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       Sentry Insurance

Through a partnership with Sentry Insurance, NPES is
                                                                  What some NPES members say
pleased to offer an exclusive member benefit program in
which your company may qualify to access to a full range
                                                                  about Sentry Insurance…
of property and casualty protection.
                                                                  “We have been very satisfied.
                                                                  They offered a better rate than we
About Sentry Insurance
                                                                  had before, with better coverage
Sentry Insurance is among the largest and strongest mutual        and the sales process was very
insurance companies in America. With assets of $7.8 billion       good.”— Bob Allison, President,
and a policyholder surplus of $2.2 billion, Sentry Insurance a    ILF Technologies
Mutual Company has earned a rating of A+ by A.M. Best.
                                                                  “Best Graphics has been insured
Range of Coverages                                                with Sentry Insurance for one year
                                                                  for general liability, workers comp,
This insurance program is specifically tailored to meet the       auto, property and umbrella
needs of NPES members by offering a full range of                 insurance coverages. We have
coverages including:                                              received good service from them
                                                                  in the past and I would
•   Building;                                                     recommend them to others.” –
•   Personal Property;                                            Roger Stuve, Controller, Best
•   Crime;                                                        Graphics, Inc.
•   General Liability;
•   Auto; and,
•   Workers’ Compensation.

Program Benefits
By dealing directly with Sentry Insurance representatives:
1) Brokers are eliminated, resulting in the most efficient level of service, and
2) In continuing to build a strong relationship with Sentry, we hope to help all
   participants contain their insurance costs.

Superior Customer Service
In addition to Sentry Insurance’s dynamic array of products, excellent customer service is
a hallmark of the organization.

Learn More
For more information about how your business can benefit from the NPES business
insurance plan through Sentry Insurance:
Contact:   Randy Dombrowski
Phone:     1-800-624-8369, ext. 7272

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