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                   FORUM        Community College of Allegheny County

Women’s Regional Softball Champs!
                                                                                                                                                            Summer II Edition
                                                                                                                                                              July 9, 2010

                                                                                                                                                            F O R U M
                                                                                                                                                            1750 Clairton Road
                                                                                                                                                            W. Mifflin, PA 15122
                                                                                                                                                             LAYOUT & DESIGN
                                                                                                                                                                    Aaron Kendeall
                                                                                                                                                                     Media Advisor

Finishing on Top                                                                                                                                             EDITORIAL POLICY
Members of the CCAC South Campus Women’s Softball team pose with their 2010 NJCAA Regional Championship. (Pictures courtesy of
Amy Hirsh).                                                                                                                                              The FORUM is the student-written
                                                                                                                                                         newspaper of CCAC South Campus and
                                                                                                                                                         it is pubilshed as a service to the campus
                                                    Rochester, Minnesota which consisted of           Hirsh said that she will be moving on to the       community. Opinions expressed herein
By Jan Tomasko                                      eight teams in a double elimination format.       California University of Pennsylvania next         are not necessarily those of CCAC
Sports Writer/A&E Editor                            Participating in the tournament alongside the     academic year and is considering furthering        administration, facutly, staff or student
                                                    Tigers were teams from Pennsylvania, West         her softball career at the next level.             body. The FORUM welcomes letters-
                                                    Virginia, and Maryland. “                            Coach Adams states he is “currently look-       to-the-editor. Any letter intended for
    Something must be in the water at CCAC                                                                                                               publication must include the writer’s
South campus. Whatever it is has to be                 “The tournament was awesome,” said             ing for players for next season for there will
                                                    sophomore first baseman and pitcher Amy           be a fall schedule of games for the first time.”   name, number and college affliliation
helping student athletes here develop into                                                                                                               i f a n y. A l l l e t t e r s m a y b e s u b j e c t
champions. Early this year, the CCAC South          Hirsh. “We were surprised, honestly, that         Any female student interested may try out; a
                                                    we made it that far. Even Coach [Adams]           full time commitment is not required. On the       to editing. Letters may be mailed,
Campus Baseball Tigers captured their fourth                                                                                                             e-mailed, or dilivered in person to
consecutive PCAA State Championship in              was surprised. But once we got there we           average, only one practice per week during
                                                    were able to compete with the best teams          the season and three days a week of practice       the FORUM c/o Aaron Kendeall (see
2009.                                                                                                                                                    above for complete mailing address).
   Now it appears to be the Women’s Soft-           from all over.”                                   during the offseason.
                                                       “It was fantastic to come out on top,” said       Despite the laid back involvement require-      The FORUM also welcomes guest
ball Tigers turn. After emerging as Regional                                                                                                             commentary and short stories. Please
Champions by recently defeating a team from         Valerie Bordogna, South Campus Catcher.           ments, Hirsh still believes that South Campus
                                                    “We were the underdogs of the whole region,       Softball will make a lasting impression on         submit any above by the last Monday
Westmoreland Community College for the                                                                                                                   of the month prior to publication. The
illustrious title, the team went on to Min-         so to come out on top like that, it was just      her. She points to the story of the team’s
                                                    amazing. I’ve been waiting for an experi-         underdog win against rivals Westmoreland           editor reserves the right to edit any and
nesota to participate in the NJCAA National                                                                                                              all submitted copy.
Tournament.                                         ence like that for as long as I’ve been playing   to qualify for the National Tournament as
   “The team fought hard,” said Women’s             softball.”                                        an example.
Softball and Basketball Coach George Ad-               Hirsh is the team’s only sophomore, with          “I pitched the winning strike-out,” said
ams. “I’m really proud of the way they pulled       the remainder of the players comprised of
together.”                                          freshmen. That means next season, the team        See SOFTBALL, Page 5
   In May, the Women’s Fast-Pitch team              will have a solid nucleus of returning ath-
competed in a full five -day tournament in          letes with game and tournament experience.

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                                                                                      Ben Ross sums up the roller coaster
                                                                                            that is the World Cup
                                                                                                                                         Jan T
                                                                                                                                                    ko re
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 PAGE 2                                                                                                                                                                   Summer II, 2010

