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Please read carefully: - ignorance of these By-Laws does not constitute grounds for
appeal. Breaches of these By-Laws will incur penalties at the discretion of
Executive Committee.

Zone Stewards and appointed Registered Umpires, will have the power to refuse
any player, who is not abiding by the following rules, the right to participate in the
match, and report offending player(s) to Executive Committee.

                       1 - PLAYER, CONDUCT AND DRESS

(a)    DRESS RULE for all Divisions: A neat casual standard of dress is required at
       all times. No torn or tatty clothing to be worn also No thongs or tank tops to
       be worn.
       Shorts may be worn, provided shoes and socks or sandals are also worn.
       Failure to comply with this by-law will result in player/s being unable to play in
       the nights match.
       NB. All teams are requested not to Purchase T-shirts with-out collars as
       part of new uniforms.

(b)    All Super League and Premier League sides must wear uniform: Shirts,
       jackets or jumpers with Sponsor Logo displayed.
       Players will be fined $5.00 per defaulting Player.

       Fine must be paid to Zone Steward prior to following match.

       The Association Secretary must be notified, in writing, at the beginning of
       the season of all Super League and Premier League uniform colours.

       Red and Yellow Balls must be used for all Super League Matches.

       Torn and untidy jeans are not permitted. Failure to wear a uniform shirt,
       jacket or jumper will result also in loss of game.

(c)    All Super League Players listed to play on a night must pay a player levy Fee

(d)    All players will abide by Hotel/Club rules, including signing Visitor's Book.

(e)    All players must conduct themselves in a manner befitting the sport. Anyone
       reported for misconduct will be summoned to face the Executive Committee to
       answer any and all charges.

                                 II - DRUG POLICY

(a)    Any member of the Association who commits a drug related offence at any venue
       where organised Eight Ball is being, or about to be played, will be suspended
       from all forms of competition organised by the Association.

(b)    Venue includes any location within 200 metres of the venue.

(c)    Drug related offence means: An offence which breaches the “Controlled
       Substances Act” or in every day terms, an offence for which the Police could
       take action.

(d)    First offence: six months suspension from date of incidence.

(e)    Subsequent offences: two years suspension.

Degree of proof:
Where a member is suspected of committing a drug offence, Police may be called by any
person. If Police issue an on the spot fine (Cannabis Expiation Notice) or the person is
arrested or reported for a drug offence, the person is in breach of the no drugs policy,
unless the person is found "not-guilty" in a Court of Law.

All Clubs of the South Australian Eight-Ball Association and Affiliated Members will be
given written notice of all Drug Policy.

                             III - MATCH PROCEDURE

(a)    The Home Team shall supply the table and First Umpire, visiting team MUST
       PROVIDE Second Umpire, and to alternate throughout the match. A TEAM
       FAILING TO PROVIDE an Umpire, for a frame, will forfeit that frame,
the    second umpire MUST REPORT to the first umpire before the frame, but the
       first umpire MUST ASK if there is a second umpire to be provided, if not a
       forfeit will be claimed after the break.

(b)    Super Leagues will play 21 Single Frames per Match, comprising 3 groups of 7
       Premier League will play 15 Single Frames per match, comprising 3 groups of 5
       As programmed all other Divisions being 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions will play 15
       Single Frames per Match, Comprising 3 groups of 5 frames.

       FORFEITS may be placed in any position in any group.

(c)   Prior to the commencement of each match opposing Captains, or their
      representatives, shall name players on match sheets (or facsimiles) provided by
      the Association, using initials, surnames and registration number. Personal
      signatures will be exchanged on the opposing team's match sheet, and frames will
      be played in listed order. (exception see section g)
      (i)     Both Captains are responsible before signing the Score Book at the end of
      the match to make sure that all players have signed their name in the appropriate
      place. Failure to comply will mean results for any unsigned player will be null
      and void

(d)   In the event of a team playing a non-transferred player, unregistered player or
      forging another player's signature or registration number in any match, the
      opposing team shall be credited the match: 11-0 for Super League (21 frames) or
      score gained to nil; 8-0 for Premier League (15 Frames) or score gained to nil.
      8-0 (15 frames) for all other Divisions or score gained to nil; and the offending
      Team shall be fined $20.00.

