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									                           2008 Aquaculture Grant Program (AGP)
                       American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

               Idaho State Department of Agriculture Work Plan

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture will provide assistance through cash payments
directly to eligible aquaculture producers in Idaho.

Applications will outline all terms and conditions that relate to the responsibilities of the eligible
producers. An original signature verifying agreement with said terms and conditions will be
required on the application.

Notification to Aquaculture Producers
ISDA will mail letters and emails directly to all aquaculture producers announcing the 2008
AGP. ISDA has a complete list of aquaculture producers. All are required to be licensed by the
Department. ISDA will also issue a press release announcing the program.

The Idaho Aquaculture Association has an annual meeting in June. ISDA staff will attend the
annual meeting and present information on the program and answer questions. Staff will also be
available to answer questions on the phone and via email throughout the application period.

Applications will be posted on the Idaho State Department of Agriculture website at

Producer Eligibility
ISDA will require eligible aquaculture producers to complete an aquaculture grant application.
The application will outline eligibility requirements and ISDA will require a signature from the
producer agreeing that they meet all of the following criteria:
   1) That during the 2008 calendar year, the producer:
      • Raised an aquaculture species in a controlled environment;
      • Maintained the aquaculture species as part of a farming operation; and
      • Had a financial risk in the production of such species.

   2) That the producer is currently in operation in 2009, as of the date of application with

   3) Meets the program loss requirements provided below:
      a. Produced an aquaculture species for which 2008 feed costs represented at least 25
         percent of the producer’s total input costs for the aquaculture operation, as certified
         by the producer; and
      b. Experienced at least a 25 percent price increase of 2008 feed costs above the previous
         5 year average (2003-2007).

           ISDA has determined the previous 5 year average for the following species at the
           following levels:

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 Species                  5-Year Average Feed Cost            Minimum 25% increase
 Trout                    $34.58                              $43.23
 Bullfrogs                $33.78                              $42.23
 Sturgeon                 $35.89                              $44.87
 Tilapia                  $24.26                              $30.33
 Catfish                  $24.09                              $30.11
 Ornamentals              $82.57                              $103.21

The application will include an itemized breakdown of both feed tonnage and feed costs for 2008
for each species.

ISDA will also require eligible aquaculture producers to certify that they have records on file at
an applicable FSA county office which indicate:
       1) That their adjusted gross income is under the eligibility limit for other programs
           under section 1001D of the Food Security Act of 1985 as calculated under regulations
           in 7CFR Part 1400, subpart G; and
       2) That the producer is in compliance with the conservation compliance eligibility
           provisions for other programs found at 7 CFR Part 12.

This information will be verified by the Idaho FSA office before ISDA processes the application.
ISDA will send a list of applicants to the FSA office for verification as well as person

In addition, ISDA will require the producer to certify, through the application, that they will not
apply for or receive any assistance covered by the Supplemental Agricultural Disaster Assistance
Programs established under section 531 of the Federal Crop Insurance Act and section 901 of the
Trade Act of 1974 for any losses in 2008 relating to the same species of aquaculture.

ISDA will specifically ask for a DUNS number and CCR registration number for producers that
are not individuals. Applicants will also be asked to identify any operations or feed purchases
from feed mills outside of Idaho.

ISDA will collect all applications by July 31, 2009. Funds will be distributed after receipt and
review by ISDA. Late applications will not be considered.

Determining Amount of Assistance and Loss Requirements
• The payment rate shall be the producer’s 2008 average feed price (as specified on their
   application) minus Idaho’s 2003-2007 5-year average feed price determined for the
   appropriate species.

•   Producers will be required to submit a signed verification letter from feed provider certifying
    tons of feed producer purchased in 2008 and average price per ton producer paid in 2008.

•   The grant amount will be determined by multiplying the payment rate above by the
    producer’s total feed deliveries in calendar year 2008 as specified on the producer’s

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        o No producers will be paid more than $100,000 unless they are partnerships or joint
        o The amount of assistance shall not exceed the amount of losses suffered by the
          producer as a result of high feed input costs during the 2008 calendar year.

•   If the total amount of benefits sought after applying the payment limitation above is more
    than $1,252,541 then ISDA will reduce the amount of assistance calculated for each
    applicant on a pro rata basis.

•   If the total amount of assistance after applying the payment limitation above is less than
    $1,252,541 the excess funds will be returned to CCC.

Required Documentation
Producers must submit copies of all feed invoices for 2008 or a letter from the feed mill to
determine both average feed price and total feed volume.

Producers will also be required to sign the application form as well as a W-9 and any other forms
that might be required. The W-9 will be sent along with the application.

Producers will be required to retain financial and other records relating to the funds for a period
of 3 years after completion of the distribution of grant funds or until final resolution of any audit
findings or litigation claims relating to the distribution of such funds.

Internal Reviews
ISDA will conduct internal random reviews on 5 percent of the total applications. Reviews will
be conducted within 60 days after providing assistance to eligible aquaculture producers. ISDA
will submit results of the internal random reviews electronically to Amy Mitchell, Special
Programs Manager, FSA no later than 90 days after providing assistance to eligible aquaculture

ISDA will contact FSA on 100% of applications to verify compliance with adjusted gross
income and conservation provisions.

ISDA will have an annual audit of this program as required by the Single Audit Act.

   • The State has registered with Dun and Bradstreet Universal Numbering System (DUNS).
      ISDA’s DUNS number is: 82-5201023.

    •   The State agrees to maintain registration in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
        database. ISDA’s Central Contractor Registration (CCR) number is: 82-5201023.

    •   ISDA agrees to submit a report to CCC detailing in which manner the State provided
        assistance to eligible aquaculture producers.

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   •   The State agrees to submit a report to CCC not later than 30 days after the State provides
       assistance to eligible aquaculture producers that provides the amount of assistance per
       producer and aquaculture species, in a format determined by the CCC, to ensure
       compliance with Section 102(d)(3) of the Recovery Act. An update will be provided by
       the States every 30 days until all funds have been disbursed.

   •   The State agrees to comply with the reporting and registration requirements of Section
       1512 of the Recovery Act as provided in Appendix A and the award terms in 2 CFR Part

The program will be implemented by:

       ISDA Marketing and Development Division
       State Contacts: Laura Johnson and Tonya March
       P.O. Box 790
       Boise, ID 83701
       Tel: 208-332-8530
       Fax: 208-334-2879

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