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                       OIT Client Unitrin Direct Receives Celent Model Insurer Award

       By Optical Image Technology
       Dated: Feb 04, 2010

       Celent awarded Unitrin Direct a 2010 Model Insurer Award for their use of DocFinity document
       management and business process management software to improve business efficiency.

        Unitrin Direct Auto and Home Insurance®, client of Optical Image Technology and user of OIT’s
       DocFinity® document management and workflow software, received the Celent 2010 Model Insurer Award
       for its effective use of technology in Underwriting on January 28. Unitrin Direct markets auto and
       homeowners insurance to consumers via direct mail, the Internet, employer-sponsored employee benefit
       programs and other affinity relationships. Celent, an international consultancy dedicated to helping leading
       financial institutions create and sustain a competitive advantage, presented the award during their Model
       Insurer Summit at the Westin at Times Square in New York City.

        Underwriting, the first department to implement imaging and workflow in Unitrin Direct’s enterprise-wide
       installation, experienced a 15% increase in new policies and 50% greater productivity – without hiring
       additional staff – in handling underwriting correspondence as a result of automation. Electronically
       capturing, storing, and processing documents streamlined processing costs while shortening turnaround
       times. Integrating DocFinity with Unitrin Direct’s automated call system, automobile policy administration
       software, and diverse third-party software applications gives staff a comprehensive view of customer
       activity, and provides customers with secure web access to real-time policy information.

        Unitrin Direct’s efficiency gains in Underwriting have led to a gradual expansion of the solution
       enterprise-wide. Performance in Claims for Unitrin Direct and the two companies it recently acquired has
       already exceeded expectations.

        “Successful deployment of smart technology helps Unitrin Direct to remain a market leader in auto
       insurance. By integrating DocFinity with other technologies to regulate and automate the flow of work and
       information, we can provide real-time information to our customers and offer them unbeatable service. We
       are thrilled to have received the Model Insurer Award in recognition of our technology achievements, and
       look forward to delivering more value to our customers as the innovations continue.” – Jerel Titus,
       Underwriting Manager, Unitrin Direct

        “Management’s vision, the team’s collaborative approach to the enterprise-wide project, and the staff’s
       ongoing commitment to improving the company’s services have helped Unitrin Direct to realize strong
       results in a short time. More importantly, the company’s team approach to process improvement is
       generating new ideas for future innovation. We are proud to be a partner in their success, and commend
       both management and staff for this well-deserved recognition.” – Jim Thumma, Vice President of Sales and
       Marketing, Optical Image Technology


       Optical Image Technology's DocFinity® software makes information manageable, people productive &
       companies more profitable. Content management solutions include COLD-ERM, email management,
       workflow, XML forms, electronic signatures, imaging, & more.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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