(e)   The Association takes no responsibility for programming of matches where
      players have been barred. Captains should be aware of such a situation before
      registering any player and arrange to replace him on the night by another
      registered team member, unless the opposing Captain agrees to play the match at
      a suitable neutral venue.

(f)   Matches shall commence between 7.00pm and 7.30pm, or earlier by
      agreement. Unless the players nominated for the first frame (subject to sub-
      paragraph (g) commence the match by 7.30pm) the opposing Captain can claim a

(g)   The order of play of frames, may be altered with the consent of both Captains.
      A team must forfeit each frame in which the named player is not available to sign,
      prior to commencement of a said frame.
      The opposing Captain may claim a match forfeit and a score of: 11-0 for Super
      League (21 frames), 8-0 (15 frames) for Premier League, 8-0 (15 frames) for all
      other Divisions, if insufficient players are available to play when these frames are

      MATCH RESULT FORMS must be signed with personal signatures and
      registration numbers FOR THE FIRST SET, TO CLAIM A FORFEIT, on
      said night for proof of attendance.

(h)   Any player unable to complete a frame through illness, injury, or any cause, shall
      forfeit such frame or frames to the opposing team.

(i)   Every match shall be finished on the one night. Teams whose premises have early
      closing must arrange for frames to commence earlier and have frames played on

       another table to complete the match if necessary. The home side shall forfeit any
       unfinished frames not able to be completed on the night, (unless beyond the
       control of the Home Team Management, in which case remaining games to
       be held at a mutually agreed date and venue.)

(j)    Venues may not be changed without consultation with the Executive Committee.

                   IV - MATCH FORFEITURES (Minor Round)

Any team forfeiting in Super-League, Premier League, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions (also
Summer Competition), MUST NOTIFY Zone Steward, Publican/Management of Club
and Opposing Team - Failure to do so: Fine: $50.00.

All scores from matches played and lost, by such team shall be nullified and replaced
with a score 11-0 for Super League (21 frames), 8-0 for Premier League (15 frames), 8-0
(15 frames) for all other Divisions.

Any games won by such team in that round shall stand ie: The losing team shall have
games registered for and against. If no games are played in any round, 11-0 for Super
League (21 frames), 8-0 for Premier League (15 frames), 8-0 (15 frames) for all other
Divisions, as in a Bye.       ALSO SEE BY LAW IX - RULE (b).

                    V - TEAM AND PLAYER REGISTRATION
                               AND/OR TRANSFER
The Structure of the Team should be decided by the current Team and in the event
of a dispute with Venue Management or Players the following options apply:
    (a)    The EBASA Committee will mediate and offer a recommendation
    (b)    In the event of a STALEMATE the Committee’s decision will be FINAL.

(a)    All players must register each year by completing a Player's Registration Form
       and paying a Registration Fee to the Association Secretary. All available Players
       at the first match must be registered before the second match in each season.

(b)    A Player may register with more than one team in any one season of the
       Association provided that:
       1.     a player who wishes to play in more than one team must play in a different
              division on each night.
       2.     a registered Super League player may only play on a different night
              provided he/she is the only registered Super League player in that team.
       3.     a registered Premier League player may only play on a different night provided
              that there is only one (1) other registered Premier League player in the team.
       4.     Registered Super League may only drop to Premier League.

       5.     Registered Premier League Players may only drop to first division.
              registered 1st, 2nd , and 3rd division players can play in any other division
              on another night.
       6.     Any Juniors under the Age of 18 as at the 1st Jan of that year, can play in
              all levels of competition (Super League, Premier League or any Division)
              without penalty to them of the Teams they play in.
       7.     Premier League Teams may have 1 U18 Super League player and 1 Senior
              Super League player OR 2 U18 Super League players and no Senior Super
              League players on each Match night.
       8.     A Premier Team may register more than 1 Senior Super League player but
              can only play 1 on each Match night.

