

Pg. 28 September 2011                                                                                         Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
                                                                     LRT Station a
                   CIvIC ChAt
                                                                     destination area.
                                                                     Establishing a
                                                                     detailed plan will
                               Alderman Diane                        be instrumental
                                                                     to encouraging
                               Colley-Urquhart                       pedestrian traffic
                                                                     from the TOD
                                 Email: ward13@calgary.ca
                                                                     area, as well as
                                Visit: www.aldermandiane.ca          ensuring that
                                    Phone: 403-268-1624              future buildings
                                  twitter @aldermandiane             would not block
                                                                     vistas from
                              ALDERMAN DIANE’S                       established communities into the park. Respecting the natural
                                 OPEN HOUSE                          topography of the area was an ideal shared by all.

In the third week of June, I was pleased to be able to participate   Over the summer, I have worked with City staff to summarize
with members of the community in the Fish Creek – Lacombe            the input received from the community during the workshop.
Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Workshop. After three             We have used this input to identify various options as we
months of planning, we spent three days with a facilitator and       move forward with the TOD process. Included among all of
City staff to develop a vision                                       the options going forward are distinguishing the land use types
for this area which will be                                          desired within the TOD area either as commercial, residential
a central anchor for our                                             or a potential mix, as well as establishing standards to ensure
community.                                                           future developments do not stray from the community vision.
                                                                     You will receive a mailout from me with a summary of the
The study area included a                                            options and links to an online survey asking for your input. It is
600m radius of the station                                           extremely important that we hear from as many surrounding
including: the transit station,                                      residents as possible in order to reach a consensus for me to
23 acres of City owned                                               take forward. We want this to stand as a model for community-
land, commercial sites and                                           based planning workshops in the future.
residential developments. This workshop allowed us to identify
the concerns of community members and their objectives for           As a next step I would like to take a draft of our findings out
future development.                                                  to the community, to seek further input from those who may
                                                                     not have been available at the time of the workshop. I will be
Alleviating traffic congestion, integrating and enhancing the        hosting an Open House on September 28th from 5:30 until
connectivity of the TOD area with McLeod Trail, and helping          8:00 PM at the Canyon Meadows Community Centre, to gather
St. Mary’s University grow all stood out as top priorities.          further input and to seek consensus on how the community
Additionally, we identified the need for future developments to      would like me to move this project forward.
respect the vast amount of neighbouring park land, with Fish
Creek Park being a major natural asset to the area. It would be      On www.aldermandiane.ca you will find links to the
ideal to have the TOD area function as gateway into Fish Creek       various options we are exploring and I invite everyone in
Park, enhancing a wonderful community asset and making the           the community to fill out our survey.

 Pg. 29 September 2011                                                        The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter
   Classified Ads Work!
          Call or email Laura today
                                                                                            Mind’s Design now offers a happy
             to place your ad!!!                                                            medium for small businesses...
               Phone 403-257-8345                                                           DISPLAY CUBES!!!
      Email: newslettersales@mindsdesign.ca                                                 For more information, contact LAURA
                                                                                            at 403-257-8345 or email:
ABOUT ORGANIZING: Are you tired of all the clutter                                          newslettersales@mindsdesign.ca
in your life? My skills can help organize your closets, kitchen
cupboards, shed, garage, personal or business files, etc.
Call Laine for free estimate @ 403-246-1041.

Fall program beings week of Sept 12-16 in 4 communities.
Lillian 403-236-9819 Email kidsart@telus.net to register. More
info @ website www.originalpaint.ca

BRIDGE LESSONS: Learn to play bridge in 10 easy lessons.
Small classes taught by experienced teacher in Canyon
Meadows. Beginners or those wishing to update their bridge
skills are welcome. Standard American bidding will be taught.
Classes start September 20. Contact Linda at (403)281-5520
or bridgelessons.walker@gmail.com

CUT WEIGHT FITNESS: Want to lose body fat? Gain muscle
& bone strength? Cut Weight Fitness offers fitness training,
nutrition plans and Indoor & Outdoor Boot Camps. Indoor
Boot Camp starts in Oct.! at Woodcreek Community Centre.
Call Paul Wilcox Can-Fit-Pro (PTS/NWS) 403-921-9189 or visit         NEPTUNE PLUMBING & HEATING LTD.:
www.cutweightfitness.com.                                            Residential and commercial service. Renovations, gas fitting and
                                                                     backflow testing. Fully licensed and insured with
DK2 CONTRACTING INC: Residential and commercial
                                                                     competitive rates. Customer satisfaction assured.
renovations: plumbing, electrical, interior and exterior painting,
                                                                     CALL 403-255-7938, 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE.
basements, texturing, repairs and remodelling, siding and
roofing. Call for free estimate. 403-874-6991.
                                                                     OKOTOKS CURLING CLUB wants morning curlers (Men
DOES YOUR CHILD STRUGGLE AT SCHOOL?                                  & Ladies). 1/2 or Full season (Oct-Dec &/or Jan-March). Teams
Enhanced Learning solutions can help your child thrive in the        will be assigned Mon Ladies: 403-938-4524; Tues Senior Mens:
classroom. Let our team of teachers foster your child’s              403-995-1176 Thurs Senior Mixed: 403-938-3597
enjoyment to learn. Tutoring classes are held in our new
Evergreen Location. Offering classes for Grades K-12.                PERSONAL TRAINING AND NUTRITION
www.tutor-me.ca, 403-862-4602                                        COUNSELING: Functional workouts to help you tone up
                                                                     and feel GREAT. I offer outdoor workouts or woukouts in my
EVERGREEN DAYHOME: Mature, responsible Mom of 2 will                 Bridlewood Home. Text or call Jodie 403-471-5840
provide a clean, safe, fun & loving environment to learn, grow &
play. 15 yrs exp 1st Aid & CPR certified. Becky 403-475-3161.        PERSONALIZED CLEANING SERVICES LTD:
                                                                     “We personalize our service to meet your needs!” Cleaning
FABULOUS NANNY TO SHARE: Avail 1/2 wk, days & hrs                    supplies/ provided, liscenced, insured & bonded, We pay the GST!
negotiable. Pilipino nanny, excellent with children & household,     *Residential *Commercial *Move In/Out Call Shantelle Today!
mature, reliable, warm, kind & efficient. Lisa 403-819-3287          (403) 700-9726 info@pcscagary.com www.pcscalgary.com

SATISFACTION: Unfinished, prefinished, engineered,                   Bookkeeping, financial statements, payroll, GST returns,
laminate flooring, new installs or repairs, exceptional crafts-      corporate tax, personal tax. Very reasonable rates. Call NB @
manship, free estimates! Les at 403-399-0243 or 403-236-7991         403-813-5207 or email narenbha@telusplanet.net

Pg. 30 September 2011                                                                                      Visit us at: www.myceca.ca
  TRY OuR                                                                                                                      CHEVROLET • CADILLAC
                                                                                                                                   BUICK • GMC

                 ALL NEW
                   QuiCK LuBE
                                            30 MINUTE OIL & FILTER CHANGES
                                              NO AppOiNTMENT NECESSARY
                                                   ALL NEW FACiLiTY

AMVIC Licensed
                          SERViCE HOuRS:
                 M-F 7:00 -6:00pM SAT. 9:00AM-4:00pM

         DEERFOOT & DOUGLASDALE • (403) 258-6366
                                        H ST. SE

                                                                                  BARLOW TRAIL

                                                   E   114T
                OT                          T.
                                               S              HA



                                                                                                 ViSiT uS



                       LASDALE BL.


Pg. 31 September 2011                                                                                       The Calgary Evergreen Official Community Newsletter

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