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					    Latinas can change
 health policies in Indiana!

   Latino Women’s Conference
   June 18th, 2009, Indianapolis

Jeannette Noltenius, PhD, National Director
Purpose of this Training
   The Tobacco Industry and women.
   To review why smokefree laws are
   To review who are the City-County
    legislators and how laws are enacted
    in Marion County-Indianapolis
   To take concrete actions in support
    of smokefree laws
   To commit to follow up
    Camel # 9
•   Ask publishers and editors of magazines
    with large numbers of young readers to
    stop running ads for tobacco products. If
    you haven't yet, sign the petition asking
    magazine editors to stop running cigarette
    ads in their magazines.

•   Share ideas and learn how other activists
    across the country are fighting the pink
    and deadly cigarettes at our Cancer No. 9
    message board AND resources page.

•   Educate yourself about what the federal
    government can do to reduce the appeal of
    cigarettes, such as giving the U.S. Food and
    Drug Administration authority over tobacco

•   Join our groups on Facebook and

•   Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
   Lung Cancer has surpassed Breast Cancer
    death in women
   Secondhand Smoke Kills 58,000/yr (heart
    disease, lung cancer and SIDS)
   Children at risk, acute, chronic diseases,
    asthma, death of SIDS
   No safe level of exposure
   Pregnant women=lower weight babies
   Long-term exposure: breast cancer
   Over 69 carcinogens, 4000 chemicals:
    including formaldehyde, arsenic and
    cyanide, etc.
Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, Secondhand Smoke the Science
  Second Hand Smoke Kills

El humo del cigarrillo mata
La salud de los trabajadores
está en juego
   Meseras, lavaplatos, casinos, bares
    (más que abogadas, banqueros,
   50% más riesgo de cáncer del
    pulmón si trabajan en bares y
   Más enfermedades respiratorias, más
    días de enfermedad, pérdida de
    salarios, gastos de ropa, shampoo,
    afecta a los niños
Hospitality Workers are Among the Least Protected by
  Smoke Free Laws and Among the Most Exposed

  80        72.6
  60                                46.2
  40                                                         29.8
          All other           Food                    Waiters        Bartenders
        occupations          Service
              Current Population Survey of U.S. workers, 2001-2002
Workplace Exposure
 Workers exposed to secondhand
  smoke on the job are 20-30% more
  likely to get lung cancer.

 Workers in bars, bowling alleys, billiard
  halls, betting and bingo parlors are
  exposed to secondhand smoke that is
  2.4 to 18.5 times higher than office
 Bartenders working in smoke-filled bars
  are more likely to report having red or
  irritated eyes, coughing in the morning
  and during the day, runny noses or
  sneezing, and a sore or scratchy throat.
The Surgeon General’s 2006
Report examined numerous
studies from states and local
communities across the country.

“Evidence from peer-reviewed
studies shows that smoke-free
policies and regulations do not
have an adverse economic impact
on the hospitality industry.”
•U.S. Latino/Hispanic population, coronary heart disease is the
leading cause of death and lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer
deaths. Both of these diseases are associated with secondhand
smoke exposure.
•71% percent believe that workplaces should be 100%

smokefree, and the majority of Latino/Hispanic adults (59 percent)
believe that restaurants should be smokefree.

•Hispanic males (58.8%) and Latina/Hispanic females (69.9%) were
less likely than white males (63.5%) and white females (74.1%), and
African American males (63.5%) and African American females
(72.2%) to be covered by workplace smoking policies. (See Graph)

Latinas are at risk!

   Latinos/Hispanics (18.6%) have
    smoking rates that are lower than
    the national average (23.3%).