(c.)   All Players must register for a team or teams before the fourth match in two
       rounds, and before the third match in one round, and must then remain in
       that/those team/s, subject to Sub-paragraph (e) and (i).
       1.      All Team Registration (green) forms and Player Registration (white)
               forms must be returned together before these stated times.

(d)    The Captain's name, address and phone number must be forwarded to the Zone
       Steward after the first match of each season on the form provided.

(e)    Players wishing to transfer from one Club/Team to another "During the Season"
       may do so only if:
       (i)    Written application giving valid reasons is made to the Registration
              Committee and appropriate Zone Steward(s).See By-Law III, Rule (d).
       (ii)   Written approval is granted by the Registration Committee, comprised of
              Registration Officer, relevant Zone Steward(s) and one other Executive
              Committee Member.
       (iii) Registration and Transfer Forms and fees are processed, including written
       clearance obtained from original team.
       (iv)   “Note” No transfer to be allowed once 50% of home and away matches
              have been completed
       (v)    All registration fees to be reimbursed to original team by new team.

(f)    Additional Registrations: Under special circumstances may be approved by the
       Registration Committee. On written application only.

(g)    If a player has been de-registered, he may not play in any further matches for that
       team that season. Captain must notify player de-registered.

(h)    Any Club that de-registers any player(s) must notify Registration Officer and
       Zone Steward in writing.

(i)    Players wishing to emergency sub from one division to another "During the
       Season" may do so only with the following provisions:

      (i)     A player not playing in his/her registered team/s during a Particular week,
              may play in a division higher or lower provided it is for the same club.
      (ii)    A player may only play one game per week for the Team/s/Club/s he/she
              is registered in. (Except that a player may take part in all games scheduled
      or his/her registered team eg: during Inter-Zone Finals more than one
      game per week normally scheduled) During a week when a player's
      registered team/s has/have a bye, not playing due to a Public Holiday, or
      because season has finished, players may not play in another Division,
      (only exception being that a player from a lower division may go to a
      higher division in the Hotel/Club for which he/she is registered.).
      (iii) If a player from a lower division plays for a higher division (emergency
              sub) such as Premier or Super League for the 1st time during the
              season, a once only for the year surcharge must be paid for that particular
              player. (The Surcharge from year to year is to be determined by the
              difference between that lower division and either the Premier or Super
              League registration fee of the said year).
      (iv)    A player may play in Finals for a higher grade Team (within his/her Club)
              if he/she has played at least 3 Matches for his/her Registered Team/s.
              To play Finals for the Team/s he/she is Registered with, player must have
              played the majority of his/her Matches with that/those Team/s. A player
              may play Finals for one (1) Team only, except under dual registration.
      (v)     A player may not inter-change from one team to another within the same
              division, unless sub-paragraph (a) is satisfied.
      (vi)    Teams are restricted to using only 1 emergency sub player from another
              division in any particular match.

(j)   No exception will be made to the above rules. Any player or team violating
      Association rules will be subject to penalties imposed by the Executive Committee.

                                   VI - PROTESTS

(a)   If the Player intends lodging a protest, he must inform the Umpires, who must
      at that stage stop the game, and inform both Captains when the incident occurs,
      but then complete the game.

(b)   Captains should attempt to reach an agreement on the matter under consideration
      and, if so, they may replay the game without formally protesting. If this is not
      possible, the Zone Steward or Umpires and Disputes Officer should be contacted
      for advice on the situation.
      The match result book should not be signed. (See By-Laws VII (a).

(c)   Those disputes which cannot be settled by teams in collaboration with their Zone
      Steward should be referred to the Disputes Committee by forwarding a written

       protest to the Umpires and Disputes Officer, accompanied by a fee of $10.00,
       phone numbers, addresses and names of the following:
(1)    Both Captains:
(2)    Both Umpires:
(3)    Players concerned:
(4)    Zone Steward(s) and Zone(s).
(5)    Venue where match was played.

