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  September 16, 2009

                  2009 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE

           (Baltimore, MD) – September 17, 2009 - The Land Development Council of the Home
  Builders Association of Maryland announced the winners of its Excellence in Community
  Development Awards at the Maryland Historical Society this evening.                     The program offers
  recognition to development professionals who provide superior and creative development projects
  that are sensitive to the community and make appropriate use of the existing natural elements. All
  entries were evaluated on sensitivity to the environment, sustainable design, development challenges
  and unique planning concepts.

  Award winners were announced in the following categories:

  2009 Projects of the Year

  Project: The Ritz Carlton Residences, Inner Harbor, Baltimore
  Developer: RXR Realty
  Consultant-Engineer: STV
  Location: Baltimore City
  This project typifies the challenges of a complex conversion from brownfield to luxurious urban
  residential enclave. Substantial compromises were required to meet the demands of Baltimore City
  and the adjacent Federal Hill community. The construction of a promenade, the length of the entire
  project, adjacent to the inner harbor was required as well as the replacement and upgrade of an
  existing 48” storm drain running through the project which requires continual maintenance to
  collect and remove debris. During the entitlement process a total redesign of the project, shifting
  from high rise to low rise, and the elimination of the hotel component was required. The height of
  the structures was also limited by Baltimore City and the Federal Hill Community Association.
  Being able to place 6 individual buildings on this 5.5 acre site took many years of planning and
  design. Five acres of the building site accommodates the underground parking structure over which
  the entire above grade structure rests on a 24 inch structural slab. The floor of the underground
  parking garage sits 4 feet below the Inner Harbor mean water level. An extensive underground
  pumping system carries off all subsurface and surface water entering the site. The most obvious
  development challenges originated from the poor soil conditions and the extensive water infiltration
  from the adjacent harbor.

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  LDC Awards—Page 2 of 3

  Project: Silo Point:
  Developer: Turner Development Group
  Consultant-Engineer: STV
  Location: Baltimore City
  The developers of this project went to the surrounding community very early holding numerous
  community meetings to gain their input into the project. The design of the townhouse section and the
  condo units atop the garage emulated those found in the existing community of Locust Point. Most
  importantly the developer was able to retain much of the existing structure into the construction of
  the new units. A majority of developments face their challenges in the land design, but this project
  incurred its challenges in the demolition and reconstruction of the project while incorporating the
  existing building features with the new.

  2009 Awards of Excellence

  Project: Worthington Green
  Developer: MacKenzie Communities, LLC
  Consultant-Engineer: Morris & Richie Associates
  Location: Baltimore County, MD
  This project is an excellent example of how an underperforming golf course can be redeveloped into
  a prominent neighborhood in which the surrounding community and the County can take a great
  deal of pride. Despite initial resistance from the community as well as the local councilman, the
  developer persevered. The concerns of the existing community were at the forefront during the
  planning of this project. The density was lowered which allowed 32 acres to be put in environmental
  conservancy, which protected existing forests, streams and four farm ponds. A community walking
  trail was also made a part of the development. Strict architectural standards were created for this
  custom home community in order to insure continuity in the quality and design of the homes. In
  order to minimize traffic impacts on a heavily traveled artery road, the community was designed
  with only one entrance, in order to internalize the development of the site and to reduce its visual
  impact from the public roads.

  Project: Hallie Hills Farm
  Developer: Woodhaven Building & Development, Inc.
  Consultant-Engineer: Carroll Land Services
  Location: Carroll County, MD
  This project demonstrates the marriage of rural living with small town living. Nestled in the heart of
  Carroll County, this cluster community has traveled the extra mile to improve the quality of life for
  existing residents of this quaint town. The design of this project utilized minimal disturbance and
  avoidance of wetlands, existing forest, two streams as well as topographic features. A circa 1850
  farm house was buffered with a combination of landscaping and the existing tree line. Over 30 acres
  of open space was preserved for passive recreation for residents. The storm water management
  design provides recharge below ground by infiltration while channel protection and water quality is
  provided by above ground ponds with an under-drain sand filter system. Water being a scarce
  commodity in Carroll County, this project’s developers provided two wells and an elevated water
  tank has provided enough water for both the project and a new elementary school, with sufficient
  surplus to supply the Town of Manchester with additional water.