    CCAC introduces                                                                                      Honors Program students
    Homeland Security                                                                                      awarded scholarship
   The Community College of Allegheny              CCAC’s Public Safety Institute.
County will offer a Homeland Security de-             CCAC’s associate’s degree comprises 61
gree beginning this fall. The associate’s          to 63 credits and will take two years full-
degree and a related certificate program will      time. The certificate is 22 credits over two
train public safety professionals in a wide        semesters. Both will be offered as part of the
range of emergency scenarios in a post-9/11        Criminal Justice departments at Allegheny,
world.                                             Boyce and South campuses.
   “CCAC is committed to developing                   “These courses may be of particular inter-
homeland security professionals for the local      est to local public safety personnel looking to
region and nationally,” said Alex Johnson,         advance their careers,” said Gregory Joyce,
CCAC president. “These programs will ad-           associate professor of Criminal Justice at
dress the need for specific homeland security      CCAC–Boyce campus in Monroeville. “They
credentials for existing personnel as well as      will also appeal to local fire and police depart-
replacing retirees from a graying workforce        ments seeking to better prepare their staffs for
in federal, state and local emergency manage-      unforeseen events and circumstances—not
ment agencies.”                                    just terrorism but also floods, snowstorms
   There are more than 30,000 emergency            and other weather emergencies.”
service providers in the Region 13 area,               CCAC’s curriculum was developed in
which covers 13 counties in southwestern           collaboration with the Region 13 Homeland
Pennsylvania. Last year, the Region 13 Coun-       Security Initiative representing local, state
ter-Terrorism Task Force circulated a letter of    and federal emergency responders as well as
understanding on collaboration for education       the Pittsburgh Regional Business Coalition
and training that was signed by CCAC and           for Homeland Security, which consists of
other colleges in the region. Since then, the      approximately 50 employers including the
                                                                                                                                                          Pittsburgh to earn her Bachelor’s degree and
task force has created a regional network in       University of Pittsburgh Medical Center,
                                                                                                                                                          pursue a career as a guidance counselor.
which community colleges will offer access         Verizon, PNC Bank, Westinghouse Electric               CCAC Honors Program students awarded
                                                                                                                                                             Svetlana Suvorova attends Allegheny
to courses culminating in a Homeland Secu-         Company and NOVA Chemicals.                         Leadership in Honors Scholarship
                                                                                                                                                          Campus and will graduate from the Nursing
rity certificate or associate’s degree.               Pittsburgh is a Department of Homeland              The CCAC Honors Program is pleased
                                                                                                                                                          program in May 2011. She plans to transfer
   “Graduates of this program may seek em-         Security (DHS) designated Urban Area Se-            to announce the winners of four full-tuition
                                                                                                                                                          to the University of Pittsburgh to major in
ployment as homeland security professionals        curity Initiative (UASI) Tier II city, one of       Leadership in Honors Scholarships for the
                                                                                                                                                          Molecular Biology and then continue onto
in various fields, including border, airport       53 cities that receive special funding to pur-      2010-2011 academic year. The winners are
                                                                                                                                                          graduate school for medicine.
and seaport security as well as intelligence,                                                          Jason Lee Crone, Megan Hennessy, Shannon
                                                                                                                                                             Leadership in Honors Scholarships are
technology security and disaster or emer-          See HOMELAND, Page 5                                Ritchie, and Svetlana Suvorova.
                                                                                                                                                          competitive full-tuition scholarships awarded
gency response,” said Jill Oblak, director of                                                             Jason Lee Crone attends South Campus
                                                                                                                                                          to returning CCAC Honors students who
                                                                                                       and will graduate from CCAC in May 2011
                                                                                                                                                          have been actively engaged in the CCAC
                                                                                                       with an Associate’s degree in Psychology. He
                                                                                                                                                          Honors Program. The Leadership Scholars
                                                                                                       will transfer to the University of Pittsburgh in
                                                                                                                                                          will assume leadership roles on their cam-