Also, whereabouts of match result sheets if not attached to the protest, within 72 hours
of the match, or within 24 hours of the match if it is a Final or Inter-Zone match.
Protests received after this time will not be considered. The fee will be refunded if the
protest is not deemed frivolous.

(d)    If two umpires have not been used, the protest will not be heard.
(e)    Protests can only be made on what is considered to be the Umpire's disregard for or
       lack of knowledge of the Rules, and not on their inability to see every supposed foul.

                           VII - RESULTS OF MATCHES

(a)    At the conclusion of the match, Captains will check each other's sheets and sign
       both when the result and signatures have been verified. (See protests VI (b).

(b)    Such match result shall stand unless varied by a contravention of Association

(c)    Match result forms once checked and agreed to by the opposing Captains, must
       not be altered in any way, Penalty: At discretion of Committee.

(d)    The winning team in all grades must send both forms to the Zone Steward not
       later than 3 days ( 72 Hours) after each match.
       The Zone Steward shall have the power to nullify scores not received by this date
       without a satisfactory reason.
       The Association shall have the power to impose a penalty for such breach.

(e)    The winning team must phone result to Zone Steward or such other person as
       named on Match Result Book cover.
       The Association shall have the power to impose a fine for each breach.

                           VIlI - ZONE FINAL MATCHES

(a)    The Team scoring the greater number of matches or, if matches are equal, the
       greater number of frames, shall be Minor Premier in its Zone. second, third and
       fourth teams shall be decided likewise.

       If there is a draw (ie., two finalists have equal matches and equal frames) the two
       teams will play another match on neutral ground as decided by the Zone Steward.
       A Play-off of three (3) Single Frames in a Round Robin competition will be

At the conclusion of the minor round the top team in each Zone shall play the second, and
the third shall play the fourth. The winner of the third and fourth teams (first semi-final)
shall play the loser of the first and second teams (second semi-final) in the preliminary
final, and the winner of the preliminary final shall play the winner of the
second semi-final in the grand final.

(b)    The Semi-Final, Preliminary Final and Grand Final shall be played on neutral
       grounds where possible.

(c)    In Zone Finals the Teams will umpire there own games up until the Grand Final,
       then, where possible, the Committee and Umpires Coach will arrange Umpires.

(d)    No practice is permitted on table prior to Zone Finals unless authorised by the
       Zone Steward for half an hour under the supervision of the Zone Steward.

(e)    A player shall not be allowed to play in any final unless:
       (i)    Such player has been registered in accordance with the rules of the Association.
       (ii)   Such player has played at least 3 matches in a single round or 5 matches in
              a double round for the Team he/she has registered in to be eligible to play
              in a final in that Zone in that division.
       (iii) a player with dual registration must have played at least half of the seasons
              matches with his/her second(lower Div) team to qualify for finals with that
       (iv)   For the purpose of subparagraph (ii) & (iii), the players named and signed,
              with registration numbers, on the match result sheet, of any team having
              a forfeit, shall be considered as having played in a match.
              (See By-Law III(g)

(f)    Any club infringing this rule shall lose the match. (See By-Law V (i)(ii)

(g)    Finals to be played to a finish if a protest is being lodged.

                            IX - INTER-ZONE MATCHES

(a)    The winners of Zones shall play each other as determined by the Program
       Committee to decide the Premiership Team.

(b)    All matches must be played through the entire Inter-Zone Series for which a team
       is scheduled. Teams may be required to play two nights per week. Failure to do

       so will be penalised by a fine of $50.00 for each match missed, and recognition
       for participation in future series may not be given.
       Any team refusing to take part in any Inter-Zone Series will forfeit their winning
       rights, eg: Prize Money and Pennant. The runner-up team shall be deemed to
       have won, unless a satisfactory explanation of inability to participate is offered to
       and accepted by the Association Secretary, by phone within 48 hours, and to be
       confirmed in writing before commencement of the series.

(c)    Venues may not be altered without consultation with the Executive Committee.

