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The Global Fund:

 Country pages info
Choose a country from drop down list under Search Center (on sidebar)
       o Country Overview
       o Grant Partners: CCM Members, PR(s), LFAs, Portfolio Manager
       o Grants Overview (previous proposals, grant agreements, dispersals, and performance
       o News & Resources (news, country stats, links to UNAIDS country page, WHO pages,
           research articles)
       o Stories and links
       o Find document feature

 Round 8 Proposal Form and Guidelines (available March 1):
Applying for Funding (on sidebar) > Applicants > Funding Opportunities > Call for Proposals

This page also includes Technical Partner Information Meetings. After 1 March 2008, WHO,
UNAIDS, the Stop-TB partnership, Roll Back Malaria and other partners intend to convene information
meetings/workshops to support Round 8 proposal development.

   Key Structures (on sidebar)
       o Board (Board Home, Delegations, Committees, Meetings, Board Documents & Decision
           Points, etc.)
       o Secretariat (structure and contact details including Country Portfolio Cluster Leader)
       o Country Coordinating Mechanisms (also found under Quick Links at bottom of homepage;
           note that CCM guidelines were updated in November and will be posted shortly)
       o Partnership Forum (The 2008 eForum will be launched in April and run through
           September. Through the eForum, NGOs can discuss Global Fund performance and make
           recommendations on its strategy and effectiveness.)

   Global Fund Policies and Guidelines (under Quick Links at bottom of homepage)
       o Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Toolkit
       o CCM Guidelines (Guidelines were updated in November and will be posted shortly)

 Search Center (on sidebar)
Useful for searching for information and generating reports on the Global Fund website.

   Our Partners > NGOs and Civil Society (on sidebar)
       o Civil Society Team (click “Read Full Introduction” and scroll down)
       o Publications (An Evolving Partnership, eForum Report)

An independent watchdog of the Global Fund and publisher of Global Fund Observer.

Go to Policy and Practice > Gender for relevant resources.
Go to Knowledge Centre > Publications to request copies of best practices and other reports in
hard copy or on CD.
UNIFEM Gender and AIDS web portal:

DHS (Demographic and Health Surveys):

BACKUP Initiative / Management Team
Tel: +49 6196 79-7507
Fax: +49 6196 79 80-7507

GTZ’s “Accelertating Action: A technical support guide to develop capacity
and to benefit from global health financing”:

For generalized internet searches.

Google Scholar:
Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books,
abstracts and articles.

My Global Fund:
What is My Global Fund?
   A global community of health professionals and people involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS,
        tuberculosis and malaria.
   A communication tool to save more lives by sharing best practices and lessons learned in 136
        countries through Global Fund-supported initiatives.

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