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									  30 Mill Road,
  06 759 0080
  E:                                         February 2006

                 Hello from Pat and Paul                                        Profile
                                                                                 David Blyth
 We are already two months into 2006 with all the day-to-day
  activities and challenges of running a Resthome this size.
 Again this month we have an audit team visiting us. This time
  it is from Healthshare and their results are for the Taranaki
  District Health Board. This is our third audit in less than six
    months which have been for Care and Financial Records
                     which we have passed.

  After some time with us Phillippa Hall has ceased being our
       Residents Hairdresser and became a home based
  hairdresser. We thank Phillippa for her efforts and wish her             Resident Advocate and
 well with her home venture. Her replacement is Helen Brown                    Liaison Person
 who has now been with us for three weeks. Helen’s hours are
      the same as Phillippa’s were, Tuesday and Thursday             Born & Raised: Wellington
 afternoons during most of the year but when the need arises         Favourite Fruit: Tomatoes
                                                                     Favourite Vegetable: Potatoes
 Helen will work the extra time needed to assist our Residents
                                                                     Favourite Music: Semi Classical
          look their best. Welcome to the team Helen!                Favourite Drink: Beer
  We came up with a way of spending some relaxed time with           Favourite Entertainment/Hobby:
  our staff late in 2005 and have continued it into the new year
                                                                     Children: 3 boys, 1 living in Taranaki, 1
 following staff’s response to it. Every Friday between 12 and       in USA and the third in Auckland. 4
  1pm we put on the BBQ and cook up sausages and onions for          grandchildren, 2 here and 2 living in
    our staff to enjoy. We encourage staff who are off shift and     USA.
    their families to come and now we would like to extend the       Motto: Just good to get out of bed in the
  invitation to families of our residents. If you are driving past   morning and go for a walk.
   at this time and would like to come on to the deck and meet       Life Changing Event: Loosing my wife
   the team and enjoy a sausage with us; don’t hesitate to stop      Raylee while a Resident of Rhapsody cre-
                                                                     ated a void in my life which has now been
 in. Some of you will have already been entering or departing
                                                                     filled with my taking this voluntary posi-
   the facility and have had an invitation to join in extended to    tion. I am available to assist Residents
                         you. Don’t be shy.                          with issues they may wish to discuss and
 Taranaki Anniversary and Easter are the next holiday periods        assist with the setting up of Bingo and by
                                                                     calling the numbers for the Residents.
    and we urge you all to be careful on the roads if you are        and assisting with other events. David
     traveling and look forward to your visits to Rhapsody.          attends CQI—Continuous Quality Im-
                                                                     provement monthly meetings in this ca-
                                                                     pacity and also the Residents monthly
                       Stay safe and happy!                          meetings.
                          Pat and Paul                               David also assisted us by being a Shep-
                                                                     herd for our Christmas Pantomime which
                                                                     we held on our front lawn.
Thank you to those who have forwarded their e-mail
addresses to us, but there must be others who have access
to a computer. Please let us know your e-mails also.
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                                              RHAPSODY ACTION

                                               enjoyed her
                                               ride in a

 Lilian Dick
 enjoyed a
 twirl around
 the dance
 floor with
 some of our

                                                                  First… came a Christmas Tree; Then
                                                                  came as pictured above a “Love” Tree for
Liz Greenbank our Physio                                          Valentines Day. Pictured also is the
times our residents during                                        “Table for 2” which we decorated for
their Balance Class session                                       Valentines Day also.
which is held every Friday.
Residents Joan Goddard,
Olive Meads and Dot Law-                                             GREETING CARDS
rence thoroughly enjoy
these sessions.                                               Our cards are now ON SALE at Egmont
                                                              Gallery in Devon Street. The owner’s of
                                                              Egmont Gallery have a card stand with our
                                                              cards in it. They are on sale for $3.00 each
                                                              with on average 6 being sold each week. So
                                                             here’s hoping sales continue in such a beautiful
                                                             arty shop.
                                                             Our beautiful cards are also on sale in our front
                                                             entrance at $2 each or 3 for $5.00.

