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									Moodle Basics
Avatar Makers
Create and avatar to represent you online spaces such as Moodle projects
Build you Wild Self
Big Huge Labs: a place to “do cool stuff” with
your digital photos.
Virtual Learning Environments
                                                          forums ~ surveys ~ hot potatoes ~                              quizzes ~ blogs~ wikis ~ chat rooms~
Content Management Systems                                 choices ~ glossaries ~ journals ~                                   workshops ~ assignments
Moodle                                                  CONTRIBUTE by
Moodle is a free and open source e-learning software
platform designed to help educators create online             joining chat rooms and Live
courses with opportunities for rich interaction and          Classroom events ~ posting to
                                                          forums ~ adding comments to wikis
Moodle from a Student’s Perspective
                                                            blogging ~ answering surveys ~                                publishing web pages ~ trying hot
“We love having continuous access to support from              potatoes quizzes ~ instant
our teachers in this environment.”
“We loved that our extra curriculum activities were
                                                                messaging ~ submitting
accessible from the Moodle front page (e.g.                    assignments and feedback
noticeboards, sport areas (courses) with timetables,
etc. We felt this added value.”
                                                                      LEARN by
edna Groups                                              exploring ~ experiencing ~ creating,                           developing ~ sharing ~ collaborating
edna Groups is a free service for communication
and collaboration between members of the
Australian education and training community.
The Groups environment is based on Moodle.

Choice Module
Pedagogically, the choice activity can be used to
provide an opportunity to share starting points
through which learners are encouraged to think
about and articulate existing knowledge and
understandings of a topic.
Forum Module
Forums activities can contribute significantly to
successful communication and community building
in an online environment.

Glossary Module
The Glossary activity allows participants to create
and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary.

Linking to a file or website
Although it's easy to generate content directly in
Moodle, you can also upload any type of electronic
file you like. You can also browse for a website,
copy the url and make it available as a resource in

edna’s Training Space
The edna Groups team have created this training                  Global Project: Discover Natural Fibres
space edna Group for all Group Owners and Group
Members to explore the available activities,
resources, tools and features of edna Groups.
                                                          Join a discussion           Access quality
                                                             forum                        interactive
Blogging Corner Group                                     Try a vocabulary quiz          resources     Introduce yourself in a  Do an online jigsaw
Blogging Corner is a place for bloggers, would-be            forum                     Follow links to high
bloggers, and blogging mentors.                           Contribute to a shared         quality resources
Educating the Net Generation Group
This online community is for people involved in
Higher Education who are interested in
Educating the Net Generation.                                     OzProjects Teachers’ Group and
Early Childhood Educators Group
                                                                     Join these support projects for
The purpose of this Group is to provide                         assistance to get started in OzProjects
resources and an interactive place for people in                or to have a “play” in the Moodle space.
early childhood education to talk and learn.                

                                                                         OzFriends Mailing List
                                                                 For news and alerts about OzProjects
                                                                   join the OzFriends Mailing List by
Global Education Projects Support Group                                    sending an email to          
The goal of this group is for educators with a
Global Education focus to network, collaborate
and share resources with other global

       OzProjects offers space and support to educators who would like to
                    develop their own collaborative projects.
            For information and support please contact Cecily Wright at

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