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									                      PAWS FOR HEALING
                             Canine-Assisted Therapy
                                                         IN C .
            Journal and Activities of PFH Canine-Assisted Therapy Teams
             Volunteering in Napa, Sonoma, Solano and Marin Counties

                       Volume Eight, Number 1 • January 2006

Recent Research Studies Confirm PFH
Volunteer Teams’ Experiences
Two recent studies have been
                                             This study demonstrates that
making news in the medical and
                                             even a short-term exposure to
canine worlds, reaffirming that              dogs has beneficial physiologi-
dogs are indeed good for people              cal and psychosocial effects on
who are sick, lonely or isolated.            patients who want it… Dogs
    The first study appeared in              are a great comfort. They
the American Heart Association               make people happier, calmer
publications and was done by an              and feel more loved. That is
MN, CCRN and a clinical nurse                huge when you are scared and
at the UCLA Medical Center in                not feeling well.
Los Angeles.                                          —Kathie M. Cole, lead
    The canine visits lasted only                   author, RN, MN, CCRN
12 minutes, but results were
clearly therapeutic for patients
                                             To see the actual studies, go to
with some benefits lasting after   
the canine visitor departed.                 r.jhtml?identifier=3035300 for the
    The study determined what                Cole research paper. For Banks’
potential health benefits were               work, see
                       cont. on page 5       medicalnews.php?category=37.

                 Research Studies                        pages 1 and 5
What’s in this

                 Volunteer Comments                      page 2
                 News and Notes                          pages 3 and 4
                 Roundtable Potluck                      page 4
                 Appreciation Tea                        page 4
                 Donation News                           pages 6 and 7

What our Canines Teach Us:
Notes from PFH Volunteer Teams
Each year, PFH volunteers must recertify, meaning that their canine is up-
dated on all vaccinations, has a physical examination by its veterinarian,
and, after eight years of age, is re-evaluated to verify its ability to work
in demanding environments. There is also a questionnaire to which our
volunteers respond and some of their comments are included here.
Q: What have you learned about                • “Acceptance of therapy team
your canine after working with            by the staff; we are made to feel
him/her as a canine therapist?            very welcome and everyone is so
   • “The depth of her compas-            appreciative.” Elaine Fohr and
sion. Although she’s ‘at work,’           Maya (Queen of the Valley Hos-
she gives her all, endearing her to       pital)
those we serve with her uncon-                • “I really enjoy the staff. They
ditional love.” Sharon Schaefer           are so welcoming and tell us how
about Megan (NorthBay Hospital            much they enjoy the visits.” (Lisa
and David Grant)                          Stewart and Bo (Queen of the
   • “He is so incredibly patient         Valley Hospital)
and accepting of everyone! And                • “The patients seem to be
the fact that Jake makes so many          very happy to see a dog.” Laura
patients and staff happy.”                Laura Erickson and Dylan (Kai-
Jacquie Fitch about Jake (Napa            ser Permanente - Santa Rosa)
State Hospital)                               • “Appreciation of patients,
   • “She knows it is a special           welcoming attitude of staff.”
‘job’ as soon as I put on her vest.       Linda Howard and Joey (Napa
She feels she has a real purpose.”        State Hospital)
Joan Douma about Jorgee (Hos-                 • “The ability to move about
pice of Napa Valley)                      freely and the love and accep-
   • “His incredible patience             tance of patients and staff for ani-
and gentle playfulness with the           mals.” Maria Delmas and Luke
students. He makes everyone               (California Veterans Home)
smile.” Joanne Yates about Sandy              These comments are a tribute
(Robert Louis Stevenson Middle            to the canines that “give their
School)                                   all,” and to the staff and people
                                          our teams visit. PFH is grateful
Q: What do you think has con-             for the respect our volunteers
tributed most to making your              receive and appreciation of the
visits positive?                          healing powers of our canines.

