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									                                                                 COURAGE 51
                                                                 “The Courage to Conquer”
                                                                  District 51 Newsletter – Connecting Toastmasters in Malaysia,
                                                                                           Indonesia and Brunei
                                                                                                                   • Issue 3            •May 2009             •For Toastmasters only

District Governor's Message

                                      Dear Friends in Toastmasters,

                         BE THANKFUL
                         As I pen down my final message as District Governor for the District 51 newsletter, there are many moments that I am
                         thankful for, and some moments of anxiety as well. I am thankful that I had this opportunity to serve our members for
                         the past 11 months as your District Governor. This huge responsibility to our members called for a lot of personal
                         sacrifices but I knew very well that I will grow from this unique experience. My main task was to manage my “precious”
                         time between family, God, work and Toastmasters. My wife and 2 young boys made some major sacrifices so that I
                         could experience this journey in Toastmasters. THANK YOU. My office colleagues covered up for me on many
                         occasions when I was tired, and for this I say, THANK YOU. There were a few weekends where I did not fulfill my
                         weekly obligations to GOD and for being an understanding God and keeping me safe in all my journeys, THANK YOU.
                         Finally to each of you, members of our lovely organization, THANK YOU for the HAPPY experience of being able to
serve you as your District Governor 2008 -2009.

A STRONG TEAM 2008-2009
I was blessed with a very strong team of Top District Officers, Division Governors and Area Governors and Special Appointments. Majority of
them contributed positively to our organization and the success of our district. Many of them are working closely with me to finish the term on a
strong footing. I am thankful for the great support that I have received. THANK YOU.

The DPRO team has been extraordinary. They worked independently and always tried their best to serve our members. Each one of them in
the team contributed to the successful implementation of all our public relation activities. We were fortunate that we had extensive media
coverage in NTV 7, Star newspaper, Tamil newspapers and interview with BFM radio station. Thank you for a job well done for our members.

At the time of writing, we have just roughly a month before the term ends. I feel a little troubled as some of our district targets have not been met
yet. As your leader, I keep asking myself some questions. Did I have everyone in my team share their leader's vision for this term or did the
economic issues play a part in our club building and membership activities. To my pleasant surprise, as each day passes by, I am slowly finding
the answers. Most of the answers are positive and as each day goes by, I continue to feel motivated to finish the term on a strong footing and to
hand over a strong district to the new team. I strongly feel that I will achieve this sincere desire of handing over a strong district to the new team.

There were a number of breathtaking moments in our district. One of them was having International President Chris Ford at my installation
dinner. Another one was when our very own member, Loghandran was placed 2nd in the World Championship of Public Speaking. The other
special moment was when we finished TLI 1 and TLI 2. Every trip to the divisions were truly enriching and motivating and finally for a brief
movement we had surpassed the 8,000 membership payments mark. This was a great joy to all of us.

I hope that all targets set will be met and we can make our members happy that we have served them well. The last 30 days are crucial for the
district as many of our members leave everything till the last minute. When will we ever change? Hopefully soon. I will continue my journey in
service to our members till 30th June 2009. Yes, the blood pressure will be high during this time. Ha Ha.

THANK YOU for the journey: The Courage To Conquer”. It will be a journey that I will never forget in my life because I have grown so much and
Toastmasters has made me a better person in life. THANK YOU for the opportunity to grow.

LET'S finish this term on a strong footing and be proud of ourselves.

Your Happy District Governor,
Joseph Gomez, DTM

Table of Contents
Message from District Governor ….....................................................……... 1               Women as leaders in Toastmasters ……….………...............................…9-10
Note from editorial team …………………........................................……….. 2                            7 essential habits of master presenters ………….............................…..10-11
New clubs on board …………………….........................................…………. 2                                We're going to Sarawak: Kuching Annual Convention 2009...................12-14
Message from Lieutenant Governor Education and Training ………............ 3                                  Arlan Setiawan, DTM: A man on a mission ……...................................……14
Message from Lieutenant Governor Marketing ..……................................... 3                       Try advancing outside your comfort zone ..............................................15-16
District Awards 2008-2009 ………………...................................................... 4                   Youth Leadership Camp: Bringing Toastmasters benefits to students.........17
Education awards achievers ..................................................................... 5-8       First Tamil speech contest in District 51 …………..................................…..18

    Note from the editorial team
                                                                                                                                   District Website:

    How time flies. Just 10 months ago, we launched Courage 51 first edition. Now, we are                                          District Governor
    penning the message for the last edition of the Courage 51 trilogy. But it just feels like                                     Joseph Gomez, DTM
    yesterday when we first started planning for the first edition.                                                                17th Floor, Bangunan Angkasa Raya,
                                                                                                                                   Jalan Ampang,
                                                                                                                                   50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    The Hollywood movie scene has seen exciting ending of movie trilogies. Who can forget the                                      Telephone
    thrilling end of the Star Wars saga in “Return Of The Jedi” or the epic end of the Lord Of The                                 Email:
    Rings saga in “Return Of The King”? At such, Courage 51 would like to cap the final episode
    (final edition) of the Courage 51 trilogy with a triumphant finish as well.

    In the final episode, you will be able to discover the following courageous “plots”. We pay
    tribute to women's contribution as leaders in Toastmasters by sharing with you, Datuk
    Adeline Leong thoughts, on how women can excel as leaders. Want to be an effective
    presenter? How about finding it out from a past World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren                                      Editor
    Lacroix.                                                                                                                       District Public Relations Officer (DPRO)
                                                                                                                                   Clement Pang, DTM
    Of course, we have many more interesting plots to share with you but as they said revealing                                    118-B5-5-7 Putra Place Condo,
    too much will spoil the “show”. So read on and we hope to be able to live up to                                                Persiaran Bayan Indah,
                                                                                                                                   11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
    the tag line, “the best is yet to come”, that we set to ourselves before we embark on this                                     Telephone: 012-4022358
    final episode. But the best of the 3 episodes is here now.                                                                     Email:

    Happy reading!

                                                                                                                                   Parthiban Vijayaraghavan

                                                                District 51 Public Relations team members                          Teh Li Lian
                                                                (from left): Neoh Soon Hueng, Teh Li Lian,                         Neoh Soon Hueng
                                                                Clement, Suzerian, and Parthiban
                                                                                                                                   Neoh Soon Hueng

     District 51 proudly welcomes the following new clubs:

Kerteh Toastmasters Club – Division B                               UTM ELS Toastmasters Club – Division A
Club Sponsors: Zaharah Ibrahim, DTM and Noor Eizza Mohd Amin        Club Sponsors: Halizah Mohamed Alip and Tan Eng Suan
Club Mentors: Fazillahanim Far AB Rahim and Abdul Kahar Jumat       Club Mentors: Adilin Arifin and Mohamed Dzuhairy Abdul Rahim

I.E.U Toastmasters Club – Division I                                Pernec Toastmasters Club – Division W
Club Mentors: Arlan Setiawan, DTM and David Pranata                 Club Sponsors: Sharon Tong and Ernest Wong
                                                                    Club Mentors: Ismail Omar and Mohd Hadzrin Shah
UC2 Toastmasters Club – Division I
Club Sponsors: Subchan Subchan                                      GSCM Toastmasters Club – Division P
Club Mentors: Wasis Sugiarti and Bagus Andoko                       Club Sponsors: Mandy Ong and Ganesh Sangaran
                                                                    Club Mentors: Mandy Ong and Ganesh Sangaran
UC Toastmasters Club – Division I
Club Sponsors: Subchan Subchan                                      ITHB Toastmasters Club – Division J
Club Mentors: Wasis Sugiarti and Bagus Andoko                       Club Sponsors: Yusuf Chandra and Lanny Tanaka Hardhy
                                                                    Club Mentors: Sri Wahyuni and Hendra Bunyamin
Y.S.P Toastmasters Club – Division W
Club Sponsors: Francis Ng, DTM and Tan Ben Hoe                      YPS SAH Toastmasters Club – Division W                                ON THE WEB
Club Mentors: NJ Singam and Paul Tan Pan Leong                      Club Sponsors: SKL Walia and Sharon Tong
                                                                    Club Mentors: NJ Singam and Sharon Tong                        To see the list of club sponsors and
UPH Surabaya Toastmasters Club – Division I
                                                                                                                                   mentors in the TI website go to
Club Sponsors: Johan Setiawan and David Pranata                     Entegris Kulim Toastmasters Club – Division N
Club Mentors: Arlan Setiawan, DTM and Yong Boon Kok                 Club Sponsors: Ang Eng Chai and Abdul Kadir Shaik Othman
                                                                    Club Mentors: Kadijah Mohd Ismail and Yeap Kian Yong           new/dprReports.cfm?r=5&d=51
I.T.S Toastmasters Club – Division I
Club Sponsors: Marihot H Tambunan and Francisco Amante Colinares    UTM Toastmasters Club – Division A
Club Mentors: Wardiman Djojonegoro, DTM and Samuel Satria           Club Sponsors: Muniandy Ponnan and Ong Hoon Siong
                                                                    Club Mentors: Julian A. Harold and Kanniah Jogulu
Margie Toastmasters Club – Division I
Club Sponsors: Susilo and Tjandra Gunawan
Club Mentors: Arlan Setiawan, DTM and Wasis Sugiarti

                    Note: The clubs listed here where chartered between Jan 1st 2009 – May 10th 2009 (source: TI website)

Lieutenant Governor Education Training Speaks ….
                              "The goal you set must be challenging. At the same time, it should be realistic and
                              attainable, not impossible to reach. It should be challenging enough to make you
                              stretch, but not so far that you break."

                              ~ Rick Hansen ~

Eleven months of our twelve months term has already gone              At this time of year it's also decision time, decisions for
by. As we look towards the end of this Toastmasters year, it's        yourself, decisions about you and your club for the district.
a good time to reflect on what we have done so far this year.
As you work towards your goals and develop your abilities in          Will you consider serving your club and your fellow members
communications and in leadership, your success leads to the           in an executive position within your club for the incoming term
success of your club and fellow members.                              2009/2010?

