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              Larionov Kirill
              Cheban Aleksey
  Nowadays people understand that the contribution
  into the education is the best investment into their
future. Those people who have university degree have
      better career opportunities and earn more.
 More and more traditional universities provide the online
educational programs and the students have wide range of
First of all, this form of education is
necessary for people who have little
    time to attend classes or for
  disabled people. It’s also a good
     chance to get an additional
According to the experts, the next five years two thirds of
students in the developed countries will get online
Online education is getting very popular in the world. Tomsk
Polytechnic University, as well as the leading world universities,
develops this form of education and offers foreign citizens to get online
training programs and some short-term online courses.
Online education has its advantages.
First, convenience
You get a unique possibility to study according to your own
schedule, your personal and professional requirements. You can
study while you are at work, at home or travel.
Second, choice of your own speed
You can choose your personal speed of studying that will
correspond to your character, desires and possibilities.
Third, duration of studying
You can control and regulate the duration of the studying and
receive the degree faster that those students who study in the
traditional universities.
Fourth, fewer expenses
You pay only for your knowledge that you receive and you don’t
have to pay for travel expenses, accommodation and other things
that connected with studying in another city.
 Disabled people can get the opportunity to
obtain their diplomas of higher education: it’s
             really good for them.
    Online students study according to the same
    curriculum as the students in the traditional
educational institutions. They have the same teachers,
      material, content, instructors and exams.
    At the same time online
    education can’t replace
   completely the traditional
  forms of education because
some state standards of higher
education don’t allow to get a
  diploma of the state sample
   through online education.
 Another problem is that only
 dedicated students who have
   strong will and desire are
     capable to finish their
    education successfully.
Below several interesting facts
concerning the online universities,
studying and students are
•The academic grades of the
online students are usually higher
than the academic grades of the
students from traditional
•Online students are more
responsible, disciplined, self-
motivated and achieve more.
•Online students have better skills
in time management.

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