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					A Publication of Summa Health System
Winter 2006

          comfort   Specialized approach serves
                    body, mind and spirit

                                       supporting patient care, medical education
                                              and research through philanthropy
      Welcome to Foundations
      2005 was a memorable year in more ways than one

                            What a jolt it was for us to witness the wrath of Mother Nature
                            on Earth. Pictures from the Gulf Coast told an unbelievable story of                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                            those struggling to survive and eventually beginning to rebuild their
                            lives in that region. As compassionate people, we reached into our                         Ann Amer Brennan, Chair
                            pockets, our kids collected clothes and books, and we shipped                              Thomas J. Strauss, CEO
                            everything we thought would help to those who were suffering.                         Allen E. Loomis, President & COO

                            Summa’s employees, who chose caregiving for their life’s work,                       Margaret Ralston Payne, Secretary
                            also looked for ways to help those in the South so devastated by                       Vincent A. DiGirolamo, Treasurer
                            the hurricanes. You can read about this very successful effort in                C. Michael Rutherford, Assistant Treasurer
        this issue of Foundations. The story illustrates just one way in which Summa’s employees               William A. Powel III, Assistant Secretary
        and physicians have supported those who need help, whether in our community or
                                                                                                              John R. Adams               Frederick M. Lombardi
        elsewhere in the world.
                                                                                                             Donna L. Barton                Anthony S. Manna
        In the last issue of Foundations, we told you the story of various Summa medical                     James M. Biggar             Erwin A. Maseelall, M.D.
                                                                                                               Otto Bosshard             Richard E. May, Jr., M.D.
        caregivers who travel to third-world countries, offering basic medical and surgical
                                                                                                             Richard W. Burke            Richard A. Michelson, Jr.
        care for native populations who rarely have access to medical care. Likewise, our
                                                                                                             Edward F. Carter               Walter N. Mirapaul
        employees and physicians are key to many initiatives within the community. In addition           David E. Custodio, M.D.          James D. Oelschlager
        to financial gifts, they volunteer their time and talent to ease others in time of need.               John V. Frank              Linda A. Parenti, M.D.
                                                                                                              Stuart W. Giller              Kathleen R. Raynor
        Closer to home, employees gave nearly $1 million to the Campaign for Critical Care.               Ivan A. Gradisar, M.D.             Froncie F. Repetti
        In this issue you can read about the foundation’s recent series of Hard-Hat Tours, which                Ellen F. Hay                P. David Shanafelt
        allowed many of our donors to get a first-hand look inside the (at press time) roughly           Robert J. Hemphill, M.D.             Duane H. Smith
        75 percent complete Ann and David Brennan Critical Care Center.                                     William G. Hulbert               Martin C. Spector
                                                                                                              Charles A. Isroff            Norman E. Wells, Jr.
        As we ready for grand opening events for the new facility this spring, we are planning               Thomas G. Knoll                  Stephen D. Wilt
        a special day for our employees to visit. We think they’ll be as awed as we are by the         Robert A. Liebelt, M.D., Ph.D.     Joseph Zarconi, M.D.
        new center, set to accept its first patients in April.
                                                                                                                            Emeritus Member
        On National Philanthropy Day, last November, one special group in the Summa family was                            Walter A. Hoyt, Jr., M.D
        recognized for contributions of time as well as for financial gifts in the community. Summit
                                                                                                            The Summa Hospitals Foundation supports patient
        County Internists and Associates, a Summa-based private practice, has consistently
                                                                                                                 care, medical education and research
        provided funding, sponsorships and volunteers to community organizations for many                                through philanthropy.
        years. This group of physicians is committed to the Greater Akron area and provides
                                                                                                                        525 East Market St.
        support to many area nonprofits. You can read about the recognition they received in
                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 2090
        this issue.
                                                                                                                      Akron, Ohio 44309-2090
        And finally, read the story of Rose Brudno, a senior who relishes her roles as comedian,               330-375-3159, voice • 330-375-3012, fax
        mother, grandmother and patient. You’ll enjoy this lovely 81-year-old lady. Her enthusiasm
        and positive outlook are the payback Summa’s Hospice and Palliative Care team                         Sue Pavloff, Vice President of Development
        members receive when providing their special kind of comprehensive care.                                Laura Hnat, Senior Development Officer
                                                                                                             Jennifer Conn, Senior Communications Officer
        Happy Spring,                                                                                              Jean Gokorsch, Major Gifts Officer
                                                                                                            Sheila Vandergriff, Constituent Relations Officer
                                                                                                          Amy Dragga, Foundation & Corporate Relations Officer
                                                                                                                   Jeanne Mills, Operations Manager
                                                                                                                    Suzie Rudy, Executive Assistant
        Susan D. Pavloff                                                                                          Sara Campbell, Research Specialist
        Vice President of Development                                                                           Tim Greathouse, Development Assistant
                                                                                                                   Linda Lowe, Foundation Specialist
                                                                          On the Cover: Rose Brudno             Theresa Meredith, Foundation Specialist
1 foundations winter 2006                                                                                       Stephanie Terrell, Foundation Specialist
Summit County internists honored
Medical Practice recognized as premier philanthropists in Northeast Ohio
Summit County Internists and Associates       The practice gives generously to a variety
was honored as one of Northeast Ohio’s        of hospital programs including Hospice and
most philanthropic organizations by the       Palliative Care Services; the DOVE program,
Association of Fundraising Professionals      which provides forensic nursing services
North Central Ohio Chapter. The award         to victims of domestic violence and sexual
was presented on November 15 at the           assault; the campaign to build a new critical
National Philanthropy Day Luncheon at         care center; and medical education and
Sheraton Suites Akron/Cuyahoga Falls.         research programs at Summa.
Nearly 300 guests turned out to celebrate     Summit County Internists also supports
philanthropy and to witness a distinguished   NEOUCOM, the Urban League, the American
group of individuals, foundations and         Cancer Society, the Akron Ballet, OPEN M,
businesses receive recognition for their      the Ohio Fire Chiefs Association, the Police
generosity. Summit County Internists and      Olympics, Make-A-Wish, Weathervane              (from left) Summa Hospitals Foundation
Associates was honored with the Small         Community Playhouse, Stewart’s Caring           President and COO Allen E. Loomis
Business Leadership Award for the vast        Place and the American Diabetes                 presents the National Philanthropy Day
contributions it has made to a diverse        Association. Congratulations to this            Small Business Leadership Award to
number of causes across the region.           dedicated group of physicians and               Dale Murphy, M.D., president of Summit
                                              professionals. x                                County Internists and Associates.