 South Campus’ ‘D-Man’ takes radio                                                                     the fall of 2011 to earn a Bachelor’s degree
                                                                                                       and plans to become counseling psycholo-
                                                                                                                                                          puses and participate in Honors Leadership
                                                                                                                                                          I and Leadership II weekend seminars. The
  by storm in Co-Op with Star 100.7
                                                                                                                                                          courses develop the students’ leadership
                                                                                                          Megan Hennessy attends North Campus as
                                                                                                                                                          and interpersonal skills through the study of
                                                                                                       a Teacher Education Early Childhood/Special
                                                                                                                                                          leadership theory, literature and historical
                                                                                                       Education major. She hopes to graduate and
Elsie Boucek                                          Dusty’s feedback from Taylor and Star                                                               documents and film as a means of analyzing
                                                                                                       transfer to Edinboro University to earn a
South Campus Employment Specialist                 100.7 was extremely positive. She shared                                                               leadership principles in action.
                                                                                                       Bachelor’s degree.
                                                   a long list of his accomplishments, the most                                                              If you would like more information about
                                                                                                          Shannon Ritchie attends Boyce Campus
                                                   impressive of which was the fact that he came                                                          Honors at CCAC or the Leadership in Honors
                                                                                                       and will graduate from CCAC in May 2011
   This past term, one lucky South Campus          to work every day with a smile on his face.                                                            scholarship, please call (412) 469-4303 or
                                                                                                       with an Associate’s degree in Psychology.
student earned the opportunity to break into          Making this story even more incredible is                                                           e-mail
                                                                                                       She plans to transfer to the University of
radio broadcast industry with a little help        the fact that D-Man has cerebral palsy and
from the Theatre Department and Career             his parents were told he would never walk.
Services.                                          However, he never let his handicap stand in
   Dusty Costa was signed up for a co-op           his way. Now, he walks in his D-man shoes.
experience in his Technical Theater major.         Literally, Dusty wears shoes with “D-Man”
He had decided radio was in his blood and          printed on the back.
had signed on with John Hartwell at Star              Dusty has a story to tell and hopes to be-
100.7 Radio. His initial task was to research      come an inspirational speaker. He recently
rival stations.                                    said that he has three things to live by: “Be-
   “The more you know about the opposition,        lieve. No limitations. Prove people wrong.”
the better off you are,” was the advice from          Through some personal contacts Dusty
his co-op supervisor, John Hartwell.               has met a friend with a degree in Broadcast
   Shortly after that, counselors from the         Journalism who is blind. Dusty has partnered
South Campus Career Services Department            with him to run the board at Pitt’s radio sta-
got a rather panic-stricken e-mail from Dusty.     tion with a possibility that Dusty may have
Due to a shakeup at the station, Hartwell had      his own show. This contact may eventually
been laid off, leaving the rest of Dusty’s co-op   lead to a position with a potential new Clear
up in the air. Counselors immediately started      Channel station that will air an all 90’s music
looking at other stations within reasonable        format. The producer from Clear Channel
travel distance.                                   also happens to be blind.
   However, Dusty came in to visit, telling us        Dusty graduated from the Technical The-
another DJ had offered to have him continue        ater major in May.
at the station under her supervision. On-air          For more information on the South
personality Melanie Taylor became Dusty’s          Campus Theatre, contact George Jaber at
new mentor and the folks at the station   or 412.469.6219. Melanie
dubbed him ‘D-Man.’                                Porach is the Director of Career Services
    “[I enjoyed] learning everything I could       and can be reached at
from top to bottom,” Costa said. “I learned        Elsie Boucek is the coordinator for co-ops,
the board, but I picked everyone’s brain. I        e-mail Pam Young is
observed and listened. I learned as much as I      the Department Head for Counseling, reach
could about the business, the politics, and the    her at pyoung@ccac.edy or 412.469.6346.
on-air personalities. I have had the experi-       Students wishing to get in touch with Sup-
ence of a lifetime and have learned as much        portive Services should contact Esther Mason
in six months as anyone with a broadcasting        at or 412.469.6215.
Summer II, 2010                                                                                                                                                                           PAGE 3

