Starting a Motivational Speaker Business

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					Starting a Motivational Speaker Business

Whenever corporations, business establishments and other organizations have an event, seminar or
function they must hire a motivational speaker to help motivate and inspire their audience or guests.
You can put up a business that caters to these clients so that they can easily choose and hire
motivational speakers for the event they are organizing. As you start out remember to look for
motivational speakers who are exceptionally best at what they do and hire them to be part of your firm
that books these speakers for such events.

Start off by advertising your business around your location and subsequently advertise on the web for
anyone who is looking to hire a motivational speaker for their event or seminar. Be sure that you have in
your booking list the best motivational speakers in town. And always remember that you are the one
doing the booking so be sure that the client specifies exactly what kind of motivational speaker he/she is
looking for. Also ask the client what topics they want the speaker to concentrate on and get a little info
about who the guests are and who the audience members are.

Remember that when you are hiring these speakers to your firm be sure that their bookings go through
you first. You will be the one booking and preparing the necessary arrangements for your speaker
should he/she fly in or travel to another state. This saves the speaker the hassles of booking their flights
or renting a car to get to the event or function. You will also need to have a small staff to become your
speakers’ assistant so that they can go with the speaker to the event and cater to their needs as soon as
possible. The speakers’ assistant will also be the ones to inform you should anything go wrong with the
booking or the presentation.

One thing you can also do is to let your speaker plug in the name of your firm at the end of his
presentation or even before he begins. This is to make sure that many people recognize your firm and
will contact you for bookings and for reservations. Your business will be like a travel agency booking and
reserving the flights beforehand. Also at the end of the presentation be sure that the assistant that you
have assigned to your speaker will hand out contact numbers or flyers that will advertise your firm so
that it will be recognize.

The more you rake in client bookings the more your little firm becomes successful. But remember that it
is all thanks to the speakers that are hired for the presentation that your firm is a success. Have an ad
that will say that you hire motivational speakers and do the bookings for them or perhaps help them
find clients. This is a perfect way of discovering new motivators that have the skill to truly inspire as well
as motivate other individuals into performing better and functioning better in society.

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