                                              Red Cross recognizes Summa
                                              employees’ generosity
                                              Donations support Katrina victims
                                              In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina,          The Summa Hospitals Foundation
                                              the American Red Cross and other relief         established a special fund and matched
                                              agencies sprang to action to provide food,      dollar for dollar every gift received. Summa
                                              supplies and money to the affected areas.       employees reached deep into their hearts
                                              Summa employees also responded to this          and wallets and the result was a donation
                                              national relief effort by requesting a way      of more than $26,685, which was presented
                                              to aid Red Cross efforts through Summa.         to the American Red Cross for hurricane
                                                                                              disaster relief. x
(from right) American Red Cross of Summit County Board Chairman Richard
France presented a plaque recognizing Summa employees' donations to Summa
Hospitals Foundation President and COO Al Loomis and Vice President of
Development Sue Pavloff.

                                                                                                                   foundations winter 2006   2
      Specialized approach serves body, mind and spirit
                                                                                                    Rose Brudno enjoyed the care she received from
                                                                                                    Nathaniel Clark, RN and other members of
      By Jennifer Conn
                                                                                                    Summa's Palliative Care and Hospice Program.

      When 81-year-old Rose Brudno began to          “I was dying and they couldn’t control the  Finally, in an interesting turn of fate, Rose’s
      suddenly experience sharp chronic pain in      pain,” she remembers. “I got to the point   son, Marshall, a master craftsman in
      her back, shoulders and abdomen, the           where I didn’t care what I had. I was       Southern Ohio, spoke about his mother’s
      quality of what had been a rich and colorful   desperate.”                                 ill health to his apprentice, Joe Radwany.
      life took a devastating turn. Rose had                                                     Joe Radwany’s uncle is Skip Radwany, M.D.,
                                                     Throughout her life, Rose, who recounts
      returned to Akron in 2004, her one-time                                                    medical director of Summa’s Palliative Care
                                                     her experiences with pleasure, had been
      home base, to spend time with grandson,                                                    and Hospice Services and director of the
                                                     active in causes she felt passionate about,
      Joshua Gippin, and his fiancée Shane                                                       Internal Medicine Center. Joe suggested
                                                     including the civil rights and women’s
      Wynn, who were planning their wedding.                                                     Rose make an appointment with his uncle
                                                     movements, and was proud to have worked
      But she wasn’t back in town long when                                                      at Summa’s Internal Medicine Center.
                                                     alongside Dr. Martin Luther King for a time
      the pain began.
                                                     in Alabama. She was an Akron business       By the time Rose walked through the doors
      With the help of her family, Rose began        owner in the ‘50s and ‘60s and had traveled of the Internal Medicine Center, she had lost
      to visit area doctors to find out what was     to numerous countries around the world.     more than 35 pounds and was almost out
      causing her unbearable pain. But as time       For Rose, to be incapacitated by such pain of hope. She was entered into Summa’s
      wore on, and no one was able to relieve        was an unacceptable way to live.            Hospice Program and her illness was
      her discomfort, Rose’s thoughts began to                                                   considered a general “failure to thrive.”
      turn toward assisted suicide.                                                              Because of her diagnosis, Rose began to
                                                                                                 experience severe anxiety in addition to
                                                                                                 her pain.