Have you been working on your speeches within your club or            It's a sure way to develop your leadership skills. Who else in
beyond?                                                               your club that you would like to lead the club?
                                                                      Your club elections happen within this last month the latest.
As of middle May 2009, there were 150 clubs with at least 5           Please ensure that you as current or incoming club officers to
DCP points or more. Toastmasters International has set a              submit the newly elected club officers committee (exco’s) list
target of 240 clubs that need to be distinguished for our             to Toastmasters WHQ via online before June 30th 2009 to get
district.                                                             credit for the term 2009/2010 (1/2 DCP goal #10)

The district looks forward for your courageous effort to help         Lastly to those newly elected officer for your club, please be
us achieve that set target and we shall keep monitoring your          in contact with your respective division governors or visit the
club progress in achieving Distinguished or beyond for the            district website for information on the
term 2008/2009.                                                       Club Officers Training (TLI) dates beginning middle of June
We have surpassed our Advanced Communicator goal                      I wish you a strong finish for the term and continue on this
thanks to all the achievers. We owe you a big thank you for           program that empowers you to achieve your full potential and
your effort.                                                          realize your dreams.
The same also goes to the Competent Communicator goal.
By now the district would have achieved the goal of 494               Sincerely,
Competent Communicator for the term and perhaps short of              Richard Chong@Ritchie ACG, ALS
below 50 Leadership awards as in CL, ALB, ALS or DTM.

Lieutenant Governor Marketing Speaks ….
                                                                      Final Sprint … this is what we need now as we enter
                                                                      the final 1.5 months of the term. Explore the universe
                           FINAL LAP ……..                             for new leads, engage NON-Toastmasters to make
                                                                      their way into this self-enriching organization while you
                                                                      go for your educational goals to fulfill your personal
                           It's time to SPRINT …………                   objectives.

                                                                      Thank you for all your efforts and do give a PAT on your
                                                                      back for making the decision to join Toastmasters!
As the term flies faster and inches closer to 30th June 09, may       Take care and do continue your courageous
I invite yourself to reflect upon if we have “walked the extra
                                                                      contribution to promote Toastmasters at all occasions.
mile” introducing Toastmasters to at least another individual?
Have we promoted these benefits beyond our borders to other
organizations in the hope of giving birth to a new baby? Have
we sourced for help/resources to revive ailing clubs that may
have gone into suspension now?

It's never too late if your answers are negative to the above
questions. Well, if your answers are otherwise, you can still         Humbly yours,
help more by pursuing the winning acts of yours to promote            Thannimalai L CL, CC

                                        District Awards 2008-2009

 List of clubs which have achieved distinguished status or better (status as of May 8th from TI website)

 President's Distinguished Club          Select Distinguished Club                      Distinguished Club
 Kluang Toastmasters Club                Malacca Toastmasters Club                      MIM Club of Johor Bahru
 Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club       Malaysia Airlines Melor Toastmasters           Johor Bahru Club
 NLP Toastmasters Club                   D'Utama Toastmasters Club                      D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club
 AZAM Toastmasters Club                  Crystal Club                                   Cima Malaysia Club
 Kuching Mandarin Toastmasters Club      IEM Toastmasters                               MAS Mawar Toastmasters Club
 Miri Club                               Sunway Toastmasters Club                       MAS Cempaka Club
 Pidato Miri Club                        Ansell Toastmasters Club                       DHL Cyberjaya Toastmasters Club
 Bintulu Toastmasters Club
                                         MIM Club of Petaling Jaya                      Klang Bilingual Toastmasters Club
 Bintulu Foochow
                                         X-Fab Sarawak Toastmasters Club                Stamford College Toastmasters Club
 Alpha Diamond Excel Miri
                                         Connections Toastmasters Club                  Sime Darby Healthcare Toastmasters Club
 Jakarta Club
 Jakarta Motivators Club                 Twintech Club                                  Port Dickson Toastmasters Club
 Dynamic Toastmasters Club               Sibu Mandarin Club                             Surian Club
 Kota Kinabalu Club                      Deli Toastmasters Club                         Chief Minister's Department (HR)
 Sandakan Toastmasters Club              Polonia Toastmasters Club                      Kuching Club
 Tawau Mandarin Club                     Cendana Toastmasters Club                      Lutong Club
 Persekutuan Tionghua Johor Baru         Surabaya Toastmasters Club                     Kidurong Bintulu Club
 Y.M.C.A. Toastmasters Club              Bank of America Jakarta Toastmaster Club       Bintulu SUPP
 Intel Kulim Toastmasters Club           Kebayoran Club                                 Swan City Toastmasters Club
 Kulim Toastmasters Club                 Maranatha Club                                 Sarawak Pan-Chen Laus'
 Penang Seagate Toastmasters             Sandakan Mandarin Club                         Miri Mandarin Club
 Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club      Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club                   TGIF Toastmasters Club
 KPMG KL Toastmasters Club               Intel Penang Toastmasters Club                 ConocoPhillips Indonesia Club
 Sai Masters Toastmasters Club           MDT Toastmasters Club                          Borneo Club
 Maicsa Toastmasters Club
                                         Satu Hati Club                                 Metropolitan Club
                                         MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur          The Catalyst Toastmasters Club
                                         Ukay Toastmasters                              Kota Kinabalu Mandarin Club
IT’S NEVER TOO LATE                      Farlim Toastmasters Club                       SWEPA Club
                                         Bukit Gelugor Toastmasters Club                Kota Kinabalu Advanced Club
                                         Vista Penang Club                              OTTERS TMC
                                         Motorola Penang Club                           Johor Bahru Mandarin
                                         Bagan Ajam Toastmasters Club                   Historical City Toastmasters Club
                                         Motorola Penang (II) Cyber-Speakers            Penang Hokkien Association Club
                                         Bangsar Club                                   Penang Altera Toastmasters Club
                                         UEM Academy TM Club                            Silterra Toastmasters Club
                                         Malaysian Insurance Institute Club             Telekom Malaysia Toastmasters Club
                                         Great Eastern Toastmasters Club                AIA 8-Habit Toastmasters Club
                                                                                        Semarak Toastmasters Club
                                                                                        AmBank Group Toastmasters Club
There is still time                                                                     Pricewaterhouse Coopers Toastmasters Club
                                                                                        Premier Advanced Toastmasters Club
left for your club
to finish the term
                                               ON THE WEB                               Renesas Semiconductor Club
                                                                                        Penang Adventist Hospital Toastmasters Club
on a distinguished                                                                      Money & You-Kuala Lumpur Toastmasters Club
                                                                                        Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters Club
note before June 30th.
                            District Awards 2008-2009:                                  Tamil Toastmasters Club, Kuala Lumpur
                           Mid Valley Club
                                                                                        University Malaya Toastmasters Club
LET'S DO IT                 Club President's Appreciation Plaque Recipients:            IREKA Toastmasters Club
                     Friendship Club
                                                                                        HP Malaysia Toastmasters Club

The following Toastmasters have achieved their education recognition from Toastmasters International from
December 24th to May 8th

Congratulations to these Toastmasters who have received the Distinguished Toastmasters award, Toastmasters
International's highest recognition

   Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

 Subramanian, Sandrasegaran R.    MAS Mawar Toastmasters Club
 Chan, Jessica Lay Teng           Vista Penang Club
 Joseph, Dominic Gerard           Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club
 Jayabalan, Boomi Nathan          Renesas Success Penang
 Ng, Lay See                      Maicsa Toastmasters Club
 Md Sharif, Rohijas               UEM Group Club
 Leong, Oi Wah                    Maicsa Toastmasters Club
 Chee-Soon Liew, John             Kota Kinabalu Club
                                                                                Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)
 Lee, Kok Choe                    Johor Bahru Mandarin Toastmasters Club
                                                                               Chu, Henry                      Sungai Ara Toastmasters Club
                                                                               Gunawan, Tjandra                Jakarta Motivators Club
   LEADERSHIP TRACK                                                            Tan, Rowena                     X-Fab Sarawak Toastmasters Club
                                                                               Wahyuni, Henny                  Deli Toastmasters Club
                                                                               Wan, Liew Paik                  D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club
   Advanced Leader Silver (ALS)                                                Foong, Xiao Thoong              Unitar Toastmasters Club
                                                                               Kien, Kok Swee                  DHL KL Toastmasters Club
 Chia, Ray Swee Seng             Kota Kinabalu Mandarin Club                   Thanimalai, Jeyabalan           Achievers Toastmasters Club
 Subramanian, Sandrasegaran R.   MAS Mawar Toastmasters Club                   Ling Yu Ngie, John              Alpha Diamond Excel Miri
 Chong, Richard                  Malaysia Airlines Melor Toastmasters          Abdul Rahim, Mohamed Dzuhairy   JB City Club
 Ho, Ivan Yueh-Liang             D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club            Kwa, Ngan Eng                   Extol Toastmasters Club
 Lee, Chiu Sze                   Premier Advanced Toastmasters Club            Yap, Choi Woon                  Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club
 Jayabalan, Boomi Nathan         Renesas Success Penang                        Foo, Sunny Eng Ball             Bukit Gelugor Toastmasters Club
 Lakhmichand, M. A.              Bangsar Club                                  Gan, Kenneth                    Institut Perkim-Goon 1 Club
 Chan, Jessica Lay Teng          Vista Penang Club                             Kodiappen, Muthukumaran         Renesas Success Penang
 Md Sharif, Rohijas              Kelab Pidato Perdana                          Yeoh, Hui Cheng                 Bagan Ajam Toastmasters Club
 Yim, Ken Fei                    MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur         Kasima, Stephen                 Jakarta Club
 Leong, Oi Wah                   Maicsa Toastmasters Club                      Tan-Lee, Choon Kee              Extol Toastmasters Club
 Joseph, Dominic Gerard          Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club             Phynthamilkumaran               Renesas Semiconductor Kedah Club
 Chee-Soon Liew, John            Kota Kinabalu Club                            Choong, Christopher Chin Joo    Penang Advanced
 Lee, Kok Choe                   Johor Bahru Mandarin Toastmasters Club        Chandra, Yusuf                  Maranatha Club
 Koay, Kah Hin                   Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club                  Giap, Lee Kian                  Intel Kulim Toastmasters Club
                                                                               Hiew, Bernard Choong Yoong      Motorola Penang Club

   Competent Leader (CL)

