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How to Improve Mother-Daughter Relationship

It has been told time and again that being a mother is the most fulfilling thing that a
woman could ever experience. But in our society today where there are more
distractions that can create a gap between mother and daughter, it is hard to fulfil the
duties of being a mom.

Technology is the biggest distraction to that and obviously the hardest gap to fill. Kids
are always on the phone or with their friends so it is really hard to spend some quality
time with their kids.

But did you know that you can actually use technology to build a stronger relationship
with your daughter? And really, all it takes is one phone call.

In a study by the University of Wisconsin- Madison, it showed that when a daughter
hears encouraging words from their mother over the phone, this would help extremely
help them when they are stressed out.

The study showed that talking over the phone is as effective as actually being together.
The study also showed that SMS or instant messaging isn’t as effective when it comes
to encouraging your daughter.

In this study, 68 girls who had good relationships with their mother were asked to
speak about a certain topic for five minutes and another five minutes was spent in
solving mental arithmetic problems. These tests were done to somehow illicit a higher
stress level.

After which, some of them were called by their moms and were given encouraging
words. Those who did speak with their parents definitely felt much better and those
who didn’t had higher levels of stress.

Isn’t it wonderful that you could use technology to build better relationships with your

Now, aside from that regular phone call, you should also try to listen more to your
daughter. Ask them how their day is going or if they have any problems. The key to a
good and strong relationship is really all about communication.

You should also think of more ways to spend time together. It doesn’t have to be done
outside or out of town- although that would be fun! You can just spend a quiet day at
home watching TV or doing some crafts together. Of course, to make this experience
better, ask your child what it is that they want to do.

You see, moms and daughters can be best friends! In fact, they should be best friends
because sooner or later, daughters will turn into mothers too. And when that day
comes, they will need you to help them and give them your advice, love and care.

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