3 foundations winter 2006
                                                                                             New palliative
                                                                                             care unit to offer
                                                                                             multidisciplinary care
                                                                                             Care designed to reduce pain,
Dr. Radwany started her on a schedule of       “It was a team effort,” said Nathaniel        improve quality of life
medications to ease the pain and to help       Clark, RN, a Summa hospice nurse who          Summa is poised to create an Acute Palliative
boost her appetite. To supplement her          worked with Rose at least once a week.        Care Unit at Akron City Hospital to provide
medications, Rose also received treatment      “All of us coming together might have         comprehensive care for patients like Rose.
from members of Summa’s Palliative Care        helped change her perspective.”               These services will help relieve suffering and
and Hospice Program. Under the program,                                                      improve the quality of life at any time during
                                               One of Rose’s major goals was to attend
interdisciplinary specialists work with                                                      the course of a patient’s illness, and are not
                                               Josh and Shane’s wedding. As a result of
patients to treat the whole person, paying                                                   limited to Hospice of Summa’s end-of-life
                                               her comprehensive treatment, she was
special attention to the quality of life,                                                    services. While all hospice is palliative care,
                                               able to attend the wedding and Alissa was
rather than just treating the pain. From the                                                 all palliative care is not hospice.
                                               able to arrange a respite placement for
start of her treatment, Rose enjoyed her
                                               Rose in an extended-care facility so the      Palliative care embraces a variety of medical
care. “I’m very lucky,” she said. “They gave
                                               newlyweds could go on a worry-free            and therapeutic disciplines working together
me everything that was life enforcing.”
                                               honeymoon.                                    to individualize a plan of care to meet the needs
Massotherapist Jim Nusbaum treated                                                           of each patient. Above all, these services are
Rose two to three times a week with                                                          designed to provide complete care for the whole
massage therapy, including Reiki therapy,                                                    person, encompassing body, mind and spirit.
a hands-on Japanese technique for stress
                                                                                             Patients requiring palliative care services
reduction and relaxation. He also sang to
                                                                                             may be those with advanced illness who
her. “She would ask him to sing to her and
                                                                                             must undergo a lengthy recovery in a medical
he would,” Shane said. “She loves to sing,
                                                                                             setting. These patients require comprehensive
and to bebop and scat, too.”
                                                                                             management of symptoms or have other issues
Dawn Kreeger, palliative care and hospice                                                    that require a dedicated team approach.
service office manager and a hospice
                                                                                             They also may have life-threatening illnesses
volunteer, visited Rose as a companion
                                                                                             or a number of ailments that, collectively, are
and provided respite for her caregivers,
                                                                                             very serious, requiring a variety of treatments
Josh and Shane. “Rose is quite a colorful          “They gave me                             and pain control. The unit also might serve
character with a very interesting and
exciting past,” Dawn said. “The hours with       everything that was                         elderly patients with an illness or disease
                                                                                             that is debilitating or life threatening and
her passed quickly as she shared                   life enforcing.”
                                                                                             requires special intervention.
memories of past events in her lifetime              – Rose Brudno
and her family.”                                                                             Whether patients eventually transition to hospice
                                               These days, Rose’s pain is controlled and     or back to their normal lives, the palliative care
Summa Social Worker Alissa Endicott also
                                               she is spending the winter in California      unit will be equipped to provide the necessary
spent time with Rose, trying to ease her
                                               with her daughter, Mindy. According to        care for patients and families to make those
anxiety and discourage her from
                                               Rose, her care through Summa’s Palliative     changes comfortable and controlled. To make
considering assisted suicide. But within
                                               Care and Hospice Program was a like a         a contribution to the creation of Summa’s Acute
about a month after her treatment began,
                                               miracle and Dr. Radwany is more than a        Palliative Care Unit, contact the Summa
Rose’s pain became manageable and her
                                               doctor. “He’s magic,” she said. “He’s given   Hospitals Foundation at 330-375-3159. x
mood brightened.
                                               me a great gift: pain-free time.” x

                                                                                                              foundations winter 2006       4
                                                       Student volunteers recognized
                                                       for valuable service to Summa
                                                       More than 90 people attended the 2005            special recognition for four consecutive
                                                       Student Recognition Dinner on Monday,            years of service were Jacquie Regis and
                                                       November 7. High school students who             Samantha Roy. Summa also honored
                                                       completed hours from September 1, 2004           students who completed 200 or more
                                                       through August 31, 2005 were the guests          lifetime hours of service. To find out how
      Tom Rosser, Akron City Hospital
                                                       of honor. Twenty-eight students and their        to become a volunteer, call the Volunteer
      volunteer, won a 13-inch color TV in
                                                       families attended the dinner prepared by         Department at 330-375-3247. x
      the door-prize drawing.
                                                       Summa Chef Tony Mohseninia. Receiving

                                                       Santa spreads cheer
                                                       at volunteer Holiday Brunch
                                                       Volunteers from Akron City Hospital              They also had an opportunity to sit on
                                                       enjoyed a festive Holiday Brunch hosted          Santa’s lap and tell him whether they
                                                       by the Volunteer Department. More than           were good all year. This year, Santa’s bag
                                                       200 hard-working Summa volunteers                of gifts was filled with beautiful beads –
                                                       gathered in December to enjoy a delicious        and money! No one minded that the $50
     (from left) Elf Marian Belisle, Santa Ted Kraft   brunch and spend time with their fellow          and $100 bills weren’t real – it’s the
     and elf Barb Neuhaser visit with RX: Dog          volunteers.                                      thought that counts. x
     Love volunteers Duncan and Chase.

      Summa volunteer honored for
      service in WWII and at Summa
      By Sheila Vandergriff
      Each day Dale Nixon comes to work as             veterans connected. One day, Dale brought
      a volunteer at Summa Health System is            in and shared his separation papers, which
      a special day in the Financial Analysis          listed numerous medals including the
      Department. A volunteer since 1980, Dale,        Distinguished Flying Cross.
      a humble and unassuming man, begins the
                                                       As Jeff learned more, he knew he needed          Jeff Schrader (left), Senior Financial Analyst
      day by wishing everyone a good morning.
                                                       to do something special for this volunteer       and veteran, presents Dale Nixon with a
      “Dale treats every day as a lifetime,” said      who had dedicated more than 14,000               wall hanging that included a picture of the
      Summa Senior Financial Analyst Jeff              hours to Summa. Jeff spent hours                 B-17 Dale flew as well as the medals he was
      Schrader. “He has a way of lifting the           researching and working with an Army Air         awarded for his service in World War II.
      spirit in the office.”                           Corps reunion group. Dale had flown 35
                                                                                                        with a beautiful wall hanging that included
                                                       missions over Germany, Austria, Italy and
      Each time they spoke, Jeff learned more                                                           a display of medals and insignia he was
                                                       Czechoslovakia and attained the rank of
      about Dale, and was interested to learn that                                                      awarded, and a photo of the B-17 Dale
                                                       First Lieutenant with the U.S. Army Air Corps.
      Dale was a World War II veteran pilot. Jeff                                                       once flew. It was their way of honoring
      was a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War        On Veterans Day, the finance department          Dale’s legacy of giving of himself and
      and, intrigued by their shared past, the two     honored Dale Nixon. Jeff presented him           cheerfully serving others. x

5 foundations winter 2006
Planned Giving Perspectives
Guest viewpoints on estate planning

                                Steve Cox is an attorney and partner in the Akron office of Roetzel & Andress.
                               He was recently selected as an “Ohio Super Lawyers - Rising Star” in the area of
                                      trusts and estates by Law & Politics Magazine and Cincinnati Magazine.