 Yassin, Fatimah Bt Mohd         Api-Api Toastmasters Club                     Margareth, Wenny                Cendana Toastmasters Club
 Dianasari, Erika                SCBD Toastmasters Club                        Kuganeswari, R.                 Tamil Toastmasters Club, Kuala Lumpur
 Koh, Siew Keng                  Historical City Toastmasters Club             Kien, Kok Swee                  DHL KL Toastmasters Club
 LOW, BENG ANG                   Historical City Toastmasters Club             Abdul Rahim, Mohamed Dzuhairy   JB City Club
 Lau, Amy Aik Mee                HSBC Brunei Speakers Group                    Lee Yoke Leng, Irene            Crystal Club
 Hamzah, Hakim Bin               MCOBA Toastmasters Club                       Retnani, Kristiari              Essential Club
 Danik, Suzanne                  Twintech Club                                 Chandramohan, Lourdes           Bangsar Club
 Vitales, Jason William          Politeknik Kota Kinabalu Club                 Lee, Sai Keong                  MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur
 Onggowidjaja, Philips           Maranatha Club                                Rakhma, Ayu                     Bank of America Jakarta Toastmaster Club
 Singh, Ravinder                 Ansell Toastmasters Club                      Koswara, Siti Maryani           Essential Club
 Chin, Pau Soo                   Tawau Mandarin Club                           Chew, Shel Ling                 Summit Club
 Tiong, Kellie Ing King          Swan City Toastmasters Club                   Heriyanto, Heriyanto            Maranatha Club
 Thanimalai, Jeyabalan           Achievers Toastmasters Club                   Wong, Kok Siew                  Sandakan Mandarin Club
 Abdul Majeed, Balkees           Penang Muslim League Tamil Club               Abdul Rahman, W. Morshidi Tku   Pidato Miri Club
 Heng, Sher Li                   Sunway Toastmasters Club                      Pubalan, Nishaline Priya        Bagan Ajam Toastmasters Club
 Ang, Alvin Beng Keat            Subang Toastmasters Club                      Gan, Julian                     Shaklee Dynamic Family International Club
 Soong, Jean                     AmBank Group Toastmasters Club                Wahyuni, Henny                  Deli Toastmasters Club
 Tien King, Lim                  Bintulu Toastmasters Club                     Voon, Dora                      SWEPA Club
                                                                               Hoo, Kuang Shan                 Deloitte KassimChan Toastmasters Club

                                                                          Myers, Matthew                   UPH Toastmasters Club
                                                                          Nordin, Norwahizah               Tiger Toastmasters Club
Competent Leader (CL)                                                     Lee, Gwenn                       Kluang Toastmasters Club
                                                                          Soo, Bryan King Loke             MIM Club of Petaling Jaya
Fong, Kim Sang            Tawau Mandarin Club                             Krishnan, Kumar                  Kluang Toastmasters Club
Jogulu, Kanniah           Johor Bahru Club                                Ragavan, Rajagopal               Kulim Toastmasters Club
Arochukwu, Elias          OTTERS TMC                                      Shaik Othman, A. Kadir           Kulim Toastmasters Club
Gan, Poh Lin              Kuantan Toastmasters Club                       Chong, Richard                   Malaysia Airlines Melor Toastmasters
Ong, Eng Hock             MIM Club of Johor Bahru                         Tan, Grace Li Hoon               Friendship Club
Teh Hui Pheng, Karen      Y.M.C.A. Toastmasters Club                      Choo, Chong Chai                 Persekutuan Tionghua Johor Baru
Karthigasu, Karthik       Penang Seagate Toastmasters                     Ng, Lay Choo                     Great Eastern Toastmasters Club
Lee, Terence CT           Institut Perkim-Goon 1 Club                     Abdullah, Nurfarah Zafirah Foo   Penang Seagate Toastmasters
Chua, Hui Boon            Motorola Penang Club                            Abdul Kader, Sazlina             Penang Seagate Toastmasters
Raj, Sanath               MDT Toastmasters Club                           Chew, Sherman Sze Ming           Intel Kulim Toastmasters Club
Abdullah, Redzzuan        Penang Muslim League Tamil Club                 Wijaya, Yendy Mayga              Jakarta Mandarin Club
Chin, Norman              Sandakan Toastmasters Club                      Mak, Chee-Kin                    Malacca Toastmasters Club
Leong Kok Wah, Leong      Malaysian Insurance Institute Club              Cheong, Kuok Sum                 TTDI Toastmasters Club
Gan, Allan Siang Fei      NLP Toastmasters Club                           Kwa, Ngan Eng                    Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters Club
Loh Sf, Grace             KPMG KL Toastmasters Club                       Gustina, Ayu                     Riau Club
Yap, Choi Woon            Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club               Marshall, Delis Suzan            Bagan Ajam Toastmasters Club
Soon, Suang Woo           Institut Perkim-Goon 1 Club                     Sze Khian, Ho                    Sungai Ara Toastmasters Club
Teal, Susan               AZAM Toastmasters Club                          Foong, Xiao Thoong               Unitar Toastmasters Club
                                                                          Hong, Yeoh Lay                   Farlim Toastmasters Club

                                                                            Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS)
Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)
                                                                          Chee, Marcus Kok Leong           Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club
                                                                          Yeu, Sing Lung                   Sandakan Mandarin Club
Hue, Anna                 Malaysian Insurance Institute Club              Andrew, Geoff                    MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur
Gaik Lean, Audrey Cheah   Penang Seagate Toastmasters                     Zainal, Sardon                   Pidato Miri Club
Kator, James              Kidurong Bintulu Club                           Devi Nair, Kamala                Malacca Toastmasters Club
Shaik Othman, A. Kadir    Kulim Toastmasters Club                         Barton, Mary                     Bangsar Club
Mahindera, Kumar T.       Kluang Toastmasters Club                        Yap, Tien Loy                    Kulim Toastmasters Club
Teng, Mike K.             Malaysian Insurance Institute Club              Lim, Thian Seng                  Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club
Chong, Richard            Malaysia Airlines Melor Toastmasters            Ho, Fong Ming                    Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club
Wong, Bobo Tiing Kit      Sibu Mandarin Club                              Ravindran, K.                    Sai Masters Toastmasters Club
Lim, Kien Chai            Friendship Club                                 Kasima, Stephen                  Jakarta Club
Tan, Joyce Siew Eng       MAS Cempaka Club                                Tan, Mui Hong                    X-Fab Sarawak Toastmasters Club
Ng, Lay See               Maicsa Toastmasters Club                        Bin Hamzah, Ahmad Fakhri         Semarak Toastmasters Club
Abdullah, Nurliana        OTTERS TMC                                      Wong, Ik Chiong                  Miri Mandarin Club
Buja, Alexson Kelling     Pidato Miri Club                                Tan, Saw Bee                     Crystal Club
Kok, Yong Boon            Surabaya Toastmasters Club                      Yong, It Ching                   Mihrm Club
                                                                          Setiawan, Johan                  Jakarta Advanced Club
                                                                          Kristianto, Yohanes David        ConocoPhillips Indonesia Club
                                                                          Yeo Cheu Eng, Teresa             Sacred Heart Club

Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)                                        Krishnan, Satchit Anantha        KPMG KL Toastmasters Club
                                                                          Savariappan, Wenceslas           Kluang Toastmasters Club
                                                                          Karthigasu, Karthik              Penang Seagate Toastmasters
Lim, Kien Hin             Renesas Success Penang                          Sriwati, Dini                    TGIF Toastmasters Club
Yeap, Kian Yong           Intel Kulim Toastmasters Club                   Naburi Bin Idin, Haji            Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club
Chen Haur Khet, Percy     Penang Altera Toastmasters Club                 Ong, Tuck Chuan                  Malacca Mandarin Club
Pranata, David            Surabaya Toastmasters Club                      Ling Yu Ngie, John               Alpha Diamond Excel Miri
Hock, Gan Teong           Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters Club        Nair, Rohini Kumar               Sai Masters Toastmasters Club
Rakhma, Ayu                Bank of America Jakarta Toastmaster Club       Kordesch, Albert Victor          Silterra Toastmasters Club
Ghazaly, Hafsah           Ansell Toastmasters Club                        Phoh, Kay Sock                   Farlim Toastmasters Club
Hee, Ngit Jin             Sandakan Mandarin Club                          Lee, Terence CT                  Institut Perkim-Goon 1 Club
Shah, Mohd Hadzrin        UEM Academy TM Club                             Dean, Baharudin                  YMSC Penang Bilingual
Yeo Kok Ming, Eric        Bukit Gelugor Toastmasters Club                 Tiong, Joseph                    Bintulu Foochow
Chong, Kaynis             AIA 8-Habit Toastmasters Club                   Si Ang, John Lee                 HELP University College Club
Tay, Ye Kai               Tawau Mandarin Club                             Tat, Liow Eu                     Motorola Penang (II) Cyber-Speakers
Wahyuni, Henny            Deli Toastmasters Club                          Lee, Seng How                    Institut Perkim-Goon 1 Club
Teal, Susan               AZAM Toastmasters Club                          Ng, Lay Choo                     Great Eastern Toastmasters Club
Runan, Lusus              AZAM Toastmasters Club                          Chen, Yien Li                    WDM Club
Suhelman, Lila A.         Jakarta Motivators Club                         Hock, Tang Siong                 Bintulu Foochow
Man, Yee Kai              Kota Kinabalu Mandarin Club                     Naibaho, Lendriana               TGIF Toastmasters Club
Candra, Awiny             Excellence Club                                 Loh, Beng Teong                  Motorola Penang (II) Cyber-Speakers
Waluyo, Ken Budi          The Catalyst Toastmasters Club                  Tirtadinata, Bhavna Sutrisna     Kebayoran Club
Barin, Shanon Paul K.     Kidurong Bintulu Club                           Foong, Tan Li                    MIRI CITY TOASTMASTERS CLUB
Ling, Chin Ling           Bintulu Toastmasters Club                       Mohamed, Haironnisha             Penang Muslim League Tamil Club
Gan, Allan Siang Fei      NLP Toastmasters Club
Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)                                           Chong, Lau Kai                   Persekutuan Tionghua Johor Baru
                                                                             YT Lee, Jarrod Chase             Kuala Lumpur Advanced Toastmasters Club
                                                                             Abdullah, Ishaq                  MIM Club of Petaling Jaya
Lim Phaik Hoon, June         Y.M.C.A. Toastmasters Club                      Mior Nazri, Mior Nasir           Ukay Toastmasters
Deliana, Yosini              Maranatha Club                                  Wah, Teh Hock                    Bukit Mertajam Bigfoot Club
Kah Soon, Lim                I T C Bintang Club                              Hidayat, Agus                    Deli Toastmasters Club
Kok Min, Jason Wong          Team Flantech                                   Ong, Barry                       DHL Cyberjaya Toastmasters Club
Marshall, Delis Suzan        Bagan Ajam Toastmasters Club