   Latinas are targeted by the Industry
    because they smoke less and 70%
    fewer cigarettes >5 per day.
State Tobacco Control Policies
   Clean Indoor Air Ordinances (33 cities/counties):
    smoke free workplaces, bars, restaurants, casinos,
    parks, recreation centers, Franklin, Westfield in
   Statewide Clean Indoor Air did not pass in 2009
    Taxes, Indiana increased taxes
    $ .995 in July 2007, Plus Federal taxes of $ 1.00
   State Funding for Comprehensive Programs: media,
    youth, County Based, Cessation, Prevention
   FY 2008 Tobacco Control Program Funding:
    $ 17,340,165 (great success!)
   CDC Best Practices Range: $34,784,000 -
   FY2009 Budget in Jeopardy! CUTS-CUTS-CUTS
Policy Advocacy
   We must advocate for policy
    changes in health, education,
    immigration, economic
    development, civil rights, housing,
    and budgets in order to improve the
    socio-economic future of Latinos
    communities in the US.
   Debemos abogar por cambios en
    política Pública para mejorar las
    condiciones de los Latinos en
    Indiana. A nivel Local, Estatal y
Como funciona el gobierno?
Los Tres Poderes

El Legislativo= Hace las Leyes
El Ejecutivo= Las implementa
El Judicial = Maneja las disputas y los
  resultados de su incumplimiento
Relación entre lo local, estatal y
  federal= más participación
Ver ejemplo del impacto de la
  Legislatura de Indiana en las
  ciudades y condados.
Our Government a system of
    Checks +Balances
                  Enacts Laws

                                 Interprets Laws and
Implements Laws
                                  Resolves Conflicts
How many of you have visited the City/County Building?
Mayor Gregory A. Ballard
Office of the Mayor
2501 City-County Bldg.
200 E. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: (317) 327-3601
Fax: (317) 327-3980
TDD: (317) 327-5186
Olgen Williams - Deputy Mayor for
Nick Weber - Deputy Mayor
Paul Okeson - Chief of Staff
Robert Vane - Deputy Chief of Staff, Director of
Scott Newman - Public Safety Director
Chris Cotterill - Corporation Counsel
Carolin Requiz Smith - Director of International
and Cultural Affairs
John Cochran - Special Counsel to the Mayor
David Reynolds - Controller
David Sherman - Director of Public Works
Maury Plambeck - Director of Metropolitan
Stewart Lowry - Director of Parks and Recreation
Greg Wilson - Director of Minority Business
Michael Huber - Director of Enterprise
Kevin Taylor - Director of Bond Bank
Sarah Taylor - Director of Constituent Services
Jill Carnell - Executive Assistant
Deputy Mayor
Olgen Williams
                 He is in charge of Neighborhoods
                 Indy Parks
                 Metropolitan Development
                 Public Safety
                 Public Works
                 Planning and Zoning
                 Business development
                 Building and Development
                 Front Porch Alliance
County-City Government
   The Indianapolis-Marion County City-
    County Council is made up of 29 elected
    individuals. Twenty-five Councillors are
    elected by the voters in their district to
    serve in each of the 25 Council districts,
    and four are elected County-wide to
    serve at-large. Each member serves a
    four-year term. Click on the photos for
    more biographical information or write to
    your Councillor by clicking on their e-mail
    address. For a printable list of all
    Councillors, including contact information,
No Trabajan en política a tiempo

   Son: empresarios, médicos,
    enfermeras, maestros, profesores
    universitarios, abogados,
    vendedores de Bienes Raíces,
    agricultores y mucho mas.
   Ganan poco por su trabajo como
    concejales, y tienen un personal
    compartido entre ellos.
       Establish relations with Legislators, the
       mayor, the city council, county
       commissioners. Es Importante!

   Porque ellos pueden someter nuevas
    propuestas de leyes.
   Ellos pueden tomar acciones
    administrativas que afectan la población
   Ellos pueden cambiar las regulaciones
    que rigen programas
   Ellos pueden asignar fondos para
    programas para Latinos
                        Currently serving his fourth term on the
Bob Cuckrum, Chairman   Indianapolis-Marion County Council, Bob has
                        served on 8-10 standing committees. He also
                        served on the Board of Directors for the
                        Indianapolis-Scarborough Peace Games for 6 years
                        including 3 years as chairman of the Board.