    By Steve Cox

   What is “planned giving”? The term has              During the initial stage of the process, it is     You can decide how the funds are to be used,
   become popular with estate planners,                important to identify the issues and causes        and you and your family can enjoy a feeling of
   financial advisors, and charitable                  important to you, and identify the organizations   pride as you see your gift in action.
   development officers, but what does it              that support those causes. It may be helpful
                                                                                                          Wills and trusts are commonly used to make
   mean? Planned giving is a process. It               to contact the organizations by telephone,
                                                                                                          gifts after death. Bequests to charities in your
   describes a way to manage your affairs,             visit their Web sites, and visit their offices
                                                                                                          will or trust can provide much needed funds
   plan for the future, and make the most of           in person. You may even want to talk to
                                                                                                          to charity at your death and save your heirs
   gifts to individuals and your favorite charities.   volunteers, or better yet, become a
                                                                                                          untold estate taxes. Some gifts in trust even
   Your planned giving goals, together with tax        volunteer yourself.
                                                                                                          provide you with an income tax deduction
   strategies and distributions to your family
                                                       Next, you should identify the level at which       and a source of income during your lifetime.
   and other individuals, should be considered
                                                       you want to support the organization. Will
   a part of your complete estate plan. When                                                              Whether the process involves lifetime gifts
                                                       your goals be best accomplished on a
   properly structured, your plan should allow                                                            or gifts made at death, a planned giving
                                                       local, national or international level? The
   you to accomplish your philanthropic goals                                                             program can help to transmit family values
                                                       organization’s development staff are often
   while affording you the opportunity to save                                                            along with the transfer of wealth. Family
                                                       helpful in providing information on which
   taxes and maintain a sound financial plan.                                                             members can be brought into the gift
                                                       you can base your decision.
                                                                                                          planning process to learn about your
   For those new to the process, planned
                                                       Finally, you must decide how much to give          charitable goals, your motivations and your
   giving may seem overwhelming. The jargon,
                                                       and how to make your gift. Determining the         dedication to a worthy cause. Funds bearing
   tax laws and financial relationships can be
                                                       amount and type of your gift will involve many     the family name or the name of a particular
   bewildering. Proper planning is important. In
                                                       factors and, understandably, is often the most     loved one may be established, and the
   fact, to emphasize the significant and active
                                                       difficult part of the process. Outright gifts      benefits could continue for generations.
   role planning should play in the process, many
                                                       of cash, stock, or other property, gifts made
   advisors now use the term “gift planning”                                                              Successful gift planning begins with the
                                                       in a will or trust, charitable gift annuities,
   when discussing the process with clients                                                               first step. Start by evaluating your goals,
                                                       charitable lead trusts and charitable
   and potential donors. With proper planning,                                                            discuss your goals with your advisors, and
                                                       remainder trusts are just some of the types
   the process is often simpler than it appears.                                                          consider making gift planning a family
                                                       of gifts you’re likely to hear about during
                                                                                                          project. Once you start the process, you
   Once you have decided that charitable gift          this part of the process.
                                                                                                          will be surprised how easily things fall into
   planning interests you, professional advisors
                                                       Again, however, it may be helpful to focus         place. For more information or assistance
   such as attorneys and accountants can be
                                                       on your personal goals and the “big picture.”      in taking the first step, contact Summa
   invaluable in helping you understand the
                                                       Gifts to charity can be made during your           Hospitals Foundation Major Gifts Officer
   technical aspects of the process. Additionally,
                                                       lifetime or deferred until your death. Both        Jean Gokorsch at 330-375-3083 or
   charities often have staff members ready to
                                                       types of gifts offer significant tax benefits. x
   provide you with information about their
   organizations and answer your questions.            Lifetime gifts offer both income tax and
   However, it is often beneficial for donors to       estate tax saving opportunities. However,
   step back from the technical and financial          they also offer a unique type of personal
   aspects of the process and focus on their           satisfaction. If structured properly, gifts
   personal goals.                                     made during a donor’s lifetime allow the
                                                       donor to see those funds at work.                                      foundations winter 2006        6
      In patient care, it’s the little things
      Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital nursing staff goes the extra mile to improve patient care

                                                                                                        Some members of the CFGH 3-W staff,
                                                                                                        (from left) Colleen Jewell, RN, Cheri Calfee,
                                                                                                        LPN, Karen Lindesmith, RN,Walt Abood,
                                                                                                        RN Manager, Angela Ferguson, CTA and
                                                                                                        Dawne Nester, CTA.

