Senior Manager Development Program

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Senior Manager Development Program

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                                                            Wendy Cameron
                                                            Head of Winemaking, Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyards

What does it take to lead the winemaking of one of          and expertise. It was a very mixed group in terms of age,
Australia’s best known and best loved wine companies?       experience and industry background so this really helped.
The Head of Winemaking at Brown Brothers Milawa             I think the group dynamics are a major influence on the
Vineyards in northern Victoria, Wendy Cameron, has          success of a program such as this.”
earned her stripes in the company’s ranks. Her ten          Wendy found the program to be very well structured and
years with Brown Brothers has seen her progress             presented. While she finds it difficult to single out any
from Winemaker right through to her current position,       one component as a highlight, she found the personal
where she reports directly to the General Manager.          development, strategy and business development to
When choosing the Senior Manager Development                be especially valuable. She also found the finance
Program at AGSM Executive Programs, Wendy had               management session to be demystifying.
worked as Head of Winemaking for two years, but had         “Ways of thinking about people, influencing, working
undergone no formal management training.                    with and understanding personalities… coaching staff
“My challenges had been shifting from the technical         rather than appraising, involving people at all levels
role to the management role and taking on the bigger        and communicating clearly – it sounds basic, but this
picture view. The program was identified by our General     is where so many things fail.”
Manager and another Senior Manager in our company           The knowledge Wendy has gained through the program
who highly recommended it.”                                 has equipped her with renewed confidence in her
Completing the residential program was an intense           leadership abilities, as well as a new appreciation
experience. Wendy was initially uncertain about being       for managing herself as a person.
away from home for two weeks, but found that in fact,       “Competition vs collaboration was a really important
the program went very quickly. The Program’s inclusion      message for my team. I am more committed to getting
of regular exercise opportunities and healthy food made     people across the company involved in decision making
the time really fly.                                        and implementation. I think with more confidence in
“The other highlight was that we had a really great group   how I approach things, I have been able to communicate
of people. Everyone got involved and shared their ideas     a clearer vision.”

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