Competent Communicator (CC)

Mat, Azril Haris             AmBank Group Toastmasters Club                  Pah Ling, Chung                  Sandakan Mandarin Club
Nurlana, Fachri              Kutaradja Banda Aceh                            Goh, Kok Aun                     Penang Hokkien Association Club
Ang, Gim Mei Jessica         Equator Toastmasters                            Ibrahim, Shafini                 Penang Seagate Toastmasters
Das, Chironjit               Cima Malaysia Club                              Yap, Wai Hoe                     I T C Bintang Club
Kiang, Peter Chin Kok        Api-Api Toastmasters Club                       Ooi, Chin Guan                   Penang Hokkien Association Club
Ting Carol, Yap Yuk          Kota Kinabalu Mandarin Club                     Khurana, Inderbir Singh          Tiger Toastmasters Club
Yong, Ruby Wee Lim           Malacca Toastmasters Club                       Bakar, Fauzihain Abu             Tiger Toastmasters Club
Stanley, Margaret            Motorola Penang Club                            Hammad, Ramsey S.                Tiger Toastmasters Club
CHOO, BOON CHUAN             Seberang Jaya Toastmasters Club                 Choo, Chong Chai                 Persekutuan Tionghua Johor Baru
                                                                             Phua, Edwin                      Great Eastern Toastmasters Club
Ratnam, S K                  Extol Toastmasters Club
                                                                             Mi, Lau Siik                     Sarawak Pan-Chen Laus'
Cheang, Tan Eng              Phoenix Toastmasters Club
                                                                             Ranganathan, Annathurai          AFC Toastmasters Club
Wu, Freda Sze Ching          Kota Kinabalu Club
                                                                             Lee, Sai Keong                   MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur
Chia, Michelle Pay Leng      Crystal Club                                    Subramania Iyer, Krishnan        MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur
Bong, Emily Loo Mee          Crystal Club                                    Ason, Hunter                     AZAM Toastmasters Club
Tan, Soon Whatt              Malaysian Insurance Institute Club              Soo Huey, Yap                    Achievers Toastmasters Club
Muslim                       Riau Club                                       Wong, Shan Kim                   AZAM Toastmasters Club
Ong, Tai Puao                Subang Toastmasters Club                        Chow, Kok Kin                    TTDI Toastmasters Club
Nair, G. Tanusha             Pricewaterhouse Coopers Toastmasters Club       Sigamani, Devigaamani            Penang Seagate Toastmasters
Teh, Wan Kee                 Surian Club                                     Yaung, Teck Koon                 Kuching Mandarin Toastmasters Club
Cham, Kok San                Seberang Jaya Toastmasters Club                 Sim, Ming Ming                   Kuching Mandarin Toastmasters Club
Sim, Teh Lay                 Taiping Mandarin Toastmasters Club              Chia, Meng Hiong                 Sandakan Toastmasters Club
Purnawali, Dennis            Cendana Toastmasters Club                       Ha, Cheun Hoo                    Sandakan Toastmasters Club
Ying, Yee Wai                Penang Altera Toastmasters Club                 Ho, Shane Tshun Wei              Sandakan Toastmasters Club
Chong Keat, Chua             Motorola Penang Club                            Manap, Mohd Azmi                 Kelab Pidato Perdana
Zuwairi, Zakaria             Mihrm Club                                      Abdul Rahman, Mohd Kaisan        Kelab Pidato Perdana
Appadurai, Vincent Vijayan   Sunway Toastmasters Club                        Junus, Ahmad Zan                 Kelab Pidato Perdana
Chao, Audrey Swee Nam        Sacred Heart Club                               Lai Fung, Ooi                    MEF Club
Salahuddin, Ahmad            MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur           Baijuri, Sophian                 Pidato Miri Club
Surahman, Yudi               RPX Club                                        Ho, Hock Leong                   Tawau Mandarin Club
                                                                             Tan, Ying Shiee                  Tawau Mandarin Club
Halim, Nagara Mayapada       Friendship Mandarin Club
                                                                             Bee Guan, Teo                    University Malaya Toastmasters Club
Singh, Tejinder              Cyberjaya Toastmasters Club
                                                                             Yong, Carol                      Money & You-Kuala Lumpur Toastmasters Club
Ping, Law Yieng              Ansell Toastmasters Club
                                                                             A Rahim, Ridzwan                 IEM Toastmasters
Tiang, Ying                  Sibu Mandarin Club                              Chan, Melvin Kok Leng            Malacca Toastmasters Club
Hamzah, Nur Hafiz            Unitar Toastmasters Club                        Poon, Kee Yang                   Sandakan Mandarin Club
Munmun, Gupta                INTI College                                    Suteja, William                  Cendana Toastmasters Club
Kok, Sook Meng               Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club              Ricki                            Cendana Toastmasters Club
Margareth, Wenny             Cendana Toastmasters Club                       Diew Lung, Lau                   Bintulu Toastmasters Club
Oh, Chai Wen                 Institut Perkim-Goon 1 Club                     Lih Ming, Chan                   Bintulu Toastmasters Club
Lai, Mostapha                Pidato Miri Club                                Dudang, Charlie                  Kidurong Bintulu Club
Yi Jieh, Ong                 Sunway Toastmasters Club                        Chua, Foong Lean                 Kluang Toastmasters Club
Low, Weng Hai                Intel Penang Toastmasters Club                  Maria Pragasam, Mervyn Shanker   NLP Toastmasters Club
Swee Seng, Lee               Premier Advanced Toastmasters Club              Lieu, Joo Chuan Cindy            NLP Toastmasters Club
Tseng Tao, Douglas           Alpha Diamond Excel Miri                        Yousefi Fard, Pooyan             NLP Toastmasters Club
Ching Kai, Goh               Alpha Diamond Excel Miri                        Louis, Bernard Vincent           Premier Advanced Toastmasters Club
Deepa, S.                    Tamil Toastmasters Club, Kuala Lumpur           Ming Hoon, Yu                    Bintulu Toastmasters Club
N, Sivajnani                 Tamil Toastmasters Club, Kuala Lumpur           Sutji, Telaga                    Polonia Toastmasters Club
Siman, Amaresh               Tamil Toastmasters Club, Kuala Lumpur           Yeap, Sau Lai                    Summit Club
Yong, Siew Nget              Surian Club                                     Lean, Ernest                     Motorola Penang (II) Cyber-Speakers
Ooi, Ai Lyn                  Renesas Semiconductor Kedah Club                Kanagaratnam, Jayasothy          Kluang Toastmasters Club
                                                                             Sky, FAA Primadiansyah           The Catalyst Toastmasters Club
Yap, Khiam Seong             I T C Bintang Club
                                                                             Edmund, Amelia Binti             Dynasty Hotel Club
Hia, Tan Soo                 Johor Jaya Toastmasters Club
                                                                             Kadir, Hazellah Bin Abdul        Dynasty Hotel Club
Raharsanti, Wahyuning Dyah   Essential Club
                                                                             Domeng, Jamal                    Dynasty Hotel Club
Chan, Wai Jing               Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club              Wong, Siew Chyn                  Dynasty Hotel Club
Lena, Foo                    Malacca Toastmasters Club                       Ulik, Luli Anak                  Dynasty Hotel Club
Kho, Mee Fang                Twintech Club                                   Baru, Roland David               Dynasty Hotel Club
Bandi, Lydia Lidina          Miri Club                                       Saini, Sufuani Bin Seili         Dynasty Hotel Club
Lih, Tan Chia                Farlim Toastmasters Club                        Tusing, Titus Anak               Dynasty Hotel Club
Ram, Robert                  IEM Toastmasters                                Loh, Yik Kiu                     Persekutuan Tionghua Johor Baru