 Despite dire predictions, McKeesport is on the road to recovery

            5th Avenue Facelift
            (left) Constructions crews work on a patch of 5th Avenue in downtown McKeesport (right) McKeesport Mayor James R. Brewster.

                                                     McKeesport Daily News.                           formulate an opinion of. The shootings in          USS National Tube Works on the river-facing
By Tom Carroll, Jr.                                     They ran a series of articles accompanied     Crawford Village leaving three dead and            side of Lysle Blvd. This much-needed addi-
Forum Alum                                           with photos on buildings in the downtown         the same week second shooting are not ba-          tion to development will cut out the traffic
                                                     area which are vacant and up for sale. The       rometers that can be used on the image and         backups at the Locust Street entrance.
   It’s time to extend a greeting to all students,   articles were decent with a little background    standing of McKeesport. There is progress             The demolition of the abandoned buildings
professors and staff at CCAC South Campus,           on the history of some, but the negative im-     already occurring there and what you might         continues in a well-thought-out targeted plan.
and I certainly hope I have included all.            pact takes away from the progress we have        not wish to see being done is probably based       The empty lots will improve the value of your
   The end of June is fast approaching; the          developed and have continued to develop          on your fear of going in there, and over the       house or business, cut out the high risk insur-
heat of July and the dog days of August are          this year.                                       years I have been hesitant also.                   ance and eliminate the crime and possibilities
all we have left for summer. But for this one           The second part of the torture was reading       So, returning to some of the other side         of a fire. An empty lot is not rough to look at.
I changed, actually shifted after depressing         page six, the dreaded editorial page. The let-   of things that are not scary and full of gun-      I have one on either side of my house and the
the clutch, the stories I hope you all enjoy         ters which were submitted said nothing good      shots, the city is having the main drag of the     wait was a little long on one, but as much as
have not taken a break.                              at all about McKeesport. I keep reading the      once bustling business district revamped.          I worried, I knew it would be gone.
   I have been a lifelong resident of the City       darn thing because we all have the right to      Fifth Avenue, from Market Street to Huey              Paving is still being taken care of; the
of McKeesport. Founded at the point of two           freedom of speech and thought.                   Street, is undergoing a major face lift. Some      heavy duty piece of road equipment that
rivers where the Youghegany emptys into the             I don’t want to hammer away at the stock      people still cannot, or will not, think a posi-    chews up the old asphalt and spits it out goes
Monongahela flowing towards Pittsburgh.              market, the out-of-this-world debt and the       tive project is underway. The sidewalks are        in first. There are still street bricks in place
A second to Pittsburgh in the industrial age         War On Terror. But the economy has tight-        all being moved in some off of the Avenue          from the beginning. Versailles Avenue from
and the growth of the steel making industry          ened and the jobs and real estate sales and      opening Fifth Avenue once again for two-way        Evans Avenue to Coursin Street, Union Ave.
the two have continued to remain significant         development have slowed, so putting every        traffic, new street lighting going in and new      from Versailles Ave. to Bailie, two sections
and important hubs in Allegheny County.              empty building up for sale means that there      landscaping with new stop lights.                  of Grandview Ave., a small part of Patterson
And in the 1980’s with the plug pulled on            probably isn’t going to be a buyer there with       Number two in the central part of McK-          Ave. and a few more throughout are all now
the majority of steel mills throughout the           cash-in-hand the next day.                       eesport is the reconstruction of West Fifth        ready for some new asphalt.
Mon-Valley, both cities lost a ton of the steel         There are some very interesting things go-    Avenue from Rebecca Street to ramp two                The interesting thing about the reputation
work force that had contributed hugely to            ing on in the way of needed improvements         going into the Tenth Ward neighborhood             of McKeesport is the plain and simple truth
the growth and development of this country           that will benefit the development and the        to the beginning of the Mansfield Bridge           that this city covering five square miles is
in peace and war. With the closings went the         attractiveness of McKeesport and help in         which connects with Dravosburg. At other           not a ghetto setting used in movies, it is a
population, and with the population went the         selling it to prospective businesses. These      times over the years black top has covered         city that has a long and rich history, a million
neighborhoods, and as a result the concept           are being accomplished right now, not in the     every older layer, this time the layers being      memories and a promising future for those
of urban blight reared its ugly head leaving         wasted false promise of what we will do once     removed, including the age-old street car          interested in coming aboard. It is not dying
nothing more than parts of where lives lived         you move in. No, the movements of City Hall      tracks and being totally replaced without          in crime, drugs and negativity.
empty and desolate.                                  are hard to keep pace with.                      band-aids.                                            Nope, in fact the promise still lives and
   Both areas are still alive, the history of ei-       Mayor James R. Brewster looks for and            As you head across the Jerome Street            breathes. The obituaries I read daily do not
ther never leaving. The recovery is a slow and       seeks opportunity, finds that opportunity        Bridge, the stoplight at ramp one into the         describe McKeesport.
difficult process. We know that McKeesport           and sells that chance the plus side of what      Tenth Ward will allow you catching it red to          The next column on this subject will inject
and Pittsburgh can never be the same; can            McKeesport has to offer. And those that show     look at the fresh paving from there to Rebecca     a little history into each and every reader. If
never return to past moments, the past that          up for meetings and tours of available sites     Street. After reconstruction is completed on       you are a student or employee and you have
was alive, the past that is not too old for some     do not arrive after picking McKeesport off       the Rankin Bridge, the work will move to the       some questions on the history of the Mon-
of us to remember. But the past is the past          of a map. They arrive after being contacted      Mansfield Bridge. A few slowdowns in traffic       Valley, stop on the sixth floor and visit Profes-
and today is part of the future. And today is        by the Mayor.                                    right now are more than welcome after hop          sor Donald L. Taylor. And give McKeesport a
part of what has begun a new journey that               And the bad news that arrives every day       scotching to the tune of pot-hole dodging.         visit: it doesn’t bite, bark, shoot, stab or fight,
I have embarked on. The real clincher or,            on the news puts a black eye on a city that         The next project, to begin shortly, is a fly-   there is a lot more good than bad.
might I add, kick-in-the-teeth has been the          is better and stronger than what you would       over ramp into the RIDC Park that once held
PAGE 4                                                                                                                                                                Summer II, 2009