(d)    Protests must be lodged within 24 hours (see By-Law VI).
(e)    Executive Committee may appoint Umpires for Inter-Zone and Championship

                       X - PROMOTION AND RELEGATION

The Program Committee shall promote, and/or relegate teams in all divisions.

(a)    Grand Finalist in all divisions will be promoted.

(b)    Should any non-relegated Super League side fail to nominate for the Super
       League the following season - Fine: $200.00.

(c)    Should a Premier League or First Division Finalist refuse promotion to Super
       League or Premier League (respectively) the following season they will FORFEIT
       their Grand Final prize money, and no relegation will take place.

                           XI - STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS

The Association will organise an Annual State Singles, Doubles and Masters
Championship for Registered Players and Affiliated Associations. To be eligible players
must have played in a season during the preceding 12 months.

No players playing competition for another State during the current season, shall be
eligible to compete in any Tournaments or Championships organised by the Eight-Ball
Association of South Australia Incorporated.


Each Hotel or Club must elect a Secretary or Delegate to be stated on the Association
form, and he/she or his/her proxy must attend meetings as required.

The Delegate must notify the Association Secretary of any change of address, and will
also be responsible for receiving and distributing notices for Captains of teams within
his/her Club.


Will be run by, and at the discretion of the Umpires and Training Sub-Committee during
the year.
(a)     $25.00 Registration Fee must be paid by all persons, that are not registered as
(b)     One member from each team ( preferably the Captain ) must attend a school over
        1 night.

(c)    All Registered Umpires are required to attend a refresher course when requested
       by the Umpire and Training Committee.

(d)    2 Premiership points WILL be deducted from any Team that does not send one
       person to a Rules and Interpretation night

                           XIV-ZONE STEWARD DUTIES

(a)    To distribute 10 Rule Books, 1 Match Result Book, 8 Registration Forms and
       other material as required to each team in the Zone.

(b)    To receive scores and match results forms from the teams in the Zone.

(c)    To collate the above scores, keep a ladder of progressive scores, and notify
       Team Captains of these scores in writing. Fortnightly Ladders should be given for
       the season, in a triple round from week three until the last four matches, then
       each Captain be should given a ladder weekly.
       In a double round ladders should be given weekly from week three.

(d)    To check match result sheets with registration forms for personal signatures, and
       registration numbers.

(e)    To arrange venues on neutral grounds, where possible, and Umpires in
       conjunction with the Committee and Umpires Coach for the Zone Grand Finals,
       where possible.

(f)    To receive protests from teams in the Zone, and where possible, to try and settle
       the dispute to the satisfaction of the teams concerned. Advice may be sought if
       necessary. Advice should be sought from the Umpires and Disputes Officer.

(g)    To attend Umpire's School, become an Official Umpire, and to notify each Team
       Captain in the Zone, in writing that one member of each Team must attend
       Umpires school. Penalties apply. (see By-Law XIII (d)

(h)    Zone stewards may attend Executive Committee Meetings and be heard but have
       no vote.

(i)    Zone Stewards must attend Delegates Meetings and are required to attend the
       Annual General Meeting.

(j)    To attend Inter-Zone Finals, assist in umpiring where required and inform Winner
       and Runner-up Captains in the Zone of the date for these finals.

                               XV - STATE SELECTION

Players qualifying for the State Selection Play-offs will be selected from the top 22 Super
League players on winter season's performance who have played a minimum of 42
frames, these selections based on percentage. The State Doubles Champions, 2 Wild
Cards to be selected by the Executive Committee, 6 State Affiliate Representatives (to be
determined by the Affiliated Associations, excluding those Affiliated Associations with
players in Super League).

The State Singles Champion is automatically in the State Team.
A South Australian State Singles Champion who wins the National Title will be an
automatic inclusion in the following year's State Team, should this occur an extra Wild
Card will be selected by the Committee.

Any player reprimanded or causing trouble during the season will not be considered
for selection.

The total of 32 players will be expected to participate in 4 days of play-offs to determine
the State Team.

Any player not completing the 4 days play may not be considered for future play-offs.