                                                                                                        throughout the hospital. The Nursing
                                                                                                        Practice Council, representing the hospital’s
                                                                                                        nursing staff, meets monthly and holds an
                                                                                                        annual retreat to determine care initiatives
      By Tim Greathouse
                                                                                                        that will be addressed the following year.
      Author Leo Buscaglia once wrote,“Too              The staff of 3-West believes simple
                                                                                                        Abood also notes the importance of
      often we underestimate the power of a             gestures can make the most impact. The
                                                                                                        continuing education. Several nurses on
      touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear,     floor’s family lounge was recently renovated,
                                                                                                        his floor have taken steps to achieve
      an honest compliment, or the smallest act         and a coffee machine and blanket warmer
                                                                                                        medical/surgical, orthopaedics and critical
      of caring, all of which have the potential        were added for patient and family use.
                                                                                                        care certifications.
      to turn a life around.”                           Even an ergonomic reorganization of the
                                                        stockroom allows nurses to answer patient       “Without a doubt, better nursing education
      Beyond the clinical care of patients, nurses
                                                        calls more quickly.                             will lead to better outcomes. However, most
      must infuse this art of caring into the patient
                                                                                                        patients don’t understand the clinical side
      experience. The nurses and staff of 3-West        The core of improving care on 3-West
                                                                                                        of their care – they do understand how
      at Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital are on         is open communication among the staff,
                                                                                                        they are treated as human beings,” said
      a quest to improve patient care through           Abood said. Patient survey results are
                                                                                                        Abood. “A successful clinical outcome can
      these small gestures.                             posted for the staff to review, and peer
                                                                                                        be overshadowed if a patient isn’t treated
                                                        reviews are also conducted regularly to
      According to Walt Abood, RN manager of                                                            with compassion and respect.”
                                                        encourage dialogue about patient care.
      3-West at Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital,
                                                                                                        Unhee Kim, chief nursing officer and vice
      his staff’s attention to these details is         Equally important is communication
                                                                                                        president of operations at Cuyahoga Falls
      beginning to show. But, it doesn’t happen         between nurses and patients, during and
                                                                                                        General Hospital, agrees. “The eagerness
      on its own, he said. “There has been a            after their hospital stay. Nurses write the
                                                                                                        of our nursing staff to develop their skills
      steady increase in patient satisfaction,”         day and date on boards in each room,
                                                                                                        and provide better care for patients is
      Abood said. “But only since we began to           with the name of the patient’s nurse and
                                                                                                        abundant – but the cost is often prohibitive,”
      focus our attention on it.”                       technician. Upon discharge, they receive a
                                                                                                        said Kim. “However, support from donors
                                                        letter from Abood in their discharge packet
      Abood sees a sharper increase than most                                                           to our nursing scholarship fund has allowed
                                                        inviting them to call him with questions or
      hospitals, due to their focus on patient care,                                                    a large percentage of our nurses to
                                                        concerns. He then calls each patient
      and the nature of community hospitals in                                                          receive additional training.”
                                                        following discharge to ask about their
                                                        symptoms, pain management, prescriptions        For information on supporting nursing
      “Patients and their families tend to feel         and understanding of their discharge            scholarships at Cuyahoga Falls General
      better about their experience in a smaller        instructions.                                   Hospital, call the CFGH Foundation office
      community hospital setting,” he said.                                                             at 330-971-7363. x
                                                        The improvements to patient care on
                                                        3-West are a snapshot of improvements

7 foundations winter 2006
Supporters don hard hats to tour
Ann and David Brennan Critical Care Center
New center to open its doors to critical care patients in April

Throughout the 2005-2006 winter, the          spoke about the structural and mechanical
Summa Hospitals Foundation hosted a           aspects of the building. Tour attendees,
series of hard-hat tours for donors and       including members of Summa’s three
supporters to view the Ann and David          women’s boards and donors who will be
Brennan Critical Care Center as it began      honored on permanent recognition pieces,
to take shape. Summa’s Facilities             wore hard hats to tour the main lobby area
Construction and Turner Construction          as well as the first floor patient area, which
representatives guided the tours and          will house the Coronary Care Unit. x

                                                                                               Summa Hospitals Foundation Board
                                                                                               Chair Ann Brennan, for whom the
                                                                                               Ann and David Brennan Critical Care
                                                                                               Center is named, gets her first peek
Summa volunteers and employees (from left) Marlene Campbell, Kathy Lane,
                                                                                               inside the building during a personal
Linda Racher, Lew Rader, Laura Hnat,William Helmkamp, Elizabeth Helmkamp and
                                                                                               hard-hat tour.
Gwen Rader brave the December cold to get a glimpse inside the new center.

                                                                                          Prior to his unexpected death in 2004,
The late Harry H. Leuchtag, M.D. will                                                     Sheldon Traeger, M.D. was a driving force
receive permanent recognition for support                                                 behind the founding of a new critical care
of the new critical care center. (from                                                    facility at Summa. Attending a hard-hat
left) His granddaughter, Heather Milicevic,                                               tour of the roughly 75 percent complete
and son, Donald Leuchtag, Jr. visit with                                                  building is Dr.Traeger’s family, including
                                              Akron City Hospital Women’s Auxiliary
Summa Health System President and                                                         (from left) son, Dan; mother, Shirley;
                                              Board members Wilma Pohly (foreground)
CEO Tom Strauss and Summa’s Nursing                                                       brother Ken; widow, Barb; sister-in-law,
                                              and Louise Coyle become a part of Summa
Resources Director Debbie Smith before                                                    Deborah; and niece, Stephanie.
                                              history as they sign their names on drywall
taking a tour of the center.                  in the center’s main lobby.

                                                                                                                 foundations winter 2006   8
      Honor and Memorial Gifts
      For gifts received from October 1, 2005 through December 31, 2005