                                                                                 Aidiella, Fitra                      Kutaradja Banda Aceh
Competent Communicator (CC)                                                      Fung, Chong Seng                     Equator Toastmasters
                                                                                 Yeow, Kian Leong                     Cima Malaysia Club
                                                                                 Libau, Aland                         INTI Toastmasters Club
Nithia, Azlan                   MDT Toastmasters Club                            Ambun, Malcolm Ak Charles            INTI Toastmasters Club
Kailasam, Mammaran              MDT Toastmasters Club                            Winny                                Cendana Toastmasters Club
Hock, Tan Soo                   MDT Toastmasters Club                            Ho, Choon Moy                        Crystal Club
Chow Jye, Foo                   Persekutuan Tionghua Johor Baru                  Sari, Riri Fitri                     Universitas Indonesia Toastmasters Club
Menon, Tara                     Sai Masters Toastmasters Club                    Adnan, Ricardi S.                    Universitas Indonesia Toastmasters Club
Mohd Anuar, Al-Munirah          MCOBA Toastmasters Club                          Abdullah, Salina Malar               Johor Jaya Toastmasters Club
Kong, Samuel Boon Hui           Connections Toastmasters Club                    Anastasia, Anastasia                 Maranatha Club
Wong, Stephen Yu Sheng          Connections Toastmasters Club                    Lee, Xi Wen                          TTDI Toastmasters Club
Hassan, Alban Hj Sandukong      Sandakan Toastmasters Club                       Attokaren, Bastine Paul              Brunei Speakers' Club
Ng, Pee Moi                     Malacca Mandarin Club                            Mpr Veera Kumar, Nishan              KPMG KL Toastmasters Club
Nik Hashim, Nik Joanita         KPMG KL Toastmasters Club                        Lee, Su Yin                          Subang Toastmasters Club
Gan, Allan Siang Fei            NLP Toastmasters Club                            Fitri, Riani                         Bank of America Jakarta Toastmaster Club
Teh Hui Pheng, Karen            Y.M.C.A. Toastmasters Club                       Paul Pusparaj, Ramanathan            Ansell Toastmasters Club
Yong, Charis Siew Nee           Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club                Paulo, Huang                         Polonia Toastmasters Club
Cheong Yew, Ooi                 Kulim Toastmasters Club                          Tay, Chung Ang                       INTI Toastmasters Club
Mislan, Nora                    Johor Bahru Club                                 Sidik, Suhana                        DDYPC Toastmasters Club
Yau, Woen Yin                   UEM Academy TM Club                              Paulo, Huang                         Polonia Toastmasters Club
Poh, Lum Chee                   Bukit Gelugor Toastmasters Club                  Yeap, Kian Yong                      Intel Kulim Toastmasters Club
SH Ameeril, Fatimah             Sandakan Pidato Toastmasters Club                Chong, Lau Kai                       Persekutuan Tionghua Johor Baru
Chavez, Dinia Mejorada          Telekom Malaysia Toastmasters Club               Cheah, Hock Lim                      IEM Toastmasters
Pubalan, Nishaline Priya        Bagan Ajam Toastmasters Club                     Junus, Ahmad Zan                     Telekom Malaysia Toastmasters Club
Chu, Michael Min Chai           Johor Bahru Club                                 Mohd Zain, Mohd Asri                 Telekom Malaysia Toastmasters Club
Hong, Tze Wei                   Institut Perkim-Goon 1 Club                      Lim, Chin Heng                       Charismatic Leader Toastmasters Club
Fitri, Mohamad Izali            Dynasty Hotel Club                               Gan, Eng Meng                        Malaysian Insurance Institute Club
Mat, Rezenie Bin                Dynasty Hotel Club                               Christie, Lynnette Gnyanadarshini    Maxis Toastmasters Club
Ng Chai Foong, Adrian           Pricewaterhouse Coopers Toastmasters Club        Sinnathamby, Sukumaran               Port Dickson Toastmasters Club
Anjoh, Sureani Anak             Dynasty Hotel Club                               Beh, Terry                           Farlim Toastmasters Club
Adin, Jin                       Dynasty Hotel Club                               Chung, Adrian                        Chief Minister's Department (HR)
Jonthan, Douglas Linggie Anak   Dynasty Hotel Club                               Loh Sf, Grace                        KPMG KL Toastmasters Club
Tang, Kwai Fun                  Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club                Hong, Tang Kim                       Sai Masters Toastmasters Club
Abd Hamid, HJ Ramzan Ali B.A.   YMSC Penang Bilingual                            Nagindar Singh, Kuldip Singh         DHL Cyberjaya Toastmasters Club
Yu, Peter                       D'Utama Toastmasters Club                        Beh, Boon Kiang                      MEF Club
Tang Soon Fun, Allan,           Kluang Toastmasters Club                         Mustankini, Suwarno                  Rodamas Toastmasters Club
                                                                                 Lim, Shan Hui                        Unitar Toastmasters Club
Adiprana, Warndo                Borneo Club
                                                                                 Chong, Kang Chin                     HP Malaysia Toastmasters Club
Karsim, Michael Mutu A/K        MIM Club of Petaling Jaya
                                                                                 Anthony, Emil                        MAS Mawar Toastmasters Club
Nizar, Muhammad                 Kutaradja Banda Aceh
                                                                                 Wan, Wan Amiruddin                   Renesas Semiconductor Club
Pin, Chin Nyuk                  Bintulu Hakka Toastmasters Club
                                                                                 Chai, Yong                           Hokkien Huey Kuan JB Bilingual Club
Moi, Ho Siew                    Bintulu Hakka Toastmasters Club
                                                                                 Abdullah, Noor Lukreiza              Unitar Toastmasters Club
Pang Kia Haw, Peter             Money & You-Kuala Lumpur Toastmasters Club
                                                                                 Sheng, Keong Chee                    Ukay Toastmasters
Chun Ming, Teoh                 D'Utama Toastmasters Club
                                                                                 Yi, Huan Hui                         Farlim Toastmasters Club
Rahayu, Rika                    ConocoPhillips Indonesia Club
                                                                                 Chan, Kok Vooon                      Subang Toastmasters Club
Lamb, Colin                     Y.M.C.A. Toastmasters Club                       Chan, Weng May                       University Club
Chow, Deborah Yik Kuen          University Malaya Toastmasters Club              Choong, Sook-Ling                    Pricewaterhouse Coopers Toastmasters Club
Chang, Kit Ti                   Money & You-Kuala Lumpur Toastmasters Club       Sutedja, Diarmila Tri Lestari        ConocoPhillips Indonesia Club
Teh, Jason                      Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club                George, Mandapalli Joshua Theodore   Stamford College Toastmasters Club
Wong, Philip Pak Ming           Malaysian Insurance Institute Club               Teh, Tze Chien                       Mid Valley Club
Murigiah, Syamala               KPMG KL Toastmasters Club                        Thomas Lau, Chong Kuok               Sarawak Pan-Chen Laus'
Price, Matthew                  Jakarta Club                                     Ing, Ting Siew                       Sarawak Pan-Chen Laus'
Wee Su-Yin, Jacylyn             Money & You-Kuala Lumpur Toastmasters Club       Huk, Lau Ngi                         Sarawak Pan-Chen Laus'
Chin, Kit Ping                  Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club                Morshidi, Sarimah                    Kuantan Toastmasters Club
Leow Wei Fong, Pauline          Pricewaterhouse Coopers Toastmasters Club        Sukristiyanti, Kristi                Jakarta Motivators Club
Eu Chieh, Chua                  Port Dickson Toastmasters Club                   Lee, Erni                            Cendana Toastmasters Club
Khomasurya, Ignatius            Kebayoran Club                                   Chong, Woon Ping                     HP Malaysia Toastmasters Club
Wen Yoong, Lincoln Leong        Gurney-Hydro Toastmasters Club                   Mat Ali, Syahnaz Akhtar              Kelab Pidato Perdana
Rk, Kishen Velu                 Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club                     Binti Abang Noran, Dayang Salasiah   Twintech Club
Iman, Yakin R.                  Bank of America Jakarta Toastmaster Club         Abet, Nurul Afzan Fitraha Binti      Twintech Club
Ooi, Agnes Cui Ling             Renesas Semiconductor Kedah Club                 Buranakol, Pairamaporn               HP Malaysia Toastmasters Club
Soo Guan, Tan                   Port Dickson Toastmasters Club                   Doraisamy, Veloo                     MDT Toastmasters Club
Kwan, Yau Oi                    Speecom Toastmasters Club                        Mah, Kah Yee                         MDT Toastmasters Club
Sim, Yian Siang                 Kluang Toastmasters Club                         Krishnan, Bathmavathi                MIM Club of Petaling Jaya
Lim, Ky Alex                    Bukit Mertajam Bigfoot Club                      Yeun, Tsui Shih                      Ansell Toastmasters Club
Hong, Yeoh Lay                  Farlim Toastmasters Club                         Devan, Subramaniam Kumara            Sai Masters Toastmasters Club
Cindy, Foong                    Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club               Gan, Poh Lin                         Kuantan Toastmasters Club

                  Congratulations to all the achievers listed here. Each of you will receive the district pin.
                  Every member who achieves their educational goal (CC, ACB, ACS, ACG, CL, ALB, ALS, DTM) will receive a
                  district pin. For more information, please contact our LGET, Richard Chong at

Women As Leaders In Toastmasters:
Exclusive Interview with Past District Governor, Datuk Adeline Leong, DTM

                                                                                    Women have asserted themselves as good leaders in
                                                                                    Toastmasters. We have seen more and more women
                                                                                    stepping up to serve as club officers, district officers and
                                                                                    even international officers. This augurs well for the
                                                                                    Toastmasters organization as a whole. In this exclusive
                                                                                    interview, we chatted with Datuk Adeline Leong who is one
                                                                                    of the outstanding woman leaders in District 51 history. Her
                                                                                    involvement in leadership goes beyond the Toastmasters
                                                                                    sphere as she is also an active leader in other organizations.
                                                                                    In the interview, we learned from Adeline her views on
                                                                                    women as leaders.

 Clement and Parthiban (C&P): Hi Adeline, thanks for granting us
 this interview session. You presented a captivating session in
 Kuching recently on challenges of women in leadership. My first                 C&P: Women in the past have always been stereotyped as the
 question for you would be this. In your talk, you shared with us a              "weaker sex", even in the area of leadership. How do you
 technique on how to determine what kind of leaders we are by                    overcome this challenge to achieve what you have achieved
 asking us whether we prefer snowy mountain, deep blue sea,                      today?
 green hill or fields of yellow flower. Which one do you prefer
 personally? What kind of leader are you?                                        AL: I think my second and third lessons will answer your question. The
                                                                                 second lesson is how to be aware that success is 99% effort and 1%
 Adeline Leong (AL): The ice breaker that I had was taken from a book            intelligence. I talked about DQ - diligence quotient as nothing can beat
 called Kokology - the game of self discovery. I asked the participants to       hard work and diligence. Once you have proven that you can deliver,
 close their eyes and imagine a clear blue sky and to choose one of the          you have earned the respect of people and they will support you as you
 four landscapes which you mentioned which will relax them the most.             climb the leadership ladder. In my talk I gave examples of how I
 This exercise is to get to know their hidden talents. Those who chose           struggled with being the director of the Sabah state library at a young
 white snowy mountains are good decision makers and are visionaries,             age of 23, but with a good mentor I focused diligently on delivering a
 those who chose a deep blue sea are caring and friendly people, those           modern network of library services throughout the state.
 who chose rolling green hills are expressive people and good
 communicators and those who chose a field of yellow flowers are                 The third lesson is how to be bold by coming out of your comfort zone.
 creative people.                                                                When I was elected as district governor of Toastmasters in 1998, it was
                                                                                 a struggle for me to hold two important positions as I was newly
 I prefer the deep blue sea as I am a people person. I lead by consensus         appointed as the president of the Kota Kinabalu Municipal Council. I
 and am a team player. In any organization which I have led, there is            came out of my comfort zone to accept the new appointment and have
 always a vision, a mission and goals to follow. I usually tell my team          never regretted it as it opened up a whole new world for me. I get to
 members always reach for the moon. Even if you cannot catch it, you             learn new things every day - very exciting and challenging but stressful
 can grab a few stars!                                                           too!