All players are expected to play all matches to their best potential, in the State Team
play-offs. ( this includes Singles, Doubles, Masters, Juniors and the Team play-offs )

Any player found guilty of “Throwing” a game will be called before the Executive
Committee and face possible fine or a suspension, for a time, to be set at the discretion
of the Executive Committee.

If any player is unavailable they must notify the Association Secretary within 24 hours of
Play-off giving time for emergency replacement.

In extenuating circumstances, the executive committee shall have the right to place a player, or
players, directly into the State Team, providing the following conditions are achieved:

(i)     They are positioned within the top 22 Super League players on Winter season's
        performance. EXCEPTION Affiliate Representatives.

(ii)    They were selected in the current Australian squad.

(iii)   They are selected by UNANIMOUS VOTE FROM THE COMPLETE
(a)     All players selected to represent the State including Juniors will travel with
        the Official Party as a State Group to the Nationals (at the discretion of the
        Executive Committee) and (with exception being given to players in International
        Events held within Australia).

(b)     The State Team will consist of up to 10 players (at the discretion of the Executive

(c)     Executive Committee to elect Team Manager, Captain and Vice Captain.

(d)     Team Manager, Captain and Vice Captain to be Selection Committee during the Nationals.

(e)     Team Manager and Captain will be required to submit a written Report to the
        Executive Committee.

(f)     Each Member of a State Team will be obliged to sign a Players Agreement,
        Juniors Agreement to be co-signed by a Parent or Guardian.

                           STATE PLAYERS AGREEMENT
1.      I the undersigned, agree that I shall conduct myself in a sportsmanlike manner at
        all times, whether at programmed practise matches prior to the National
        Championships, or during the Championships themselves.

2.      I agree to abide by conditions as laid down by The Eight-Ball Association of
        South Australian.

All State Team Members shall:
 Be required to travel and be accommodated with the S.A. Team.
 Attend all official Team practice sessions

    If required, pay all fees, charges and official function costs on or before the due date
     laid down by the Committee.
    Ensure that they have available sufficient funds to cover any personal cost during the
     National Championships.
    Comply with all official directions and request by appointed officials.
    Conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner as a representative of South Australia,
     both on and off the field of play.
    Make themselves available for any media interview, public appearance and
     exhibition matches as required by the Committee
    Be aware of the AEBF drug policy and abide by it.
    Any player testing positive to an illegal drug will be sent home at the earliest possible
     opportunity, with any extra cost incurred payable by that player.

3.      I further agree to comply with all rules, by-laws and official requirements as the
        Association may declare from time to time.
4.      I understand that my standing as a State Team Member last until the next State
        Team is selected.
5.      I understand and agree that any breach of any of the above conditions may result
        in my representative status being withdrawn and disciplinary action by the
        Executive Committee may be taken as they see fit and such decision shall be final.

The Executive Committee’s decision will be final.

                       CONDITIONS OF ENTRY

                                       (Ladies & Men)

1.      Open only to Registered Players of the Association and Affiliated Associations.

2.      To be eligible players must have played in a season during the preceding 12 months.

3.      To be eligible an Entry Fee of $20.00 per player must accompany form.

4.      Any player that forfeits, no refund will be given. Finalists that fail to attend will
        be banned at the discretion of the Committee.

5.      Once draw is made no changes will be considered.

6.      Players may notify with entry form the dates he/she is available to play.

7.      Program will be sent to 1st person named on Entry Form.

8.     All cheques to be made payable to The Eight Ball Association of South Australia, cash may
       be hand delivered with Entry Form to the Association Secretary at the Association Office.

9.     Winners must be available to represent South Australia at the Nationals.

10.    The Committee's decision will be final.

                       XVII - BREAKS OUT OF SEQUENCE

If at any time a player breaks out of sequence ie: the wrong player breaks:
        1.      the game shall be null and void.
        2.      the game should be stopped and replayed with the correct player breaking.

                          XVIII - VARIATION OF RULES

(a)    Any of these By-Laws are subject to variation by the Executive Committee.
(b)    Written application for variation will be considered.


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