      Gifts made in honor of:                 Gifts made in memory of:                  Keith G. Cantine, Jr. by                   * Mary P. Fry by
                                                                                         Medical Staff of Summa Health System        Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Apostle
       Catherine A. Bronson by                 * Thomas R. Ainscough by                                                              Angelo J. Battaglia
        Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Rose              Mr. and Mrs. Warren Whitney            Dr. Richard H. Champion by                   Mr. and Mrs. Bryan J. Berger
                                                                                         Medical Staff of Summa Health System        Mark Betlejewski
       * Dr. R. Daniel Cevasco, Jr. by         Philip G. Barnes by
         Hospice Staff                          Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hemphill         * Ernest H. Coates by                        Victoria L. Blazic
                                                                                          Jill L. Berenyi                            Coworkers of Tim Fry
       Dr. and Mrs. T. Clifford Deveny by      * Dr. Seymour H. Baron by                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Doutt
        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Deveny, III       Mary Jane Baron                        Jean B. Cooper by                            Mr. and Mrs. James Duffy
                                                                                         Milton N. Cooper, D.D.S. (Cooper            The Fowler Family
       Dr. J. Patrick Flanagan by              * Stephen A. Barry, Jr. by                  Family Fund)
        Mr. and Mrs. David F. LaBate             Staff and Physicians of Advanced                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Gerleman
                                                    Urology Associates – Akron Office   James M. Cotter by                           Kathryn Giammarco
       Jean and Greg Foust by                    Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Booth              Mrs. James M. Cotter                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Golias
        Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Repetti          Fannie Buzzelli                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Grabowski
                                                                                        * Jerry W. Dean by                           Harborside Healthcare
       * Dr. and Mrs. Scott Hall by              John and Susanne Callahan and Family     Mr. and Mrs. Michael D’Amore
                                                 Patricia A. Campbell                                                                Sylvia Hauck
         Norm and Denise Wells                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Jan Falcone
                                                 Margaret Conly                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hoisington, II
       * Hospice of Summa by                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Folb               Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Holcomb
                                                 Joe and Patty Dragan                     Tom, Diane and Jordan Renner
         Family of Bernice Marks:                Shirley Elliott                                                                     Dora and Annette Karr
          Judy and Dick Newman                                                            Dr. and Mrs. William R. Roush              Mr. and Mrs. Harry Karr
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Firth             Mr. and Mrs. Rodney W. Wilcox
          Tammy and Dean Culp                    Jim and Kathy Fisher and Family                                                     Pat Karr-Segal
                                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. James E. Wilson               Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Lansu
       Dr. Walter A. Hoyt, Jr. by                Fraternal Order of Police Associate
                                                   Lodge 6                              * Carmela Demasi by                          Angela Laurenty
        Beverly I. Cedrone-Meckes                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Laurenty
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. George Helmstedter          Mr. and Mrs. Frank Arthur
       Ted Kraft by                              Mr. and Mrs. LaRoy A. Jacquet            Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bartzi               Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation
         Mr. and Mrs. David M. Wilson            Elaine Kurzinger +                       Kay Corsaro                                Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Lessem
                                                 Jennie Laconi                            Nick C. Demasi                             Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Linton
       Betty and Walt Marquart by                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Magda
        Mr. and Mrs. George D. Klingelsmith      Dot Reed                                 The Tony Demasi Family
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stich                Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Fraiya               Medical Mutual/Antares Management
       Dr. Erwin A. Maseelall by                 Mr. and Mrs. Claude L. Stone             Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Frammartino         Solutions
        Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Sweet               William W. Wilcox and Family             Fred R. Guerra                             Medina County Achievement Center,
                                                                                          Toni Hoza                                   Transportation Department
       * John Mastrojohn, III, RN by           * William A. Beatty by                                                                Esther Pucillo
                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Korycan
         Hospice Staff                           Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Coburn                                                        Rose M. Spremulli
                                                                                          Barbara R. Laughlin
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wheeler            Mr. and Mrs. Walter Macesich               Dr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Stolarski
       Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Pavloff by
        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Deveny, III                                                Colleen L. Manning                         Mr. and Mrs. Dean M. Willmer
                                               Dr. Charles J. Berg by
                                                                                          Jim and Jamie Rathbun                      Women of the Moose, Chapter #986
                                                Medical Staff of Summa Health System
       * Dr. Steven M. Radwany by                                                         Phil and Cherie Rathbun
         Hospice Staff                                                                                                             * Barbara Gallagher by
                                               * Maxine M. Bias by
                                                                                        * Kimberly S. Denholm by                     APSCO Incorporated
                                                 Chemical Bank & Trust Company
       Dr. Joseph D. Redle by                                                             Matthew Fowler
        Mr. + and Mrs. Harold R. Funk                                                                                              Howard L. Ginaven by
                                               * Edna M. Bishop by                        Thomas C. Grobaski                        Women’s Auxiliary Board of
                                                 Bud and Darlene Biller                   Dr. Michael A. Jack and Staff
       Dr. Charles W. Reynolds by                                                                                                    Akron City Hospital
                                                 Bill and Janet Dolan
        Anonymous                                                                       * Kathleen A. Doherty, RN by
                                                 Ailene and David Heatwole                                                         * Betty A. Goff by
       Dr. James K. Salem by                     Curt and Carla Heisa                     Mr. and Mrs. Jere Doherty                  Rev. and Mrs. Michael Shaub
        Anonymous                                Mrs. Kathryn Howells                   * William C. Eakin by
                                                 Dan, Alta and Lane Lemasters                                                      * Mildred E. Griffith by
       Albert Schmitt, Jr. by                                                             Mr. and Mrs. John B. Costigan              Mr. and Mrs. Owen Griffith
                                                 Loreta Lilly                             The Cunningham, Wagoner and
         Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schmitt                Bill and Diana Oliver                     Graham Families                         Thomas D. Griffths by
       Senior Management Team –                  Delmar Pursley                           CCS/ED Team of FirstEnergy Corporation    Jan Jones
        Summa Health System by                   Al and Debra Schrader                    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hull                 VP 69 1st Class Association
        Ann and David Brennan                    Bernice L. Speegle                       Patricia A. Marsico                      * Mary A. Hall by
       Thomas J. Strauss by                    Wright Bronson, Jr. by                     Mr. and Mrs. James R. Martin               Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Eisenman
        Premier                                 Mr. and Mrs. Sydney E. Gregory            Mr. and Mrs. James E. Smith                Joe and Valerie Falen
                                                Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Rose               Dr. and Mrs. William D. Smucker            Chris Major
       Dr. R. Douglas Trochelman by                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Thomas             Mr. and Mrs. Dale Roberts
        Susan and Jonathan Pavloff             * William S. Brooks by                     The Yoho and Miller Families
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Harris                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Schiedel
       Dr. Scott D. Weiner by                    James M. Lindsey                       Nancy L. Fisher by                           Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. West, II
        Mr. and Mrs. David F. LaBate                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hemphill              Emily J. Hemphill by
                                               * Robert L. Brown by
       Dr. Michael D. Wells by                   Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.        * Mary L. Fox by                            Mrs. Sue R. McKenzie
        Mr. + and Mrs. Harold R. Funk                                                     Ann M. Fox                               Robert R. Hemphill by
                                               Norma R. Burkhard by                       Josephine M. Hafner
       Michael G. Wojno by                      Elizabeth M. Alloe                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kruder
        Robert B. and Regina Cooper                                                       Barbara J. Hummel                         Mrs. Sue R. McKenzie
                                               * Jennie Burosky by                        Helen Hunkele                             Susan and Jonathan Pavloff
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Carnahan             Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lane                Women’s Auxiliary Board of
                                                 The Carnegie Body Company                Mrs. Marsia L. Molli                       Akron City Hospital
                                                 Carrie and Jo Ann K. Westphal            Mr. and Mrs. John L. Romano
                                                                                          Mrs. Eileen Salem                        Katherine A. Hunt by
                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Willard D. Thomas            Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Repetti