                                                             DONATIONS PLEASE...
                                                             Thank you for the buttons, beads, old greeting cards,
                                                             no longer needed ribbon, florist paper etc which has
                                                             been dropped into us for our card making and craft
                                                             activities. Thank you!
                                                             Thank you to those who have dropped off goody bags.
 Some Residents seen here enjoying their exercise classes.   Supplies are always needed so please keep them
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                                                                  Resident Profile
         Cook’s RECIPE
     Kiwi Jelly with Sorbet
     3 medium or 2 large kiwifruit
         1/2 cup caster sugar
            1 vanilla bean
           Juice of 1 lime
            1 tblsp gelatin                                              Jack Hughs
                                                  Home: Room no. 8, Rhapsody Resthome
                                                  Children: 3, two living in Aussie and one in Upper
              1/4 cup sugar                       Grand Children: 5—ranging in age from 13—30
         1/4 cup liquid glucose                   Great Grand-Children: none that I know of!
      2 cups pureed kiwifruit flesh               Favourite Colour: Mauve
            Juice of 1 lemon                      Favourite Fruit: Not a fruit eater
          Kiwifruit, to garnish                   Favourite Vegetable: All greens
                                                  Favourite Music: Whatever Paul puts across the
                                                  sound system
 Halve kiwifruit, scoop out flesh and puree in    Favourite Entertainment: Cabarets, when I was
 a blender. Set aside. In a medium pan, gen-      young and agile and tripping the light fantastic
     tly heat 1 cup of water, caster sugar and    Hobbies: Sport in general except Cricket.
vanilla bean, stirring to dissolve sugar. Bring   Participated in rugby and I’m proud of my involve-
  to the boil and simmer for 2 minutes. Add       ment in Lions Clubs
    lime juice and kiwifruit. Cover and cool      Life’s Experiences: God dam proud of my kids
               mixture for 5 minutes.             and my grand-kids. Have been a chef, owning and
     Add the gelatin and stir until dissolved.    running a restaurant, run a café, owned and run
   Strain mixture through a sieve into a jug.     florist shops, has taken courses in cake decorating—
 Pour into small glasses or a serving dish and    move over Cook - and overall has enjoyed life and
                   chill until set.               its challenges.
 To make sorbet, place the sugar, 50ml water      the MOBILITY WAREHOUSE (NZ) LTD
  and glucose into a small saucepan. Gently                                mobility scooters
   bring to the boil, stirring well to dissolve                            wheelchairs
  sugar. Cool and stir in kiwifruit and lemon                              walking aids
                                                                           lift-out chairs
juice. Strain through a sieve to remove seeds.                             beds-mattresses
   Pour into a freezer tray, cover tightly with                            bath safety
  aluminium foil and freeze until a 2cm solid                              respiratory
          rim has formed around the edge.         FREEPHONE 0800 PUSHPLAY (0800 787 475)
 Transfer to a chilled bowl and beat well until   authorized dealer Rhapsody Resthome & Private Hospital
         ook’s Recipe
     ice particles have broken up. Return to
        freezer and repeat.                                                 Reminder:
   To serve, top each jelly                       It is the responsibility of families of Residents for the residents
                                                              clothing, ie naming, mending or replacing.
with a thin slice of kiwifruit                    Accordingly when clothing is found that is in need of repair it
       and a ball of sorbet.                         will be placed in the Residents room with a note asking for
             Serves 6.                               attention. There has been lots of clothing that is unnamed
                                                                      which no-one has claimed.
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Recreation Report:                                                  A BIG Thankyou…
Bus Outings: Each Thursday during school terms some of our          To the Pepper family for their
residents have been enjoying attending “Care & Craft” in Fitz-      cash donation for staff; to Jean
roy, and of course of Wednesday afternoons we have a bus out-       Gilberts family who made a donation of a
ing which sometimes attends to planned events and on other          beautiful maple tree for us to plant in our
occasions they go on mystery trips with Paul or Mike. Then on       grounds.
Friday afternoons there is always the trip to Merrilands where
they get to purchase their bits and bobs!                           A lovely card came with a donation of
                                                                    $500.00 from Lilian Voullaire’s
Visitors:    Jo Taylor from the Succulent Group came and
                                                                    family which was for the Residents Rec-
showed us some of her plants, told us stories about their fami-
                                                                    reation Fund and Paddy Willans’ family
lies and their flowering habits and held a sales table which was
                                                                    put their heads together and gifted the fa-
very successful. Yaneeke and Friends calling themselves “La
                                                                    cility a lovely new microwave for the
Te Do’s” came and sang songs to us including two South              staff/residents/family tea room.
Africian songs in African language. They took us on a trip back
to our teenage years with songs like Mama Mia and others that       Lena McNieces family thought about the
had been made famous by The Andrew Sisters. Val Bedford             health of staff and produced a wonderful
from the Floral Art group came and demonstrated                     gift basket just full of beautiful fresh fruit.
arrangements and talked about gardening with the residents.         Plus a thank you to all those families who
Mens Club: We held a “Mobility Run” in which some of our            delivered that much appreciated
male residents rode their mobility scooters down to the walk-       Christmas surprise for staff ie.
way with others traveling in their wheelchairs in the bus to join   Chocolates.
them for a jaunt. This was enjoyed by all participants includ-      Our lips say a big thankyou!
ing Paul and Mike Ekdahl and we hope to make it a regular
event weather permitting of course.
Ladies Fellowship Group: This group meets once a month              Raffles:
and enjoy companionship, a beautiful morning tea and a guest
speaker.        So far this year that have been                     Thank you to those that support our
entertained by Jo Massey from Real Tart Gallery and Faye            raffles, and to Bernie who works
Kidney. Coming up in March they have May Bridgeman                  continually at selling them.
coming to talk to them.
                                                                    Recent winners have been:
Welcome: To Christine Jordan our new Recreation Officer.            Big Teddy Raffle was won by V. Byrne
Christine commenced working at Rhapsody as a Wednesday              with no. 84; and also won the Rose
lady in the Office. Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourselves   Set with no. 15; the Beige Towel Set
to Christine when you next visit.                                   was won with no. 34 for Pam Coe; the
                                                                    lucky winner of the Bathroom Set was
BINGO. Some                                                         Dee & Tony Temple with no. 54; Di-
                                                                    anne Kelly was the lucky winner of the
of our Residents
                                                                    Christmas Goodies Basket with no. 32;
are seen here                                                       P. Scannell, NP and J. Clement, Haw-
enjoying their                                                      era bought their lucky nos 15 and 9 in
twice weekly                                                        the Joseph & The Amazing Technicol-
game of Bingo,                                                      our Dreamcoat ticket draw and Bev
with caller                                                         Baker and Queene Rikihana each won
David Blyth the                                                     with no’s 22 and 50 the $50.00 note
Resident Liaison                                                    draws.
andAdvocacy                                                         Currently on offer is a “Rose
Person for the                                                      Set”, “Easter Teddy with Basket of
Residents.                                                          Eggs” and a “Beach Umbrella with
                                                                    Stand” all for $2.00 a ticket .

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