 C&P: In your talk, you mentioned briefly about how to divide time
 equally between home, work, personal and etc. Can you share
 with our readers again (for the benefits for those who did not
 attend the convention as well) how you actually do it because one
 of the challenges most women face is how to manage their time
 well, especially those who have children and work commitment,
 yet they want to take on leadership role, for example by becoming
 a leader in our district.

 AL: One of the four lessons which I shared is how to be balanced in
 your life. I was very fortunate to have a good mother in law who was the
 greatest cook and a very supportive husband who encouraged me to
 go all the way for the leadership positions in both the Jaycees and the
 Toastmasters. He saw how the Jaycees built up my confidence to be a
 competent leader and how the Toastmasters built my confidence in
 public speaking. With such a stable home environment I was able to
 venture out to devote some time for the community. Even then we have
 to always ensure that the family comes first.                                      One happy family: Adeline with her family members.
                                                                                    Daughter, Jasmine and hubby Kasey are also Toastmasters
 We need to prioritize our time and focus on the important things in life
 which are the 5Fs - faith, family, friends, fitness and finance.

                                                                                           The following women have served as District
  Notable Quotes From Adeline:
                                                                                                          51 Governor:
  “We need to prioritize our time and focus on the                                                     Li Yo Wei,    DTM: 1994 - 1995
  important things in life which are the 5Fs - faith,                                       Datuk Adeline Leong,     DTM: 1998 - 1999
  family, friends, fitness and finance.”                                                     Maimunah Natasha,       DTM: 1999 - 2000
                                                                                                  Late Lilian Lau,   DTM: 2001 - 2002
                                                                                                   Ho Fong Ming,     DTM: 2003 - 2004
  “Success is 99% effort and 1% intelligence”

C&P: I know it has been almost 10 years ago since you became                       C&P: As you know, a good leader is someone who is also good in
the first DG to lead District 51 to become the no 1 district in the                developing the next generation of leaders. I notice that your
world. Can you share with us how you manage to overcome the                        daughter has followed your footstep by taking up leadership role
odds and succeed?                                                                  in Toastmasters. She is currently serving as VPE of your club,
                                                                                   Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club. What advice do you give to her
AL: I had the best team and we were all galvanised by the same vision              on leadership?
- to be the no.1 district in the world as we had just missed out the year
before. If you will recall, it was the football world cup year and we had          AL: The advice I would like to give to all young Toastmasters is to live
our rallying song from it with the words “go, go, go, we will be no. 1!" It        your life with a purpose which is my fourth lesson. Find out what you
was very catchy and catching!                                                      are passionate about and focus on making your dream come true. Be
                                                                                   passionate about Toastmasters and climb the leadership as well as
Email had just become easily accessible and we managed to                          communication ladder.
communicate instantly and be motivated to do more, to achieve more.
With the vision clearly defined my theme was 'care to make a                       C&P: Do you have any woman leader in the world who is your role
difference' and we did this wholeheartedly and achieved the goals by               model? If yes, what about her that inspires you?
first caring to make a difference to oneself, then the club, the area, the
division and ultimately the district.                                              AL: I am inspired by three women leaders - Margaret Thatcher who
                                                                                   was able to overcome so many challenges as British prime minister,
                                                                                   Benazir Bhutto who was the former Pakistan's prime minister and who
                                                                                   gave her life for her cause and Hilary Clinton , the present US state
                                                                                   secretary who fought a long hard battle in US politics. All these women
                                                                                   are exceptional leaders and their biographies are truly inspirational.

                                                                                   DO YOU KNOW?
                                                                                   For the past 15 years, 3 women have held the International
                                                                                   President position in Toastmasters International. In 2010,
                                                                                   we will have another woman president.

  Adeline with Courage 51 editors Clement and Parthiban after
  Adeline's education session in Kuching 2009 annual convention

Datuk Adeline Leong leadership journey:
  • First lady president of Kota Kinabalu Municipal Council and
     Sandakan Council, Sabah
  • Chairperson of Sabah Women Advisory Council
  • Chairperson of JAYCEES Malaysia Senate
  • Past District 51 Governor – First D51 DG to lead the district to No. 1 in the world

                                          What Does A Master Presenter Do Differently?
                                               Seven Essential Habits of Master Presenters

                                  by Darren LaCroix (2001 World Champion of Public Speaking)
                     Source: The Humor Institute Inc,

                                    What do you notice that people who are truly “masters” on stage have in common?
                                    What are those small differences that over time put in motion large differences that
                                    separate them from the pack. As a student of presentation skills since 1992, I have
                                    some definite observations. It just gets clearer and clearer to me. Though they are
                                    simple habits, over time they define our growth rate. Do you incorporate these

#1: Think Differently:
Did you know that the first thing Craig Valentine did when he got off the plane from winning the World Championship of Public
Speaking was to get a book on public speaking? That is the attitude of a master presenter. People who are the best and have a
passion for their craft and their message are always looking to learn more. If every presenter had Craig's attitude, rarely would
any ever sit through a boring presentation ever again. When I jumped into the comedy world, I took every class I could. Many of
the teachers I had became “life changing” mentors. I have invested $10,000 each year for the past three years in my own
education. Since that has been so helpful, for next year I have already invested over $20,000. Will you invest more in your own
self-development next year?

#2: Effort in their introduction:
A master presenter understands that “setting up” the listening is just as important as what is said. Too many presenters do not put
any time or effort into their introduction. If anything, they give the introducer an ego filled bio that is usually about seven minutes
too long. True professionals keep their introductions under three minutes. They have “you focused” questions in them. These are
followed by your credibility, and then a single humbling piece of personal information. The introduction should answer: Why
should people listen to you? What will they get out of giving you their time?

#3: They Focusing on Connect with the Audience First:
Master presenters are fully aware that they must “connect” with an audience before they can persuade them. The connection is
crucial. This is why I spend a great deal of time researching my keynote audiences before hand. I don't stop there either. I will also
attend other sessions prior to mine, just to find that “one nugget” that will allow me to connect with them. In fact, this ties into the
previous point, that part of your introduction's purpose is to start the process of connecting. Do you strategically focus on

#4: Long Enough Pauses:
Pauses for the audience's benefit, not there own comfort level. Too many people on stage only pause long enough for their own
comfort. They do not hold the pause long enough for the audience to “think.” This is the whole point of the presentation. Master
presenters know that if they are not letting them reflect on their perspective, they are in fact breaking the connection with the
audience. All too often the presenter is the problem, not the audience. If you ask a simple yes or no question, a short pause is
plenty. If your question requires deeper thought, let them! Do you pause long enough? If they are not reflecting, you are not

#5 Worry Bigger:
Much more concerned for the audience's outcome, rather than what the audience will think of them. I recently interviewed Maria
Austin, a Professional Trainer, for an audio learning program for new trainers. She is one of the best I know at this. She has what I
call the “Maria Mindset.” Before she was a Trainer, she was in customer service. She brought her “serious service” attitude to her
training. She looks at it exactly the same way. The only difference is her product is now education. She is so adamant about what
t h e a u d i e n c e m e m b e r s t a k e a w a y. S h e f u l l y u n d e r s t a n d s t h a t i t i s n o t a b o u t h e r. D o y o u ?

#6 Get Lots of Laughs:
It has been said that you don't have to use humor in presentations unless you want the audience to listen. Although you can have
a powerful presentation without it, most master presenters usually have heavy doses of humor. Here is a crucial difference
between good speakers and masters. Master presenters infuse the humor into the story. It is not a tangent from the message.
Many less experienced presenters will tell a joke, or use something they found on the internet. They use it to break the ice. Wrong!
Humor should always have some relevance to your main message. Otherwise, it is a detour and wastes valuable time! Keep in
mind what Steve Allen said: “Humor arises between the incongruity between the character and the situation.” The essence of the
“sitcom.” For speakers we need “sit-stories.” The purpose of the story should be anchoring a key point. If you are not getting
laughs now, learn to!

#7 Craves Feedback:
When master presenters walk off the platform they are fully aware that a crucial part of their next presentation is just about to
begin. It does not matter what we say, it only matters what is heard by the audience. Presenters who are passionate about their
message are constantly evolving. New ideas are constantly “tested.” Things that are common in my keynotes now, were once
new ideas that were experimented with at one time. For example, I never used to show a video clip of my very first time on stage. I
also never used to show a photo of my closet full of video recordings. They are now essential, but may some day be replaced with
something more powerful. When I spoke in Canada this past fall I had a video introduce me!

Are you on track to become a
master presenter if you are not
already? If you believe you
                                                                   ON THE WEB
already are, may I suggest you                                     A few of the world champions of public speaking maintain a
read over number one again? I                                      good website that has great resources on public speaking.
get off track occasionally myself,
but it only takes one humbling                                     Darren Lacroix:
audience to remind us we all still                                 Jim Key:     
have much to learn. Where will                                     Craig Valentine:
your current habits take you in
five years?

We're Going To Sarawak - by Yoon Peng Yew
Sarawak - Land of the Hornbill brought back memories, as I
arrived at the new airport in Kuching on Thursday evening. Back
in 2005, it was in Kuching that I attended my very first
Toastmasters Convention. It is often said that Toastmasters
conventions tend to leave lasting impressions on first-timers. I
guess that was why I have been attending convention after
convention since then. There is just something magical about
conventions, and here I was again, in Kuching for a Toastmasters
Convention! Here is a brief account of District 51's 16th Annual
Convention with photographs.

Friday started early with a special training session for District
Officers of the current term. This was to review the progress of             During the Welcome Night dinner event, delegates came in
the clubs in the District and enable Division Governors and Area             dressed for an evening of fun, with the traditional pua kumbu
Governors to formulate plans to serve clubs and members even
                                                                             draped on their shoulders. This year, our hosts entertained us
better, in the remaining two months of the term. After the training,
                                                                             with a fusion dance featuring colourful dancers in traditional gear
the District Officers went on to have the District EXCO meeting.
                                                                             and prancing performers in cat costumes, swaying to the beat of
                                                                             an amalgam of tribal music and techno tunes. Purr! Meow! Howl!