9 foundations winter 2006
  * Edward L. James by                                * Kathleene Null by                                * Sanford N. Schrock by                          * Robert E. Velka by
    Mrs. Edward L. James                                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Cardoni, Jr.                Mrs. Margaret E. Brocht                          Ellery, Carl and Greer Langkamp
                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Matasich                        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Grew
  * Louis E. Johnson, Jr. by                            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Stroh                      Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Grubb                    * Eva M. Voll by
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Abbott                                                                           Matthew D. Gute                                  Fred Harkins
    Anonymous                                         * Ronald W. Pryor by                                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Hagerty
    Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. LaBelle                       Advanced Engineering &                                                                            John E. Warner by
                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Hanna                   Eleanor M. Humphrey
    Janet Lee Miller                                     Manufacturing Company Inc.                        Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. High
                                                        Anonymous (3)                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Kostoff
  * Frank J.G. Kalapodis by                                                                                Alva J. Nicholson                               Women’s Auxiliary Board of
                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Emil O. Barsan                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Scalia, Jr.
    Becky Benz                                          Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Crookston                                                                        Akron City Hospital
  * Roy M. Martin, Jr. by                               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cully                        * Gladys H. Scovern by                           Leslie A. Warren by
    Otis and Pauline Moyers                             Charlotte M. Gillis                                Susan S. Sorboro                                Women’s Auxiliary Board of
     Judy and Dan, David and Denise                     Carol Hastman                                                                                        Akron City Hospital
                                                        Lynn Hastman                                     * William J. Seders, Sr. by
    Donald R. Hicks                                                                                        Jim and Cathy Bartzi
    John Stouffer                                       Mrs. Patricia M. Hastman                                                                          * David A. Watts by
                                                        Richard E. and Sharon O. Holle                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald Frank                        Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cantrell
  * Ray C. McDaniel by                                  Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Paris                      Daniel and Judy Hoynes and Family                Mr. and Mrs. Richard Z. Cruickshank
    Mr. and Mrs. George R. Droder                       Harold R. Pryor and Family                         The Maltempi Family                              Nan Guagliardo
    Gwynn R. Ennis                                      Mr. and Mrs. Todd Schopp                           Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Milchak, Jr.              Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Lohman
    Special Services Staff at                                                                              Mr. and Mrs., Russell D. Minick                  Don, Lynne and Zack Marksz
     Ravenna City Schools                             * William C. Richards, Jr. by                        Norton OAPSE Local #167                          Mr. and Mrs. George I. Watts
    Schuster Electronics Inc.                           Anonymous                                          Mrs. William J. Seders, Sr.                      Mrs. David A. Watts
                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Bender                      David Seders Family and VCDS                     Joyce West
  Julian M. McGee, Jr. by                               Mr. and Mrs. William C. Boss                       Mr. and Mrs. James L. Szittai
   Susan and Jonathan Pavloff                           William C. Boss, II                                                                               Sadie M. Welch by
                                                        Ann and David Brennan                            * Russell F. Siddall by                           Charles W. Welch, Sr.
  Delores Miller by                                                                                        Mrs. Russell F. Siddall
   Susan L. Miller                                      Mrs. Wright Bronson, Jr.                                                                          * Dorothy C. Will by
                                                        Mr. and Mrs. David L. Carlos                     * Robert E. Smith by                               Charles H. Gunter
  * Helen K. Miller by                                  Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Chupek                         Extruded Silicone Products Inc.                  Janice D. Pendleton
    Elaine L. Bambach                                   Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Clark                         Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Gillespie                    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Poetter
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Bambach                        Mary Ellen Fairfield                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Williams
    The Brickley Family                                 Fairlawn Country Club                            Dr. John A. Soquel by
                                                                                                          Medical Staff of Summa Health System              Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Zubres
    Leona Brown                                         Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Gibson
    Mr. and Mrs. Ted L. Buczkiewicz                     Robert C. Gross                                  * Victoria Spoonster by                          John W. Will, Sr. by
    Nick and Connie Cistone                             Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hemphill                    Rob and Cheryl Mains                            John and Jo-Nell Martin
    Dickenson and Associates                            Barbara Hiney                                      Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Verbeck
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Eiskamp                                                                                                                        * Alan D. Willard by
                                                        The House of LaRose                                                                                 Newburgh Church of Christ
    Sue A. Evans                                        Mr. and Mrs. Leon Jenkins                        * Margaret A. Steinly by
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Feola                                                                           Sarah J. Bennett                                 Mrs. Eva Willard
                                                        Richard R. Kesti
    FirstMerit Bank, Cleveland Office                   Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Kleidon                     Mr. and Mrs. M. Bruce Boyd                     Eva J. Williams-Thomas by
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Fischer                     Donna and Al Loomis                                Susan Colando                                   The House of LaRose
    Dotti Foltz                                         Mr. and Mrs. John D. May                           Paul Galley
    Hankook Tire                                                                                           Mrs. George Goodman                            * Charmaine A. Wojtkowski by
                                                        Marlene Miller and David Pryor
    Harris Williams & Company                                                                              Bonnie M. Groves                                 Lydia K. Heiser
                                                        Thomas, Linda and Florence Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hissong                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E, Harman                    Sigmund Wojtkowski
                                                        Mrs. Donald M. O’Neil
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim B Kelley                           Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pennline                      Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Keith                   * Theresa Wolbier by
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lowe                         Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Pugh, II                       Douglass H. Mercer                               Mr. And Mrs. Fergus L. Rosbotham
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Miller                      Roger and Judy Read                                Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Seibel
    Richard E. Miller                                   Peggy A. Schobert                                                                                 * Edgar W. Wood by
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Murdough, Jr.                                                                 *Carl A. Stonitsch, Jr. by                         VFW Ladies Auxiliary Akron Airport
                                                        Mrs. Harry P. Stitzlein                            Frank and Nancy Bauer
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Nunney                       Summa Health System                                                                                  No. 8975
    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Parsanko                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Angelo S. Fortunato
                                                         Board of Directors                                Mr. and Mrs. Benny B. Pelligra                 * Alice E. Wooding by
    Ellen T. Pretorius                                  Summa Hospitals Foundation                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Franklin S. Bures
    Mr. and Mrs. William W. Pritchard                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. John M. Seman
                                                         Board of Directors                                Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Starner                   Drs. Tere and Joe Koenig
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman A Prulhiere                     Mrs. Hilary W. Vaughn                                                                               Joseph P. Myers, M.D. and
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Schaffner                     Jerry F. Whitmer                                 * Dr. Sheldon M. Traeger by                         Gwendolyn E. Hughes, M.D.
    Step2 Company                                                                                          Anonymous                                        Melinda Phinney, M.D.
    Step2 Corporation                                 * Barbara J. Russell by                              Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hilton
                                                        AAC Auxiliary                                                                                       The Doctors Radwany
    Ruth A Wagner                                                                                          Rob and Cheryl Mains                             Summit County Geriatricians
    The Ware Family                                     Daniel E. Bailey                                   Raymond and Susan Mattucci
      Dick, Genia and Nancy                             Staff at Findley Academy                           Ellen M. Prewitt                               Lois A. Yeakley by
    Judith Yanowitz and Harry Hochheiser                Mr. and Mrs. Mike Galliher                         John and Linda Racher                           Elizabeth M. Alloe
                                                        The William Glymph Family                          Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Repetti                 Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hemphill
  Guy W. Minnick by                                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Phillips
   Dr. Cathy A. Torcasio                                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Ted F. Shaub
                                                        Riley M. Russell                                   Mrs. Sheldon M. Traeger
                                                        Mr. and Mrs. C. David Snell                        Daniel S. Traeger
                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Struble                    Joanna Traeger
                                                                                                           Ken Traeger, Deborah Traeger,                 + denotes deceased
                                                                                                            Stephanie Traeger and Jessica Traeger
                                                                                                           Mrs. Shirley B. Traeger                       * denotes gifts designated to
                                                                                                           James A. Wilson, M.D.                           the Hospice of Summa fund

