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									                         Positive Reward System
         The positive reward system is a classroom management system that many students are already familiar with, as many
    teachers have used similar systems in the past. We will be using this system as a means of positive reinforcement as well as
    creating a fun, safe, and positive learning environment for everyone.

          The positive reward system works in accordance with the classroom expectations (see attached). Each child will begin the
    day on green. If a child does not comply with an expectation and he/she needs to be spoken to, he/she will receive a warning
    (still on green). If the behavior persists the child will proceed to yellow. This is the child’s last warning before they move to red.
    It also gives them one more opportunity to comply with our classroom/school expectations. If the noncompliant behavior persists
    he/she will move to red.

    Green   Day: Great day (complied with all classroom and school expectations)
       1.    Healthy Snack (5 Green Week)
       2.    Prize (Whole Green Month)
       3.    Add marble to classroom marble jar (50 marbles = class prize/party)

    Yellow Day: Okay day (had a little trouble complying with all expectations but was able to pull through)
        1. Time Out
        2. Note home

    Red Day: Poor day (had a lot of difficulty complying with expectations)
       1. Time Out
       2. Note home
       3. Office (depending on severity)

     The children will keep a monthly behavior calendar in their desk. At the end of each day, the children will be responsible for
coloring in the date according to the color day they had. The monthly calendar will be sent home at the end of each month. This will
help us keep track of behaviors and allows the parents an opportunity to become familiar with their child’s behavior at school. If your
child has a behavior note sent home, please discuss the school expectations and making good choices. Also, please make sure
these notes are signed and returned the next day.

     This reward system has proved to be successful in the past. In addition we will be using other means of positive reinforcement
such as: spotted being good tickets, high fives, stickers, stamps, awards, thumbs up, verbal praise, play money, classroom SPOTS, table
points, good choice grid, etc. If you and your child agree with our reward system please fill out the form below and return it to
school. Also, if there are any questions or concerns please fill out the bottom portion.

                                                                                                                          Thank You,
                                                                                                                          Ms. Sullivan
                 Positive Reward System
I agree to follow Room 313’s classroom expectations and use the positive reward system!

_______________________                   ______________________                 _____
    Parent signature                          Student Signature                  Date


I have questions and concerns!

________________________________                         ____________________

           Parent Signature                                        Date
                             Classroom Expectations

  Room: 313                                                         Grade: 3

  1.   Respect others
  2.   Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  3.   Use inside voices
  4.   Walk
  5.   Listen and follow directions
  6.   Be patient and raise your hand
  7.   Be polite and helpful
  8.   Take care of the school

  1.   Healthy Snack ( Whole Green Week)
  2.   Prize (Whole Green Month)
  3.   Add marble to jar (50 = prize/party)
  4.   Spotted being good ticket (save to buy prizes school wide)
  5.   High five
  6.   Stickers, stamps, awards
  7.   Thumbs up, verbal praise
  8.   SPOTS
  9.   Play Money (save to buy treats in classroom)

  1.   Warning (lose green)
  2.   Move to yellow
  3.   Move to red/ Time Out
  4.   Note home
  5.   Time out
  6.   Go to the Office

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