                       News and Notes on PFH Activities

 ADVANTAGE® for Certified Ca-           Please note that only canines that
nine Therapy Teams to be Donat-         are certified by PFH and that are
ed by Bayer Animal Health               active in providing therapy qual-
   Bayer Animal Health has insti-       ify for this incredibly generous
tuted a program for PFH canines         offer from Bayer.
for a supply of ADVANTAGE®
or ADVANTIX® at no cost.                Get Your Fabulous Pooch on the
PFH will send out a postcard to         PFH Web Site
those teams that are current with           Meir Horvitz and Cristiano
insurance and recertification           D’Adamo have added a new
and have sent in their monthly          gallery page to the PFH site for
volunteer hours to Meir Horvitz         pictures of our therapy canines,
( over            on or off duty. If you would
the last year.                          like to submit a photo, please
   As requested by Bayer, the           email a jpeg copy to Meir at
program will be administered   If you
through Frontier Pet Clinic in          have a photo that’s not digital,
Napa. In order to receive a free        Meir can scan it for posting. Send
packet, PFH volunteers must             it to him at 3414 Glen Ellen,
bring in the postcard after mak-        Fairfield, CA 94533.
ing an appointment with the                 Please remember that these
clinic. Contact number and direc-       photos should be only of your
tions will be included.                 canine and not include patients,
   PFH is extremely grateful to         clients or students they visit—or
Bayer Animal Health for their           even your family and friends—
generosity and to Drs. Fallini,         because of privacy issues. If you
Haas and Hildebrand for their           have a short story you’d like to
time commitment to overseeing           include that explains the photo,
the program.                            email or send that to Meir as
   PFH teams should receive             well.
their cards in early February. If
our volunteers have questions,          PFH Chat Site to Ask Questions
please contact either Meir Hor-         and Exchange Experiences
vitz or Joanne Yates (shsirene77          In response to requests from                        volunteers, Jennifer Golick has
                                                           cont. on page 4

More News and Notes about Paws Volunteers,
Programs and Events
PFH Chat Room (from page 3)               to another social gathering. If
started a chat page through               you would like to attend, please In order to access             email or call Marilyn Horvitz
the site, individuals will need to        ( or
open a Yahoo account (which is            707-421-1398.
free to those who are not Yahoo               PFH will supply the basics:
subscribers).                             beverages, plasticware, paper
    If you would like to par-             plates and glasses. Bring a dish
ticipate, and have a Yahoo                to share: salad, appetizer, main
account already, go to http:              course, or side and a spouse,
//                 family members or friend. Dogs
pawsforhealing. If you don’t              are also welcome but must be on
have an account and would                 leash and supervised. Small chil-
like directions and an invita-            dren must have a parent in charge
tion to join the site, please email       at all times for their safety, and in
the subject line, write Attn: Jen-        Appreciation Tea
nifer.                                    Don’t forget our annual Appre-
                                          ciation Tea on February 25 from
Roundtable Potluck                        2 to 4 pm at the CEC. There will
   Please mark your calendars             be lots of door prizes, awards and
for our second roundtable gath-           goodies as a way to say “thank
ering on March 21 at the Com-             you” to our volunteer teams. In-
munity Education Center in                vitations will arrive in early Feb-
Napa. The first potluck was a             ruary and the Tea promises to be
great success in Solano and our           another enjoyable event. Hope to
volunteers are looking forward            see you there!

All classes and trainings are held at the Community Education Center
located at 1360 Menlo Avenue in Napa. For directions, please consult
our website at A map and directions are
also sent out with confirmation letters for those attending trainings.
   Trainings are held five times a year; for applications please call
our hotline at 707-258-3486, or download our forms from the PFH
website: Email questions to our staff at

Studies verify positive benefits from the Human/
Canine Connection               cont. from page 1
Why dogs really are good for us.           with another human or even with
achieved by visiting dogs on 76            a human and canine.
hospitalized heart failure pa-                “It was a strange finding,” said
tients. They were split into three         Banks who is also a staff physi-
groups, one receiving visits from          cian at Veterans Affairs Medi-
a canine team, another receiv-             cal Center in St. Louis. “We had
ing visits from humans, and the            thought that the dog acts as a
other having no visitors (“at-rest         social lubricant and increases in-
group”). Those who touched and             teraction between the residents.”
interacted with dogs on their beds            What Banks found was that
showed the following results:              residents had little personal time
   • Anxiety scores dropped 24             with a pooch when visited by a
percent (those scores dropped              human or in a group activity. It
only 10 percent with human visi-           was more important to the resi-
tors and there was no drop for             dents to have quality time with
patients at rest.                          a pooch, and those who had
• Stress hormones dropped 7 (ca-           one-on-one time with a dog ex-
nine visitor group) to 1 (human            perienced a much greater drop in
visitor) and rose in the at-rest           loneliness after several weekly
group.                                     visits.
   • Arterial and lung pressure               In nursing home situations,
dropped in the canine group and            Banks realized that dogs or pets
rose in the others; benefits con-          weren’t needed to enhance the
tinued after the canine left.              social environment because the
   The second research project             residents already lived, ate and
focused on the elderly in residen-         played games or went to other
tial settings and surprised re-            social activities together. What
searcher William A Banks, MD               they really needed was affection
and professor of geriatrics and of         and a sense of being loved un-
pharmacological and physiologi-            conditionally.
cal sciences at Saint Louis Uni-              The findings from both studies
versity School of Medicine.                reaffirm the service our volunteer
   Residents who requested dog             teams provide to hundreds of
visits felt greater comfort and less       community members who need
loneliness when they could spend           to know they are worthy of being
time alone with a dog rather than          loved.