If you no longer wish to receive materials containing information about upcoming events, medical breakthroughs, fundraising, or special opportunities,
please write to the foundation office. All reasonable efforts will be taken to ensure that your name is removed from the foundation’s mailing list.               foundations winter 2006         10
Save the Date!
 Comfort Zone                                                       Day at the Races
 Saturday, February 25                                              Friday, May 12
 Slip into the “Comfort Zone,” one of Greater Akron’s premier       Thistledown Race Track
 in-home dining experiences. All proceeds directly benefit          Come bet on a winner at the 46th annual Day at the Races
 Summa’s Palliative Care and Hospice Services for the               sponsored by the Women’s Board of St. Thomas Hospital on
 establishment of an Acute Palliative Care Unit. Celebrating its    May 12 at Thistledown Race Track. Founded in 1961, Day at
 fifth year, this unique event allows guests to enjoy distinctive   the Races benefits programs at St. Thomas Hospital and the
 dining in some of the most prestigious homes in Akron and          Beacon Journal Charity Fund. For more information, call
 beyond. Each host home offers a different theme and unique         Margo Martin at 330-379-5595.
 cuisine. For more information, call Joyce Clark at 330-379-9802.
                                                                    The Rummage Sale
 19th annual Iris Ball and Cotillion                                Saturday, May 20
 Saturday, March 18                                                 Summit County Fairgrounds
 Crowne Plaza Quaker Station                                        An Akron tradition... make a point to attend the Spring
 The Iris Ball recognizes young women for their leadership and      rummage sale presented by the Women’s Auxiliary Board of
 commitment to their school and community. The ball also is a       Akron City Hospital. Great prices are available on everything
 fundraiser for Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital programs for        from furniture to electronics to fine art. For more information,
 community health and education. Tickets are $100. For more         call 330-375-3873.
 information, call 330-971-7409.
                                                                    The Sapphire Ball
                                                                    Saturday, September 16
 Men Who Cook                                                       Hilton Akron/Fairlawn
 Friday, April 28
 Akron Zoo – Komodo Kingdom Education Center                        Don’t miss this elegant black-tie event! The evening
 Sample eclectic edibles from some of Greater Akron’s most          includes cocktails, dinner, dancing and much more. Funds
 recognizable faces. These amateur chefs and bakers create          raised from this elegant affair benefit Summa Health
 samples of their favorite recipes for guests to enjoy. All         System‘s Acute Palliative Care Services. For more
 proceeds benefit Summa’s Community Education and                   information, call Laura Hnat at 330-375-6357.
 Screening Department providing ongoing education and
 screenings to improve men’s health. For more information,                   The Summa Hospitals Foundation staff
 call 330-375-7950.                                                   can provide more information on any of these events.
                                                                                Please call us at 330-375-3159.

                                                                                                             Nonprofit Organization
                                                                                                              U.S. Postage Paid
   525 East Market St.                                                                                           Akron, Ohio
      P.O. Box 2090                                                                                             Permit No. 83
  Akron, OH 44309-2090

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