MPL – The Airline

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					An Airline View of MPL

       Brian Watt
  Head of Crew Training

MPL – The Airline


     The ATPL syllabus is outdated and requires MCC and JOC elements
     prior to Type Rating course
     Single pilot training has limited benefit
     Need to train TEM and CRM concepts at a much earlier stage and to
     a much higher level
     MPL is truly an airline orientated course

MPL – The Airline

   Tailored Training

     Early introduction to flybe sops
     Training tailored to the demonstrated needs of the airline.
     Direct feedback of competence data to the MPL course.

MPL – The Airline

  Competency Based Training

     Training and checking is based on standardised levels of competency rather
     than merely completing the required course and tests.

MPL – The Airline

   Commercial - Retention

     Flybe pilots from the outset of their training.
     Initially – operator focussed.
     Longer period of bonding – until a command level of experience is attained.

MPL – The Airline

  Possible Funding

     The course and licence is utterly vocational – there will be no PPL included.
     The subsequent employment will almost certainly be UK based.
     Integration of the MPL into a full degree course brings recognition by
     awarding bodies.

MPL – Flybe/FTE

  Characteristics of Flybe/FTE MPL Course

     Integrated Theoretical Knowledge Instruction (TKI).
       Core Phase – JAR TKI integrated with flying.
       Basic Phase – 5 days TKI (associated technical and multi-crew skills).
       Intermediated Phase – 5 days TKI (associated technical and multi-crew skills).
       Advanced Phase – 12 days TKI (type specific).
     Core Phase - Single pilot basic flying skills, CRM and TEM.
       MEP flying covering asymmetric handling, landing techniques and procedural IF.
       3 hours upset training.
     Basic Phase - Flybe SOPs introduced. Development of CRM and TEM in
     multi-crew environment.
     Intermediate Phase – Further development of CRM and TEM in non-normal
     situations and LOFT exercises.
     Advanced Phase – Type specific training including 12 T/O and landings.

MPL – Flybe/OAA

  Characteristics of the OAA MPL

    Multi crew procedures introduced after 50 hours flight training - Core phase
    Flybe SOP’s introduced - Intermediate phase
    5 Hours upset training in the Zlin - Core phase
    2 Hours upset training in the CRJ200 FNPT II - Basic phase
    MEP element to cover asymmetric flight using the PA34 - Core phase
    First Officer Fundamentals Course - Core phase
    Foundation Degree in Air Transport Management - Core & Basic phases
    ATPL theoretical knowledge revisited - Core & Basic phases
    SPA Safety net

MPL – The Risks

  The Risks?

     Commercial – the Airline recruitment
     The student


  MPL – The Future...

      Must retain flexibility to address and meet the needs of the partner operator
      Must meet or exceed the standards delivered by the existing ATPL
      Must not exceed the cost of the existing ATPL
      Should provide a path to easier and wider funding of airline pilot training
      Promises to produce safer airline pilots

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