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Mutts Are Smartest Dogs, According to New Study

Dogs are known for the ability to be trained and well, for their innate cuteness. And
according to a recent study, dogs can be really smart too!

According to a survey of 1000 dog breeds, it is the mutt (mixed-bred dogs), that is the
smartest breed. In this study, it showed that dogs are smart and that they have some
skills that are comparable to human intelligence. This stud by Psychology professor,
John Pilley was published in the Behavioral Processes Journal recently.

In this study, Professor John Pilley that his dog, Chaser, a mutt was able to "to
distinguish between verbal labels given as names for her objects. Her learning and
retention of more than 1,000 proper nouns revealed clear evidence of several capacities
necessary for learning receptive human language: the ability to discriminate many
nouns phonetically, the ability to discriminate many objects visually, a sizable
vocabulary, and a sufficient memory system."

This study was composed of four experiments in a span of three years. Under
controlled conditions, Chaser the dog was able to learn or remember the names of
1,022 toys that were introduced to him. Chaser was able to follow the instructions that
were given to him and it was also reported that the dog was able to distinguish nouns
from verbs.

Aside from that, whenever he was asked to get something, he did so with a 95%
accuracy! Pretty amazing, right?

Mental Arithmetic for Dogs?

In 2009, researcher Stanley Coren presented his research about the cognitive skills of
dogs and how he found that dogs can learn about 165 words and some can even
develop a basic understanding of math. Some of the dogs can even count up to five.
Does this mean mental arithmetic for dogs is a possibility? Well, the answer to that is
unclear. Maybe future studies can provide an answer to this.

The study, commissioned by the University of British Columbia, suggests that the
mental ability of a dog is comparable to that of a child aged 2 to 2½.

Dog Care Tips

Dogs are the most loving and most loyal animals that humans can have an opportunity
to enjoy. Always make sure that your dogs will have a good diet, proper training and
regular exercises.

These three things are really essential in the growth of your dogs.

If you are interested in discovering your dog’s inner genius, there are many ways to do
this. Read about it and make sure that you spend some quality time with them. You
could get books about dog care or you could research and read the different case
studies and publications about the intelligence of these friendly, furry canines.

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