Mount Ommaney Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP) by ronny19938


									Introducing:                                 What it does                                       Who can attend

                                   The Early Childhood Development Program             The Early Childhood Development Program
        Mount Ommaney              at Mount Ommaney provides education and
                                                                                       operates half-day sessions delivering programs for
                                                                                       kindergarten aged children in the morning and pre-
                                   therapy programs for children up to six years of
        Early Childhood            age who have a disability.
                                                                                       preparatory aged children in the afternoon. Whole
                                                                                       day sessions are offered to preparatory aged
                                                                                       children. The ECDP also has a Playgroup for
         Development               Typically, the children attending the Program
                                   need support with:
                                                                                       younger children 0 – 3 years. The sessions
                                                                                       operate as follows:

           Program                 •   intellectual development;                       Kindergarten and Pre-Preparatory Year
                                   •   gross and fine motor skills;
            (ECDP)                 •
                                       social skills and behaviour;
                                       communication and language.
                                                                                       Children aged from three to five years attend two
                                                                                       sessions per week on consecutive days. Programs
                                                                                       focus on the individual educational needs of the
                                                                                       children.     Structured learning activities are
                                                                                       presented in small group settings, closely
        •   What it does                    Parent Support
                                                                                       supervised by specialist teachers and therapists.
                                                                                       Parents’ input in developing their child’s program is
        •   Parent Support                                                             valued.
        •   Who can attend
                                                                                       Preparatory Year
        •   Who’s on the team      ECDP parent representatives on the Mount
                                   Ommaney Special School P&C ensure the
        •   How to refer a child   needs and concerns of the ECDP are
                                                                                       Children in the preparatory year attend on a two day
                                                                                       basis and have a shared placement with their local
        •   Where to find it       addressed.                                          school.    ECDP teachers provide an outreach
                                                                                       service to support children and staff in preparatory
                                   The P&C meets on the first Friday of each           classes within local schools. A full-time preparatory
                                   month at 9.30 am.                                   year is provided at the ECDP for children who have
                                                                                       high support needs and nursing requirements.
                                   Once a term, a parent meeting is organised by
                                   the school chaplain and guidance officer to         Playgroup
                                   discuss any issues related to families supporting
                                   children with disabilities. These meetings are an   The Playgroup operates on Tuesday mornings only.
                                   opportunity for parents to network and support      It is open to children from birth to three years, and a
                                   each other. Guest speakers are invited to           parent/carer of each child stays with the group as a
                                   address topics of interest requested by the         participant in the Playgroup’s activities.         The
                                   parent group.                                       Playgroup is staffed by a specialist teacher and
                                                                                       teacher aide.

    How to refer a child                                 Who’s on the Team                                           Where to find it
                                                     The Team at the Mount Ommaney Early
These are the steps to follow in referring a child                                                           The Early Childhood Development Program is
                                                     Childhood Development Program comprises:
to the Mount Ommaney Early Childhood                                                                         located in the grounds of the Mount Ommaney
Development Program (ECDP).                          •   Special Education Teachers who develop              Special School.
                                                         and implement an Individual Education Plan
1. Check with the ECDP that it is the closest            (IEP) for each child, and co-ordinate team                   Mount Ommaney
   facility to your home.                                programs. This may include supporting
                                                         children in the mainstream setting.
                                                                                                                Early Childhood Development
2. Each child must be referred by:                                                                                         Program
                                                     •   A Guidance Officer gathers additional                              (ECDP)
   a) A Medical Specialist in the case of a              information about each child’s developmental
      diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder;             level – formally and informally – and provides
                                                         counselling and parent support.                                 94 Capitol Drive
      Pervasive Developmental Disorder;
      Physical Impairment or a medical
                                                                                                                    Mount Ommaney Qld 4074
                                                     •   An Occupational Therapist helps every child
      condition with a predisposition towards            do their best in playing, learning and self-care.
      Intellectual Impairment.                                                                                         Telephone: 3717 6840
                                                         This involves assessment of each child’s
                                                         abilities, combined with practical therapy for                   Fax: 3717 6844
   b) A Speech-Language Pathologist in the               the child and advice / support for parents.
      case of Speech Language Impairment.
      Receptive and expressive language              •   A Physiotherapist addresses development of
      scores must fall at least two standard             the child’s movement. This means more than
      deviations below the mean to meet                  just reaching motor milestones or skills, it
      criteria for entry.                                means developing quality in such movements
                                                         – like posture, balance and co-ordination.
                                                         Addressing neurological and musculo-skeletal
   c) A Paediatrician or FECS team in the                problems is part of this developmental
      case of children with Intellectual                 approach.
      Impairment and Global Developmental
      Delay.                                         •   A Speech-Language Pathologist assesses
                                                         children’s communication skills, as well as any
3. Any of the above can refer the child to the           chewing or swallowing difficulties. Discussing
   Early Childhood Development Program,                  the findings of such an assessment with the
   followed by a call from the parent.                   team and with parents then leads into
                                                         programs     to   build    on     the    child’s
4. This leads to an appointment for the parents          communicative abilities.
   to visit the Program, when enrolment and
   other details can be discussed with the           •   Teacher Aides assist the Teachers and
                                                         Therapists in implementing the programs, and
   Head of Special Education Services.
                                                         prepare and maintain the Unit’s resources.

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