                        He graduated from Purdue University with a BS in
                        Electrical Engineering. A retired Colonel of the
                        United States Army Reserve and former employee
                        of General Motors Corporation, Cockrum has been
                        heavily involved in community organizations since
                        1969. In 1994, he was awarded the City of
                        Indianapolis "Outstanding Neighborhood Leader
                        Award". He has served as a volunteer on many
                        boards, including the Marion County Tax Adjustment
                        Board and former Mayor Stephen Goldsmith's Tax
                        Increment Financing Task Force. Cockrum currently
                        is chairman of the Committee on Committees and
                        serves as a member of the Committee on
                        Committees, Rules and Public Policy
                        Committee and the Public Safety and Criminal
                        Justice Committee.
                        In 2003, he was inducted into the Purdue University
                        ROTC Hall of Fame.
                        He represented the Council on the IMAGIS Board of
                        Directors for 12 years and was the president of the
                        board from 2003 through 2007.
                        Cockrum represents District 22, located within
                        Decatur, Perry, and Wayne Townships. He is
                        married with four children and five grandchildren.
               Los Primos

Brian Mahern                Dane Mahern
Virginia Cain   Barbara Malone
 Indianapolis’ Current Law
       Chapter 616
 Went into effect March 1, 2006
 Prohibits smoking in public workplaces and places
  of employment within the consolidated city with the
  exception of:
    Bars or restaurants that do not allow anyone under 18 into
     the establishment
    Bowling alleys
    Private clubs with liquor licenses that provide food and
     beverages only to members and their guests
    Tobacco bars
    Retail tobacco stores
    Twenty percent of rentable hotel rooms
    Family run businesses in which only family members are
     present and the public does not enter
    Private residences unless used as a license daycare
                 Thank you to the The Champions
Angela Mansfield                   Jose M. Evans
Why do this? Porque?
   You can educate Legislators
   You can influence them policy/budget
   You can mobilize your community behind
    a Legislative Agenda
    You can be part of the American System
    of Government
   You can make a difference!
   El que no llora no mama.
   Proteja su salud y la de sus seres
Comprehensive Law WORKS
   Indiana University found
    comprehensive smokefree
    workplace law had improvements in
    heart health of non-smokers
   59% net decrease in hospital
    admissions for heart attacks in non-
    smokers with no prior cardiac
    history in Monroe County
   Study tracked 22 months prior to
    and following the implementation of
    this law.
Objetivos de las Cartas al Alcalde y a
los Concejales
   Influenciar su voto a favor de una
    ley fuerte que proteja a la población
   Darse a conocer/instituciones
   Establecer relaciones para poder
    representar a la comunidad Latina
    en el futuro
   Hacerse presente en un tema de
    gran importancia para todos
What are we going to say?
   Thank you for supporting
    comprehensive smokefree air laws.
   Please don’t let exemptions water
    down this legislation.
   Latinos are working in bars, hotels,
    restaurants, casinos, (hospitality

See examples of Thank You notes
Write your notes
You can do this! You are all
ILI is NOT alone
   Smokefree Indy, American Cancer Society,
    American Heart Association, Indiana Minority
    Health Coalition, Indiana Academy of Family
    Physicians, American Lung Association of Indiana,
    Mental Health America of Indiana, Indiana
    Hospital & Health Association, Indiana march of
    Dimes, Indiana Chapter of American Academy of
    Pediatrics, Coalition of Advance Practice Nurses,
    Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Indiana
    Perinatal Network, Indiana Black Expo, Indiana
    Dietetic Association, Indiana Cancer Consortium,
    Indiana University Simon Cancer Center, Indiana
    Rural Health Coalition
Conclusion/Follow Up

   You are making a difference
   Continue to keep track of legislation
   Be part of ILI organized visits
   Report to ILI if you received a
    response from Councillor/Mayor
   Be ready to mobilize your neighbors
    and family members in support of
    this law.
WEB sites to find government Officials

   Marion/Indianapolis:
   State level: (en Español
    como funciona el gobierno)
   Counties:
   State Legislators:
   State legislators:
   Federal government:
 (national legislation)
El Gobierno/ Indiana Government
Elected and Appointed officials
   Ejecutivo, Legislativo, Judicial
   City Government/Ciudades
   County Government/Condados 92
   Distritos Estatales 100 Rep, 50 Senadores
    (ver Zip Codes) Senators
   Distritos Federales (Por Población 9)550-
   Senadores: 2 por estado.

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