                                                                             On Saturday, delegates woke up early to catch the run-offs for
                                                                             Table Topics Contests. Run-offs A and B were held
                                                                             simultaneously, with each Division being assigned to one of the

In the afternoon, the District Council meeting was held. As usual,
the senior District Officers delivered their reports and updates.
Following that, the elections of District Officers for next term took
place. This year, it was a meeting with a difference, as there
would be two LGET and two LGM positions respectively for
Peninsular Malaysia and the Rest of the District. This is part of
the procedure to prepare for the reformation of the District in
2010. There was keen competition for leadership positions this
year. Nominees and floor candidates for LGM and even Division                The opening ceremony was conducted with much fanfare and
Governor positions, delivered their respective 2-minute                      began with indigenous music. After the flag parade, the arrival of
speeches to persuade the attendees to vote for them.                         VIPs, and the invocation by “ Papa” Gerald Green, DTM, the
                                                                             Guest of Honour officially launched the event by beating
                                                                             traditional drums with District Governor Joseph Gomez, DTM.

                                                                             The first education session was conducted by Prof. Zaharom
                                                                             Nain from USM Penang. He emphasized on the elements of
                                                                             ethos (credibility), logos (logic) and pathos (emotion) that serve
                                                                             as ingredients of powerful speeches that appeal to the audience.
                                                                             The audience was also treated to video clips of famous orators
                                                                             as examples.

                                                                             During the run-offs for International Speech Contests, some
                                                                             members of the audience were seen dashing 10 floors between
                                                                             the two run-off venues during the “one minute of silence” intervals,
                                                                             so that they could watch their idols in action!

After lunch, the Mandarin delegates were entertained by the
Mandarin International Speech and Table Topics Contests.

                                                                              DG Elect Ritchie Chong, delivered his maiden DG speech and
                                                                              unveiled the theme for the coming term, while LGET(P)
                                                                              Thannimalai, LGET(R) Mohamad Ariff, LGM(P) Francis Ng and
                                                                              LGM(R) Mien Soenari were installed. Rosalind Chan, Wendy
                                                                              Wong, and Mandy Ong accepted the appointed positions of
                                                                              District Public Relations Officer, District Secretary and District
                                                                              Treasurer for the new term respectively.

                                                                              In another early morning affair, the delegates were treated to the
                                                                              finals of the International Speech and Table Topics Contests.
                                                                              The finalists put up a stupendous performance that left the
                                                                              audience dazzled, and touched with a roller-coaster ride of
In the second education session, Past DG Datuk Adeline Leong,                 human emotions invoked by the powerful speeches, from hatred
DTM, shared her valuable experience and tips to overcome                      to love, despair to hope, and sorrow to laughter.
challenges in life. In the third and final education session Past
                                                                              After witnessing the presentation of awards to the winners of the
DG R. Sivanganam, DTM, dispensed knowledge on how to apply
                                                                              District Publicity contests and convention article writing
skills we learn in Toastmasters in our work place. Hats off to
                                                                              competition, the audience waiting eagerly for the speech
Datuk Adeline and Siva for being able to maintain the attention of
                                                                              contests results. Palaniappa of Division N won the Table Topics
the typically difficult “after lunch” audience all the way to the end!
                                                                              Contest, while Ong Swee Keat, also from Division N, was
                                                                              crowned International Speech Champion. Swee Keat will be
In the evening, among the highlights of the Gala Banquet were
                                                                              representing District 51 to compete at the International
the presentation of awards to newly-minted Distinguished
                                                                              Convention in USA.
Toastmasters, speech by a guest speaker, installation of District
Officers, and recognition of President's Distinguished clubs.

The cacophony of clinking cutlery transitioned to a pin-drop                    International Speech Contest Results
silence, as guest speaker Dato' Sri Idris Jala, CEO of Malaysia                 Champion: Ong Swee Keat (Bayan Baru)
Airlines, began his speech on the six secrets of how he managed                 1st Runner-up: Stephen Fernando (Hilton Petaling Jaya)
to turnaround the troubled airline company. His frank and                       2nd Runner-up: Saw Chin Bin (Penang Advanced TMC)
captivating speaking style earned him a standing ovation.

                                                                          Just like in the convention that I attended back in 2005, everyone
  Table Topics Contest Results                                            gets to take home something in each convention -- a vivid lesson,
  Champion: Palaniappa Subramaniam (Silterra)                             a sparkle of ideas, a new group of friends, and even a new
                                                                          perspective of life -- regardless whether a person is a first-time
  1st Runner-up: Mary Barton (WIM)                                        delegate, a regular convention attendee, or even a non-
                                                                          Toastmaster. A convention is certainly a place for us to rekindle
  2nd Runner-up: Jeremy Teo (Nilai University Club)                       our friendship, expand our network, and most importantly,
                                                                          recharge our Toastmasters batteries so that we have the
The convention flag was ceremoniously handed over to the hosts            continuous drive to power ahead to help each other become
of the next Annual Convention -- Lutong. After a warm round of            better leaders and communicators! See you at the Semi-Annual
applause for the Kuching convention organizing team, a                    Convention in Genting Highlands in October!
sumptuous farewell lunch was served. The incoming District
Officers stayed on after lunch and attended a training session to
help them prepare for the new term.
                                                                                      Your next stop for convention:
                                                                               District 51 17th Semi Annual Convention
                                                                                       Venue: Genting Highlands
                                                                                    Date: 23rd - 25th October 2009

                                                                                                 ON THE WEB
                                                                              More Kuching convention photos:
                                                                              (courtesy of George Fricker)

Yoon Peng Yew is a past division governor from Division S in Penang. His first convention is also in Kuching back in 2005. Subsequently he
                                             has attended every single convention after that.

                       Arlan Setiawan, DTM - A man on a mission
                       Arlan Setiawan, or fondly known as Pak Arlan is a man with a mission, passion and also vision. Under his
                       leadership and also the effort of Area I4 Governor, Wardiman Djojonegoro, DTM, the city of Surabaya has
                       certainly thrived with the chartering of 6 new clubs (as of May 2009).

                       It all started with a vision. Pak Arlan believes that English proficiency in Indonesia can be further improved in
                       order to stay competitive globally. This can be done by getting people to join Toastmasters clubs. Thus he
                       began a quest to turn his vision into reality by chartering one club after another in Surabaya.

                       According to Pak Arlan, it's very important to target the audience that you want to sell the Toastmasters
                       program to. In his case, he focused on educators which explain why 5 of the new clubs are in universities while
                       the other one is in high school.

                       Pak Arlan also believes assignment no 9 and assignment no 10 in the competent communication manual
                       helps in developing our ability to be a persuasive and an inspirational speaker. These two are important
                       qualities required when convincing people to form a new Toastmasters club.

                       6 new clubs in Surabaya this term:
                       I.E.U Toastmasters Club
                       UC Toastmasters Club
                       UC2 Toastmasters Club
                       UPH Surabaya Toastmasters Club
                       I.T.S Toastmasters Club
                       Margie Toastmasters Club

TRY ADVANCING OUTSIDE YOUR                                              Perhaps I can share more specific views on the ١٥ different
                                                                        “stations” on my journey. Of course, I would not expect other
       COMFORT ZONE                                                     people to have identical views, because it has been a very
                                                                        personal “Voyage of Discovery”.
             by Geoff Andrew, DTM
                                                                        But, in the hope that others may be suitably motivated to
                                                                        attempt new speaking challenges, my own summary of the
                               Not   too many Toastmasters
                               decide, after becoming a CTM             benefits of the 15 manuals are described – in the order in
                               (or, CC in current terms), to            which I tackled the topics :
                               take the challenge of
                               proceeding through ALL 15                Public Relations
                               Advanced manuals.                        The need to focus on the message and deliver it in a clear and
                                                                        concise way to the audience. Whether talking to a
                               I have to admit that, in my case,        sympathetic or a hostile audience, there is a need to be
                               it was not a conscious decision          positive, persuasive and honest – a combination which is not
                               back in March 2000. I did want           always simple to achieve.
                               to test myself with a couple of
                               manuals which related to my              Communicating on TV
                               business and, at the same                The need to highlight the words and emphasise the value of
time, help my Club towards its DCP target for 2000-2001.                the voice and eye contact; where body language can be a
                                                                        hindrance. Yes, gestures need to be kept “small” and body
Even after I had completed those manuals, I thought I should
tackle two extra manuals where I could try to improve my                movement to a minimum to ensure that they don't overflow
speaking skills in areas where there was still room for                 the screen. And timing becomes critical.
improvement. Then followed another two which “looked
interesting”.                                                           Entertaining Speaker
                                                                        To recognise that entertainment can be about drama and
It was probably at that stage, having completed my first ATM-           pathos – not just humour. Selection of material from your own
Gold in October 2001, that I began to rationalise the benefits          experience and from external sources is equally important.
of continuing through nine additional advanced programs.                And, in this manual, a major challenge for many is to deliver a
                                                                        good “After Dinner Speech”.
I had certainly begun to appreciate the value of having
undertaken a particular assignment before evaluating                    Speciality Speeches
another member giving a speech with the same objectives.                To expand the range of subjects and types of speech in a
Equally, sometimes, I had experienced the frustration of being          speaker's repertoire, this manual can help to ensure a
evaluated by a person whose only understanding of the
                                                                        speaker's versatility. From “speaking off the cuff” to
assignment was to have given the manual a cursory glance
                                                                        inspirational and sales speeches and interpretive speaking,
whilst drinking a cup of coffee during the half-time
refreshment break!                                                      this manual should be tried by all.