     U.S. Soccer collects fans                                                                      CCAC signs Early Childhood
     for the ‘Beautiful Game’                                                                       Education Transfer Agreement
By Ben Ross                                          It was an incredibly hard defeat for the          Representatives of five community col-          versity of Pennsylvania, Carlow University,
Sports Writer                                     team to come so far only to end as they had.      leges and five universities across western         Clarion University of Pennsylvania, CCAC,
                                                  The loss was full of disappointment and           Pennsylvania gathered at the Community             Community College of Beaver County,
                                                  heartbreak for team member as they left the       College of Allegheny County (CCAC) June            Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Penn
   The World Cup.                                 field after the ceremonial shirt exchange the     16 to sign an agreement facilitating the easy      Highlands Community College, Slippery
   One of the most watched sporting events        players perform after each game.                  transfer of early childhood education associ-      Rock University of Pennsylvania and West-
in the world. Well, that is everywhere other         Landon Donovan walked to the bench             ate’s degrees from the community colleges to       moreland County Community College.
than the United States.                           after the game, probably feeling as though        corresponding bachelor’s degree programs at           The task force convened in 2009, support-
   In fact, it was not until the United States    he had been booted from the emotional high        the universities.                                  ed by a grant from the Pennsylvania Office
found themselves in a must-win match to gain      he gained when he scored the game winner             “The signing of this agreement broadens         of Child Development and Early Learning
entry into the round of 16 that the viewing       in game three.                                    the opportunities for students who choose          (OCDEL) and the Pennsylvania State Sys-
population in the U.S. skyrocketed. Viewing          “We all share in this,” Donovan said in a      to begin their education at CCAC or other          tem of Higher Education (PASSHE). The
did not go up for the nail biting draw against    post-game interview published on the official     community colleges,” said Alex Johnson,            resulting agreement provides a mechanism
England. Not even after the miraculous            FIFA USA Team Website. “Soccer is a cruel         PhD, CCAC president. “This agreement will          for graduates of the community colleges
tie against Slovenia, who was leading 2-0         game sometimes. One minute you are on top         enable students to make a seamless transi-         with associate’s degrees to transfer to any of
going into the second half with minutes           of the world, the next minute you are at the      tion from their work at CCAC to earning            the five universities without losing credits or
remaining.                                        bottom of the mountain.”                          a bachelor’s degree at one of our partner          repeating coursework.
   No, it was after the victory against Algeria      If it makes American fans feel any better,     universities.”                                        The agreement adds to CCAC’s exist-
in extra minutes, when Landon Donovan shot        Ghana lose in the next round to Uruguay.             The completion of this program-to-pro-          ing articulation agreements in 64 programs
a perfectly placed ball in the back of the net       Dan Wetzel from Yahoo Sports stated,           gram articulation is the work of the Western       with 22 colleges and universities. About 44
off of a fast break that started with help from   “The U.S. team should be celebrated for what      Pennsylvania Articulation for Early Child-         percent of CCAC’s 31,000 credit students
Goalkeeper Tim Howard that the fans started       it had accomplished. The round of 16 was          hood Education (WPA A ECE) task force. The         annually are enrolled in transfer programs,
to swarm to sports bars by the bus loads.         about where it belonged.”                         group consists of representatives from Butler      and CCAC students have transferred credits
   Unfortunately, the U.S. team’s luck ran           Let’s face it: about 200,000 more fans         County Community College, California Uni-          to nearly 500 colleges and universities.
out. With a heartbreaking defeat in the match     tuned in to watch the Ghana game than any
against Ghana in the elimination round meant      of the other three games previously in the
they were sent packing.                           competition. Who cares if they lost? The
   It was the third time in the four games
that the United States gave away the lead to
an early goal. In fact, throughout the entire
                                                  U.S. team made the nation hope, believe, and
                                                  dream in another chance of magic.
                                                     The team was fun to watch through intense
                                                                                                      CCAC ranked second nationally
World Cup, the team only led for two minutes
- in the final minutes in the win over Algeria.
                                                  times as the tournament progressed and the
                                                  United States, on more than one occasion,
                                                                                                       in nursing, health professions
The United States came out stronger after the     battled back hard to either tie or win the game
break however, dominating the second half,        that was being played. Moreover, they made
yet failed to hold Ghana back as the game                                                              The Community College of Allegheny              the number of degrees awarded in the Health
                                                  fans where there were none before. The US                                                            Professions and Related Clinical Sciences. In
went into overtime. In fact, the match was                                                          County (CCAC) awards the second-largest
                                                  team even made the fan base and public itch-                                                         2008–2009, the college awarded 593 degrees
the first time a team had been eliminated in                                                        number of both nursing and health profes-
                                                  ing for more World Cup action in round the                                                           in the category. Again, the college is the only
overtime in World Cup history.                                                                      sions associate’s degrees in the nation among
                                                  next World Cup four years from now.                                                                  Pennsylvania institution in the top 10. In the
   Questions flew through spectators’ minds                                                         two-year institutions, according to a report by
                                                     However, what with the United States                                                              previous rankings, CCAC was ranked fourth
as the last game neared its end in the closing                                                      Community College Week.
                                                  team having been eliminated, all that can                                                            among two-year institutions.
minutes.                                                                                               In the annual rankings, CCAC is second
                                                  be done now is to continue to cheer for our                                                             “CCAC is proud to be among the top
   Will we pull off another stupendous up-                                                          among two-year institutions in the number of
                                                  home team as they fight their way back to the                                                        institutions nationally providing qualified
set?                                                                                                nursing associate’s degrees awarded, an iden-
                                                  next World Cup and wish luck to our favorite                                                         nurses and health professionals to this critical
   If we lose who is to blame?                                                                      tical standing to last year’s rankings. CCAC
                                                  teams that are still driving towards that dream                                                      sector of our workforce. We are also proud
   What happens next?                                                                               presented degrees to 405 nursing graduates in
                                                  of winning the cup for their country as the                                                          that more than 92 percent of our career pro-
   Simply put, the U.S. were out matched,                                                           the 2008–2009 academic year, the period in-
                                                  tournaments end draws to a close.                                                                    gram graduates are working in this region,”
out played, out skilled, and Ghana was more                                                         cluded in the current study. That total reflects
                                                     But when will the United States team                                                              said CCAC President Alex Johnson. “But
organized and maybe even felt a bit of pres-                                                        a 4 percent increase from 2007–2008. The
                                                  achieve their dream of winning the ultimate                                                          more important than size is quality. We are
sure, but they did play one heck of a game and                                                      college is the only Pennsylvania institution
                                                  prize in soccer, the World Cup? We’ll have
put their hearts into it ever step and gasping                                                      among the top 10.
                                                  to wait and see…
breath of the way.                                                                                     Community College Week also ranks               See SECOND, on Page 4
                                                                                                    CCAC second among two-year institutions in
 Summer II, 2010                                                                                                                                                             PAGE 5

