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Data flow = cash flow
The Swedish factoring market               this challenge is vital, as the file and   invoice. As soon as the factoring
is highly competitive and the              data formats for invoice exports from      company has received the results
introduction of the electronic             different accounting systems vary          from the credit scoring in Asitis
invoices placed new demands on             enormously. Many systems also lack         Finance, InExchange delivers the
their transfer to different recipients.    efficient functionality for exporting      electronic invoices to the intended
Rapid processing and efficient data        data via file communication or Web         recipient using the same standardised
flow is crucial for managing a             services. Furthermore, the increasing      format. This way, the ongoing process
growing client base. The factor most       demand for electronic invoicing            of input and output is removed
vital for success for any company          must be met.                               from the financial services company
in this industry is the ability to             In order to meet the increased         and they can focus on their core
transfer ledger information from a         demand for fast and efficient input        business. Significant improvements
supplier to the factoring system as        management to Asitis Finance,              in efficiency and to the environment
quickly and easily as possible, in         as well as more flexible output            have been achieved using fully
order to receive immediate credit          management and the requirement             digised workflows in an industry
scoring results, followed by swift         of electronic invoicing, Asitis worked     where time literally is money. Data
invoice mailings and transfers of          with InExchange. InExchange is a           flow is turned into cash flow.
cash to the suppliers.                     market leader in electronic invoicing
    Asitis Finance is a proven,            in Sweden. Asitis and InExchange
widely used solution on the                wanted to address the issues at hand
Swedish and Nordic markets for             and give their clients pole position in
managing factoring activities. It is       the market. One of the leading players
a vertical factoring solution based        in the financial services industry in
on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The             Sweden, and a business partner to
system provides a solid platform for       both Asitis and InExchange alike,
flexible and secure management of          showed an immediate interest in
accounts receivable management.            participating in this pilot project. The
It is a highly automated system and        aim was to introduce ‘the complete
efficiently imports invoice data, credit   factoring process’.                        Factoring Market
scoring results, invoice mailings and          The solution is based on
                                                                                      Industry: financial services
reminder management, as well as            InExchange’s innovative technology
management of payment information          that retrieves invoice data via Web        Country: sweden
and client administration. All this        services from the suppliers’ business      Solution: complete automated
helps achieve rapid turnover of the        applications for transfer to Asitis        factoring process
capital used to finance the receivables.   Finance. One of the great advantages
    The greatest challenge regarding       is the fast and easy installation for      Partner: asitis
growth and efficient processing for        the suppliers, without making major        Technology: microsoft dynamics naV
factoring companies is ensuring easy       changes to current procedures. The
and powerful flow of invoicing data        suppliers’ invoice data is delivered       Benefits: improved efficiency,
from the clients into the factoring        directly into Asitis Finance using a       fast and easy installation, green it
system. The appropriate response to        standardised format of the electronic      improvements

   comPanY a-z

Arcontech                                                      Asitis                                                     Asteros                                                        ATE Software
Finsbury Tower                                                 Box 133                                                    23, Novokhokhlovskaya Street                                   Bockenheimer Anlage 4
103-105 Bunhill Row                                            541 23 Skövde                                              Moscow                                                         Frankfurt
London                                                         Sweden                                                     109052                                                         60322
EC1Y 8LZ                                                                                                                  Russia                                                         Germany
United Kingdom                                                 Ingi Jonasson, CEO
                                                               Tel: +46 5006 00200                                        Anastasia, PR Manager                                          Thomas Erbrich, CEO
Andrew Miller, CEO                                                                                Tel: +7 495 787 24 50                                          Tel: +49 69 9150 1190
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7256 2300                                                                          Fax: +7 495 787 24 89                                          Fax: +49 69 9150 1191                                                                                                                                                                                Asitis AB is specialised in software solutions for the                                      
                                                               financial sector. Being the developers of the well
Arcontech provides products and bespoke systems                proven solution Asitis Finance, Asitis is established as   Asteros Group is an IT leader in the Russia market.            ATE Software GmbH was founded in 2003 in
for collection, processing, distribution and                   the leading supplier of factoring systems in Sweden        For over 12 years clients have recognised us as a              Frankfurt, Germany. As a certified Microsoft Gold
presentation of time-sensitive financial markets data.         and the Nordic region.                                     reliable and trusted partner. Asteros Group has 1,000+         Partner, we are a solution provider for leading
  Arcontech is independent of any data vendor and                Asitis Finance is a comprehensive factoring solution,    employees, 1,500+ successfull projects and 400+                companies in various industries.
has thrived due to timely delivery of dependable, cost-        based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, complete with             clients.                                                         We focus on the latest and upcoming products and
effective solutions based on its CityVision platform.          integrated modules for a wider range of receivables          Asteros Group offers the following solutions and services:   innovations. Our mission is to build state-of-the-art
  Arcontech installed its first digital market data            related financing services with additional options for     IT consulting and business applications:                       software using best-of-breed technologies. In our
products in 1983, which strategically developed                savings and loans.                                         • IT strategy and IT infrastructure assessment                 international team, analysts, architects, developers
into the innovative CityVision platform. Arcontech               Asitis Finance provides competitive advantages in        • Enterprise resource planning and customer                    and designers collaborate in a well-defined process to
has experience of a wide range of technical concepts           terms of:                                                     relationship management systems                             build the best possible solutions for our customers.
including                                                      • Wide range of receivables-related financing services     • Asset management systems                                       Some highlights in our range of products and
• Market data infrastructure and platform integration          • Easy and flexible contract management                    • Custom systems development.                                  services include business process improvement, smart
   (for example RMDS)                                          • Integrated solutions for efficient credit scoring        IT infrastructure solutions                                    client applications and development productivity
• Real-time price collection, calculation and re-              • Multi-currency and multi-language support                • Data transmission networks                                   tools.
   distribution                                                • Export insurance management                              • Computer systems                                             To give some actual examples:
• Multiple vendor contribution                                 • Advanced and flexible reporting features                 • Data processing and storage systems                          • We provide signature-based workflows using
• Real-time Excel publish and subscribe                        • Fully integrated accounting features                     • Telephone and call centre systems                               SharePoint technologies that meet regulatory
• Online trading and brokerage solutions                       • High level security                                      • Multimedia systems                                              requirements
• Consulting and custom development.                           • High level of automation                                 • Printing systems                                             • We design and create multi-touch enabled clients
                                                               • Electronic communication support (e-mail and             • Infrastructural software solutions.                             based on Silverlight and Windows Presentation
CityVision market data distribution platform supports             electronic invoicing).                                  Engineering systems for buildings and facilities and              Foundation
collection, aggregation and redistribution of market                                                                      data centres.                                                  • We build line of business application editors as part
data in real time from multiple sources to multiple            Asitis Finance is highly flexible and can be adjusted to   Security and safety systems: object protection                    of individual software factories.
destinations. CityVision is fast, flexible, fully resilient,   your specific needs, work-flows and processes.             system for emergency situations, technical and
scalable and secure, with a full authentication and                                                                       physical security systems and data protection.
entitlements system.                                                                                                      Outsourcing and services: IT service solutions,
  AXE Trading Platformfull brokerage suite is a                                                                           systems and infrastructure services.
system for online and telephone-based contracts for
difference trading and spread betting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           103 

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