Yes, I really do believe that even a good evaluator needs to            Special Occasion Speeches
understand the nuances of a specific assignment through                 In these assignments there is a need to be very precise with
having studied it for hours whilst preparing a speech.                  words used. A 3 minute time limit may appear an easy option,
                                                                        but presenting an effective toast requires very special crafting
So, I ventured onwards, tackling some manuals which were                and delivery of words. And a roast or presenting an award
relatively easy and others which presented major obstacles              needs very careful speech preparation skills.
(logistical – to fit a ٣٠ minute speech into a normal Club
                                                                        Humorously Speaking
agenda – or complexity(. I found that the seemingly easy )e.g.          To recognise that the opening can be as crucial as the closing,
Interpretive Reading( and the apparently difficult )e.g.                but that the body of the speech can be used to link the two with
Technical Presentations( proved to be the opposite of                   relevant stories and jokes. But, of course, insufficient practice
expectation.                                                            and skill in timing the delivery of the humour can damage
                                                                        great content.
And so, perhaps fearing a combination of logistics (14 minute
assignments) and complexity (each module requiring five                 Speaking to Inform
elements and an unscripted role-play with a fellow member), I           Any manager needs to address the twin secrets of good
finally reached manual #15 “Interpersonal Communication”.               research plus finding ways to make “boring facts” sound
                                                                        interesting. The preparation stage may be thought of as the
Having completed the final modules in early 2007, I could               harder task, but creativity is needed to deliver this type of
claim to have reached journey's end – completion of a ٧ year            speech in a way which maintains the interest of the audience.
odyssey. But, as in Life, the journey proved to be far more
important than the destination. The opportunity to develop
and practise the variety of skills and techniques needed to
complete the journey was a simply amazing experience.

Professional Speaker                                                     one or more speaking slots. Without their help, the whole
A manual which should only be attempted by those who are                 experience would have been less beneficial.
able and ready to deliver speeches of the highest quality. This
could be regarded as the ultimate challenge for any                      As with all Toastmasters experiences, the opportunity to
Toastmaster, highlighting the requirements expected from                 practise in front of a wide variety of audiences is an education
sales trainers, motivational speakers, seminar presenters                in its own right. If we constantly speak before the same or a
and keynote speakers who expect to be paid for their work.               similar audience, how will we benefit in the “real world” when
                                                                         we are likely to experience no such luxury.
Create or find (as relevant) stories which you like and your             Each member must make his or her own decision about the
audience will enjoy. The ability to select, practise and then            Advanced manuals to be selected – the first two selected after
deliver different types of story to different ages of audience is        completing your CC will be sent free of charge by TI if you give
fully tested.                                                            them your selection when applying for your CC.

Persuasive Speaker                                                       Try selecting manuals which will:
We all often need to convert our mindset to delivering a WIFM               1. Help you in your current career (maybe “Technical
(“What's In It For Them”( message. Sales people may be more                     Presentations” or “Persuasive Speaker”);
familiar with the techniques to be used, but even they will face            2. Help you in planning for your future career (perhaps
challenges when applying those techniques in such                               “Speaking to Inform; Speeches by Management”);
situations as persuading an audience of their point of view                 3. Challenge you to improve areas of relative weakness
and seeking to have a business proposal accepted.                               (e.g. if you think you are not great at getting audiences
                                                                                to laugh, try “Humorously Speaking”; if vocal variety is
                                                                                a weakness, try “Interpretive Reading”)
Speeches by Management
To realise the importance of motivational speaking and to
                                                                         Try NOT to select manuals which “look easy” because they
show leadership through speeches to staff are just two of the
                                                                         may not be – particularly if you aim to deliver GOOD
situations addressed. But the needs to demonstrate
credibility and reflect expertise are also underlying
requirements of successful delivery of this type of speech.              Consider practical problems at your Club meetings with some
                                                                         assignments – e.g.“Interpersonal Communication”
Interpretive Reading
                                                                         assignments require your VPE to allocate 14 minutes;
Consider the 80-20 Rule- researching for the RIGHT text
                                                                         “Facilitating Discussion” and “Professional Speaker”
could take80 % of your time ; rehearsing 20% ! In delivery ,
                                                                         assignments need up to 40 minutes each.
these projects are about the three V's – voice, voice and voice.         But, up to TWO speeches per manual can be delivered in a
Effectively interpreting the writer's words to provide an                non-TM meeting, subject to having your VPE's approval and
interesting experience for the audience can prove to be a                you having a suitably experienced fellow Toastmaster at the
major challenge.                                                         meeting to give you a written evaluation.

Technical Presentations                                                  Can I end by challenging you to launch your own “Voyage of
To recognise that good research is vital, followed by the
                                                                         Discovery” and get out of your own Comfort Zone? The
ability to deliver in easy-to-understand language - particularly
                                                                         difficulty of the journey will be amply rewarded by the
when the audience is likely to have less expertise. One
                                                                         satisfaction of reaching Journey's End.
particular project - the Team Presentation – calls upon
additional skills of combining at least three members '
                                                                         You will certainly become a better speaker by taking this
presentations into a seamless whole.                                     journey and you will definitely become a better person.

Discussion Leader (now = “Facilitating Discussion”)
To be imaginative in creating different ways of getting groups
to participate, share knowledge and learn. An essential and
invaluable series of projects for any would-be professional                 Geoff Andrew, DTM is a member of
trainer. The ability to make precise plans and yet maintain                 Premier Advanced Toastmasters' Club
total flexibility in implementation will be tested in each                  and Malaysian Institute of Management-
                                                                            KL TMC in Kuala Lumpur. He is a former
Interpersonal Communication                                                 Division Governor for Kuala Lumpur.
To be concise in explaining the objectives of the role-play, yet            Geoff is a professional trainer, writer and
flexible and open-minded in conducting the role-plays are                   broadcaster, who has lived in S.E. Asia for
essential ingredients in these assignments. When added to
                                                                            14 years. [Contact info =

the final element of facilitating a Q & A, this manual tests all
                                                                  ;          014- 662
aspects of effective communication skills.


In sharing these thoughts, I would like to express
considerable gratitude to my 45 different evaluators

(including four District Governors) for the 75 completed



assignments, to the numerous grammarians and time-

keepers and to the 19 different clubs which provided me with

Youth Leadership Camp:
Bringing Toastmasters Benefits to Students                                - by Steven Wong

If you do a Google search on the words “Toastmasters youth leadership camp”, the first
link on the page would direct you to the website of a truly one of its kind youth camp
program - the Area E3 Toastmasters Youth Leadership Camp.

Swan City Toastmasters Club, in Area E3, has been organising the youth leadership
camps for the past five years. From the humble beginnings of its early days with very
limited budget and resources, the camp has grown and flourished. Today, the camp
                                                                                                       Organizing Chairman, Dr Clement Chen. DTM
caters for more than 200 students from over 20 different schools and colleges in                       welcoming the students

The key proponent of this camp, who is also the organising chairperson, is Dr Clement
Chen, DTM. With the strong support of a committed group of Toastmasters, the past
campers, the teachers and the schools, this unique and fun-filled camp program has
benefited and touched the lives of many youths in this region. The camp has been a
leading provider of leadership, teamwork and personal development training for the

This year's camp was another resounding success. More than 210 students participated
                                                                                                       Keynote address by Dunstan Chan, DTM
in the three days two nights' event which was held during the school break in March 2009.

Speechcraft, impromptu speech contest, motivational talks, young talent times, team
building games and jungle trekking were among the highlights of the program. The
keynote speaker was DTM Dunstan Chan, a fervent supporter of the camp program, who
presented a very inspiring talk to the students. Other distinguished speakers included
Ting Men Choon, Peter de Run, Aunty Grace, Kong Hieng Hung, Ho Mei Ling, Stephen
Ong, Kellie Tiong and Dr. Clement Chen.

The participants enjoyed all the fun and highly interactive sessions as the speakers were
cheerful, lively, and humorous. There was never a dull moment as the students danced to                Jungle trekking fun!
the theme songs, competed against each other in the games, talent shows and
impromptu speech contest. In short, they experienced the Toastmasters' way of learning
by having fun and in the most supportive and positive environment.

The most enjoyable program for the students was jungle trekking where the students had
to trek a gruelling 5 km trail that was filled with endless thrills and spills. Though
challenging and exhausting, jungle trekking has always been rated as the students'

For more information about the youth leadership camp that is organised with pride by the               Students doing the theme song dance
Toastmasters of area E3, please visit

                                                                                            ON THE WEB
                                                                         Youth Leadership Program (YLP) in TI website:

                                                                         Toastmasters magazine articles on YLP:



  First Tamil Speech in District in June Lim
FirstTamil Speech ContestContest51 - byDistrict
                  First Tamil Speech Conte hjg
   Division N was honored and proud to organize the first District 51 Toastmasters Tamil Speaking International Speech and Table Topics
   Contest which was held in Penang at Disted-Stamford College on 7th March 2009.

   There were 16 contestants who took part in this contest spoke on a variety of topics related to life and society including motivation and

   The members were from 4 Tamil Speaking Toastmasters in Penang and Kuala Lumpur; Penang Muslim League Tamil Club, Penang
   Tamil Club, YMSC Penang Bilingual Club and Tamil Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur.

                                        in Distr

                                                                                                Organizing Chairman, Hj. Redzzuan Abdullah
         District 51 Public Relations Officer,                                                           presenting the Table Topics
         Clement Pang, DTM presenting the                                                             Champion award to Deepa Samy
       International Speech Champion Award
                   to Hj. Ramzan Ali

                                                  Contest Chairman Abdul Kadir Shaik Othman
                                                           giving the opening address

   Contest Chairman, Abdul Kadir Shaik Othman said “Penang was the first to set up a Tamil Speaking
   Toastmasters Club in Malaysia four years ago, which has now grown to 3 clubs. Then the Penang Toastmasters
   helped to form the Tamil Toastmasters Club in Kuala Lumpur.”

   This event is to encourage the Tamil Community to enhance their communication skills in their mother tongue.”
   said Abdul Kadir Othman, who is also the Club Mentor for all Tamil Clubs in Penang.
                                                                                                                            District 51 Tamil
   He added. “We like to promote multilingualism without neglecting our native language. Public speaking                    Clubs Coordinator
                                                                                                                            NJ Singam
   provides courage in meeting people and the ability to communicate with people. It's an important facet of                delivering his
   leadership skills. Young adults will benefit from the soft skills which will give them an advantage when seeking         speech

      in Distr
                                                                                                 District 51 1st International Speech and
                                                                                                 Table Topics Contests appeared in
                                                                                                 Malaysia's Tamil daily newspapers,
         The audience having a great time.           Contest program in English and Tamil        Tamil Nesan on 17 March 2009

   June Lim is an area governor in area N3 which has 2 Tamil clubs. Despite the language barrier initially, she has grown to appreciate
   the uniqueness of the Tamil clubs. She also confessed about picking up quite a substantial number of words in Tamil.


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