 Thank you for your generous contributions during
          November through December
PFH is honored to accept these donations made in the name of beloved
family, friends and companion animals —
             In Honor of                     In Memory of Annie Horvitz.
      Mary & Michael Dudley                  ❧ Tracey L. Wingerter, Joyce
   ❧ Glenn and Dolly Matteucci                 Bristow, Clare B. LeBrun
                 ✼                                         ✼
     In Honor of Chris Maudlin              In Memory of Sophie Baracosa
    ❧ Linda and Steve Goldfarb               ❧ Clare LeBrun, Sandy Yates
                 ✼                                         ✼
    In Honor of Marilyn Horvitz            In Memory of Penny, my lovable
      ❧ Don and Joanne Yates                   shopdog and best friend.
                 ✼                                   ❧ Linda Allen
 In Memory of Karen Umbenstock,                            ✼
       a wonderful friend and               In Memory of IRIE: we always
        fellow PFH volunteer.                   love you. ❧ Jeff Popick
  ❧ Thomas and Mary Lou Gracy                              ✼
                 ✼                        In Memory of Sham and Summer
   In Memory of Oliver “MRO”                  Lewis ❧ Patricia Peterson
          The Wonder Dog –                                 ✼
        16 ½ years of loyalty.             In Memory of Bud, Gram’s Little
       Col. Stanley L. Wellins               Darling ❧ Florence Stegman

 If you want to make a contribution* to Paws for Healing to honor or in
 memory of a beloved friend, please provide us with the information
 that will enable us to acknowledge the person, family and companion
 animal. The enclosed envelope is for your convenience.

 In Honor of ________________________________________ or

 In Memory of _________________________________________

 Send acknowledgement to: ______________________________
 * All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. PFH is a is a
   501 (3) (c) non-profit corporation.
        All donors will be acknowledged with a letter as well as those
 families or individuals who are honored or remembered.

Donations can come in many forms
Rainbow Bridge
    Paws for Healing is grateful to       of Solano for the continuing work
the many individuals who donate           of our volunteer teams at David
their time as well as to those who        Grant Medical Center at Travis
contribute financially. We want to        Air Force Base. The Board of
acknowledge Roy Massen, owner             Directors are very grateful for the
of ARTech Digitizing in Geyser-           ongoing support from Dey and
ville who was extremely generous          their employees.
in helping with a special project.
     For those of our readers unfa-       November and December Donors
miliar with the Rainbow Bridge,              Thank, friends, for your gener-
it is a symbol for the place where        osity and belief in our programs.
our canine companions cross
over into heaven. The idea comes          500+
from an anonymous poem in                 ❧ Frontier Pet Clinic ❧ Nikki
which our four-legged compan-
ions wait on the other side of the
bridge for their humans.                  ❧ United Way of the Bay Area: Trent
    There have been many artistic         Vannieuwberg ❧ Jeff Coyner
renderings of the bridge and we
are lucky to have a volunteer who         100+
designed an embroidery pattern            ❧ Deborah and Howard Wheeler ❧
especially for Paws for Healing           Ms. Bridget Binko ❧ Emil Maxton ❧
volunteers who have lost a canine         Alan C. Boone ❧ Donald Niemann ❧
companion. Roy digitized the              Diane Resetar Farmer
pattern and donated most of his
time and costs to PFH because             50+
of what our volunteers do. This           ❧ Diane Brisbois Petersen ❧ Robin
design will be embroidered by             and Karl Pintar
our volunteer and sent to our vol-
unteers who lose one of their be-
                                          ❧ Vasconi Drugs ❧ Charles and
loved canine companions. Thank
                                          Betty Rushton ❧ Suzanne Pate ❧
you, Roy, for helping with this           Jule Grant
work of love.
News Flash!                               ❧ Suzanne B. Rogers
PFH was awarded a $3000 grant
from the Dey Community Fund

Paws for Healing, Inc.
1370 Trancas Street, PMB 127                                                                           NON-PROFIT ORG.
Napa, CA 94558                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                        PAWS FOR HEA LING                                                                   NAPA, CA
                                      IN C .                                                              PERMIT NO. 7
                            A                                                                     RT
                                    IN                                                       EA
                                         E                                               H
                                             TH                                  N
                                                  ER                         A
                                                       A                 H
                                                           PY        W

   PFH 2006 Winter Calendar
   CAT Training                              Jan. 21
   Obedience Classes                         Jan. 28
   Appreciation Tea                          Feb. 25
    Napa Potluck                             Mar. 21

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