  Project: Greens at Rolling Road

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  Developer: Enterprise Homes
  Architect: Hord Caplan Macht
  Location: Baltimore County
  This project exemplifies “in-fill development” in a seasoned 1950’s era neighborhood. This well
  planned senior community falls within the Community Conservation area of the Baltimore County
  Master Plan and within the county’s priority funding area. Attention to sympathetic design, the use
  of complimentary building materials and attention to the building’s mass worked to knit the project
  into the adjacent historic Catonsville community. The developer, architect and contractor worked
  together to produce a LEED qualified complex using energy efficient systems and fixtures, Energy
  Star rated appliances, centralized amenities and the use of site orientation to heighten comfort for its
  residents as well as energy savings. It is with great pleasure that we announce this evening’s first

  Project: Vale Woods
  Developer: Bob Ward Companies
  Consultant-Engineer: Morris & Richie Associates
  Location: Harford County, MD
  The project, developed around an existing home that remains part of the subdivision today, was
  faced with some of the most challenging circumstances. The irregularly shaped site required the
  avoidance of previously subdivided parcels and the need to minimize the impacts on architecturally
  dated adjoining structures. A long standing school moratorium limited potential markets to the
  active adult segment. The presence of substantial wooded wetlands and a looming water storage
  facility presented both a planning challenge and an opportunity. The land plan took the focus of
  attention away from any site deficiencies and refocused residents inward to the managed elements of
  the project to the maximum extent possible. A forested wetland in the center of the site flanked by a
  visually appealing stormwater management facility separates the site into two distinct enclaves with
  flowing streets and open spaces.

  Project: Penniman Park Apartments
  Developer: Elkridge Town Center, LLC
  Consultant-Engineer: Benchmark Engineering
  Location: Howard County
  This project demonstrates the extensive use of underground stormwater management facilities for
  both quality and quality control of run-off. The design facilitated the maximum unit yield for the site
  and represents a prime example of maximum use of minimal available developable area. Also, a
  long span bottomless culvert was utilized to connect these areas to diminish the impact on existing
  environmental features. Project designers overcame major environmental constraints which
  included forest conservation areas, 100 year flood plain, streams, wetlands and wetlands buffers. As
  part of the Howard County Route 1 Corridor Revitalization, this project has artfully produced a 186
  unit, luxury apartment complex with a full service community center on 14.6 acres. The neo-
  traditional design of the complex’s 6 buildings blends nicely with surrounding neighborhoods; while
  providing modern, luxury living a short distance from both Baltimore and Washington.

  Project: Chapel Greens
  Developer: Pennrose Properties, LLC
  Consultant-Engineer: Johnson Consulting Engineering
  Architect: Hord Coplan Macht

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  LDC Awards—Page 4 of 3

  Location: Baltimore County
  This is an excellent example of urban rehabilitation and in-fill development. Located in an
  economically depressed area of Baltimore City, this project is part of a larger redevelopment effort,
  with plans to eventually redevelop 80 acres, including three city blocks of housing and a 31- acre
  science and technology park north of Johns Hopkins Hospital.
  This environmentally sensitive project was designed to restore green spaces in a vegetative depleted
  urban setting. Minimum setbacks and the incorporation of planting areas at all streets and
  alleyways add touches of green throughout the project. An integral root diverter system was located
  beneath the sidewalks to encourage healthy street tree growth. Attention to energy savings are
  demonstrated by the use of many green building materials and systems. The existing row homes on
  the site were fully restored in architectural detail. The traditional Baltimore Stoop was recreated by
  salvaging the original marble components.

  Individual Awards of Excellence

  Developer of the Year – Jeff Hettleman
  Consultant of the Year – John Gessner
  Contractor of the Year – Jim Barron
  Lifetime Achievement Award – Dennis Gilligan

           The Home Builders Association of Maryland is a not-for-profit association that provides
  governmental relations, educational opportunities and generally functions as a housing industry
  advocate. HBAM consists of 1,200 member firms, including home builders, commercial and
  industrial builders, remodelers, material suppliers, sub-contractors, lending institutions, developers,
  manufacturers, utilities, Realtors and architects from across the central Maryland region.

                               Photos available of all projects upon request.

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