HOMELAND, From Page 2
                                                                                                                                            SOFTBALL, From Page 1

chase specialized equipment for emergency
responders and enhance regional emergency
                                                                                                                                            Hirsh. “My catcher came running out, jumped
preparedness, response and recovery capa-
                                                                                                                                            in my arms and the whole team rushed the
                                                                                                                                            mound. That was a beautiful team moment
   These capabilities include interoperable
                                                                                                                                            that I’ll probably remember for the rest of
communications, urban search and rescue,
                                                                                                                                            my life.”
onsite incident management, hazardous mate-
                                                                                                                                               If you think you have what it takes, takes
rials response and decontamination, medical
                                                                                                                                            a couple of sips from one of the drinking
surge, community and citizen preparedness,
                                                                                                                                            fountains on campus, and help the lady Tigers
emergency public information and warning,
                                                                                                                                            repeat as Regional Champions next season.
explosive device response and critical infra-
                                                                                                                                               In July, the team will be honored by the
structure protection planning.
                                                                                                                                            Allegheny County Council for their accom-
   For more information about the homeland
                                                                                                                                            plishment as 2010 Regional Softball Champs.
security program at CCAC, contact the CCAC
                                                                                                                                            Although they had to start off the season with
Public Safety Institute at 412.237.2500.
                                                                                                                                            a difficult schedule, it is how they finished the
                                                                                                                                            season that mattered. Congratulations Ladies
                                                                                                                                            on a great and successful season!
                                                                                                                                               To find out more information about joining
                                                                                                                                            the Women’s Softball Team, contact Coach
SECOND, From Page 4                                                                                                                         George Adams at or call
                                                                                                                                            412.977.2937. For information on joining any
                                                                                                                                            of the other South Campus Athletics intercol-
honored to be the first choice of 73 percent                                                                                                legiate or intramural sports teams, contact
of our freshman to help them toward their                                                                                                   Athletic Director Vince Mezza at vmezza@
educational goals, whether they seek fast                                                                                          or 412.469.6388.
entry into the workforce or an affordable start
toward further education.”
   Additionally, CCAC is ranked in the top 50
institutions nationally in the two categories
of Business, Management, Marketing and
Related Support Services as well as Family
                                                                                                                                           Become involved with
and Consumer Sciences/Human Services.             Congratulations                                                                           the Forum Student
   Overall, CCAC is 58th in the number of
associate’s degrees awarded by all institu-       Dr. Brenda Trettle (right), South Campus Dean of Academic Affairs, congratulates a
                                                                                                                                             Newspaper today.
tions in 2008–2009, with 1,661 graduates.         student at the Dean’s List Reception, held in the Auditorium. Students and family were
The college was ranked 49th in the previ-         treated to dinner after the event.
ous listing. CCAC annually enrolls about
                                                                                                                                           Contact akendeall@ccac.
31,000 credit students who choose among                                                                                                    edu or 412.469.6352.
certificates and associate’s degrees in nearly
170 programs.

                         a metamorphosis of me
                                      Welcome to an environment where you can enjoy generous transfer credits. Choose from a variety of degree
                                      completion and capstone programs. Take advantage of scholarships and financial aid. And be energized by
                                      a dynamic urban campus. Point Park University will help you become the person you always envisioned. And
                                      point you in the direction of a life-altering career.

                                      Let the best version of you emerge.          Today.
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      Arts & Entertainment
Slash’s self-titled, solo debut Meat Loaf’s “Hang Cool Teddy
 missing strong lead vocals Bear” welcomed throw-back
                                                   are not bad songs, but they do suffer from
Jan Tomasko
                                                   being carbon copies of the originals in style                                                        then lows and then released the comeback
Arts & Entertainment Editor
                                                   and overall sound and feel.                                                                          “Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell” which
                                                      I have to admit, when I first heard Fergie                                                        brought them success for a second time in
                                                   from The Black Eyed Peas was on this re-                                                             1993. Meat Loaf went back to the well a
                                                   cord, I shook my head. However, her track                                                            third time in 2006, this time without Stein-
    Slash, the guitarist (real name Saul           “Beautiful Dangerous” rocks and is one of                                                            man with “Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster
Hudson), has become a household name               the standout tracks here.                                                                            Is Loose” but this time his audience gave it
anywhere music is played.                             Unfortunately, the song to feature Ozzy                                                           a very cold reception.
   He was introduced to the world as lead          Osbourne, “Crucify the Dead” is just boring.                                                            Hang Cool Teddy Bear is his 11th studio
guitar for Guns “N” Roses back in the late         Don’t waste four minutes of your time.                                                               release and was recommended to me by a
1980’s, started his own band following that           Lemmy from Motorhead is on here and            Jan Tomasko                                        friend and I didn’t expect much. Let’s face it:
breakup (Slash’s Snakepit), then returned to       while the man may be a rock ‘n’ roll icon         Arts & Entertainment Editor                        I only like roughly half of the original “Bat
the spotlight with Velvet Revolver. He has         he cannot sing and really destroys anything                                                          Out of Hell” and really not much from his
added his guitar sound to many artists’ songs      he lends his voice to. He does just that on                                                          other releases.
as ‘guest’ on too many songs to list here.         “Doctor Alibi.”                                                                                         The opening track, “Peace on Earth,” sets
   “Slash” is Slash’s first solo record. During       The main constant here is the guitar tone          From the menacing “Bat Out of Hell” to         the pace and by the time track 13 “Elvis in
production, the working title was “Slash and       and soloing: trademark Slash. On the lone         “Hang Cool Teddy Bear” for the title of your       Vegas” finishes, you realize there have been
Friends” and that is an accurate description       instrumental “Watch This,” featuring band-        latest release, Meat Loaf?                         no ballads. There are no “I’d Do Anything
of the 14 tracks here. It is unofficially titled   mate Duff McKagan and Foo Fighter Dave                Seriously?                                     for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” or “Two
“R & FN’ R” but a few national chain stores        Grohl, Slash enters the territory of Vai, Sa-         Meat Loaf, what the hell were you think-       out of Three Ain’t Bad,” and to me that is a
would not carry a CD with that title so it is      triani, and Malmsteen and holds his ground        ing? If I wouldn’t have recently viewed a          good thing.
called “Slash” to make sure every store (Wal-      as well as the listener for the length of the     “Behind the Music” special on VH1 about               Most of the songs are rockers in the pro-
mart) will stay politically correct and stock      track.                                            you, this review would never have been             gressive rock vein with all the original “Bat
it. I believe a few better titles to suit this        Self-indulgent? You Bet!                       written because there is no way I would have       Out of Hell” bombast that most of us were
release could be “Chameleon,” ” Résumé”               This is the basic release that you will find   checked out a release with this title.             drawn to in the first place. Not all of the
or “Calling Card.”                                 in Wal-mart or Kmart, a deluxe package                “Hang Cool Teddy Bear?”                        songs are great but the album, as a whole,
   ‘Why,’ you ask?                                 boasts a song featuring Alice Cooper and my           Really?                                        works and the better songs definitely out-
   Let me start off by saying this album rocks,    guess not released on here for a reason.              Let me back up a bit and introduce to you      number the filler tunes. “Peace on Earth,”
for the most part. The entire project makes           To sum up the overall release, the song-       Marvin Lee Aday, the artist better known as        “Los Angeloser,” “Song of Madness” and
sure it covers all bases with a few mid-tempo      writing is the weakest point here, not provid-    ‘Meat Loaf.’                                       “Running Away From Me” are the standout
songs and a couple of ballads to showcase          ing us with anything that we NEED on our              Meat Loaf was a struggling actor/singer        tracks that you will want to hear over and over
the emotional side of Saul Hudson’s (Slash’s       iPods such as “Welcome to the Jungle” or          when his path crossed with composer Jim            again. The theatrical aspect has been toned
given name) playing. The interesting aspect        “Paradise City”. The one thing truly missing      Steinman. With the help of producer Todd           way down on this release, and thematically
of this is that every song except for the lone     from the songs are the hooks, the elements of     Rundgren, they released an album entitled          and sonically a couple of the songs sound
instrumental has a different led vocalist. You     a song that you remember that catches you         “Bat Out of Hell.” Since its release in 1977,      basically the same.
might think that isn’t such a bad thing but at     and stays with you. There are not many to be      it has sold over 43 million copies. So maybe,         What you have here is basically a ‘lite’
the end of the day, it prevents “R & FN’ R”        found, the songwriting being more jamming         just maybe, you have heard of it.                  metal album with guest appearances from
from having an identity whatsoever.                with vocals overtop. Most songs are good,             The big single from the album was “Two         Steve Vai, Brian May, and Jack Black among
   The lead vocalist list is very impressive,      showcasing what Slash can do with a Les           out of Three Ain’t Bad” but the album didn’t       others. It has a nice flow although the tempo
from Iggy Pop to Fergie, and you know most,        Paul guitar and Marshall Amplifier. Most of       fit any true trend then or at the present. Some-   of the songs never really changes.
if not all, by their name or by their voice.       the vocalists do an adequate job if not bet-      how, the album became a huge success due to           Is that a bad thing? Not at all.
   Therein lies the problem.                       ter with the material although the landscape      the tracking resembled more of a soundtrack           It makes the perfect listening companion
   Each song sounds like it was written with       should be familiar ground for each, except        to a live play than a group of songs.              when painting or washing the car or taking a
the style and genre of the singer’s main band      maybe Fergie.                                         It is funny that throughout my life, I have    long drive. I compare this to “In The Midst
well in mind. The kickoff track, “Ghost,”             A solid release, although not one track        owned this on cassette, LP, and compact            of Beauty” by Michael Schenker Group,
features Ian Astbury on vocals and sounds          rising to the top to make the whole thing         disc and I am not a huge fan but the damn          “Beyond Good and Evil” by The Cult, and
like any song The Cult has played or would         memorable. A main singer would have               thing grows on you. The songs that I think         “No World For Tomorrow” by Coheed &
play. The same goes for “Nothing to Say,”          helped this but then it wouldn’t have been        are classics are “Paradise by the Dashboard        Cambria, a very solid album with a consistent
with M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold             ‘Slash and Friends’ then, would it?               Light,” “Bat Out of Hell,” and “All Revved         sound and flow.
on lead vocal. If I closed my eyes, I would           The whole thing reminds me of Dave             Up with No Place to Go.”                              If you enjoy the first 3 songs, you will
swear that I was listening to an Avenged           Grohl’s Probot project a few years back.              Meat Loaf’s career experienced highs,          enjoy the entire thing. If not, eject now. For
Sevenfold song. Do not get me wrong, these         Anyone remember that?                                                                                me, this is my favorite Meat Loaf release.
 Summer II, 2010                                                                                                                           PAGE 7

          Chris Herrmann’s
           Theatre Update
By Chris Herrmann
South Campus Theatre                             was Archibald Craven’s son. Mrs. Winthrop
                                                 was a headmistress. The dreamers in the play
                                                 were Rose Lennox, Captain Albert Lennox,
   During the Spring Term of 2010, the
                                                 Alice, Lieutenant Wright, Lieutenant Shaw,
CCAC South Campus Theater presented the
                                                 Major Shelley, Mrs. Shelley, Major Holmes,
musical “The Secret Garden.”
                                                 Claire Holmes, Fakir, and Ayah. Rose Lennox
   The play was written by Marsha Norman,
                                                 was Mary’s mother. Captain Albert Lennox
who also wrote the lyrics for the musical
                                                 was Mary’s father. Alice was Rose’s friend.
arrangements, which were composed by
                                                 Lieutenant Wright is an officer in Mary’s
Lucy Simon. “Secret Garden” is based on
                                                 father’s unit. Lieutenant Shaw was a fellow
the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett and
                                                 officer. Major Shelley was an officer. Mrs.
has two acts.
                                                 Shelley was Major Shelley’s wife. Major
   This play was set in Colonial India and
                                                 Holmes was an officer. Claire Holmes was
Misselthwaite Manor, North Yorkshire, Eng-
                                                 Major Holmes’ wife. Ayah was Mary’s Indian
land in year 1906. The length of the musical
                                                 nanny. The dreamers are people from Mary’s
was 126 minutes and included an intermis-
                                                 life in India.
sion of fifteen minutes.
                                                    The play was about a garden which no one
   The director of the wonderful South
                                                 knows about.
Campus performance of this musical was
                                                    The theatre crew gave seven performances
Professor George Jaber. Mark Domencic
                                                 between April 29th and May 8th. Two
and Dr. Brent Alexander were responsible
                                                 matinees were included under the seven
for the music. The Prop Lady was Karen
Sirakos. Christian Herrmann was the House
                                                    A group of students from the Bethel Park
                                                 High School came to our first matinee, which
   The characters in the play were: Lily, Mary
                                                 was also our first real performance, on April
Lennox, Mrs. Medlock, Dr. Neville Craven,
Martha, Archibald Craven, Ben Weatherstaff,
                                                    After the opening performance, we went to
Dickon, Colin Craven, and Mrs. Winthrop.
                                                 our cafeteria with the high school students for
   Mary Lennox was a ten-year-old girl.
                                                 lunch. Everyone we asked who saw the open-
Lily was Mary’s aunt and Mr. Craven’s wife
                                                 ing performance said they liked the play.
but in the play she has died. Mrs. Medlock
                                                    The other performances were visited well,
was Mr. Craven’s housekeeper. Dr. Neville
                                                 too. All visitors liked the play, too. We used a
Craven was Mr. Craven’s brother. Martha
                                                 3D screen for protecting the rooms in which
was a housemaid. Archibald Craven was
                                                 the actors dressed.
Mary’s uncle and Lord of Misselthwaite
                                                    The songs in the musical were wonderful.
Manor. Ben Weatherstaff was head gardener.
                                                 This meant that everyone liked the music in
Dickon is Martha’s brother. Colin Craven
                                                 the play.

                                                                                                    Contact: or 412.469.6352
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